Boxer Shorts

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“Look at my muscles,” she said.

Jasper, sitting at the computer, had heard someone coming down the stairs. When he looked up, his screen only showed an innocent Wikipedia page. It was Susan, a good-looking 18-year-old friend of his younger sister. He knew she was spending the night, but was surprised she had come down to the basement, a long way from his sister’s room. He smiled when he saw she was wearing only boxers and a t-shirt.

As she walked towards him, she straightened a leg, pointed her toe, and did a little ballerina step. Jason enjoyed the show. She looked like a prancing horse. Remembering the video he was just watching, Jason imagined she was a mare in heat, trying to attract the attention of her stallion.

With each step, she pointed her leg toward him, which gave him a good look straight up her leg. For a split second, as she bent her knee and began lowering her leg, her boxer shorts billowed. Though Jason only saw darkness, he thought of the moist, soft skin at her crotch.

With her last step towards him, her foot almost reached his face. She slowly let her leg down, letting him get a good long stare up her shorts. He swallowed hard. His eyes were still on her crotch when she stood beside him.

“Whatcha doin’?” she asked in a little girl’s voice.

He blinked, then looked up. She was looking at the bulge in his crotch. He smiled, then twisted his hip to move his erect penis to a more comfortable position.

Susan smiled, then turned herself sideways and stretched her leg back, pointing the toe, bulging the calf.

“I’ve got some real muscle, now,” she said. “I’ve been walking every morning. It’s really toning my legs.”

Jason wanted his hand up her crotch so bad he could taste it! He reached out with both hands, wrapped his fingers around her thigh just below her shorts, and gave a gentle Kurtköy Escort squeeze. Susan looked down and smiled. He squeezed again.

“I don’t feel muscles. Flex them, again,” Jason said, holding her thigh tightly in his grasp. He felt her strain her leg.

“I still don’t feel it,” he said.”It’s more in my knee,” she said.

Without lifting his fingers, he slid his hands down her leg to her knee. The skin on her legs felt smooth. He looked up again. Susan smiled. She was enjoying this. “Flex, again,” he said.

She flexed her knee cap. He watched as her muscles tightened.

“Keep doing that, but try to flex the muscle in your leg, not just your knee. Keep flexing.”

As she continued to flex and release, he gradually climbed her thigh, squeezing, holding, then moving higher each time she flexed. As he reached the bottom of her boxers, his heart was beating fast and hard.

“Keep flexing,” he said, the words ending in a swallow.

He felt her muscles under his fingers. Sliding his hands underneath her boxers, he inched up her thigh. He gave a squeeze, and felt her flex. He moved his hands higher, gave another squeeze, felt her flex. As his hands reached the top of her leg, he turned the fingers so his fingertips were pointing towards her crotch.

“Keep flexing,” he said.

He heard Susan breathing faster. He glanced up at her face. Her eyes were closed. Her lips were slightly parted. He brushed her inner thigh and watched as she moistened her lips with her tongue.

He slid higher until he felt his fingertip poke at something soft, hot, and hairy. Susan took in a breath. He stopped squeezing and started gently probing with his longest fingers. He slid his finger over and felt the slippery crack and puffy labia of her sex. He gently moved his middle finger up, then down. Susan’s Kurtköy Escort Bayan breathing became jerky. He felt her body shiver and her legs wobble at the knees. He guided her down into his lap.

“Take off your boxers,” he whispered, tickling her ear with his lips.

She cocked her head, pressing her ear into his lips. She slid her hands down Jason’s forearms, took his wrists, and lifted his hands to the elastic strap of her boxers. He hooked his thumbs over the elastic. She pushed his wrists down the side of her body, guiding him and her boxers under her butt, down her thighs, and over her knees. She let go and rested her palms on his legs, fingers gently pressing.

With her calves wrapped behind his knees, Jason spread her legs. He let his hands brush up her inner thighs, barely touching her skin. As he neared her crotch, Susan leaned back into him and spread her legs wider. His fingers found the base of her labia, wet and slippery with her juices. He dipped his fingers in and slid them along her slit. He curled his middle fingers and began to probe and stroke her walls while his thumb continued its climb. When his thumb reached the knob that was her clitoris, he began a steady back and forth movement while he probed deeper and deeper with his middle fingers.

Jason shifted his weight to move himself a little to the right. This relieved some of the pressure on his now throbbing cock. It also allowed him to extend his fingers a couple more inches into her. He could feel her muscles contract to the rhythm of his massaging of her pleasure button. She moaned each time his thumb released that fleshy flap of skin.

He slipped his left hand under her t-shirt and rose to her soft breast. He passed his palm, then all his fingers, over her nipple. The nipple grew large and erect. He rolled his fingers, Escort Kurtköy pressing her breast, then let her nipple slip between his two middle fingers. As he began to roll and twist the trapped nipple, Jason’s right hand felt Susan’s vagina contract.

He sunk his fingers into her as far as they would go, then curled the fingers, pressing into her vaginal walls. With his thumb he pinned the lower shaft of her clit. His little finger and ring finger slid down her butt crack, coming to rest over her asshole.

Susan let out a gasp. Rolling her nipple with his left hand, Jason began to wiggle his right hand simultaneously against her clitoris, inside her vagina, and over her anus.

Susan reacted as if someone had turned on an electric shock. Her entire body began to stiffen. Her back arched, pushing her head into Jason’s shoulder. Jason wiggled his fingers, picking up the pace. Susan’s legs and pelvis twitched to the rhythm of his thumb over her clitoris. She began to breath erratically, taking in small puffs of air, and then breathing out in a sudden gasp. Jason moved his hands faster, his thumb now vibrating her button as fast as he could go.

Suddenly, she inhaled, then released a deep moan. She clamped her legs shut with a force that surprised him. Her fingers dug into his legs. He felt her vagina spasm, locking his hand in place. A gush of warm liquid flowed over his wrist.

Susan spasmed several more times, pumping his hand. Her breath was frozen, except for small moans that escaped between spasms. Jason felt something warm seeping onto his legs.

He watched as Susan finally began to relax. He took a deep breath to smell her scent, the smell of her climax. Her face softened into a smile, her cheeks flushed, her eyes shining. She nuzzled her lips into his neck and gave him a tender kiss. He slowly removed his hand from her crotch.

“I think you wet my pants,” he laughed. She giggled, staring at his lips, then raised her eyes. She shifted her weight, twisting out of his lap, pressed her lips to his, and reached her hands down to undo his belt.

“We better get them off before you catch cold,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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