Alternate Reality

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I had known B through a mutual friend at the bar. The first time I met here, I had overheard her saying that her pussy feels like home. This is a sentence that will grab a man’s attention. We fooled around, only fucked once, and then grew apart because of reasons. I had gotten into a relationship which was fantastic, but sexless because of other reasons. Well, the other reasons were medication that she was on, but not all passion is sexual. So we continue, because it’s great and it works.

But the itch. The itch needed scratched.

B and me got back in touch, and started flirting through facebook, and after several drinks and deeper conversations, we decided to get a room and hook up. It was what I needed, and something for her too.

We met up at a Melting Pot. (Her idea.) During the dinner there was good conversation, along with lots of eye contact. We both knew where this was heading. The hotel room was right across the street. At one point, B took a strawberry, and holding deep eye contact with me, licked the chocolate off the end. Then she took it deeper into her mouth. Then bit down. The way she licked her lips at the end drove me crazy. I mean, absolutely insane. I asked for the check.

We didn’t even make it back to the room before it began. The elevator to the fifteenth floor was the first time we were together, in private, all night long. I grabbed her and kissed her. Hard. Her mouth slid open immediately, accepting my tongue.

5 years without my tongue in a woman’s mouth. It searched and prodded, and B gave back as well as she got. Her hands reached down my back and gripped my ass firmly, pulling my cock into her, the fabric of my pants and her leggings creating heavy friction. I could feel her warmth, feel my rigid cock sliding against her, just millimeters of fabric between the two of us.

It felt so fucking good I punched the elevator wall. B made a little whimper and pulled me closer, her tits pressing against my button down shirt as I went to work on her neck, working my way up to her ear. I bit down on the lobe and she shivered. I licked the inside and blew softly on it.

“..gonna make you fucking shake…” I whispered as she bent her leg up to my waist, allowing me to feel even more of her warmth against my dick. She sighed. My left hand pulled harder on her hair as she tilted her head back, allowing me to explore more of her neck and the line of cute moles that led down to her still clothed breasts.

The elevator dinged and we broke our embrace, both smiling and brushing our clothes into some semblance of order for the walk to the elevator down the hall to the room.

Tension hung between us as we walked down the hall. She took my hand in hers, and used the room key to open the door.

When we got into the room, I threw my keys onto the table with a loud clang. She set down her purse. It was Etimesgut Escort a nice room. I wasn’t planning on using more than the bed and the shower, but it was nice enough. I turned my back to B as I walked through the room, drawing the blackout blinds and turning down the lights, all but the one on the nightstand. I wanted to see her, wanted to watch her face, wanted to see the sheen of sweat, all of it. I wanted it all.

B walked behind me and started to kiss the back of my neck, wrapping her hands around my waist and gliding them down effortlessly over the bulge in my pants. “There. Right there.” she half whispered, half moaned as she gave my dick a squeeze. “Fuck, that’s what I want”.

I spun around, pulled her close and attacked. I couldn’t take it anymore. It had been 5 years. I had to feel that closeness with someone, that connection.

I had to fuck.

We made out heavily in the middle of the room, both clothed, my hands cupping her face and trying to drink in every single moment of the experience. She lightly bit my lower lip. I pulled back and she laughed. We touched foreheads. “We’re gonna fuck hard.” I said.

“Yeah, we are.”

“I want this to be such a good experience for you.”

“It will.”

She pushed me back onto the bed and slid out of her shirt. She kneeled between my legs, tits barely contained by a dark blue bra. I touched her hair gently, then pulled it. “Fuck.” she whimpered, running her hands over my bulge, working the buttons one at a time. The she reached in and pulled me out. I signed with the feeling of both the cool air and her hand starting to glide up and down.

“You’re thicker. Thicker than before.”

“I didn’t get a new one or anything, they’re not interchangeable.”

B rubbed my cock against the side of her face wantonly before taking me in her mouth. I grabbed the sheets and stifled a cry of pleasure. The first pure, real sexual pleasure in too long. Her hands left my cock and traced their way up my chest, leaning down low and taking me to the base. We continued. God, she sucked a good cock. Like no one else. B had a great technique too, with a lot of spit lubing up my thickness. At one point, she broke off, and a trail of saliva and pre-come connected us for a brief moment that etched itself into my mind. She looked right at me. Eye contact, hands working the buttons on my shirt feeling my chest as she took me deeper, gagging the tiniest little bit. All I could do was bite my lip and enjoy it, running my fingers through her hair and pulling her in the direction that felt best. Then I noticed that while one hand was on me and my chest and my cock, her other hand was running up and down her slit, the leggings noticeably wet beneath her touch.

I stood her up and peeled them off. No panties. Just the most gorgeous pussy I’ve ever seen. Beautifully asymetrical, Escort Etimesgut proud little clitty sticking out at the top, and a small landing strip. I took B and turned her over on the bed. We started to pleasure each other with our mouths. She kept sucking my cock like a goddess, so I knew I had to keep pace.

My first taste of her was sweet and clean, just like I remembered it. B whimpered around me as I started tight and fast licks across her clit. She took her mouth off me long enough to groan “Nobody has ever…gah..ha…” as the sentence descended into gasps. She was close to her first orgasm, and I could taste it. My hands wrapped around her ass and I pulled her into me, trying to be as skillful as I could. B had abandoned cocksucking altogether now as she came into my mouth, shaking and grinding all around me. “…came so hard…Paulie, you make me come so hard, it’s longer and stronger with you. Fuck, that was hot.”

“You ready to get fucked?”

“Only if you promise to make me come again.”

B flipped over playfully onto her back.

“I want to watch you. I want you to play with that little pussy for me.” I told her. She obliged. God, I could watch that all day. She locked eyes with me and just held it, gliding her fingers over her clit, sliding them in. She pulled them out, glistening wet with her juices. He hand went to her nipple, and she massaged her wetness into it’s head before raising it to her lips and tasting. I couldn’t take any more. I grabbed her by the legs and held them open wide. B proved to be deceptively flexible. I started to rub my cock against her pussy, slapping it against her labia a few times. But she was having none of that. “Quit teasing and fuck, what are you waiting for?” she said as she grabbed my dick with authority and guided it in.

We both cried out at the initial union, and B pulled me down close to kiss. I maneuvered her spread open legs onto my shoulders in one smooth motion and kissed her back, achieving deeper penetration than before. Our pelvises touched and I opened my eyes to see her face, biting her lip, eyelids fluttering. I started to pump in and out slowly, rhythmically, which B picked up on super quick. I opened up her legs again and took in her body, her breasts bouncing with each thrust and a look in her eye.

What was that? It was a look… of challenge. Unmistakable. A look that said “I dare you to fuck me harder.”

I accepted.

I put my hands to her ankles, then started to slowly cross and uncross her legs, varying the angles of my penetration as I did. Then my hands slid lower on her legs, pulling her into me with every thrust. B got back on her elbows to fuck back and caught the rhythm on the second or third thrust, almost seamless.

We moved against each other, that exquisite repeated crashing into her fuckback move Etimesgut Escort Bayan driving us each crazy. I had to slow it down then, so I slid both her legs to the one side and started to go like that, my dick sliding into her at an angle that made her squeal and laugh. I laughed too. I had forgotten how GOOD this felt.

B took it like that for a bit, reaching down and pushing her little button as we started to sweat. I bent down and licked at her neck, tasting her. Salty. Musky. I lay on the bed behind her now, one leg up, cherry picker style, fucking into her as she lay on her side. She started to lick at her nipples again. God, I loved watching that. We made eye contact in the mirror across the room. She looked at me and said “I want it from behind now. That’s the deepest.”

She slid away from me and got on all fours, looking right into the mirror. “I like to watch myself get fucked. Like to see how hot it gets.” she said as I kneeled behind her and slid my cock in. She started to fuck back again, and before I knew it, it was blazing. Her digs swung beneath her as we slammed into each other again and again. “I can feel it. I can feel it.” She kept repeating that. Then she threw herself upright and stretched back to kiss me as I fucked up into her, then colapsed back to in a heap, ass up, back arched. “Paulie, you’re gonna make me pop again. I’m right fucking there.” A bead of sweat dropped off my brow and landed on her back as she came again, stretching out and screaming loud, reveling in the waves that flooded into and through her with




As I pushed into her again she held back. “Im still so sensitive. Gimmie a second. I want to ride dick. You lay back, your work is done right now.”

B stradled me, taking me into her quickly and shuddering at my entry. “Thicker. I’m telling you.” Then she braced herself against my chest and started to move against me. It was luxurious. She moved her hips like a dancer, circling them, rubbing my cock up against her walls from a new direction every second. We fucked like this for almost twenty minutes, B slowly, languidly, lazily moving around on me, my hips meeting hers, bending down every so often for a kiss, or a whisper, or a bite. She leaned back, leaded forward, brought her knees up so I could fuck up into her, It was in that position, with B doing her trademark lip-bite eyelid-flutter come-so-hard move that my own orgasm snuck up and hit me like a train. I pumped into her, frenzied, wild, growling with the primal satisfaction of shooting my hot load up into a beautiful woman while she screamed and writhed with her own third (fourth?) orgasm, calling my name as she came down, down slowly, and I slid out… and we collapsed, a building falling in on itself. We lay there together. Tomorrow we would go back to reality. But tonight we had this.

A knock came at the door. I looked at B.

“We were a little loud. You think that’s security?”


“Nope? What’s that mean?” I said.

“It means nope. It’s not security.”

“So what do you think it is?” I asked.

B got a gleam in her eye. “I might have told W to stop by.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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