Convention Weekend with Mom Pt. 02

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**Disclaimer: This story is entirely fiction, a work of taboo fantasy. If you find something too realistic, good, if not, well, it’s fantasy and part of that is that it isn’t realistic. For all the rest of you, enjoy. Everyone in the story is over 18.**


I sat in the car for what seemed like days, the taste of my mother’s lips still on my breath. At 18 I was very inexperienced, and after the last 12 hours I was basically freaking out. It was crazy what had happened… right? Guys don’t get blowjobs from their moms, or suck face in hotel parking garages before big meetings.

It was an era before smartphones, so I was just listening to the good old FM radio and thinking when finally after two hours mom came back. There was a pep in her step and when she saw me she had a huge grin on her face.

“I landed it. We still have to sign some paperwork next week but I landed it.”

“Congratulations mom!” I said. She leaned over and kissed me, on the lips but more out of joy and elation than passion.

“Let’s go get breakfast. We have errands to run.”

“Well mom, the convention?” I asked.

“To hell with the rest of the convention, I’ll explain at breakfast. There’s a really nice breakfast diner about 20 minutes away I used to go to with my girlfriends, let’s head there and I’ll tell you what happened.”

On the way to breakfast she explained that the big customer was really a relatively small fish, but he was the purchaser for a small chain of private high schools in the Phoenix area. They had decided to use mom’s company for their textbooks since they offered pre-made curriculum that the teachers seemed to enjoy and cut stress on them by a bit. The bad part was, they were small, so mom’s sales quotas were crazy. What her boss, trying to get her fired, didn’t know was that he had brought a friend in from Texas who not only was looking to do the same, but had set up a giant independent school program online for rural kids wanting a private education. The two sales wound up being twice her “impossible” quota.

I listened, of course, but through the drive and through breakfast and through her celebratory cup of tea my mind was distracted by what had happened last night. At times she would slow down and look at me with a smile, knowing my brain was churning, but she just kept on talking.

“Are you finished,” she asked, finally, and I nodded. “Let’s go then. We have a few stops to make.”

We loaded up and she directed me downtown to a part of town called the Garment District. It was crazy, and was distracted by coffee-wielding interior designers’ assistants running around trying to find a certain fabric type and color while aspiring fashion designers bargain shopped for fabrics, and seedy looking vans pulled in and out of block after block of these shops. I carefully parked us in a $15 lot, paid the attendee and mom and I started walking. I was confused.

“Don’t worry, it will all make sense. I have a surprise for tonight.”

I was pretty excited at that, and felt my willy jump a little. I could imagine what I wanted for a surprise, but what was she thinking?

We walked around the corner and instead of raw materials was a store with a Mexican guy, pretending to be an Armenian pretending to be Italian. At least that’s how he came across… hair slicked back, 70’s porn stache, waving his hand toward his shop. Mom ducked in and I followed, a bit uncomfortable with the man’s ambiguous accent and shit eating grin. I assumed she knew what she was doing.

Twenty minutes later I was fitted in a new tuxedo, shoes, suit, two shirts and a belt, all for cheap. So something formal was happening.OK.

Next we stewed in LA traffic for two hours and made it back to the Convention Center, where we went in and mom grabbed an envelope from a lady who worked for her company, and then left back to her friends house where we were staying for the weekend.

It was barely two in the afternoon and I was beat. Mom’s friend was out of the house, and we unloaded my new loot and I went to hang it up in my room’s closet.

“Hey Kevin,” I heard mom standing in my door, “we should take a nap. We have a long night ahead.” Again, my 18 year old brain screamed. My dick was hard. But after all that happened last night mom hadn’t said a word about it since getting back in the car.

“Ok mom,” I said, hearing her walking towards me as I brushed off the shoulder of my tux needlessly.

I turned around and she was right in front of me, sliding her arms around me and looking up at me. I hugged her back and leaned down. We kissed, and this time it was passionate and fiery, just like it was the night before. She squeezed me and pulled away, sighing.

“I want you to know something, Kevin,” she said looking up at me, “I haven’t felt appreciated in a long time. I know you’re a sweet boy, and I guess needing your support is why I invited you, but I didn’t expect… this.”

I was on fire, and all I could do casino şirketleri is lean over and kiss her again. She began unbuckling my pants while we kissed, and before I knew it they were around my ankles and my throbbing dick was in her slender fingers. Precum was already oozing from the head of my willy and between her hands and her lips kissing mine, I couldn’t help but moan. Her lips left my inexperienced mouth and worked down my neck before she dropped to her knees and stared at my member for a moment, still working it with her hands, before kissing the tip. Her hand expertly worked my shaft while her lips and tongue worked my mushroom. I had never seen the tip of my cock so dark. I had only had sex twice, with an ex girlfriend, and it was fairly lame. At least, compared to this blowjob, it was. Mom’s lips were thinner than most, but shaped perfectly. Her tongue wasn’t extra long or anything, but damn it could move!

Suddenly she took my whole shaft in her mouth and began to lick and suck the whole dick, while her right hand moved to my balls and her left grabbed my ass and pulled me into her face. I stared down at her, even fully clothed she was getting hotter to me by the second. Things I hadn’t noticed before (she’s my mom, why would I have noticed?) like her complexion, freckles on her shoulders and arms, the sexy way her slightly chubby arms looked when she she was working me.

I was on the verge of cumming, completely in the moment, when I heard the faint distant sound of a car door. Mom either didn’t hear it or didn’t care as she slurped on my cock. I had one hand on her head and one on her shoulder, and I squeezed her shoulder to get her attention as the front door of the massive house opened.

“Mom,” I panted, starting at the open door to my bedroom intently, but she just increased her speed and grasped my ass with both hands, pulling me into her lovely face. I heard footsteps on the foyer tile, and the opening and closing of a bedroom on the other side of the house.

I was so incredibly close, after just a few minutes, between the taboo of my mother sucking my cock, the heat between us for the last 18 hours, and the possibility of getting caught… I stiffened up and mom thrust her head down to the base of my shaft. She sat there working her tongue as I shot my seed into the back of her throat, my hands inadvertently holding her head down on my cock.

She patted my hip after a few moments, and I let go. My wet, slobbery cock was still throbbing but clean of cum when she came up. She got up and went to go to the bathroom across the hall as I buckled my pants.

“Holy shit mom,” I said, physically defeated as I made for my bed to sit down.

“Holy shit what?” said a voice just beyond the door. Mom and I both jumped; mom had just made it to the threshold of the bedroom, and inside her mouth was still covered from the unswallowed residue of my cum. Her eyes were red and my shirt was half untucked and my fly unzipped.

“Hi Linda,” mom said with a shaky voice, “I was just telling Kevin that we have a full schedule tonight, but we’re already so tired it doesn’t seem very exciting.”

Linda looked at us with a slightly puzzled look and nodded slightly.

“Oh, ok. What’s going on?”

“It’s a surprise for Kevin still,” mom replied, “but if you are down for a quick cup of tea I’ll tell you all about it. Kevin was just about to nap.”

“Oh I am, I’ve not gotten to chat with you at all this weekend. I thought you would be at the convention all day…” I heard Linda talking as mom stepped out and closed my door. Mom had recovered and was chatting heartily with her friend. As their voices faded off I tried to sleep. I dozed off a few times, but sleep eluded me for several hours.

Finally at about six mom knocked on my door, but didn’t open it.

“Son, get dressed in your tux. And fix your hair.”

I was not wanting to get up at first, but I wanted to see what the big to do was over. I rolled out of bed and hollered back, “Ok mom, thanks.”

I put on my tuxedo- a white jacket and shirt, black bowtie I had no idea how to tie, and black pants. I got all dressed, save for the tie which I threw loose around me neck, and went drowsily to the bathroom to fix my hair. I half-heartedly globbed some hi-strength all night hair gel on after dampening my hair and brushed it back and over. I usually wore hats, but I had long enough hair to comb it into a sleek look for a formal event. I realized that I was half-assing it when there was something big coming, so I turned and put some real effort into my hair (I’m a guy, so “real effort, you know, I spent like 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds).

When I was satisfied I turned to leave the bathroom and called for mom, “I hope you know how to tie this thing,” referring to the bow tie. I walked to her door and knocked, and when it opened my jaw hit the floor.

She was wearing a sleek red dress that fit her form perfectly. As tight as it was, her casino firmaları love handles were seemingly gone and her breasts were full and threatening the gravity defying cups of the dress, which was only supported on one shoulder by a small strap.

The dress went all the way to the floor but a modest slit up the side showed her heels and stockings. There was something in the dress that gave it a sparkle as she turned, but wasn’t gaudy. Elbow length gloves finished her regalia. Her hair was done up and her makeup done. Dangly earings and a diamond necklace completed the sparkly effect. In contrast, her makeup was darker than normal, creating an almost exotic eastern European look. She smiled. I was probably drooling.

“Yes, I know how to tie a bowtie.”

She got in my face and began tying the bowtie. I looked around and made sure nobody could hear me. “You look great tonight mom.”

“Thanks honey. You look sharp. Are you ready?”

“I think so?” I said. I still had no idea what the surprise was.

“We are going to see Mozart at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, courtesy of my new, thankful customer. Then we are going to dinner at a five star restaurant to celebrate my big sale.”

I was pretty excited. I was a country music, rock and roll type of guy but I did enjoy the classics and Vivaldi and Mozart were my favorites. I don’t know what I was hoping for, and it made sense, but there was a slight tinge of disappointment deep down.

We walked out and I got the door for her. I tried to kiss her once or twice, but she was playing coy with me and wouldn’t kiss back. Linda’s car was gone, I assumed she had left, so I didn’t know why mom was teasing me after I had gotten two BJ’s in a 24 hour period, but based on her smile each time I went with it.

I laughed slightly internally. In these outfits, 18 year old me thought “Damn, we need to be in a really fancy car- a BMW or a Jag or something, not an old suburban.” The tux of course was a cheap one, mom’s diamond necklace was made with fake diamonds (she made a great sale, yes, but we still weren’t loaded), and so on, but I was intoxicated with the shimmer and shine of all the new things I was feeling, seeing, exploring.

I had excited butterflies in my stomach as we drove off, and I almost shot out of the driver’s seat when mom said,

“Oh, and you will just call me Carol tonight.”

She grabbed my hand that was laying on the console and I almost hit the curb on the way out of Linda’s neighborhood. “Watch the road, Kevin. We have a bit of a drive and I’m excited for the symphony.”

We drove to the concert hall and I was beside myself. I was escorting my mom- Carol- into the hall where nobody knew we were mother and son. We weren’t engaging in PDA, quite the opposite. Apart from escorting her on my arm- which I’d done before completely platonically- there was nothing special happening to the casual observer. We walked in among other finely dressed (and underdressed) people and found our seats. Mom leaned across the arm rest and held my arm. Her gloved hands lightly rubbed my forearm as we waited for the lights to drop.

It was a fantastic concert. I can’t tell you a single thing about it other than I was on cloud nine… the music was fantastic (It was Mozart), and the company was exceptionally enjoyable. I could smell mot… Carol’s perfume wafting over to me as she leaned in during the performance, and the small amount of light shimmering off her red lips and glittering dress. The giveaway, I guess, to the observant bystander would have been my lusty eyes staring at mom during random parts of the performance, and the couple of times she looked back at me with a flirty grin.

Afterwards we went to supper at a trendy restaurant where most of the men were well dressed and most of the women were younger and not dressed much at all. Normally I’d be staring at the girls, and of course I peeked at a few LA hotties in mini dresses but in the early 2000’s meth-head skinny was the thing in big trend setting cities, and my mom was the only one in there with the curves I appreciated.

“M… Carol,” I started while we waited on our drinks, “We almost got caught today. Like we were seconds away from Linda catching us.”

“I know baby,” mom replied, “I’m not even sure she doesn’t know. She was asking some weird questions about our weekend but maybe I’m being paranoid.” She instinctively looked around to see if she recognized anyone. It was LA and we were an hour away from the Convention location, so of course we didn’t know anyone in there, but no sooner did she look back at me than I felt her calves rubbing against mine under the table.

So many of the couples in there were mismatched, older men and younger women, so nobody looked twice at a slightly older woman and her boy toy. We fit into this establishment pretty well, actually, and mom could tell.

“Don’t get me worked up again… Carol…” I pleaded, “If Linda is on to us, I’m happy with just holding güvenilir casino off on, well… what comes next?” I asked.

“Honey I don’t know. We have to go home. You have siblings and I have a job and your dad is distant and absent but he’s not an idiot. There’s going to be a discussion tomorrow night on our way home, but not tonight.”

“Yes ma’am,” I nodded and looked at the menu.

We made small talk, and mom opened up about some of her college escapades. She asked me what I thought about college and when I told her I had been writing novels and short stories she got all excited and we discussed the types of writing we both did. She confessed that she enjoyed writing more than anything, but could rarely find the time to fit it in.

Our food- expensive and small as it was- arrived and we ate it fairly quickly. Mom got the check and paid and we left. Our passion had been slightly tempered by a return to our chatty, friendly relationship that we had fostered over my high school years. It wasn’t a moment too soon. Between my mom’s lusty looks at me over the course of the night, her ensemble of hair, makeup, dress, etc., I would have gone crazy when we got back to Linda’s house. I was slightly depressed. Mom had given me two awesome blowjobs, but I had no clue when I’d get the next one and we were going to have a “serious” talk the next day.

We drove quickly back to Linda’s house. On the way into her drive, mom’s cell phone rang in her purse.

“It’s your father,” she said, hitting the ignore key and dropping it in her purse. She sighed for a moment and then perked back up. “Let’s go.”

We got out and the cool evening air gave mom goose bumps. Her skin looked even more enticing in the low light as she walked in, and the sparkly reflections off her dress wound around her as she approached the front door and the light shifted on her body.

We went in and Linda was sitting with her back to us at the bar.

“Hey you two,” Linda called, turning from the book she was reading and looking over at us over her glasses.

“Hey, let me get these heels off and I’ll come talk to you a bit,” mom said as she charged to the guest quarters.

“Ok,” Linda replied and went back to her book. I was crushed, but I had known this was coming. Mom was going to dress down, and I hadn’t wanted the night to end. I gave her a hug when we got to our rooms and she kissed my cheek. I walked into my room, my cock tingling with images of my pretty mother from the night. All I wanted was… what did I want? Where would this even go? I was 18. I had several potential girlfriends and four years of college ahead. Maybe ending this now would be best. Mom was vulnerable and I was a confused, horny young adult. Not even an adult. My mind raced.

Through the wall to her room I heard mumbled one way talking. I hung up my tux jacket and laid down on the bed. She was calling dad back. I tried to close my eyes as I felt a tinge of betrayal that she’d bother calling that asshole. Maybe it was her boss. By now surely he knew, and it made him look good that she’d made a massive sale.

I sighed some more and the conflict in my head got louder, so I got up and went to pee and see if Linda had some coffee. Mom was already sitting with Linda and I realized I’d spaced in the room longer than I thought. It was close to midnight and mom was no longer in her dress, but was in a long bathrobe over a long nightgown. Her hair was still up, makeup still on, but her stockings, earrings, necklace, it was all gone. I was even more disappointed, but hoped this would put Linda’s suspicions to rest.

“Hey ladies,” I said, “I don’t suppose you drink coffee do you Linda? I could use a cup right now.”

“Unlike your mother, I do,” she laughed, and she and mom continued their small talk about Linda’s latest publication and mom’s big sale as she made a small pot. “When I was your age this didn’t affect me at night at all,” Linda quipped to me during a lull in the conversation, “Does it bother you?”

“Not really. I like a cup in the evenings.”

Linda laughed and sat back down next to mom on the couch and continued her conversation.

“What does Marvin think of this? It’s a big deal.”

“I haven’t told him. He probably doesn’t care, he sees it more as a hobby job than anything. He’s the moneymaker as he sees it, my income is just a convenient side effect of me not washing dishes often enough.”

Linda scowled. They talked about their marriage, but I was confused. I thought mom had talked to my dad on the phone earlier, but whatever. I was pretty morose at the moment, so I decided to turn in and watch TV in my room for a while. God knew I couldn’t sleep.

A few minutes later, I heard my mom frantically heading down the hall talking to Linda. The voices were fast but muffled, and I got up to open the door and see what they were talking about. My heart was racing. Did Linda call mom out on what she heard earlier?

Mom was at my door and I didn’t have to wonder anymore.

“Kevin, your dad just called and there was a fire at the house. It was really minor, it burned up the shed in the back and damaged the roof but your brothers are really shaken up and we have to go.”

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