Cindy Made Him Do It

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This is a work of fiction and is not true.


With her mother Jenny being away for the whole summer, Cindy made sure to push all her conservative clothes to the back of her closet. Her strict mother had planned a trip with her high school girlfriends and was going to be on a cruise for two months. That left Cindy at home with her very understanding and supportive father for two months. That’s two months she was going to be allowed to wear as little clothes as she wanted without being told she looked like a slut or she was behaving like one.

She pulled out her skimpiest white bathing suit and put it on. She felt sexy as she looked at herself in the full length mirror attached to her closet door. She didn’t know what her mother’s problem was. She was never like that with her two older sisters who were now long gone to college. For some reason, as Cindy started to grow into her toned curvy body, her mother became more and more strict with her. Sure she had bigger tits than most girls but that wasn’t her fault. Cindy stood on her tippy toes checking out her ass and gave herself a smack. She loved her body. She heard her father’s chuckle and turned toward her bedroom door. There he stood in nothing but his swim trunks. “I see you’re taking full advantage of your mother’s absence baby” he rumbled with humor in his voice.

Cindy ran to her father in her skimpy outfit and wrapped herself around him. “Daddy, I’m so glad she’s gone and we have the whole house to ourselves. It’s really my idea of the perfect summer before I go off to college.”

“I know baby. I’m happy things worked out as they did. As much as I love your mother, listing to you two bitch and bicker your last summer in this house was not going to be my idea of fun. But now, you can have the best summer ever with your old man with no one to nag on you.”

Her father pulled back and ran his eyes down her body not hiding his appreciation.

“Baby this barely covers anything on you,” He ran his fingers at the two strips of fabric only covering her nipples, “you’re going to give old man Sal across the street a heart attack.” He traced the outline of the two tiny triangles Şirinevler Escort using his index finger and scratching at her now hard nipples. He moved his hands to the bottom strip of a triangle tracing around her pubic bones and snapping the fabric.

Cindy smiled at her dad mischievously, “last one to the pool does laundry for the next two weeks Dad!”

Brent watched his daughter sprint down to their backyard in her skimpy outfit that left very little to the imagination, in fact barely anything to the imagination, and had to adjust himself. He casually followed Cindy out to the back of the house and watched her as she ran her laps noticing that each time she spread her legs as she swam frog style, he could see everything. He grabbed one of the lounge chairs and laid himself down shaking his head to himself at his daughter’s familiar sexy antics.

It wasn’t long before he felt Cindy’s wet body sprawl over him, squishing her tits to his bare chest saying “daddy you’re not being very much fun. It’s our first day of freedom from the nag hag!”

Brent peaked open one of his closed eyes to watch the way his daughter had plastered herself to him replying “baby, don’t call your mother that, and for the record, I’m having plenty of fun relaxing right here.”

Cindy wiggled up straddling her dad as he brought himself to sit up. Stroking her back and looking into her eyes he couldn’t help but take in how beautiful a woman she was becoming. At 18 years old she was already a knock out and he knew she was only going to get more beautiful if her sisters and mother were any indication.

Cindy wiggled herself a little higher as she got more comfortable straddling her dad. This wasn’t new for them. Her and her dad had always been close, and cuddling or wrestling together was still the norm for them. Cindy sighed dramatically as she brought her arms to rest on Brett’s shoulders, “so what are we going to do to kill some time daddy?”

“Well first, you’re going to stop wiggling on me like that baby. We’ve talked about this and now that you’re an adult, you have to be aware of how you are with men. And I don’t mean Şirinevler Escort Bayan just me. Uncle Grant, your brothers, your cousins, you need to be more considerate sweetie.”

“Whatever daddy, you’re not the first man to get hard under me and you won’t be the last. I don’t care about that. You get hard all the time when we wrestle.”

She ground herself onto his already stiff cock to drive her point.

“Cindy baby, stop that.”

“Why daddy? Cocks get hard or didn’t anyone teach you that in high school?”

Brett loved his daughter’s teasing sense of humor. She flirted with everyone and he had seen and heard her say some of the most provocative things to just about everyone in her life, including her girlfriends. He knew she was a very sexual young woman and he didn’t want to discourage her from expressing herself, but at the same time he wished she was a little more contained.

“I’ve warned you about this baby. I’m your father so obviously you’re safe with me, but you’re going to get yourself in a bind if you keep pushing and testing guys like this.”

“Don’t worry daddy, I don’t start things I can’t finish.”

He was well aware of that too as he’d caught his daughter with guys when her mother was away on business trips.

He sighed and as he got himself off the lounge chair scooped her ass up and carried her inside. He was used to feeling her bare ass. And that’s what it was right now in the barely there bikini she was wearing. He squeezed then plopped her down on the kitchen table and went to one of the closets to grab her a towel. As he went to hand it to her she gave him a pout, the same pout that meant she wanted him to dry her off.

Brett got to work toweling her from head to toe, not being shy about getting into the nooks and crannies of her body. He’d done it a million more times than he could count. He knew it was different now but he liked this side of his relationship with Cindy. His two other daughters were the same with him as they got older, flirting and testing him. It did something to him to know they wanted him to be with them like this.

He finished Escort Şirinevler drying Cindy and went to the laundry room to toss the towel into the half full hamper. When he got back out Cindy was nowhere in sight so he grabbed himself a beer and took himself to the couch to finish the nap he started out by the pool.

He awoke as he felt something soft touching the tip of his cock. Jolting awake he opened his eyes to see Cindy back in the same position she was in by the pool. Straddling him, only this time her bare pussy was touching the part of his cock that was poking out. Somehow his loose swim trunks had ridden down exposing the tip of his cock. Cindy moved a little gyrating her hips on him. Brett couldn’t help the groan that escaped him. She was still in her skimpy strips of fabric, only the bottom of her suit was pushed aside leaving her bald pink pussy fully exposed directly over his hardening member.

“Baby stop that,” he commanded still in the fuzzy state of waking up, there was no force in his tone.

Cindy ground harder on him, “come on Daddy, where is your sense of adventure?”

Brett didn’t know what came over him then. He moved fast and pinned Cindy on her back, putting the weight of him over her. He heard her gasp and he knew she instinctively liked and welcomed it when she spread her legs inviting him for more.

Brett pushed down his shorts the remainder of the way with one hand and positioned himself at the entry way of her now sopping wet pussy “look what you’re making me do baby. You’re making me fuck you. I told you not to push and tease a guy like that. I told you!”

He thrust into his daughter’s tight pussy in one go and fucked her hard and fucked her relentlessly. He lifted her ass to get in deeper and pounded into her until all he could hear were her moans, her “oh fuck me daddy, fuck me harder” and the slapping of skin. Brett couldn’t believe how good it felt to be inside his daughter, fucking her with everything in him. He had no idea where it came from but he felt all his control snap. All the months of teasing since she turned 18, all the buildup, the wrestling, the cuddling, the accidental touches had led him to this point of no return.

He knew he was going to fuck every hole on his daughter’s body every day for the next two months. He knew he couldn’t take it back to before this moment, and he only hoped Cindy was ready for how hard he was going to make her scream repeatedly day after day.

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