Breaking Lockdown

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Cream Pie

My first attempt at writing anything like this.

Feedback much appreciated


It’s been two months since you last had cock you’re aching to have one in your hands again. You go on Snap and look at the cum tributes and pics of my cock and think “Sod it.”

You’ve decided to break your cardinal rule and meet up with one of your camsite fans.


My phone buzzes and I open up Snapchat, thinking it was probably just another picture of your dog. Instead it’s a Snap from you with an address and the word “NOW.” I can’t believe it and quickly write down the address before it disappears from the screen.

I smile as you look at my phone screen and see that the message has been read.

I grab my keys and rush out the door. Reaching the end of the road I realise I don’t know how to get there. I open my phone and look to see if any Uber drivers are available. There’s one close by and he pulls up. I explain that I need to get to your address as quickly as possible using the excuse of an elderly relative who’s fallen.

After what seems like an eternity we pull up close to your house. The kind driver says he’d love to come in and help but I tell him I’ll beşiktaş escort be okay .

I stand outside your front door and take a deep breath. I knock on the door and instantly I hear the sound of your running down the stairs barking. I hear you trying to shut him up, your voice getting louder as you near it. With every step you take I feel my cock getting harder.

The door opens and I get a glimpse of your face. All thoughts rush to my head as the blood rushes to my cheeks and cock simultaneously. “What do I say?”

“Special Delivery for Emma” is the line which pops out my mouth. You laugh and step forward to hug me. As you do so you feel my cock straining against my jeans and reply “Can’t wait to open this package.” We both let out a laugh.

You take my hand and lead me inside and tell your dog to go upstairs. He looks at me and then turns round and runs up the stairs which I’d only seen the top of on an almost daily basis. I smile on the inside remembering what I’ve seen and my cock gets harder.

You lead me straight into the garden and stand against the wall. You pull me towards you and we kiss passionately. You undo my jeans and reach into my boxers, pulling out my şişli escort rock hard cock. You put your hand around it, gently caressing it.

“God, I’ve missed cock,” you whisper, gently pulling back my foreskin and rub the swollen head, finally able to stroke it after fantasising about it many times.

You lift up your skirt, not caring if any of your neighbours can see what we’re up to. Your perfect pussy is revealed. I feel my pulse rise. It’s even more perfect in person and as you slowly wank me I reach down and rub my fingers over your perfect lips which I’ve come over many times in my dreams.

My finger starts to probe deeper between your lips as I slowly insert one into your tight sopping wet cunt. You throw your head back against the wall with your eyes closed and elicit a small moan. It has been weeks since fingers other than your own had probed your pussy.

You can wait no longer. You take your hand off my rock hard cock and stroke the end, putting your finger with my pre-cum on it in your mouth. I gently remove my finger from your pussy and replace it with the head of my cock. Already ready to blow at the thought of what was happening I try hard not to come before entering merter escort the hallowed ground.

I enter slowly and feel your tight cunt being stretched by my thick cock. You try to relax knowing that I’m on the edge, not wanting to spoil the moment by causing it over to be soon.

I gently increase the thrust of my cock as fast as I think I can manage without cumming too quickly. You sense that I can’t hold back any longer and you point at your pussy lips. I quickly withdraw from your cunt and shoot my load over your pussy and trimmed pubes.

You reach down and rub your clit furiously and in no time squirt violently onto the patio. You place two fingers in your pussy and pull them out. I open my mouth to savour your sweet nectar as you reach down and scoop some of my spunk to taste for yourself.

I look slightly disappointed from not being able to hold out longer.

You take both your hands in mine and give them a reassuring squeeze.

“I understand,” you say softly. “One down…Master”

I follow you inside. We immediately strip off completely and you grab a couple of large bottles of water from the kitchen. I follow you up the stairs giving you a playful spank on the ass.

As we reach the top of the stairs I can see into the cam room. As we enter I can see the setup that I’ve been watching you through for the past year.

You press “Record” on one of your cameras. This is one private show we’ll be wanting to save.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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