A Night in Three Parts Ch. 02

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I know I’m in trouble the minute I look at your face. Your eyes hold the gleam of challenge and your smile is of one who knows he’s already won the war. Bending down, you pick up the wine glass and then take my hand leading me out of the living room towards the back of the house.

Opening the door to our bedroom, candlelight still flickers on the walls and the scent of sandalwood lingers in the air. There’s enough light to see but not enough to feel self-conscious. Our bed is in the middle of the room, covered with a fluffy down comforter and lots of puffy pillows. The headboard is made of slats decorated with a few randomly tied scarves. I smile thinking of previous nights spent here.

We’re standing at the foot of the bed, facing each other. You sip some wine and hold out the glass to me. I take a drink and place the glass on the dresser. I start to slide my dress off, since it’s halfway off me anyway. Shaking my hips, the dress drops to the floor and I step out of it, kicking it out of the way. I’m still wearing my heels and black panties. I lift my arms to the ceiling and stretch fully. My breasts lift and you move close behind me and cup them with your hands. I purr and arch my back, circling my arms around your head. I scoot back into you and wiggle my body appreciatively. “Mmmmm baby,” I sigh.

Your hands are massaging and squeezing my breasts gently, your fingers brush my nipples slowly, rhythmically, purposefully. Each time they pass over them, my nipples grow harder. The air is chilly in the room and your touch makes me hot and cold simultaneously. You start tugging and pulling my nipples with your fingers, lightly scraping your nails over them. Shaking and mewing with pleasure, I reach my hands down and cover yours. I sigh loudly as you kiss the side of my neck. Lifting my hair away, you suck on the area below my ear and bite, not softly. “Ouch!” I say, lightly smacking your hip.

“Sorry baby,” you mumble as you continue to bite with a little less ferocity. Your mouth moves to the back of my neck…my own personal electric spot. I can’t help but squirm as your warm tongue touches my skin and your lips travel between my shoulder blades. My squirming is definitely causing a reaction and I can feel you getting hard again. You move away from me. I start to take off my shoes and you stop me.

“Leave them on,” you say.

“But my feet hurt,”

“I’ll take them off soon. Be patient.”

“Ok,” I say, sticking eskort bursa my tongue out at you.

You gesture for me to lay down on my back and you climb on the bed next to me. You prop yourself up on an elbow, lean over and kiss me. Your hand caresses my breasts again as we kiss for minutes. Tongues tangle, teeth nibble, wide, open mouth kisses with the sounds of mutual enjoyment.

Tearing your mouth from mine you start kissing down my chin, my neck, across my collarbone. You spend a long time kissing each breast, starting at the outside, working your way in. Your hand is always working on the one not occupied by your mouth, but you never touch either of my nipples with your fingers or mouth. I’m getting more and more turned on by the minute and the anticipation of waiting for you to suck my nipples is a sweet torture. Finally, you lean over and place your mouth on one of my nipples. I sigh in relief as you close your lips and suck. Your tongue laps and flicks and it feels amazing.

“Mmmmm. Yes,” I breathe, closing my eyes in pleasure. You bite, again not softly, and I feel it in the center of my body. It’s a jolt of pleasurable pain that makes me gasp. Crossing to my other breast you give it the same methodical attention. I’m definitely squirming on the bed now. I’m so wet, my panties are practically useless.

Sliding down my body, you pause to kiss all the parts of me I really dislike: belly, hips, thighs. I love that you love my body, full of quirks as it is. You hook your fingers in the sides of my panties and tug them down my legs. Slipping them over my shoes, I laugh when they get stuck on my heels. “See, this is why they should be off,” I taunt you.

Now you’re the one sticking out your tongue. You examine my panties, paying close attention to how wet and saturated they are. You smile at me with that sexy grin that makes me blush. Taking one of my shoes you slowly slip it off. You use your strong fingers to massage the arch of my foot and my heel and then take the time to rub each toe.

“Ooohhhh, God,” I moan, “don’t stop.”

You laugh, “I’m going to pretend that wasn’t the begging.”

I’m oblivious at this point and when you remove my other shoe and massage that foot, I’m making some pretty obscene noises. Lifting my legs, you, bend down and lick the inside ankle of my right leg sliding your mouth up inch by inch, licking until you reach my calf. You start massaging it and nibbling the bursa yabancı escort side. Turning your attention to my other leg, you do the same thing, traveling up to the inside of my left knee.

Kiss. Lick. Kiss. Lick.

I sigh in pleasure and pull a pillow down to put under my head. I’m torn between relaxing and enjoying the moment and wanting to watch you. Pleasure wins this battle and I focus on feeling you kiss your way up my body.

As you move up my legs, you spread them apart enough to give your body room to stretch out. By the time you get to my inner thighs, I’m so relaxed, but incredibly turned on. Every part of my body is buzzing and pulsing with energy. I’m dying for you to touch me, but I’m not breaking yet.

You scoot closer to me and place my feet flat on the bed with my knees up. You push my legs apart a little and I feel the cool air touching my wet skin. You kiss the inside of my thighs, one at a time and then I feel your finger exploring me. You lightly trace my opening and coat your palm with my wetness. Sighing with pleasure I bite my lower lip and arch my back silently encouraging you to explore more. You place your hand over me and press down, your other hand reaches over and I feel one finger slowly enter me. I let out the breath I’ve been holding. “Aaahhhhhh,” I moan.

You draw your finger out even slower and then slide it back in, farther, this time. You pull out a little quicker, but by no means fast. I whimper and move my hips toward you. You tease me by putting just the tip of your finger in and sliding it in and out quickly, then faster than I can react, you slip two fingers inside me. “Oooooh, baby,” I cry.

Time passes, no idea how much, but we’re laying on the bed, in the dark, cool, room while you tease me with your hands. I blindly reach for your other hand and press your fingers around my clit. Slow, deep rubbing. It’s not always speed, it’s pressure and rhythm, and my hips are helping set the pace.

“More, baby, I need more” I blurt out, between moans of pleasure.

“What do you want, lover?” you whisper.

“I want to feel you filling me. Put another finger in me, please.”

You slide your fingers out of me and I could almost cry. I feel so empty. But before I can protest, I feel your hot tongue occupying the same area. Your fingers spread me apart and your tongue enters me and licks all the way up to my clit. My bursa merkez escort back arches and I groan loudly. You put your lips around my clit and suck hard and I almost float to the ceiling. I grab the back of your head, holding you in place while I grind my hips.

You quickly climb up my body and kiss me. I can taste myself on your tongue. I wrap my legs around your waist and feel your erection pressing against me. If I move just a little in the right way, you’ll slip inside. Instead, you grind yourself against me. We both moan in pleasure.

You whisper in my ear, asking again, “What do you want, lover?”

“I want you to lick me while your fingers are inside me. I want you to make me come with your fingers and tongue.”

“As you wish, baby,” you promise, kissing your way back down my body. You settle back down between my legs, kissing and stroking me. You slip one finger back inside me and start sliding it in and out, you add another finger and I moan. I feel your tongue licking me, slowly, softly, then pressing against my clit, rolling over it, flicking your tongue. The pressure is incredible. You start sucking hard and soft, and blowing air and more flicking. Your fingers start moving in and out of me faster and then I feel you slide a third finger inside.

“Baby, baby, baby. Yes. Please. Harder. Faster. More,” I cry. My muscles start to tense, I feel the hot and cold sensation that tells me I’m going to come. My fingers start tugging my nipples.

Suddenly you pull your fingers out and take your mouth off me. I’m kind of in shock but before I can react, you spread me apart and plunge your tongue deep inside me. “Ohh, fuck! That feels good,” I moan.

You place two fingers on either side of my clit and you press them together and start rubbing, fast and hard. My hips start to shake and buck. “Jesus, baby, I’m gonna come!” I whimper. You lick me deeper, fingers moving faster with more pressure. My legs tense up, toes are pointed and I can’t breathe. I feel your tongue pull out of me, and know you’re watching me come apart.

“Come, baby, come for me,” you urge, still rubbing me with your fingers. I feel hot, cold, buzzing. I can’t contain the sensation that I need to explode. I can sense it building and I just let myself feel it take over. My whole body spasms and I’m shaking uncontrollably. I put my hands over yours, stilling it. I’m still shaking. You crawl up next to me and we wrap our arms around each other and kiss softly.

“That was amazing,” I whisper.

“Just think,” you say, “There’s still another note.”

I smile and point to your pillow. “Look under there.”

You pull out the third note card and open it. We read it together.

To Be Continued…

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