Cabin Fever Ch. 02

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A few cabins away, Gina’s best friend and her family had come to open up their cabin as well. “Cabin” was a very loose term, because the Fletchers often came in the winter to ski and could very easily have lived there year-round, had they chosen to do so. Nikki Fletcher was already in a whirl of activity.

The Master Bedroom had been tidied from top to bottom and was almost glistening. The plush carpeting had been steam-cleaned a day earlier, the oak woodwork of the elaborate bed polished until it gleamed. The mattress had been turned and checked; sheets and fresh linens now adorned the beds. Nikki Fletcher, at 21 the oldest of their children, was busy dusting the bureaus, dressers and all over, making the room perfect. Most people hated spring cleaning, but the Fletcher family took great pride in the appearance of their homes, inside and out. Stan Fletcher’s clients often commented to him what a perfect home he seemed to have — which suited them all, they took great pride in that. 3 perfect kids, all straight-A students, highly motivated. His lawyer-wife, Carrie had raised them to exceed through discipline and praise. The Fletcher kids were the kind some kids hated — they did everything right and were Teacher’s Pets — but you couldn’t really hate them, because they worked hard and were studious, yet kind and helpful when needed.

Nikki could hear Carrie bustling around downstairs; she was almost finished as well. Soon, the rewards of all this work would be shared by all in the household. Everyone looked forward to the aftermath of Spring Cleaning.

19 year-old Rick was outside; she could hear the mower running. Her older brother enjoyed yard work and it was also his job to help clean out the garage and tool shed. Like their father, Rick was a man who enjoyed precision, so these things rarely took much cleaning — he liked everything hung up, put away and organized.

Rochelle was downstairs, working on the Den and her parent’s shared study / office. Rochelle was serious and down-to-business most of the time, closer to her father in temperament than any of them. The 20-year old had acumen in both the law and PR, so after long discussions with her parents, Rochelle had decided to go and get her law degree, then join her father’s firm as Legal Counsel. Rochelle had thought that a very practical idea, practicality suited her. She could laugh when the time was right, but only her family — Nikki in particular — were permitted to address her as “Rocky”.

Nikki bustled about and stood back, surveying her labors — there wasn’t a speck of dust to be found anywhere, she’d done her usual perfect job. Just as she was admiring her handiwork, her father entered the room.

“All done, kitten?” She was the only one he called that — it made her all squooshy inside, it just hadn’t fit Rochelle.

“All done, Daddy.”

“Let me look at you. Wow — you still take Daddy’s breath away, kitten.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” Her favorite part of their Spring Cleaning ritual was now underway — the celebration. As she had for the past few years and on special occasions, she was wearing Zeytinburnu Escort her skimpy, tight-fitting French Maid’s outfit, with the black stiletto heels and the expensive fishnets — the cheap ones wouldn’t do, they were just tres-tacky. She was already sitting on her father’s lap while they sat on the bed, his big beefy hand stroking up her long, slender legs. She melted at his touch — she always had, ever since her eighteenth birthday when he’d removed the impediment of her virginity.

“Daddy, I love when you touch me. You gonna’ fuck me, aren’t you, Daddy? You’re going to put your big old Daddy-dick inside my pussy and fuck me hard, like the slutty little French Maid I am, right?” Nikki’s hands had already unzipped his fly and were fondling his cock, in the back of her head; she heard the lawnmower go off.

“Of course Nikki — why don’t you bend over and suck Daddy’s cock, I’m going to get out of this shirt before it wrinkles. Oh damn kitten, you sure know just what your Daddy likes.” Stan had never hidden his peccadilloes from his wife or from any of his family. Once they were of legal age, they all learned the truth — the Fletchers believed whole-heartedly in “generational” lovemaking.

“Glmmphhh.” Nikki did — his eldest daughter was an unabashed cock-slut, she worshiped dick and sucked him every chance she got. She was a naughty little thing and had several family-approved lovers, but it was still incestuous sex with her Daddy that got her the hottest. Her tongue whipped about his rod as Carrie came in the room, clad in just in a tiny pair of shorts and halter.

“Don’t wear him out, kitten,” Carrie admonished her daughter. “I’m going to want some too, just as soon as I finish my shower. If he cums in you, let me know and I’ll eat you clean — or Rochelle will, if she beats me to it!” Carrie winked as she went into the en-suite bathroom and ran the water. Nikki watched her mother with great admiration and hoped she’d look that good at 45 — but likely would, the entire family all had good genes and great bone structure.

Stan looked at his daughter’s beautiful face and eyes before she started going down on him again. His eldest was tiny, but strikingly beautiful, only 5’2″, but she packed a wallop. Her 32B-22-31 frame was slim and adorable, she had the cutest rump and her blue-gray-green eyes could draw a man — or woman — in and hold you there. She was possessed of her Bulgarian-born mother’s brand of beauty, fair and sensual. She looked at Stan, smiled and took him back into her eager lips and sucked ardently.

Rick walked through the door and saw his sister’s blonde head bobbing up and down on their father’s cock. He hoped she’d suck him later, he loved Nikki’s sloppy blowjobs. “Where’s Mom?” Rick asked his father.

“In the shower.”

“Hmm — think I’ll go join her, I know how Mom loves being fucked in water. Later, guys!” Rick walked into the bathroom and left his father and sister at play.

Nikki gobbled and slurped her Daddy’s thick cock like her life depended on making him cum. She adored her Daddy, he was Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan the hottest stud she’d ever fucked, even at 50 years of age, he had incredible stamina. Massive, built like a linebacker, he could throw a girl a mean fuck or make tender sweet love to her. Her parents were one of the fuckiest couples in the whole universe, Nikki believed.

“Room for one more?” Rochelle purred in the doorway. Her 5’10” tall sister, all dark-haired and lush curves, stood there in a filmy black negligee and stilettos. Nikki’s mouth watered — she adored having girl-on-girl sex with both her mother and sister, if the men weren’t home, the women rarely went without.

“Of course, Rocky lover!” Nikki purred. Nikki had been the first to call her younger sister that and she was the only one that could get away with it without Rochelle bristling a bit. That was because Rochelle admired her sister’s free-spirited ways and she loved her much-tinier sibling to bits. She crawled into bed with her father and sister and insinuated herself between her sister’s legs, rapidly sliding the tiny thong Nikki wore from her pussy. She began licking the pussy of the girl she adored most, her first girl-lover, the yummy, pixyish Nikki.

“God, I love our perverted incestuous family!” Stan said as he watched his daughters at play. He silently said a thank you to his wife for suggesting this lifestyle for their family, she had grown up in an equally loving family and still got together with her siblings when they — or their children — were in town. It was hedonistic, but it worked for them all.

“Incest IS best, Daddy,” Nikki giggled before returning to his shaft.

Carrie entered the room, Rick right behind her. He was out of action, having had his Mom suck him to hardness, then banging her hard in the shower stall, but seeing his sisters — or any of the women, for that matter — at play never failed to get him hard and he began to stiffen again. Rochelle’s dark eyes flashed and she motioned for her brother to join them on the King-sized bed. She left her sister’s pussy, but Nikki barely noticed, because Carrie took her place and began licking cunt with relish.

“Okay lovers — I think we need to get down to some serious fucking, don’t you?” Nikki cooed, her 21-year old pussy craving cock. “Let’s mix it up — Rick, why don’t you come and give me a good dicking? Mom, move up here and I can lick you out, ‘kay? Rocky, I’ve hogged Daddy long enough, why don’t you get on top and ride him, I know you like that. We all cool with this? Okay people, let’s fuck!”

“Oh God, we’re such sluts!” Rochelle moaned as she climbed aboard her father’s cock. She loved the slow descent, feeling his prick move into her cunt, inch by inch until she was packed. She looked over and saw the rest of her family fucking away and knew when she went away to university next fall, she’d have to find some willing playmates, like the ones Nikki had. She was much too fucky to cut back on sex. She also knew she’d be making a lot of trips home, despite the long distance. Her family would always make Escort Zeytinburnu the long drive worth the time.

Rick was really giving it to his sister, she was one of the most energetic fucks on the planet, almost acrobatic in the way she could twist and turn her tiny, agile little body. Her ass surged back as he fucked her deeply and her tongue delved deeply into their mother’s cunt. The 18-year old had recently shared his sister with his first serious girlfriend and Catie had been begging him to set up another three-way, even though she’d been insistent at first that “incest is gross” and “I’m not into girls”. She claimed initially she’d been drunk when she agreed to it, but after some wonderful sixty-nines with Nikki and watching how hot brother and sister looked in bed, Catie was a convert and one of the few who knew their family secret.

“Goddamn Dad, don’t we have the best sluts in the world?” Rick groaned as he pounded his sister’s tight, almost-virginal cunt. Nikki was face-deep in their mother’s pussy, but Carrie heard every word.

“Yes — we are, we’re nasty fucking sluts!” Carrie groaned as his oldest child ate her out. She leaned to the side and was able to give her youngest a sweet, passionate kiss as Rochelle rode her father’s cock. These family gatherings were never dull and everyone got at least a few cums each.

“And we’re damned proud of it!” Rochelle added as her pussy tightened and contracted around Stan’s cock. She was going to fuck her older brother next, she still wanted to experience the ultimate — an all-out fucking, one man in her pussy, one in her ass, one of the women licking her wherever while she licked the other. Being the newest addition to their crazy group, Rochelle thought she had a lot of catching up to do, as she writhed atop her Daddy’s cock and moved back and forth, she didn’t think anyone here would mind her practicing whenever she could.

Carrie looked around, happy and content with the family fuck-a-thon. She never tired of the various combinations, watching her husband fuck their daughter was a source of pride. Her daughters knew Daddy was “snipped”, so they gave him their bodies willingly — but they were careful with brother Rick and both girls were on the patch, just in case. Rick was extremely virile and there had already been one close call with Carrie, although everyone liked his new playmate and would have happily welcomed her into the family, if the need had arisen. From what Carrie had been told by Nikki, the sexy blonde nymph would have fit in just fine. Carrie intended to have the girl over for “dinner” very soon and find out just how fine for herself.

A cacophony of wails and plaintive moans filled the room and Rick was the first to let go — cumming all over Nikki’s perky little butt. Carrie moved away from her daughter’s seeking mouth and began cleaning up her son’s spend, which sent Stan over the edge, cumming in his youngest daughter’s sweet cunt. Now it was Nikki’s turn, she glommed on to Rochelle’s box and began the fun task of eating her clean.

After an afternoon of fucking, followed by an outdoor barbecue, there followed an evening of even more fucking. The quintet made a fairly big mess and Nikki knew they’d have to clean it up tomorrow, but there’d be no objections to that. The cycle would merely repeat itself anew. Everyone was fine with that, it was just the way things were with the Fletcher family.

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