Breakfast at Sunnydale Farm

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Occasionally my job takes me up and down the country for conferences, meetings and so on. When I am away I prefer to stay in rural B&Bs rather than the anonymous rooms of the hotel chains. It was on one such recent visit that I experienced service above and beyond the call.

I arrived late the night before, having travelled down and attended the course. It was dark but a crystal clear early spring evening with a hint of frost dressing the trees as I looked out from my bedroom window. There were a few other cars in the drive as I surveyed the farmyard to the limits of the view.

The room was small. It had two single beds crammed into a single room, drawers with tea making facilities, a television and a small en suite. It was cool and had a faintly musky aroma. It was late so I decided to turn in.

I wake early in the mornings and was down for breakfast promptly at 7.30. After a wee chat with the proprietor and his wife, a few acknowledging nods to the other guests and a hearty breakfast I decided to avail myself of the opportunity and have a wander around the quiet countryside.

It was a lovely day, the air was crisp and clean and the fields dressed in the white of a slight frost. I had been told to take the driveway to the road, take a left and then follow the stream to the village. It was indeed a pretty route but rather long. It was past 9 when I returned and judging by the lack of cars everyone had checked out for the day.

I was sweaty and decided to have a quick shower before my 10 o’clock taxi took me back to the airport. I bounded up the stairs past the cleaner noisily hovering out the room over the small landing from mine.

The room was cold and so I placed the largest of the towels over the warm radiator in the bedroom before stepping into the shower. I wasn’t long, perhaps 10 minutes but when I stepped out and into the bedroom the towel had gone. Just at that moment the door burst open and in came the cleaner clutching a blue bag, inside which I noticed the large white bath towel.

I hastily looked around the room for something to cover my modesty. There was nothing within reach and the cleaner stood directly in front of me. Her eyes weren’t fixed on mine either — she just stood there open jawed staring at my flaccid cock.

It was cold and my ball sack had wrinkled, I covered my wet cock with my hands the best I could but she just stood there, transfixed.

She was perhaps in her thirties, shorter than me at about 5 foot 6 inches, with dyed black hair, complete with red streaks. Her piercing blue eyes were wide open and fixed at my groin as she finally found some words.

“Oh, er, sorry. I’ll just get you a fresh..” She spoke with a thick west country accent and motioned over her shoulders.

I was dripping wet and getting colder by the minute when she returned. She dumped a bail of towels down on the end of the bed nearest Maltepe Escort Bayan me and grabbed the top one. She threw it towards me, making me break my cover.

It was small, just bigger than a flannel and barely covered my chest, let alone the rest of me.

“Sorry!” She exclaimed and made a better play for the largest towel on the bottom of the pile.

She stepped up and wrapped it around my shoulders. I was still trying to cover my modesty with the miniature towel and so she decided to try to help me dry off by dabbing at my skin through the plush cotton material.

I wore the large towel like a cape and she stepped into the hollow at the front, carefully dabbing at my back by reaching around my chest. I felt her hot breath and caught a sniff of her perfume as she pushed herself, and her breasts, confined in her tight cotton blouse, against me. She glanced up and at last made the slightest of eye contact before concentrating fully on her task.

I wasn’t sure what to say or do as she patted lower and lower until she was drying my backside. She said nothing but just continued down. She sank to her knees and patted down the backs of my thighs.

When she reached the bottom she moved the towel to the front and started to dry me from the bottom up. The critical point came when she reached the top of my thighs. My hands were still there, holding the smaller towel as she patted higher and higher.

She folded her hands into each side of my groin to dry the tops of my legs and brushed the back of them against my crinkled ball sack through the soft cotton towelling.

I decided to let her continue and gradually raised the small towel as she patted further up. When she reached my balls she gently squeezed and cupped them dry, before moving, ever more slowly and deliberately, upward to envelop my rapidly thickening tool in the soft white material. She stroked the growing length dry with great care as I dropped the small towel onto the bed.

She had backed me against the drawers. The sharp edge dug into the back of my thigh as I stood with her gentle hand now almost groping my semi stiff cock.

She glanced up again and with a playful glint in her eye allowed the towel to drop. My cock sprang into full view inches away from her face.

She smiled before taking the tip into her hot mouth.

My hair was dripping wet and my chest had beads of water as I looked down at her red lips pursed around my ever hardening end. My balls were confined in their cold and wrinkled bag as she cupped them with her warm hand.

Gently and expertly she warmed them to release them to dangle free. Her massaging fingers then moved to the base of my shaft.

I am not blessed with great length but at my fullest my girth can stretch the biggest of cunts and after a few minutes of her expert tending I was at full erection. Her lips strained to maintain the covering Maltepe Escort of my red end as it started to strain against my tight skin.

She released my cock with an audible plop and gazed at it admiringly. She pulled my skin tight to reveal my glistening red end. She sank her soft lips back over the tender surface. I groaned with pleasure as she swirled her lips and tongue over the silky and responsive flesh.

She studied it intently before following her eyes with a dart of her soft tongue. She flicked at the end, the eye and under the edge of my hood, which she followed by raking her teeth along and under the join. She flicked at the eye and invited my pre-cum to flow before swishing her tongue triumphantly around the phallic helmet to sample the tangy flavour. She flicked and drew at the stringy liquid before rolling her tongue around inside her mouth provocatively.

She was good. This was one of the better blow jobs I had ever had. Her eyes were fixed on her work but rolled closed as she began to bob up and down, in and out whilst she clamped her fist, tight, at the rock solid base of my cock.

I knew I couldn’t stand much more of this and gently touched each side of her head as she nosily slurped at my aching tool.

She glanced up and gave me a look of approval, she must have known she would soon drive me over the edge as my cock had thickened significantly in her hot mouth. I gasped as she pushed further in and out, gagging slightly but allowing my gland to strike the narrow opening at the back of her throat.

Her grip tightened at the base of my cock and she wanked me slightly as she sensed me tense my buttocks.

The force of my cum must have surprised her as when it hit the back of her throat she almost withdrew. She struggled to keep up with the flow of salty cum gushing into her mouth and clamped her lips tight shut over my twitching end as my orgasm erupted into her.

Finally I pumped the last of my seed into her soft mouth and she allowed my cock to slip out. She made a great play of gulping down the thick sperm and catching a small droplet that had escaped from the corner of her mouth.

I was stunned into silence as she stood, spun around and removed her black tights in front of me. She lifted her skirt and sank to her knees against the side of the bed.

“Your turn. You can fuck me now.” She said in her thick Devonshire brogue.

In no time I was looking down at her ample and bare backside, being offered in front of me. Her thighs were a little lumpy and her butt wore the marks of motherhood but her open clam being thrust out from between her legs invited my further attention.

I dropped to my knees behind her and cupped her soft buttocks with my cool hands. She jumped as I stroked at the soft flesh and gripped to part them fully. My eyes traced the crack of her cleft down from the incomprehensible tattoo at its Escort Maltepe top. As I traced the line down, past her wrinkled butt hole to the start of her gash I noted it’s clean and smooth lines, waxed or shaven as pubic fashion demands.

I noticed the glint of something strange at the far reach of her pale and hairless slit — a jewel, no, a golden ring.

I slipped my right hand in and down her cleft to collect some of her freely flowing cum and smear it along the silky furrow to the solid metal ring embedded in her most tender spot. She jumped as I nudged against it. I withdrew to gather more lube, this time dipping my index finger in, up to the first knuckle.

She jumped again but this time made a grab for my hand to place it back on her buttock. I got the message and pulled at her cheeks to open them as I thrust my hips forward. I felt the heat of her palm against my still hard cock as she guided it towards her wet and willing cunt.

With a satisfied sigh she slipped the tip of my thick tool home before moving her hand away and adjusting her position. I took her cue and pushed forward with my hips and with a grunt of pleasure she pushed her hips upward and allowed my cock to fully slide home.

My knees were inside her open legs but I couldn’t get in as far as I would like. I lifted her hips and she shuffled her knees onto the edge of the bed. I stood and with difficulty kept my cock inside her until we settled into this new position.

At last I could swing my hips and allow full and deep penetration. She swung hers back and arched her back to maximise my length probing at her welcoming snatch.

I decided to give her my full repertoire — to treat her to all my moves. Instead of rhythmically pumping in and out I began to spiral my thrusts, jab upward, side by side and forward and back, to make the most of my increased girth rather than my simply acceptable length.

My balls bounced against the hard ring attached to her clitoral hood and my thighs slapped noisily against hers as I thrust and cut my tool into her ever wetter fanny. My nostrils flared as I caught the scent of her sex in the musty air and savoured the distinctive sound of wet flesh invading wet flesh as I probed my throbbing meat as deep into her as I could.

She wasn’t vocal, I wasn’t getting any feedback and wasn’t sure if she would come but I knew I could hold off for much longer. The only sign that she was acknowledging my presence was the occasional grunt of pleasure as my cock stabbed home and the growing heat of her buttocks.

I grabbed her hips and thrust forward rapier like and at last got her to react. She ground her hips backward to meet mine as my cock swelled again in narrow confines of her slippery cunt.

I came with a grunt. She must have sensed the hot semen being pumped into her tunnel and sighed in polite satisfaction.

“I’ve been thinking of a shag all morning. Thank you kind sir. You better get a move on, your taxi is due in a few minutes.” She said as she pulled her tights back up.

With that she left the room and carried on hovering as if nothing had just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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