A Rock of a Man for Hannah

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Ava Addams

Hannah Rae.

She was going to turn 22 years old next month, and with her college days not too far behind her, she felt quite accomplished. With a stable job in the Admissions office of a well-known college in the Philippines, she felt she could finally put some of her burdens to rest. She was now independent, spending most of her time after work by herself — either browsing through grocery shelves or winding down in her small condominium unit with a hot cup of green tea.

“Hannah, you have a new lead.”

She blinked, snapping out of her mid-day loss of concentration. Lunch was always a welcome part of the day for her, but it would also make her sleepy and she’d find herself spacing out during the few hours that followed.

“He looks good too, see that jawline for yourself.” her colleague beside her said, handing her a cardboard folder with the name “ROCK BARADILLO” handwritten in whiteboard marker ink on the side.

She stretched a bit, reaching out and taking the folder with a slight sigh. If anything, she wanted to get the day done with and be home for a good home-cooked dinner and green tea. Opening the folder, she looked at the student applicant’s picture, and felt a small rush within her. His features were angular and chiselled, with smooth light brown skin and no trace of a pimple. He had short, black hair styled eskort bayan gorukle in a taper. She could also make out a powerful jaw, and definitely lots of stamina in that for a long session of…

“Snap out of it, Hannah Rae.” she mentally told herself.

She did not have time recently to take care of herself in some aspects due to a piling work schedule, and found herself getting wet at the slightest hint of a sexual note. She couldn’t exactly remember the last time she stripped to her bra and low-rise bikini panties when she got home, and brought herself to hard, shuddering, and creamy wet orgasms with her thick vibrator. She was a virgin, but loved fantasising about dominant men with hard muscles and an even harder resolve to make her cum.

“Thanks, Marge.” she smiled to her colleague, and got up from her chair to head to the nearby washroom. All this spacing out had her feeling pretty groggy, and this was one student lead she wanted to properly fix herself up for. She was wearing a white-gold silk sleeveless top with spaghetti straps, loosely tucked into her black form-fitting jeans. The college’s dress policy for its employees wasn’t too strict, and she was thankful for the chance to wear clothing that was more suited for the yearlong Philippine summer.

Closing the washroom door behind her, she turned mudanya escort to the mirror and examined herself. The colour of her top contrasted her dark tan-brown skin, and her dark breast-length hair fell in loose waves. Quite a number of her friends and colleagues had called her beautiful, but she had never considered herself anything more than most other Filipinas in terms of looks.

She grinned and checked her braces for any unwanted leftover bits stuck from lunch, and then went on to carefully apply her dark wine-red lipstick which she saved for important meetings and college events. Pushing her hair back from her shoulders, her moderately-exposed cleavage and smooth shoulders complimented her overall look and petite figure. She smiled at herself slightly – she was neither too slim nor too chubby although she had some weight on her.

“Blame that on all those Netflix nights of snacks.” she thought to herself.

As she began packing her make-up kit, her thoughts began drifting once more to the lead, the new applicant, the muscular daddy of a man she would soon meet. She was wearing low-rise satin semi-thong panties, and she felt the thin strap tighten gradually along her butt to her moistening pussy as she thought of being completely dominated hard and fast by this man. If she was going to cum, bursa evi olan escort she definitely needed such a stimulation.

Exiting the washroom, she turned back to the office – and saw a hulk of a man standing at its entrance. Her heart took several hard beats, as she unconsciously reached to her shoulder to fondle a strap. He was easily six feet plus, in huge contrast to her petite 5’2. She eagerly scanned his figure, trying to take in his well-toned and bulging arm muscles, his thick forearms and powerful-looking fingers. He was facing sideways into the office, but she could also make out his broad chest beneath a sleeveless muscle shirt, and well-developed calves.

“There? Oh, thank you..” his deep and manly voice boomed in the narrow hallway as he turned to look at her.

He smiled, and brought both hands together to stretch his fingers as he walked towards her – and she imagined how intense of an orgasmic squirt they could bring her, as they curled up against her sweet spot and jackhammered into her sopping pussy with blistering pace and sustained strength…

“Heya!” she managed to give her usual lively greeting, but with a hint of a shudder.

“I’m Hannah, and I’m here to show you around the campus.”

“That’s great, Miss Hannah. Beautiful.” he said, looking at her and down her young body.

She smiled widely. Her panties were definitely damp, and she felt the thin material tighten its kiss on her moistened pussy. Her nipples were following suit, gradually hardening against her bra.

“Follow me.” she smiled, and motioned for him to follow as she turned to begin the tour.

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