80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

When I arrived home I started to prepare for the night with Mr. Stephens.

The excitement of knowing I was going to be with him, and that it would most likely lead to fucking, had me breathing in short-rapid breaths. My body was never more turned on, and I actually heard myself breathing in soft groans as I stripped from my shorts and stepped out of the new, black high heel pumps I just bought. Before I stripped I almost didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror at the sight of me wearing my frayed shorts and a pair of high heel pumps. I had to admit, the salesgirl was right about the hot look of shorts and pumps.

God, looking at myself in the mirror I was instantly transforming from a very conservative, active church girl, to a teenage girl like one of the hundreds of confident teens Mr. Stephens had on his arm every day.

Although I knew everyone back in my hometown would have thought of me as being so immoral dressed the way I was, and especially that I was going to be with a man 60 years my senior, I pushed all guilt aside as I thought about being with the wealthy and powerful Mr. Stephens.

First I took a nice hot bath then began dressing for my night. In the tub all I kept seeing was Mr. Stephens huge cock and the two teens, as my mind drifted to me replacing the teens, and being his. I also kept thinking about Doreen and I and how we fucked each other in the dressing room. God, I couldn’t believe it, but here I was just turned 20 and married, right from the heart of the Bible belt and I was getting ready for a date with a man nearly 60 years my senior.

It was a date that I knew was going to lead to us fucking which made it so exciting for me. This age and lifestyle difference made it all the more immoral and sexy at the same time for me. I started by doing my hair, leaving it wavy after I washed it. I then put on one of the new thongs I bought. I never felt more nude, wearing such a sinful thing between my ass. Seeing my pale, exposed ass in the mirror made me almost feel a little embarrassed, but also very sexy too.

The thong was a transparent white and because it was so tight to my skin, you could actually make out the outline of my pussy lips which were already puffed-out from being so turned on. After the thong I rolled up a pair of black thigh high stockings all the way up my thin legs to the top of my thighs. I really liked the contrast of the pitch-black nylon against my pale skin, but something came over me and I rolled them off and put on the nude pair.

There was something very naughty about seeing my milk-white, pale skin through the nude stockings. The contrast of my pale, nude flesh above the lace band of my stocking made me look even more nude. All I knew was that I wanted to really excite Mr. Stephens, and I felt that wearing the nude stockings would be just the right touch against my pale skin. Just thinking about my night with Mr. Stephens had my tiny nipples as hard as pebbles. They were actually aching, aching to be sucked and when I ran my finger across them I almost exploded from the sensation that sparked in my pussy.

It was then that I decided not to wear a bra. I wanted the tiny pink nipples of my ultra-flat 29AA chest to pierce right through the sheer material of the black mini dress I bought. As I walked around the room admiring myself in the mirror the phone rang and I saw that it was my husband. I was surprised that I wasn’t feeling guilty about what I was about to do, but knew I should have. I was just too consumed with lust for Mr. Stephens to change my mind.

When I talked to my husband I pretended to listen to him, as he talked about the amazing opportunity this was for him and for us, all I could think about was Mr. Stephens and being with him tonight. I let out a sly grin when my husband even said that it was nice of Mr. Stephens to offer to take special care of me while he was away.

As my husband talked, I cut him off saying I was meting a college friend for dinner and that I would be out late. We blew each other a fake kiss over the phone, saying we loved each other then hung up.

Right after I hung up with my husband a text came through on my cell. It was from Doreen. It read, “Getting ready for your FUK date! LOL…he’s gonna love your pussy…almost as much as I did! lol…can’t wait to fuck you…AGAIN!xoxoxo.

I was so turned on that I texted back, ” God-so turned on right now. Getting dressed for him. My turn now LOL! Cant wait to fuck him!!! …ps loved fucking u 2day 2.can’t wait to fuk you again! xoxo…PS have fun w/boyfnds dad!..hehehe

One more text came back from her. “Off to fuk boyfriends dad..Ill be thinking of you when I sucking him off..hehehe. Lets play dress-up and fuk all day. I miss your pussy already!xoxo Doreen.

“Fuk all day! Dress Up!..I really like that idea. Lots and lots lol! Miss your pussy too…xoxo so much fun 2day…Sara.

I was so turned on and so over stimulated from all the sex with her today and getting dressed for my date with Mr. Stephens that my body was on fire. bursa escort Every move I made sent sparks to the tips of my hard, little nipples and right into my pussy! After texting Doreen I slipped into the micro mini dress. When I held it in my hand it was so small that it looked like it wouldn’t cover a doll let alone me. The sheer material of the black dress brought out my freckled body and my pale milk-white skin.

The dress went an inch below the lace part of the tops of my tan thigh high stockings and clung to me like a layer of skin. I then stepped into the new pair of classic black high heel pumps. Once my high heel pumps were on I put on a pair of diamond earrings that hung to my shoulders and a beautiful pearl necklace to compliment my sinful look. I felt so naughty as I dressed for my night with Mr. Stephens. With each item I put on, all I could think about was how bad I wanted to be with him: How bad I wanted to fuck him, how bad I wanted his giant cock, I naughtily thought to myself.

Feeling so turned on, and knowing what was about to happen tonight I put on a bright red shade of lipstick. I never wore lipstick, especially something so red, but the sales girl said it would really add to my look, and I did remember every girl that came to Mr. Stephens house wore a similar hot, red lipstick. As I put it on, I suddenly began to feel so devilish and so wicked as I imagined my red lips kissing every inch of that monstrous cock. The right red lipstick was such a contrast to my pale skin. I could not believe how seductive I looked.

When I looked in the mirror I didn’t even recognize myself. I had transformed from this skinny 102 pound freckled innocent church Sunday school teacher into a sinfully immoral 20 year old who couldn’t wait to turn on the huge cock of my 80 year old neighbor.

The skin tight-as-a glove mini dress showed every inch of my slender body. My ribs were clearly visible and my little pink, braless nipples poked though the dress so hard that they could easily be seen from across the street. The white thong and tan thigh high stockings made me look even more nude through the mesh fabric. I smiled at myself in a wanton way which showed my braces. This made me look even more devilish and immoral.

This was far from the look of a girl who just last week was helping my husband and the pastor and his wife with the annual church auction. 7pm came, and on the dot a very stylish limousine pulled up to my door. My cell rang and my heart instantly

started beating fast when it read Jack Stephens. Picking up the cell I answered ‘hello’ in a voice that had thrill and nervousness in it.

“I’m here baby,” he said in a deep voice that had so much confidence in it caused my legs to get weak.

Calling me baby set the tone for the evening. He wanted me, I absolutely knew now, 100 percent, and suddenly I couldn’t wait to be his newest fuck, I thought to myself, thrilled beyond words. “I’ll be right out Mr. Stephens,” I said in a voice that had so much lust in it.

When I came out a driver was already holding the door open for me. It was so thrilling knowing Mr. Stephens was inside the limo waiting for me, and watching me as I walked to the limousine.

As I walked, the clicking of my high heel pumps on the driveway made sounds that filled the air creating a very sexy and naughty mood for what was about to come. My heart was beating a mile-a-minute imagining being beside him in the limo and going to his house for the night. As I walked towards the car the limo driver’s eyes were glued to me, especially to my long slender legs. I wasn’t used to be starred at with hunger, but I had to admit it did excite me, and even found myself smiling at him slyly.

As I got closer to the limo I could see my reflection in the black tinted glass as I walked. I didn’t recognize myself, and I know if anyone who knew me saw me dressed this way, they would not have recognized me either, including my husband. Wow, I had to admit I did look wicked, I thought to myself as I walked to the car, seeing my reflection in the tinted windows.

Seeing my long legs in the shortest and tightest dress I have ever worn made me feel sexier than I ever have in my life. The driver with his eyes riveted to me opened the door and my eyes instantly met Mr. Stephens and my heart started to beat real fast. I instantly felt my braless nipples throb and poke through the sheer material of my black mini dress which I knew let him know that I was turned on. With each sinful click of my high heels my pussy got wetter and wetter.

Mr. Stephens looked so distinguished in a black jacket and black pants with a tight white shirt on, and I was very excited to see his eyes were riveted to my body as I walked towards the car. It was that exact second that I knew we were going to fuck. As I slid into the soft leather seat he handed me a glass of champagne.

“Very sexy Sara. Incredibly sexy, just as I knew you would be,” he said taking in the sight of my long slender legs that the ultra-short mini dress showed every inch of. bursa escort bayan

Crossing my legs drew his attention to my legs and my black high heel pumps. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I sat next to the man I couldn’t stop thinking about from the day I met him with my husband.

“Yes, very sexy,” he said with his eyes riveted to my legs.

“Thank you,” I said almost sheepishly, as I felt a sexy excitement wash over me.

Seeing that I was a little embarrassed when he told me how I looked he said,

“What’s wrong Sara, don’t you like hearing how sexy you are?”

Hesitating for a second I said,

“Yes…Especially hearing it from you.”

He then leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips that filled the limo with a popping noise. I was on fire just from making contact with his lips for the first time. I wanted to kiss him so bad. I was so hungry and horny for him, which I could tell he absolutely knew. As soon as his lips met mine I felt my nipples strain against my skin-tight mini dress

“From the moment I laid eyes on you I thought you were very sexy Sara…Incredibly sexy,” he said looking at me with those piercing eyes.

He then leaned in and met my lips again for a soft kiss then pulled away. It was driving me crazy.

“I felt so plain, especially seeing you with the two teenage girls,” I said shyly, wanting to kiss him more.

“You have an incredibility sexy body Sara. A body that exudes sex,” he said as he looked over every inch of me as he ran a finger across my cheek, then added in a dark penetrating voice that that made me groan …”A body that excites me,” he said as he continued to look at me hungrily.

Pausing for a few seconds that filled the air with a hot, sinful tension, he said candidly,” A body I want and much more than just for tonight.”

“Oh God,” was all I could say in response to his confidence and his powerful mannerism.

“Your husband doesn’t know how sexy you are, does he Sara,” he said in a deep resonating voice as he ran his fingers up the side of my crossed, stocking cover leg.

I moaned softly as his finger made contact with my skin through the sheer nylon. After a few seconds as spoke as if to defend him, and then responded shyly, “He has said I’m pretty.”

“No Sara, sexy is what you are, and that’s the furthest thing from cute or pretty,” he said abruptly in an almost annoyed tone, as he took in the sight of my body, making me feel so hot.

“Have you heard from Brad, Sara,” he said as he put his hand on my thigh and kissed my exposed neck which caused me to moan softly, but made me feel a little guilty.

Moaning and feeling sparks fly across my body I said, “Yes, while I was dressing tonight.”

As I softly moaned I felt his hand roam over my stocking cover leg to the lace top, and as his lips kept kissing my neck, his hot breath driving me crazy.

“I can tell you feel a little guilty Sara, but something tells me that you didn’t feel any guilt about our date tonight while you were talking to your husband, knowing you were dressing sexy to meet me tonight Sara, am I correct?” he said as if he already knew the answer.

“Oh god, not for a second. I couldn’t wait to get him off the phone, I confessed.

“Did you tell him that you were meeting me tonight Sara?” he said as he continued kissing my neck.

“No. I wanted to, but decided to tell him I was meeting a college friend,” I groaned as his lips traveled all over my neck, making my nipples hard and my pussy to tingle.

“Sara. I want you to call Brad right now and tell him plans changed and that I called after you talked to him to take you to dinner tonight,” he said in an assertive voice that had me squirming.

“Do I have to?” I asked sheepishly, “I’m not sure what he will think,” I said suddenly feeling uncomfortable, but knowing by his tone of voice that I had to do what he asked.

I knew all about Mr. Stephens having a ruthless reputation from my husband, and I knew that he was man people didn’t say no to.

“Trust me Sara, do as I say and make the call, then put him on speaker,” he said as he continued to kiss my neck driving me insane.

“So sexy,” he said as I reached for my phone and he continued kissing my neck while tracing his hands along my stocking, covered leg.

Doing what Mr. Stephens asked as not to upset him I took his cell phone as he dialed Brad’s number and put him on speaker phone. When he answered he was a little surprised to hear my voice on Mr. Stephens phone. I quickly told him that I called to tell him I changed plans to meet my friend and that I was going to dinner with Mr. Stephens. He was really excited, telling me that it would be great for business.

As he was talking to me Mr. Stephens continued to kiss my neck and run his hands over my legs. It was all I could do not to moan excitingly.

“Give me the phone Sara,” he said in a stern voice, then took it out of my hands.

“Brad, Jack Stephens here. Your gorgeous wife is in my Limo now sitting escort bursa right beside me. I hope you don’t mind me asking Sara to dinner. I know I told you I’d look in on her while you were away, and being the good neighbor, true to my word I decided to take her to one of my country clubs for dinner this evening.”

“Wow, hi honey,” he said to me.

“Hi honey,” I answered back in a voice that hid how turned on I was from the kissing of my neck from Mr. Stephens.

“Wow that’s great Mr. Stephens,” he said as Jack had the speaker phone on and now met my lips for a sexy kiss that lasted a minute.

“You know Brad, your wife looks so incredibility sexy tonight that I have to tell you I will be looking in on Sara and taking her out a lot while you are away, “he said which surprised me.

“Brad, Sara is the absolute perfect young lady to accompany me to all of my social events,” as he kissed my lips and ran his hand up and down my crossed, stocking covered leg.

I was going wild from his touch, so skilled from being with so many young teens. I could not believe my husbands response when he said, “Wow Mr. Stephens, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you say that you will look in on Sara and even take her to the many events you go to.”

“Sara really doesn’t have any friends in LA and I don’t want her to be lonely,” he said in a sincere voice.

“Trust me Brad, Sara will never be lonely, not for a single second, in fact I may even ask Sara to stay at my home while you are out of the country, as to make sure she is never lonely, with your permission of course,” he said as he saw the sly grin on my face.

“Oh wow Mr. Stephens, I can’t begin to thank you enough for being so generous with your time for Sara while I’m away,” he said, letting me absolutely know how clueless he was to what Mr. Stephens had in mind for me.

“Brad, let me tell you son, your sexy wife can have any room she wants in my house, and if she wants my own bedroom I will be more than happy to give it to her,” he said which caused me to bite my lower lip as the excitement I was feeling from his hand going from my ankle up to my inner thigh had me squirming uncontrollably.

Mr. Stephens then whispered in my ear in a throaty voice,” I should tell him that you are welcome to share my bed with me.”

This caused me to groan a little, but then shook my head and instantly mouthed the words, “NO DON’T,” out of fear that he would have hurt my husband.

Although all I could think about was fucking Mr. Stephens, I didn’t want to humiliate my husband, I thought to myself, suddenly feeling a little guilty, but just for a second. As our tongues were flicking across each other’s my husband was going on and on about how appreciative he was for giving him and his family’s business the European advertising account. Jack and I didn’t hear a word he said and continued flicking our tongues across each other’s, in a way that had me on fire. I was surprised my husband didn’t hear my soft moans as Mr. Stephens flicked his tongue across mine.

“Brad, I have to say that I have never seen a sexier young girl in my life. You are a very lucky man Brad. You have an incredibly sexy wife,” he said to my husband, which made me grin slyly and show my braces to him.

“Ahhhh, well thanks Mr. Stephens,” my husband responded as if that word sexy never occurred to him.

I was surprised that Mr. Stephens was engaging in a conversation with my husband as he kissed me and ran his hands across my turned-on body. I knew it was his way of being in control of everything which turned me on even more.

“So Brad, tell me what it was that attracted you to Sara, and made you want to marry her?” he asked as he kissed my neck while running his hand up my stocking covered thigh to the top of the lace band on my stocking, which was driving me crazy.

“Wow Mr. Stephens, a lot of things really, but mostly because of her sweet, shy innocence,” he said which caused me to grin slyly.

“Yes Brad, Sara does have that quality I agree. A young, sweet innocent quality,” he added as Dan cut in saying,

“Yeah, I know her braces make her look real young, and when I met her I couldn’t believe her age myself and thought she was a lot younger,” he chuckled which Mr. Stephens knew insulted me.

“Well Brad, I have to say that her braces add an even greater, and even more exciting quality to your young and sexy wife,” he said as he took his finger and ran it across my upper braces as my tongue came out and met it.

“Uh, I guess so Mr. Stephens,” he said in a confused voice, clearly not knowing how to respond.

“Sara looks absolutely stunning tonight Brad,” he said in a deep voice.

“I have to say that Sara looks absolutely… exciting,” he said then met my tongue for a wicked kiss.

“Wow thats great Mr. Stephens . I know one thing, and that is you are a man of style.

I knew when Mr. Stephens was telling my husband I was sexy and that I looked stunning he probably thought I was wearing one of my long, flowing, unflattering sundresses and a pair of flat shoes, without any stockings, instead of a micro-mini dress that barely covered my ass that was so sheer you could make out my pale skin right through it, and easily see the black thong.

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