Bathroom Entry

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My name is Roger and I live at home with my parents and my eighteen year old sister Kate. I hate being twenty and still living at home, but I can’t afford to leave right now. One good thing about living at home is my sister. Kate and I have always been close and I think she has a thing for me. I have never tried to find out until recently.

I had just woken up one morning and I heard the water flowing in the shower. My parents had gone to work so Kate had to be cleaning up. I sat up on the side of the bed. I had a morning boner and I stroked myself for a few minutes. I’m not sure what got into me, but I headed towards the bathroom. The water had cut out so my sister must have been drying off now. I didn’t bother to knock, I just barged into the bathroom.

My sister was standing there naked and her eyes went wide.

“Roger, what are you doing in here, get out!”

I wasn’t going to leave. I eyed my sister’s body. Kate had small tits and her nipples were all hard right then. Her bush was light brown and it looked like she had it all trimmed up. I could see Kate fixing her eyes on my dick. I am nearly eight inches in length and my dick was dripping with precum that morning.

I walked directly up to my sister bursa evi olan escort and I pulled her towel away. I wasted no time pulling Kate into my body. To my surprise she didn’t really fight me. I planted my lips on hers and we kissed. I told my sister that I needed her. Kate just whimpered a bit. My hands went to her nipples and I rubbed each one with my fingers. I could tell that was really getting to my sister. I managed to get Kate to turn around facing the vanity. I lowered my hand to her pussy.

I slid my fingers across her wet folds. Kate was moaning now as if she liked everything I was doing to her. A few minutes of touching Kate’s pussy and I told her to lean over the bathroom sink. I don’t think she was ready for what I had planned, but she did it anyway. I spread my sister’s legs and pulled her cheeks apart. I took hold of my raging cock and I fitted my mushroom into place.

Slowly I entered my sister’s pussy. God, did Kate let out this squeal. I worked my cock way deeper inside my sister’s hole. I know I should have had a rubber on, but I wanted Kate to feel my raw dick. She didn’t say a thing as I managed to get all eight inches inside her. Once I was in the whole way, altıparmak escort I stopped stroking Kate with my rod. I just wanted her to feel my entire length and let her get accustomed to my size.

Kate’s pussy muscles were going into a spasm as I held my cock in place. I let her squeeze me a few moments and then I pulled my cock back and I buried my dick all the way inside. Oh how my sister loved that. I was speeding up now and fucking Kate hard.

“Oh my God, Roger!”

I knew my sister was all mine now. I was going to take her as my lover anytime I wanted. I turned into a bull that morning. I pulled out and had Kate turn around towards me. I lifted her up onto the edge of the vanity and then I entered her once more. Kate held onto my shoulders and I fed her all my cock. I was stirring my hard prick around inside her drenched pussy. Kate had her head thrown back as our mounds were slapping against each other.

My balls were also hitting my sister’s ass. I just love the sound of my balls hitting against my sister. I kept pounding Kate’s pussy until I started to feel my nuts pinch. I didn’t want to cum just yet, but I couldn’t hold out any longer. I drove my dick in the whole way and held it there as I unloaded. Kate’s eyes got big as she felt my steamy cum enter her body. I had a big load stored up that morning. I started to thrust into my sister again. Streams of my sticky seed flew deep into her passage.

I wondered if my sister was on the pill or not. I guess I would find that out later. Kate clamped down hard on my dick and squeezed the remaining cream from my cock. I know as we finished we were both panting like two dogs in heat. I held my cock inside my sister for as long as I could. Eventually I slipped out of her pussy. My white cum slowly came dripping out of her pussy. Kate lowered her hand and collected some of my cum on her fingers.

Kate brought her fingers to her mouth and she tasted my love offering. Man, was that a turn on. Kate slowly got to her feet and sat down on the toilet. She emptied out what she could. We both got back into the shower and cleaned up from our lovemaking. After our shower we had a long talk. I found out Kate did have a thing for me. She was hoping I might try coming onto to her. Thankfully my sister was taking birth control pills. I could continue giving my sister my bare cock.

I had been looking for a new job and I found one. I want to move out on my own as soon as I can. I can’t take living with my parents any longer. Once I get my own apartment, Kate is planning on spending time with me. Once I get settled in, I will write more about sex with my sister Kate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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