Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 02

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Jill came home from work on the following Monday after putting in a very tough week. Changes at work had to be taken care of and Anita was settling nicely into her new role. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were not terribly productive when it came to her company. But when it came to sexual gratification, Jill had certainly made great headway.

In between the hours-long trysts with Anita, her assistant had managed to reschedule all of her clientele appointments with nothing but females. In a single Friday, the idol’s influence had encouraged six business women to take on her firm to do the advertising for them. It also meant six more notches on her belt. Six more incredibly gratifying encounters. Each client was treated to an assortment of positions and toys and experiences as one straight woman after another had her will crushed and replaced with an undying love of pussy. Jill Watson’s boss – Mr. O’Boyle – didn’t know what to say other than he was impressed with her progress. Jill was not so greedy as to accept all the credit and told him that Anita White was instrumental in keeping things on track. When Monday’s signed accounts showed up, O’Boyle told the two to go home early.

Anita cried, wishing that she could come home with Jill, but understood when her mistress told her to go to an adult store and buy a couple hundred dollars’ worth of toys and movies. Jill went home with a smile on her face and the idol sitting in the front seat next to her. It was whispering louder and louder as the drive home went on.

Karen Townsend knocked on the Watson’s door around two in the afternoon. Her one arm was full of the new novels they ordered for their book club reading and Jill wanted to look through them. Karen was married for twenty-five years and had two daughters; one was in college and the other was Jill Watson’s best friend. Growing up as next door neighbors didn’t hurt. Red hair and with a fair complexion, Mrs. Townsend was actually not the type of woman to live up to the red hair myth. She was anything but a wild woman and was accused by many (including her husband) of being too timid and reserved. When her next door neighbor answered the door she was still in her work clothes, although that particular outfit she had never seen. It looked very sexy for work attire. The skirt was cut high and the top cut low. And the way she stood Jill looked like she was wearing stockings with a garter belt instead of regular pantyhose. It was nothing but a glance and Karen didn’t want to stare and be rude.

“Hi! Thanks for bringing those over,” Jill greeted her friend warmly.

Karen smiled back, “When I got your call I was a little surprised since I know you work pretty late sometimes. Is everything okay at work?”

“Of course! The owner sent me home early after I signed several accounts. It was a good week. But please come in!” Jill opened the door wide and shut it behind Karen. “Let me take the books from you. I’ll keep them in the living room.”

On the floor was an open box with a wooden statue poking out of it that caught her attention. “What’s that? A new decoration?”

Jill smiled as she balanced the paperbacks in her hand, “Something I’m considering displaying in the house. Check it out and tell me what you think while I put these away.”

As her friend and neighbor disappeared around the corner, Karen picked up the idol and inspected it. It was certainly old and looked like a museum piece more than anything. The woman’s face was-


‘You love pussy.’

‘You love lesbian sex.’

‘You love women.’

‘You lust after women.’

‘You hunger for women.’

‘You must orgasm thinking of women.’

‘You are addicted to lesbian sex.’

Karen rocked back against the door-jam and shoved her hand into her pants. Her fingers quickly found her wetness building and began polishing her clit. What was happening? What was she thinking? Karen was only thinking bursa eve gelen escort that she needed to orgasm badly, that if she didn’t she might actually die. Her whole body craved something she had never experienced before and -until now- had found truthfully repulsive. Her brain was flooded with pictures of girls… Young beautiful women in sexy lingerie, completely nude, playing with toys, fingering themselves, kissing other girls…

The idol was snatched from Karen’s hand quickly and she opened her eyes to Jill Watson’s smiling face. “I guess you like my new decoration?”

Karen quickly pulled her hand from her pants and straightened up. “Uhh, yes. It’s lusty- I mean -lesby- I mean lovely. I meant to say lovely. Uhm… I should be going.” Karen opened the door and pattered down the walkway and over to her house. Jill watched her flustered friend with great amusement trying to reconcile what just happened to her. She stroked the idol gently and closed the door, wondering what delights it would bring her over the next few days.

In the meantime, Karen rushed home and slammed the door.

‘You must masturbate.’

‘You must rub your pussy.’

In her late forties, Karen Townsend had barely ever gotten drunk let alone high. But if she understood anything about drugs, she figured this is what it meant to have withdrawal symptoms. Her hands twitched as she clawed her way up the steps to the master bedroom and crawled on her hands and knees to her husband’s side of the bed. Underneath she knew she would find the magazines. Dirty magazines. Dirty magazines with girls in them. Karen hated the fact that her husband kept them at all, but after being married for so long she simple looked the other way when it came to him buying them. Now, however, she needed to see them.

‘You want to look at girls.’

“No, no, no, no…” Karen babbled as she ripped off her pants and knelt half naked at her husband’s bedside with a stack of pornographic magazines. The idol was forcing homosexual images into her mind; she could feel it. All the way from the other house she could feel the evil statue worming its way into her skull. Karen felt like if she could simply orgasm once – just once – she could purge the thoughts. With one hand rubbing her pussy, the other trembling hand opened the magazine and found the first pictorial. Thank God it had a man and a woman. His cock was rigid and the woman was licking the side of it as she eyed the camera. Karen’s fingers moved quickly over her clit but nothing was happening. Despite the excitement she knelt there painfully trying to achieve the unachievable.

“No, this isn’t working!” she snapped, ripping the page out in frustration and moving onto the next page. It had the same couple having sex and again she ripped out the page. Advertisements. Articles. Cartoons. Another pictorial, this time of a threesome between two women and a man. Karen’s libido swelled within slightly when she looked at the two women kissing and her fingers brought sickening pleasure to her body. “Fuuuuuuckkk, why am I doing this? I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay.”

She looked at the next page and the male talent showed his disgusting penis in the picture. Karen ripped the pages out violently, screaming at them when his male body appeared. She then flipped the pages again until she found what she hated to love: two women and no men. Just two beautiful sexy women posing together, rubbing each other, eating pussy…

“I can’t dooooo thissss.. Oooh, no…. I’m not a lesbian….I’m not a -ohhhh! God, cumming! Cumming!”

The idol reached out and stabbed at her guilty soft spot.

‘You are masturbating, Karen Townsend.’

‘You are rubbing your pussy.’

‘You are looking at lesbians having sex.’

‘You are orgasming wanting lesbian sex.’

“Stop it!!!” Karen wailed as the perverse thoughts crushed her bursa escort will. “Oh no! This is wrong…. This is wrong… Uhhhhhh!” The orgasm racked her body and Karen fell to the ground weeping in a pile of ripped up magazine pages. She had masturbated to something disgustingly sinful, and the residual pleasure was more intense than any night in two decades of love making with her husband. The shame brought real tears as she leaned against the bed.

** ** **

Megan Buchanan most certainly had the nicest looking house in the neighborhood with a corner lot and two extra bedrooms and one more bathroom that the other homes nearby. The blonde wife or Stanley Buchanan was well known for her dedication to the local non-profits in the community and her willingness to bring a noticeable level of snobbishness to everything she did. Megan was the wife that got every other wife power-walking (or power-gossiping as most whispered) when the kids were at school, who organized the book club, who headed the PTA, and so on. It wasn’t very clear who actually enjoyed her company, but one thing for certain was that she was destined to be part of the social circles regardless of whether anyone wanted her there or not. She had fraternal twins, Billy and Tilly, who were the expected bratty rich kids of rich bratty parents and managed to steal the spotlight from every single senior in their High School. That included Jill’s daughter, Cindy.

Jill was not surprised when Megan Buchanan called her at the office. This weekend was the book club meeting and Megan thought it would be a good idea to do a high tea as well before the meeting with whoever could make it. Anyone who didn’t make it of course would be the topic of neighborhood gossip. Coordinating the specifics had been put off considerably with Jill’s new “hobby” but she could procrastinate no further.

“Jill Watson. How can I help you?” she answered the phone.

“Jill, it’s Megan. I thought you had an assistant now? Why are you answering your own phone?”

Jill looked down underneath her desk at Ms. White who was wearing a kinky dildo that strapped to her face as to make it appear to come out of her mouth. Just before the call, Jill had been lifting her hips up to meet Anita’s thrusts as she literally face-fucked her boss’s pussy. Mrs. Watson told her every Tuesday would now be Dildo-Tuesday and part of her job was to find new sexual toys to pleasure her with. This one was extremely kinky. While Anita loved servicing her boss, she was not sure how she was going to top this to make Mrs. Watson happy next week. The soft shag carpet under the desk, however, made her pussy worship much more comfortable, as she bobbed her head back and forth. Just the smell of Mrs. Watson’s pussy made her so tingly inside and she masturbated with her own dildo underneath the desk.

The conversation went along on the phone. “Oh, Ms. White is busy taking care of some things I asked her to do. It’s no big deal.”

“Are we still doing high tea before the club meeting?” Megan inquired.

“Well, I know that several of the ladies can’t make it, but we will have at least four and maybe seven. Mmmm…”

Megan was thrown off a bit by that last sound she heard, “Jill, what are you doing?”

“Oh, just having a cookie. Mmmmm, and it is soooo good.”

“It sounds like you’re having sex!” Megan joked. “You’ll have to bring some of those cookies to the tea!”

“Listen, Megan. I have a client buzzing in but we’re still on for Sunday. Talk to you then…” She didn’t even wait for Megan to say goodbye before disconnecting. Looking down she grabbed onto Ms. White’s hair and did her best to rock her hips forward to meet Anita White’s dildo-clad face. “MMmm, you are one naughty slut, Ms. White. Faster… Faster! FASTER!” Jill felt the orgasm building and stared across the desk at the idol which was set directly in front of a set of family pictures görükle escort on her desk. The one of Cindy in her cheerleader outfit doing the splits in front of the other cheerleaders from her team caught her eyes and she found herself ogling them as Ms. White fucked her cunt with the dildo-ball gag. Jill’s mind was already twisted from the idol’s manipulations, and it didn’t take much of a tweak for it to push her further into perversion.

‘Look at them.’

‘Think about licking their pussies.’

‘Cheerleaders are sexy.’

‘You want them.’

‘You want them all.’

She tried to focus on Ashley. She tried to focus on the other seven girls whose pretty little faces shoved between her thighs would be splendid. But despite her efforts, Jill’s eyes fell on Cindy’s legs doing the splits as the orgasm cracked her mind and judgment once more. How long would it take for the idol to bring that fantasy to reality, she wondered.

** ** **

It was another early day for Jill who found Karen Townsend waiting by her front door when Jill pulled up the house. The auburn haired mother smirked as she stepped out of her SUV and slowly approached the frowning redhead. “It’s a surprise to see you here, Karen. You couldn’t have known I was coming home early.”

“I- I- I called your office and Ms. White said you were expected home around now. I, uhm, needed to borrow some sugar. Do you have any sugar?”

Jill tried to suppress her laughter as she nodded and led her friend into the house and to the kitchen. Karen glanced around the house as if she were looking for something, then finally asked, “So, Jill, uhh, where did you finally decide to put that pretty wooden statue?”

“I believe it is up in my bedroom. Did you want to see how it looks in there?”

“Sure!” Karen perked up, walking toward the stairway without any regard for the pretenses she was there under. Jill poured a glass of sweet iced tea, sipped it, and walked slowly upstairs. Cindy wouldn’t be home for a couple hours and her husband and son wouldn’t be home for an hour or more after that. That was more than enough time for a little fun. In the short span it took to make it to the bedroom, Karen Townsend was already half undressed and masturbating on Jill’s bed, clutching the Idol of Lesbos in her hand. The once-conservative mother looked over at Jill with tremendous embarrassment as her fingers pushed passed her beautiful red push and into the folds of her waiting pussy.

“Why am I doing this? Ooooohhh…” Karen looked tortured. “What is this thing?”

Jill undressed in a hurry and climbed onto the bed, “I don’t know, but what I do know is this…” Jill snatched the idol out of Karen’s grip again and then laid back on the bed. “If you want to hold it, you are going to have to earn it. Come on now. Show me what that tongue can do, Karen.”

Mrs. Townsend stood up and shook her head, “No! I can’t! I’m not a lesbian! I’m not! I’m just… Confused! Please, just let me hold it again, for just a second.”

Jill curled her finger seductively and then pointed at her spread legs where she rested the idol. “Come on, you can reach it. Come on…” Jill taunted her friend pulling the idol further away each time Karen tried to grab it, and each time it brought Karen closer to her waiting body. Karen seemed to know what was coming and once her face hovered over Jill’s crotch, she found herself reluctantly being pressed down so that her mouth touched another woman’s vagina. Inside she was falling apart, and the only thing that kept her together was her desire to touch the idol.

‘Service your friend.’

‘Lick her pussy and you can touch me.’

‘I will heal your brokenness.’

‘I will let you enjoy your new life.’

‘Lick pussy and you will be renewed.’

Karen stuck her tongue out and began her new life. As Cindy and Ashley were getting ready to take the bus home from school, their mothers were intertwining on Jill’s marriage bed in a Sapphic display of passion that knew no bounds. Neither daughter could possible know that the Idol of Lesbos was about to ensnare them in a trap of lesbian passion just as it had their mothers, nor could they possibly understand how depraved their journey would become.

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