An American Count Ch. 02

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Luke wandered down the wide stone steps of his new home, the former Castle Heindenreich, now renamed Castle Wagner in his honor. He was hung over from the gathering in his honor the night before and was now in search of a cup of coffee. Luke’s hand found the top of the wall on the spiral stairway and descended toward the kitchen/dining room area. The past week had been a whirlwind for the young businessman from Michigan. Seven days prior, Luke had found out that he had not only inherited a European fortune and the aforementioned castle, but he also inherited the family title: Count Wagner XII! Right now, though, Luke didn’t feel like a nobleman or a multimillionaire. He felt like an ordinary twentysomething in search of his morning pick-me-up.

When Luke hit the ground floor, he followed his nose to the smell of morning food and drink. Entering the kitchen, Luke saw Tobias, the assistant chef that he had observed pounding his new maid, Marie, in the linen closet the day before, making breakfast. The large cook was expertly preparing the morning meal consisting of eggs, bacon, toast with jam, and afpelstrudel. Tobias saw Luke enter the kitchen and stood at attention.

“Good Morning, Sire!” Tobias greeted Luke in a deep baritone voice that resonated throughout the galley. “Breakfast will be served shortly, my Lord. Would you care to wait in the dining room?”

Luke didn’t think this was a question, but more of a request. “I’d just really like a cup of coffee, Tobias.” he replied.

“Of course, my Lord. Please allow me to finish then Anna will serve you in the dining room in just a moment.” Tobias stated and went back to his work.

Anna! Luke thought as he made his way to the smaller dining area. In his search for java, he had nearly forgotten about the unbelievable tryst he and the blonde bombshell had had the previous night. Luke replayed the sexual encounter in his mind, recalling first the pressure point trick that Anna had used to prolong Luke’s orgasm, then the contractions from her pussy that milked him of every drop of stored cum in his swollen balls. Luke felt his cock stir in his pajamas and began to stand to adjust himself when his blonde servant entered the dining room with Luke’s first morning meal in his new home on a silver serving tray.

“Good Morning, Sire,” Anna cheerfully exclaimed as she set the tray in front of Luke then placed a linen napkin in his lap. She brushed her fingers across Luke’s half-stiff dick as she spread the napkin across his thighs. “I hope you slept well, my Lord. The festivities here can be quite… draining.” the fair-haired knockout spoke as her finger traced a line up Luke’s ever-hardening shaft. “I hope you enjoy your meal, Sire. It will help you regain your energy.” With that, Anna stood then curtsied slightly.

“Thank you, Anna. I’m sure it will be quite… regenerative.” Luke replied as he nodded at his sexy employee. Anna left the dining room, her shapely ass jiggling seductively as she walked, and Luke ate in peace. As he was finishing, Sophia, the red headed baronetess, entered with a mug of coffee and sat next to Luke.

“Good Morning, Luke. I trust you had a restful first night in your new home?” Sophia asked the young Count.

“It was very… peaceful. Thank you, Sophia.” Luke replied. “I’m sorry I didn’t see you leave the party last night. There were so many people to meet and speak with that I didn’t get a chance to return the favor of your dance before you retired.”

“I do apologize, my Lord,” Sophia said, “But Mother suggested we leave the party so that you could focus on your new subjects. Speaking of which, you are expected at the town hall in less than an hour. You are required to meet with more of the town elders and councilmen and attend meetings with the various departments.”

“What am I supposed to say to them?” Luke asked. “I’ve been here for less than two days. I know virtually nothing about the local politics or even the county layout!”

“You are the new Count. I’m sure you’ll think of something profound to say to them.” Sophia teased, a sly grin on her lips and a twinkle in her jade eyes. She picked up her coffee mug and started out of the dining room. Luke admired the baronetess’ curvy bottom as well as she walked toward the exit.

“Sophia…” Luke stopped the scarlet beauty. She stopped just before exiting the doorway. Luke thought for a moment the said, “Never mind. We’ll talk when I get back tonight.”


After breakfast, Luke beat a hasty retreat to his room where Johann, his butler, was waiting to help prepare the young nobleman for his meeting at the county seat later that morning. Another suit that fit like it was made for Luke was pulled from the enormous closet/dressing room; a smart charcoal gray two-piece with a black tie and silver clip emblazoned with the Wagner crest. Luke was admiring his new clothes in the full-length mirror when Johann snapped şişli escort a gold chain around his collar and unfurled a long dark cloth down his back.

“A cape, Johann?” Luke puzzled. “Really? Is a cape absolutely necessary for this meeting?”

“Of course, Sire.” Johann answered in his thickly accented English. “It is the proper attire for a meeting such as this. This cape has been in your family for over two hundred years. It is expected of you to wear it, my Lord.”

“Very well, Johann…” Luke replied grudgingly. He had always wanted to be a superhero and had thrown blankets over his shoulders to imitate his favorite comic book characters. But looking in the mirror now, Luke thought he looked more like Dracula than Batman in this crazy get-up. He resigned himself to his predicament and made his way down the stone stairs to the limousine waiting to take the new Count to the governmental building in Freistadt for his first meeting with the city and county officials.

Luke spent most of the day meeting with politicians and government employees at the county offices. The men shook his hand and asked his opinion on all manner of topics while quite a few of the women fawned over and flirted with the attractive and available American. Even though Luke felt ridiculous in the black cape, he attracted quite a bit of attention from the female contingent at the courthouse. His German was still rusty, and the Austrian dialect was different from the source language, but Luke still caught a few of the words and phrases being directed toward him from the ladies. Gut aussehend (handsome), erotisch (sexy), and hol ihn in mein bett! (Get him in my bed!) were the three that stuck out most. Luke didn’t think he was that handsome or sexy, and he didn’t think the cape was the difference in the Austrian women wanting to get him in their beds, but part of it was. Power and money, Luke thought, Potent aphrodisiacs.


Luke arrived back at the castle just before dusk. He had met with councilmembers, both male and female, who had asked his opinion on budgets and taxes and crime rates. He met with city planners that wanted his views on designs and highway counts and architectural blueprints. He lunched with the mayor (he of the handlebar mustache fame) then met with the provincial governor of Upper Austria who actually bowed to him! It was a whirlwind of a day and Luke was glad to be back in somewhat familiar surroundings. He couldn’t wait to get back to his room and take off the cape. Sophia met him at the door as he entered the parlor.

“Good Evening, Count Wagner. The Lord of the manor has returned!” Sophia teased Luke and genuflected low while unsuccessfully trying to stifle her laughter. “Nice cape, Sire!”

“So, you think that’s funny, huh?” Luke asked the red-haired baronetess. He quickly removed his cape and moved toward Sophia to playfully put the long black cloth around her shoulders. “Maybe YOU should be the Count around here from now on!” He chased Sophia around the entryway then caught her in his arms with the cape covering them both. Luke looked deep into Sophia’s emerald eyes and moved to kiss her full, inviting lips. Sophia tilted her head and stood on her tiptoes to meet the young nobleman’s mouth. Their lips brushed quickly together then Luke stood back sharply. Out of the corner of his eye, Luke saw the Baroness Lehner, Sophia’s mother, enter the parlor. Luke removed his cape from Sophia’s shoulders and released her swiftly from his embrace.

“Baroness,” Luke exclaimed while smoothing his suitcoat lapels, “I, uhhhh… I was just, uhhhh… telling Sophia about my day at the municipal building”

“I trust your day was quite… productive, my Lord” the baroness replied. “I hope my daughter has not been keeping you from your duties.” At this, the older woman shot a stern look at her daughter. “Come, Sophia. We have much to attend.”

The baroness turned and walked out of the parlor and Sophia followed behind. Before she exited, the scarlet beauty turned back to Luke and gave him a shrugging motion then blew him a quick kiss before meeting up with her mother down the hall.


As Luke retreated to his room to change into more comfortable clothes and then to the game room in search of a much-needed beer, Sophia and her mother had a heated exchange (in German) in the hallway between the parlor and the dining room.

“Sophia! How dare you! What were you thinking?! Do you forget yourself?! You are promised to another!” the baroness scolded her daughter. “I will not have you consorting with the Count like that!”

“Mother, just because you set up that outrageous arrangement with that family years ago does not mean I will honor it!” Sophia answered her mother hotly. “I don’t care who he is or what his noble rank is. I like Luke and I will pursue whomever I choose and that’s final! This is levent escort not the old times, Mother, and I will not adhere to your archaic standards!”

“You will not address the Count as a commoner again, Sophia!” Valentina scolded her junior. “You will NOT pursue this man any further, is that clear?! You will fall in line and you WILL learn your place, young lady!” With that, the baroness stormed off leaving Sophia fuming and in search of a before-dinner drink to calm her nerves.


Luke made his way to the game room on the ground floor of the castle after changing out of his suit and into jeans and his SMUB sweatshirt. When he entered the game room, he saw an enormous area with four billiards tables, a row of dartboards on one wall, and a line of video games and pinball machines on the opposite wall. On the far end of the room stood the oak bar with ten stools lined up along the front and a giant mirror behind the bar with bottles of liquor and beer taps beneath it. On the second to last bar stool, Tobias sat with a shot glass and a bottle of whiskey in front of him. When he heard the door open, Tobias looked over and saw the new Count enter the room. Tobias stood from his perch at the bar and addressed Luke.

“My Lord,” Tobias boomed in his powerful voice, “Please forgive me. I should not be drinking your liquor in your game room. I have no excuse.” The large chef apologized then waited for his repercussions.

“Don’t sweat it, Tobias.” Luke replied. Tobias, not up on American slang, looked puzzled at his employer. “What I mean is, it’s OK. Stay and have a drink with me. I could use the company. How’s the beer here?” Luke asked.

“This is Austria, Sire. There is none better” Tobias answered and poured Luke a tall Stiegl Weisse. Luke took a sip and instantly fell in love with the hefeweizen brew. Tasty but not overpowering, it went down smooth and Luke thought he would have to watch his intake of this beer or he might find himself face-down drunk on one of his pool tables.

“This is very good, Tobias!” Luke addressed his chef. “Tell me, how long have you worked in the kitchen here?”

“Since I was a small child, Sire.” Tobias replied. “My mother died when I was a boy and I was brought here to live with my father. Naturally, I helped him in the kitchen and worked my way up to assistant chef. When Maximillian retires I will be your head chef.”

“My mother died when I was young too…” Luke said. He held his stein to Tobias’ shot glass, “To our mothers…”

“Prost…” Tobias replied and clinked his glass to Luke’s. The two young men sat in silence for a moment and drank their respective libations. Then Luke decided to test the waters a bit.

“Tobias, how well do you know Marie?” Luke asked the young cook.

“Very well, my Lord. Why do you ask?” Tobias replied

“Well, I haven’t had a chance to get to know her yet. Not like I have some of the other staff.” Luke replied, thinking of his night with the buxom Anna. He hoped the encounter with her was not common knowledge around the castle just yet.

“She is a very fine worker and will serve you well, Sire,” was all that Tobias had to say about Marie. The large chef took one more shot of whiskey then set his glass on the counter and stood from his barstool. “If you will excuse me, my Lord. I must help Maximillian prepare tonight’s meal.” Tobias bowed quickly then strode across the room and exited leaving Luke alone yet again in the vast expanse of the castle. He had been there for less than seventy-two hours and now began to question if the move halfway across the world had been a mistake. He longed for a familiar face and a brisk Michigan autumn afternoon. It was nearing Thanksgiving back home in America and this would be the first holiday season without his father. He drained his beer stein then set the receptacle under the tap and poured himself another.

“How about pouring one of those for me?” Luke heard behind him and spun around on his barstool. Sophia had entered the game room looking flushed, as though she had recently been enraged. Her cheeks were red, and she wore an aura of sadness.

“Is something wrong, Sophia?” Luke asked as he grabbed a chalice from behind the bar and poured another beer for his guest.

“My mother is… not approving of some of my life choices as of late. She is very set in her ways.” Sophia responded then tipped her glass and drained the beer down her throat in four swallows.

“Nice chug!” Luke exclaimed. “Is there anything I can do to help, Sophia?” he asked the young baronetess.

“Well, now that you mention it…” Sophia said as she set her glass on the bar then leaned into Luke and kissed him passionately. Her tongue slithered into Luke’s mouth and Luke returned the gesture, intertwining his tongue with hers. Luke picked the fire-haired beauty up off the barstool and placed her on his lap, her legs sliding on either taksim escort side of his. Luke kissed the scarlet vixen again and ran his hands up to her crimson locks, grabbing the back of her head and tugging slightly. A moan escaped Sophia’s lips as Luke pulled her head back and licked and nibbled on her neck and down to her chest.

Luke wasted no time in getting Sophia’s shirt off and exposing her wonderful tits that were snuggled together in a lacey blue bra. Luke kissed down Sophia’s chest and into her abundant cleavage. He fumbled behind her, trying to unclasp the bra while keeping his mouth on her hot skin. Sophia finally decided to help the young Count and reached behind herself to remove her undergarment. Her delicious C cups burst forth and Luke grabbed one and sucked Sophia’s nipple into his hungry maw. Sophia leaned back and let the nobleman have his way with her heaving breasts. Luke sucked on one nipple while lightly pinching the other, then replaying the process by switching breasts.

Sophia broke the contact of Luke’s mouth from her gorgeous tits and stood up from his lap. Luke puzzled at her actions. He hoped he had not done something to offend the spectacularly sexy red head. Sophia walked to the game room door then slid the inside deadbolt across the door, securing the area. She strode back to Luke, topless and inviting. “Now we won’t be disturbed, my Lord.” Sophia stated as she took Luke’s hand and led him to the nearest billiards table.

Luke picked Sophia up and sat her on the edge of the table then slowly unbuttoned her tan high-waisted trousers. Underneath, Sophia had on a blue thong that matched the now discarded brassiere. Luke laid Sophia back on the pool table and peeled the thong from her nether region. He revealed a nearly-shaven mound with just a wisp of port red pubic hair above the beginning of Sophia’s slick and waiting slit. Luke dropped the thong on the floor then dove his tongue into Sophia’s gash, tasting her scrumptious nectar. He ran his tongue up and down her opening, coating her pretty pussy with his saliva then found her pink button and drew it into his mouth. Luke swirled his lips and tongue around Sophia’s sensitive clit as she first whimpered softly then moaned loudly at Luke’s oral skills. Luke nibbled and licked Sophia’s nub then slid two fingers into her fiery cunt, finding her G-spot and caressing the fibrous pleasure point until Sophia could take no more. Her orgasm crashed through her body like a runaway freight train and she cried out in ecstasy. Luke felt first Sophia’s orgasmic contractions on his fingers then the silky wetness of her womanly juices. He greedily lapped at her twat and licked her cream as it flowed from her.

Sophia quickly caught her breath and stood on wobbly legs. She practically ripped Luke’s sweatshirt and jeans from his body then slipped his boxer briefs down his legs. Sophia grasped Luke’s engorged shaft and caressed him for a few seconds then released his hard pecker. She beckoned Luke to the edge of the pool table with one finger then propped one leg up on the felt-covered slate. Her lips spread wide, Sophia gave Luke access to her warm and waiting pussy. Luke slid up behind the baronetess and glided his rigid cock into her velvet folds. Sophia moaned once more as the whole of Luke’s manhood sank into her. Luke began to slowly slide his hard dick in and out of Sophia’s slippery snatch then picked up the pace. He grabbed the crimson-haired temptress’ hips and pistoned his stiff pud in and out of her swollen cunt. He took one hand off her curvy ass and grabbed her hair from behind and brought her face to his. Luke probed his tongue into Sophia’s mouth while he continued to pound her box with his firm rod.

Luke felt the fluids rise in his balls and the heat flash through his body, announcing his impending orgasm. “Oh, God, Sophia! I’m gonna cum!” Luke told his new lover. Sophia pushed Luke back enough for his inflated cock to slip out of her sopping pussy then turned and kneeled in front of the young Count. She sucked his engorged prick into her mouth, tasting herself on his shaft, and worked one hand up and down his length. Luke’s scrotum tightened and then released a torrent of semen into Sophia’s mouth, coating her tongue as she had done to him moments before. Sophia swallowed every drop of Luke’s emissions then cuddled Luke’s shrinking dick in her mouth, not wanting to end the romantic interlude.

Luke helped Sophia to her feet then embraced her naked form. He could feel her warmth flow through his skin. The couple kissed passionately in post-coital bliss and Luke felt the tingle start to rise in his midsection again. His flaccid dick began the familiar rise when the castle-wide intercom blared with Johann’s voice: “Dinner is served.”

Luke and Sophia broke their lover’s embrace and stared at each other in terror. They were naked, dripping of each other’s sex fluids and expected in the main dining room in three minutes. They couldn’t arrive together lest the staff and the Baroness Lehner suspect any hijinks. Luke and Sophia set a record for getting dressed after sex, gave each other a quick kiss, then left the game room in separate directions to appear that they were never together.

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