Boring Business Trip to Orlando…

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Boring Business Trip to Orlando Turns to Beautiful Canadian Adventure

It’s a sunny and warm spring, Friday afternoon around one o’clock in the afternoon as I pulled in to the parking lot of a Daytona Beach hotel. As I pull myself out of the car, the 55-mile trip from Orlando seems much longer after 3 days of sitting in a boring business seminar. Since I was so close to the beach for the seminar, I decided at the last minute to make hotel reservations and take a couple of days to relax on the beach, admire the beautiful female scenery, and listening to the crashing yet soothing sounds of the ocean. That along with the possibility of viewing a lovely sunrise and sunset or two before heading home would make a nice end to a boring week. As I walked into the lobby and glanced at the check-in desk, I noticed several people in line. I looked around the lobby as I walked up to the end of the line. While I was disappointed that I was the seventh person in line, I was not disappointed in the beautiful view.

The lobby was open two stories with full windows that you could see the ocean, the pool deck, and the beach from where I was standing. Not only that, I had the most beautiful view in front of me in line. There not 3 foot in front of me (I kept my distance so it would not be quite so obvious that I was perusing this beautiful creature from head to toe) was a very attractive lady. She stood about 5 foot-four and was wearing light colored shorts, a light gray sweatshirt, and a baseball cap that her auburn hair flowed down from. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her great legs and her perfect ass. Judging from the lack of panty lines, I was wondering if she was wearing thong panties or none at all.

Either way, I was looking forward to seeing more of this beauty on the beach in her swimsuit, hopefully a very revealing bikini or thong. I could tell from my first glance and from the many subsequent glances that this woman worked hard to keep herself in shape. From her well-developed calves and thighs and that firm ass, this girl had everything going on. Her body was toned and hard but still so very feminine. I waited and yearned for her to turn around so I could see her face. When the elevator dinged she turned around and I was anything but disappointed. She had a beautiful blue eyes that sparkled, a very attractive face, and then she gave me a courteous smile that was not only beautiful but oh so sexy too and seemed to be in her late thirties or very early forties ( I am 39).

I wondered at that point if she had noticed that I had been staring at her, unable to remove my focus from her body. While I didn’t want to be obvious but I was intrigued by her. When she turned I didn’t get the chance to see her chest, but I was sure that nothing could change my opinion of this beautiful woman. I must have lost track of the time, because soon this beautiful woman in front of me was checking in and I still couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I heard the desk clerk call her Joanne and tell her that she would be in room 704.

She turned to walk away and smiled again, and said softly, “Excuse me.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied as I moved to the side to let her through with her overnight bag as I tried not to stare as she walked away. As I was checking in, all I could think of was seeing this beautiful woman again. Suddenly on impulse I decided to ask for a room on the seventh or eight floor so maybe I could see more of this lady on the floor or from a neighboring balcony. Luckily for me the desk clerk found a room on the seventh floor, room 706. I smiled and thanked, assuming that at minimum I was on the same floor as beautiful Joanne.

I walked back to the parking lot and grabbed my bag. As I walked to my car I noticed beautiful Joanne standing at the trunk of her car- reaching deep inside for her luggage. As she reached, her shorts rode up slightly exposing a little more of those sexy legs and as she bent over her shorts pulled tighter against her ass making it even more appealing if that was possible. I couldn’t take my mind or eyes off her. I was embarrassed and hoped that no one else had noticed but my cock had started hardening from the time I watched her in line and even more watching her bending over her trunk.

As I stood there, I fantasized how wonderful it would feel to be standing behind her at that moment, with her firm ass brushing against my hard cock with only the thin layers of clothing separating my cock from her ass and pussy. In my mind I would teasingly rub by hardening cock against her inviting ass as she unloaded her stuff. Suddenly she would turn, her nipples now erect and protruding through her sweatshirt and she would wrap her arms around my neck and we would kiss passionately right there in the parking lot, standing at her car. My hands would go to her trim waist and pull her closer. I imagine my cock against her pussy now and think about how great her pussy would feel enveloping my cock as it would slide in and out of her. MMMMMMMMMMM.

As we kissed, our tongues would explore each other’s mouth, Pendik Escort so deep and passionately. My hands would slide down her ass and cup her cheeks and pull our bodies even tighter and her hands slid from my neck rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples and behind my head caressing my neck. I wondered in my fantasy if beautiful Joanne would have been as turned on as I was at that moment. Suddenly, a car pulls in next to me, startling me out of my fantasy. Due to the extenuation circumstances of an obvious erection, I stood reaching in my trunk for a few moments trying to let my hardened cock subside before heading back toward the lobby.

Fate or luck must have been smiling on me this day, because Joanne was directly in front of me and was having trouble keeping everything from falling off her luggage cart as I neared the door. I politely asked if she needed a hand. She quietly said something in French that seemed so erotic but not knowing French, I asked again, “Need a hand?”

She quickly said, “I’m sorry I forgot I’m not in Canada. Please?”

“I would love to,” I said, hoping it didn’t sound silly. She again smiled. I threw my bag over my shoulder and grabbed the front of her cart steadying her luggage as she pushed the cart. We made it to the elevator without anything falling and I thought to myself how well we had worked together and that I bet we’d be good at anything together. 😉 I pushed the up button and we waited a short time for the elevator I tried to initiate some small talk with beautiful Joanne.

I asked her what part of Canada and she told me, “Granby, Quebec.” When the elevator arrived and we pushed the cart on the elevator, I asked her what floor, (as if I didn’t know). “Seven,” she said softly. “Me too,” I added. “Looks like we are neighbors” and smiled at her. I helped her push her luggage to her door and she thanked me and I casually said to her that I would see her around. With that I headed to my room to stretch out for a while before heading to the beach. As luck would have it that day I was one room past beautiful Joanne and shared a wall. I looked out the balcony before laying down and then went to my bed.

As I laid there I couldn’t get the beautiful lady one wall over out of my head. As I rested I could barely prevent myself from masturbating as I fantasized but someone stopped myself with just rubbing my cock to its full six inches. I was thinking about beautiful Joanne on her knees, looking up at me with her sparkling blue eyes, dressed in nothing but some sexy cranberry thong panties and bra.

The view was wonderful. I had a choice of looking at the her perfect ass in those hot, cranberry thong panties or looking down and seeing those sexy eyes looking up at me the whole time she slowly takes her talented tongue and starts to lick the head of my cock. Slowly and deliberately she alternated taking me near the brink of orgasm then slowing back down keeping me from exploding in her mouth. She would lick the length of my shaft, then slowly caress and lick my balls, before licking back up my shaft and then before I knew it she was taking my full six inches inside her mouth.

I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat and moaned loudly. She continued deep-throating my cock for several minutes bringing me to the brink of several orgasms but so expertly sensing my pending orgasm and slowing down keeping me hard and wanting to cum so bad. Suddenly Joanne stopped, looked up at me with my erect cock centimeters from her lips and said, “Michael, I want to feel your hot tongue on my wet, throbbing pussy. Would you do that for me please?”

I reached for her hand and helped her from the floor and kissed her passionately while running my hands from her waist up the outside of her breasts and reaching behind her to unfasten her cranberry bra. She stepped back and teasingly pulled the bra from her large, beautiful breasts and let it dropped to the floor. Her breasts were so lovely, her nipples so big and erect. I wrapped two fingers inside her panties’ waist band and knelt slowly in front of her and my fingers traced the outside of her thighs as I pulled her panties slowly down. First I saw her panties baring more of her trim stomach and slowing exposing a well trimmed patch of hair above her pussy and then my jaw dropped as I saw her clean shaven, wet pussy.

I lend forward and lick her pussy. It was already wet and hot and tasted oh, so sweet. I licked the length of her slit then back up to her clit. I guided her to the edge of the bed where she sat and her legs went over my shoulders as I lapped up her sweet juices. My hands explored her inner thighs, her ass cheeks, and her pussy as my tongue paid particular attention to her clit. Soon Joanne was moaning loudly. “Michael, make me cum,” she begged. Now I wanted this as bad as she did. I slide two fingers inside her pussy and pistoned them in and out slowly at first and then faster. In and out they slid as my tongue danced around her clit. Licking it. Sucking it between my teeth Pendik Escort Bayan and simultaneous running the tip of my tongue across it. Suddenly, Joanne’s back arches, she lifts her pussy to my mouth and moans, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Slam!” I heard a door slam.

I was drawn out of my fantasy and wondered if the door slamming could be beautiful Joanne, heading to the beach. Quickly I showered and put on my swim trunks. While I am no Richard Gere, I am average or above with three great features. I have very nice legs, big brown eyes that I have been told that are hard to say no too, and I am easy to talk too and can make people smile and laugh. I wondered if maybe this could be a time that those eyes are told no or that I couldn’t get a smile or laugh. I walked to the balcony and opened the door.

Laying poolside was the object of my earlier fantasies. Beautiful Joanne was laying face down on a lounge chair her ass looking so good in her yellow bikini. Her top unfastened and in the position she was laying her breast were pressed out, so I could see the roundness from the sides. Her skin glistened from the suntan oil. I had to grab my camera with the zoom lens and take a couple of shots. I made my way to the pool area, and strategically located a lounge chair opposite of beautiful Joanne. I could see her every move.

I brought a magazine to read to pretend that I was totally staring at her. I watched as she turnover, carefully holding her top in place and tying it. I watched intently as she rubbed tanning oil on the top of her lovely breasts and on her firm flat tummy. I almost moaned as her hand worked toward her bikini bottoms then down to her inner thighs and legs. I watched later as she got up and walked to the edge of the pool. She moved so gracefully so sexy. She dove in the pool and it was like slow motion. Beautiful Joanne hit the water and barely made a splash.

As she exited the water and brushed her auburn hair back with her hands she was now standing directly in front of my. I notice her nipples were protruding through her bikini top and I wondered if she knew I was watching so intently or whether it was just the cold water and decided on the latter. I examined the V of her bikini bottoms. With it wet it fit so tight that I thought I could see the her slit and fit so tight I was sure she shaved her sweet pussy or trimmed it close at bare minimum. As she walked past me she reached back to her bikini bottoms and pulled them from the crack of her ass. After seeing this I was sure it was my idea of a perfect woman and that I had no shot at her. Soon, having at least temporarily given up on finding a way to approach Joanne, I decided to get into the hottub.

With the activities on the beach, and pool the hot tub was virtually always empty. I soaked in the hot water and jets, relaxing and letting the week’s stress melt away. As I sat there with my eyes closed, I heard a soft female voice, almost whisper, “mind if I share the hot tub?” I opened my eyes and it was the beautiful Joanne. Quickly, I said, “please do.” I stood and held out my hand considering the hot tub had no hand rail and one large step down. She reached for my hand and thanked me and said that I was a real gentleman.

The second our hands touched a felt an electricity shoot through my body and another sensation in another part of my body. I quickly sat down, to protect myself in case my erection grew larger. I tried making small talk with Joanne asking if she had been to Daytona Beach before or was this her first time and she responded that she was a regular to Orlando area but wasn’t familiar with Daytona. I told her I could tell her of some of the area dining places if she was interested and she told me she would be meeting a friend sometime tomorrow and would probably be staying close to the hotel until she arrived. I proceeded to tell her about The Top of Daytona with its view from high above the beach, Shell’s great seafood, Aunt Catfish’s casual food and great prices, Sophie Kay’s the best rated Daytona hotel according to AAA.

Then I started to describe this little bar, restaurant that is my favorite. I told her about place called Sinbad’s. It sits under the Port Orange bridge on the Halifax River (part of the Intercoastal waterway that merges into the Atlantic). The food is a decent value and above average but each table has a view of the River and it’s likely to see dolphins, and occasionally manatees. This along with a gorgeous sunset makes it my favorite Daytona Beach restaurant. Joanne intently listens and tells me it sounds wonderful and smiles. I become bold and tell her I am going there tonight and offer to buy her dinner or at least to follow me if she wants. While not ruling it out, she says, “I’ll think about it.” As we sat in the hot tub we made small talk with me mostly asking beautiful Joanne questions and she graciously answering. It didn’t take me long to realize that not only was this woman beautiful, she was intelligent, kind, and very nice to talk to.

We must Escort Pendik have sat in the hot tub for 30 minutes or so and during this time, I found out that she owned a lingerie store, she wasn’t married but had a boyfriend that she has been with for 15 years, that she works out 3 times a week, likes hiking. I also found out that one thing we had in common was that we both enjoyed on line chat. Joanne was in town for a short vacation from work and her friend Jacynthe went to visit friends for a day and they would meet up the following day. Soon beautiful Joanne said she was going to head to her room for some refreshments, so naturally being the gentleman, I once again stood to give her a hand out of the hot tub.

She thanked me and started to walk away. Suddenly she stopped, turned her head and said “Michael.” She had my intention immediately. Whether coincident or not she stood with her back to me and slowly, almost tantalizingly (at least to me) brought my eyes to her beautiful ass as she once again pulled the wet bikini bottoms from her ass.

Apparently I was too obvious staring at her ass as she once again said, “Michael, would you mind if I joined you for dinner?” I asked her if 6pm would be okay, so we could finish dinner in time to see the sunset and while maybe having a drink. She nodded yes and walked away sexily, her ass swaying just right, her legs so hard and athletic. To my surprise she looked over her shoulder, almost as if she knew I was watching and that she enjoyed it.

I continued in soaking for awhile and decided that I needed to find something to keep myself busy until six so I wouldn’t think of nothing but beautiful Joanne. I grabbed the newspaper in the lobby and when to my room and read it. I checked my email, shaved, and showered thinking that staying busy was the answer but I couldn’t get this intelligent, beautiful, sexy woman out of my thoughts. I went through my luggage feeling like a schoolboy preparing for his first date, trying to pick just the right clothes to impress his date.

Finally. I decided on some tan Docker shorts, a two-button white golf shirt, white Rockport walking shoes, my lucky red Hanes briefs and Contradiction cologne (I ruled out Obsession since that may have sent the wrong message). It was nearing six o’clock and I was nervous as can be. I was wondering what Joanne would be wearing, both visibly and the lingerie she may be wearing underneath. What ever she wore, I knew would be sexy, look wonderful on her, and would be drive me crazy and keep me excited all night long.

As the clock reached six, I got up to head the few steps to her room. I lightly tapped on the door and I heard a soft voice say, “Just a minute.” As the door opened I was flabbergasted and speechless from Joanne’s beauty. She was dressed in a white see through blouse, her white lacy bra was visible, she wore I led her to the elevator and we went down to the car(no pun intended). I opened the door to the convertible rental car and watched intently as she slid in the seat. Joanne’s skirt slid up her thighs slightly and I took in every inch of the view. I closed the door and walked around the car and in the car. I had the top down but since Joanne’s air was so perfectly in place, I asked if she minded if I put the top up.

She responded, “please.” I waited for the top to go up and locked in my side. I asked Joanne to lock in her side but the catch stuck and she couldn’t lock it in. As I reach across to close the latch, my lips are inches from Joanne’s sexy mouth and lips. I think about how it would feel to touch them, kiss them, and part them with my tongue as I explore her mouth. Then I catch Joanne’s perfume, Contradiction, I believe. It smells so nice and I once again feel an urging in my shorts. Then, unexpected the latch catches and I fall against Joanne brushing against her firm breasts. “Excuse me,” I say. Joanne smiles seductively and says, “It was my pleasure” and she winks. I can’t help but smile.

As I drive I have a terrible time keeping my eyes on the road as I my eyes are drawn to the beautiful woman next to me. I eye her well formed calves and thighs and her firm breasts and that beautiful face. We have small talk the few short minutes that it takes to reach Sinbad’s. As I park and put the car in gear, Joanne starts to open the door. “Wait,” I say. Quickly I get out of the car and run to Joanne’s side to open the door. As I open the door, I hold out my hand to help Joanne out of the car. I watch intently as her skirt rides up her thighs slightly and she takes my hand and a spark flies between us.

I make no attempt to release her hand and she does not pull away as we walk into the restaurant/bar. As we approached the hostess, I ask for the best seat in the restaurant and hand the hostess a folded up $10 bill. “Yes sir.” As she leads us to the table, I notice every man’s head in the restaurant turn to check out the beautiful woman with me. I do believe I was the envy of the restaurant that night. The table gave us a clear view of the Halifax River and because of the layout, we sat across from each other in order to take in the river view and for me to take in the beautiful scenery sitting across from me. As we dined the topic of conversation rambled from work, to television to sex. While the topics varied the conversation came so free and easy.

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