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My hand was heavy on the doorknob as I felt it turn. I felt I had raised the dead as I walked through the fence gate it rattled so, but I wanted this in the worst way and all my anxiety would not make me turn back to my car now.

I felt as if She was watching me, needing to know if I obeyed every direction. I looked around the flower garden, nothing moved.

The door opened and I smelled something unusual, pretty, light and angel-like. The light above the puter was on…I giggled at the tiny kitty holding the edge.

I looked about and found the candle as She had said. It was in plain view but I was so nervous, I could have walked on it and not noticed.

I bent down for on the floor, next to the candle, was a note. “Look in the box on the desk, put it on, then proceed.” I had seen the box but now quickly opened it and placed it upon my neck. The next door was ajar so I opened it expecting it to squeak. Another candle and note, which read “Remove all your outer clothing, hang them on the hanger, then assume nadu position.” I looked around for a hanger and caught site of it. My mind was racing…which was nadu? Had I forgotten already? I took off my blouse, my skirt as I tried to remember the words, hung them carefully as casino şirketleri I slowly thought it through…. on my knees, thighs spread, slightly back on my heels, back straight, hands on my thighs with palms up, head up …did I remember correctly? I hoped She would forgive me if I messed up.

I waited; it seemed like hours, was it? Or was it only moments?

My eyes drifted closed as my heart raced with anticipation…I heard a noise and opened my eyes like a startled bunny….She was not there.

I quieted myself, She had told me when She had first learned that when She waited for Master in the darkness. So I tried, tried to focus on Her, center and focus myself, thinking about service and obedience.

My face swept off to the right slightly as if drawn by a magnet, the softness, the warmth….my heart stopped as I realized it was Her.

My lily was suddenly wet, my heart raced faster as She whispered.

I felt a rush to my wetness as Her fingers pressed into my swollen lily. My muscles cramped around Her fingers as I gripped at Her, I wanted more. Her fingers in my hair, slowly filtering through, she pulled my head back and kissed me on my lips. She wouldn’t let go as she felt my lips with Her tongue, raped casino firmaları my lips with Hers, forcing my mouth open and thrusting her tongue into my mouth as Her fingers pushed harder into my lily.

Finally I let go, let go of my fear, let go of myself…..she whispered “that’s it My lilone, give it all.”

She knelt in front of me, looking at my body, smiling. My nipples were hard with desire, I was so wet, I felt …well…like She truly desired me.

She got up and slowly walked away. I knew to stay where I was until She told me to move. I just wanted to run after Her.

“Come lilone” I heard her say. Quickly I followed Her, finding Her in Her chair, Her favorite rocker. “Sit at my feet.”

We talked some, am not sure what we said or if I made sense, my head was spinning so. I was told to lay flat on my tummy head down hands crossed at the small of my back. She blindfolded me, tied my wrists with something and She sat on the floor at my side; stroking my body, touching each of its 2000 parts, making me ache with pleasure. I moaned; fuck me I wanted to beg.

She took off the wrist restraints and told me to sit up, sit on my hands. I followed her voice and sat up hoping She was in front of me. Her güvenilir casino fingers ran through my hair again…pulling me…I resisted a little cause I couldn’t see. Suddenly She pulled me hard and I heard, “let it go lilone.”

I found myself cradled and sucking her breasts, Her hand caressing my face, my chest as she slipped my breasts from my bra, pinching my nipples harder, rolling them in her fingers. My hand involuntarily went for my clit, “NO!” I just rested and sucked at her breasts as best as I could, she showing me how better, in between caressing my face, breasts, tummy and finally between my thighs. Her hands slid like velvet along my inner thighs as I struggled to not cum. She slipped her fingers through my wetness and placed some upon my lips kissing me as She did so.

She finally took off the blindfold, laid back on the floor, Her breasts full, her nipples hard and told me to get the vib under the rocker. I sat back down on the floor and as I did so She pushed me down gently, kissed me from my mouth to my lily, slowly pushing the vib into my wetness…slowly in and out as She began to suck my clit.

“Please” I begged. She knew I needed to cum. “Yes, lilone, as you please.”

I couldn’t stop! It was like pain, then intense pleasure …. She gently caressed me as I arched my back in madness and begged for more.

When I found myself being held, I wanted to cling to Her. She held me and slowly rocked me, back and forth.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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