Ben’s Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are fictional. Any similarities to real persons is purely coincidence.

The next two days passed slowly, and Ben couldn’t stop thinking about his gorgeous mother. As he awoke on the morning of his twenty-first birthday he knew that he would be seeing her in just a few hours. The night before, she had sent him the following e-mail:

“Hi, Sweetie,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking off from work early tomorrow, and I should be up there around 2:00. I’ve reserved a room at the Budget Inn, and I’ll give you a call as soon as I arrive. I have a special gift for you, and I know that we will have a wonderful time together.

Love, Mom”

Ben’s imagination ran wild as he contemplated the possible meaning of her message. What could that special gift be? There was only one thing at this point in his life that he really desired, and that was to taste the forbidden fruit of mother-and-son sex. He had become obsessed with the idea ever since that night when his mom came to his room dressed in her skimpy, little baby-doll nightie.

Lately Ben had been having some awesome and increasingly kinky dreams. In one of them, he and his mom are appearing on an X-rated pay-per-view cable TV special. The show is called “Incest in America”, and presents several couples performing on stage. Of course, the featured is was Ben and Nancy Higgins. As the two fuck with total abandon, the audience applauds wildly; and millions of viewers around the world watch on approvingly.

Ben spent the rest of the morning lost in thought. He had decided to cut all his classes that day, so he had plenty of time to just hang out in his room and wait for his mother’s call. He remembered another dream in which he and his mom are abducted by space aliens and are forced to undergo wierd experiments. Nancy is tied naked and face-down to a lab table, while Ben is injected with a serum that makes his penis nearly the size of a baseball bat. The aliens Çapa Escort then gather around the table and watch as the boy fucks his helpless mom in the ass.

Ben was suddenly jolted back to reality by the ring of his phone. It was only 12:15, so it surprised him to hear his mother’s voice on the line.

“Honey, I’m glad you’re there. I just checked in. Would you like me to come get you now?”

“Wow, Mom…You’re early.”

“I know, Sweetie. I just couldn’t wait to see you, so I didn’t go into the office at all this morning. I packed the car, and did a little last-minute shopping…and took off.”

“Good deal, Mom…Why don’t you wait there, and I’ll walk over. It’ll only take a few minutes.”

“Allright, Ben. That will give me time to change clothes. I want to look pretty for you on your special day. I’m in Room 13…See you soon.”

Ben quickly got dressed and headed out of the dorm. As he crossed the campus grounds he ran into some buddies.

“Hey, Man!…You in some kind of hurry?”, one of them yelled.

“Uh…yeah,” Ben replied. “Im going to see somebody. She’s waiting for me in town.”

“How about that…Ben must have a girlfriend we don’t know about!”

The guys all laughed and continued on their way.

Ben ignored their kidding, and started to pick up the pace as he neared the Budget Inn. He was certain that this was going to be the best birthday ever, but he still wasn’t sure what his mom had in mind.

Meanwhile, Nancy was just finishing up. After applying some lipstick and eye shadow, she combed her short, blonde hair a few more times until she was satisfied with her appearance. As far as her attire was concerned, Nancy saw no reason for modesty. She had chosen a black, leather mini-skirt with charcoal-shaded stockings and a form-fitting, pink blouse that exposed a good portion of her ample breasts. Following a final dash of perfume, she sat down and waited.

Ben was just then walking up to the motel. He Çapa Escort Bayan spotted her car, and proceeded over to her room.

With a mix of apprehension and excitement, he knocked gently on the red-painted door.

“It’s me, Mom.”

“Come on in, Honey!”, she called to him.

Ben entered and was greeted by the incredible sight of his knock-out mom seated in a large chair next to the bed. Nancy had her legs crossed in such a way that the hem of her short dress had ridden way past the tops of her stockings. She smiled at him as he gazed at her shapely thighs, so shamefully on display.

“Well, Happy birthday, my darling boy…Come over and give your mother a big kiss.”

Ben hesitated at first. His eyes remained fixed on Nancy’s delicious form as she shiftly slightly in the chair. Her big tits were jutting out against the fabric of the tight top; and her skirt was now hiked up practically to her crotch.

“Is something the matter?”, she asked.

“I’m sorry, Mom…….I was just…Uh…thinking about how nice it is…to see you.”

“And it’s wonderful to see you too, Honey,” she replied in a deep, sexy voice.

Ben watched as Nancy scooted out of her seat to join him in the middle of the small room. He then felt her warm caress as she hugged him firmly and lovingly. Neither said a word as they continued to hold one another. It took about three seconds before Ben’s raging young hormones took over. With his mother’s magnificent body pressing tightly against him, he could feel his cock starting to react. A few more momemts passed and Ben was now

packing a fully-erect, massive piece of meat down between his somewhat unsteady legs.

Nancy’s reaction was equally dramatic. She hugged him harder, grinding her hips against the bulge in his trousers, and whispering into his ear.

“Oh, Ben……We have two whole days to spend together…What would you like to do first?”

The horny young man had no idea how to respond.

Was Escort Çapa his mom refering to sex…or was she talking about going out, or having lunch, or doing other normal things that a mother and her son do during a visit.

“Gosh, Mom….Uh…Whatever you want.”

Nancy grinned as she broke their embrace and stepped back toward the chair. She sensed his nervousness and realized that tonight would probably be a better time to give him her special gift.

“O.K., Honey….Let’s go get something to eat. You know, it’s kind of chilly outside…I’m going to change into something warmer.”

Ben nodded weakly as his mother picked up her travel bag and headed for the bathroom. After about a minute or so, she called to him.

“Ben…Could you look in the cabinet and see if my blue scarf is there…I think I may have forgotten to bring it!”

“Sure, Mom….Which drawer?”

“Try the bottom right one!”

Ben opened it, but there was no scarf. However, what he DID find took his breath away. Inside was an assortment of feminine garments, mostly low-cut, flimsy bras and several pairs of extremely brief panties. There was also, in the back corner of the drawer, a small box. Curiously, he slowly lifted off the top and was stunned by what he found. Inside was a large, rubber dildo, a tube of KY jelly, and several photographs of himself.

Ben had just enough time to put the lid back on and to slam the drawer shut before Nancy reappeared.

“Uhh….It wasn’t in there, Mom,” he stammered.

Nancy immediately noticed the funny expression on his face. She was certain that he had looked in the box. It was part of her plan.

“That’s O.K., Sweetie….Let’s go. I’m hungry.”

As soon as she said this, Nancy licked her glossy, red lips and looked down at the still-hard lump in his pants.

“I feel like having a big, juicy hot dog right now.”

They were silent as they walked out to the parking lot. Both were focused on the night to come. Ben figured that something big was going to occur, but he wasn’t quite sure what it would be.

Nancy, on the other hand, knew exactly what was coming up: She was going to replace her worn-out, old dildo with her son’s gigantic, virgin dick.

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