Daddy Spies Amy

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Chest heaving in and out.

Lips parted slightly. The softest of noises being barely heard.

Body hot and moist.

Legs spread wide, one hand between them.

Fingers gently rubbing in hot cream. Round and round in circles around the tiny nub that must have been so hard at this moment.

Free hand gently teasing pebble like nipples.

Eyes clenched tight.

A moan escapes from dry lips. Wet tongue darts out to moisten them.


This is the scene that was playing inside as I stood outside my house and looked in through the window. I had forgot my keys and when I looked in the window to see if anyone was home, I was shocked to see what was happening inside. First I saw my daughter’s boyfriend Luke sitting in the recliner in the living room. Then, I saw my daughter – naked, glistening with sweat, with one hand in her pussy and another on her breasts – sitting on the coffee table in front of the recliner with her gorgeous long legs astride Luke on the recliner’s arms. If her eyes had been open she would have seen me. But lucky for me, she didn’t know I was there, watching as my beautiful baby girl touched herself in front of her lover.

My cock hardened at that sight. I had always fantasized about seeing my daughter naked and having sex with her. And here was my chance to make one of my wishes come true. For only being 19, Amy had the perfect body. Staring at her now was like looking at an angel. Her long red hair fell down in spirals behind her as her back arched and she spread her legs farther. Her delicate neck and shoulders came down to meet the most perfect breasts ever created. Her nipples stood out straight as her palm ran over them and pinched gently. A flat tight belly turned into a firey bush and then – her sweet pussy. Her hand worked effortlessly between her glistening pussy lips. I could only imagine what she must have been feeling at that moment. Turning herself on and pleasuring herself while her boyfriend is only inches from her. Her hips rose slightly off the table, over and over as she moaned. I could tell that she was about to cum. Quickly, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hardened cock. It sprang free easily. I started rubbing it fast, thinking about how perfect it would be if Amy’s mouth was around it instead of my hand.


Clit so hard it almost hurt to touch it. Still I kept rubbing, but gently. I tried to concentrate on cumming, but every time I was close, I couldn’t climax. I teased my nipples, trying anything to make the pleasure increase. Even glided two fingers into my cunt, finding my g-spot. Still, nothing. Not until I looked out the window.

Luke had been turning into a turn-off over the last couple days. He wouldn’t touch me, only wanted to watch me touch myself. And that got old, fast. I’d been planning on breaking up with him, just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Tonight was like the past three nights. We went to my house, made out for awhile, and then he wanted to watch. I thought that maybe being in the living room with the chance of someone catching us would turn me on. But it didn’t work. Then I opened my eyes a slit to see if Luke was enjoying it, and I saw my dad, staring in the window with the most amazed look on his face. Something tingled inside when I saw him there. I started then to enjoy myself for once since I started playing with my pussy almost 15 minutes ago. I moaned and closed my eyes, working my fingers harder against my clit, rubbing my nipples. I had always imagined what it would be like to fuck my own father – ever since I’d caught him getting out of the shower one day. He hadn’t seen me – but I had definitely seen him. He’d left the door open and I’d caught a full shot of him. His body was perfect. I knew that he worked out, but I had never imagined that he looked that damn good. I definitely didn’t get anything from my father.

He was taller than me at 6’1″, and had a very fine build. His bright blue eyes and dark hair were gorgeous. But the best part of him that I saw that day was his cock. Mmmm… I pictured it now as I quickened my fingers on my clit even more, rubbing in harder circles. Long, thick, and perfect. I imagined it pushing into my pussy… ramming into my cunt harder and faster. It didn’t take long after that to feel the tingles start to rise in my pussy. I moaned loud, hoping my dad could hear me, and slid my fingers down into my already soaked cunt, moving them in and out as fast as I could. I braced myself with my other hand on the table. Gasping for air, I opened my eyes and looked slightly over Luke’s head at my father, making them both believe that I was looking at Luke. Then I saw that my dad had taken out his cock and was jerking off while he watched me. That was all it took. Seeing his perfect cock and knowing that he was enjoying watching and thinking bahis firmaları that he wasn’t being seen. I slammed my fingers into my cunt as hard as I could and exploded. My entire body shook as pleasure consumed it. I finally looked down at Luke’s face and saw the same grin that he always had on after he watched me cum.

“Mmmm… baby, that was great. ” He said as he slid down to the floor and kneeled between my still spread legs. “Can I taste?”

It was more of a statement than it was a question, because he quickly leaned his head forward and down and slid his tongue between my wet pussy lips. Usually, when he did this, I had no reaction. But tonight, as I looked back up at my dad, still standing there with his perfect dick in his hand, I started to be aroused by it. I didn’t want Luke to know though, because he would have wanted me to give him another show. Instead, I held back the moans that came up from my chest and made my hips stay on the table instead of moving up to meet his mouth. After a minute, he came up and kissed me. I licked my sweet cum off his lips before it ended, I have always loved the taste of my own cum.

“Kay babe, I gotta get headed home now, mom’s expecting me to help her out tonight. “

He didn’t wait for a response but quickly gave me another kiss and went out the door. I looked up to see if my dad was there, but he wasn’t. As I went to the stairs to go up to my room, I heard him talking to Luke at the front door.


Was she looking at me? Her eyes flew open and her fingers worked harder in her pussy. Was she looking at Luke or had she seen me outside the window? No, she was looking at Luke. If she’s seen me, she would have stopped and ran out of the room, or would she? At the thought of my daughter enjoying watching me stroke my cock as I watched her stroke her clit, my hand moved faster up and down my cock. Her bright green eyes looked as if they were staring right into my own. Then, her hand made own more swift plunge into her pussy, and her body shook all over. I saddened at the thought that I had not been able to cum with her. But then I saw Luke get down and put his head between her legs and, imagning that it was my own head and mouth instead of his, I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I heard someone walking towards the front door and barely had enough time to put my gym bag in front of me just as Luke opened the door.

“Oh, hey Mr. Hartson. Didn’t hear you pull up. Um, Amy’s up in her room, doing homework. See ya later. “

“Yeah, you too Luke. ” I was brealy able to reply.

He left and I walked into the house. I saw Amy’s feet walking up the stairs as I shut the door, and was thankful that she wasn’t still downstairs. She’d be taking a few minutes upstairs getting dressed. I put my bag down and walked into the living room. Not thinking, I sat down in the recliner. Then, I remember that only seconds before, my daughter had cum right here for her boyfriend. My cock sprang back to full life again. I let it stand up, laid my head back, took my Tshirt off and relaxed as I thought about my gorgeous red head baby with her boyfriend’s head between her legs.


I changed my mind about going upstairs when I turned around briefly to see what my dad was doing. From the angle of the ceiling, I couldn’t see his head, so I knew all he could see of me was my feet. As he threw his duffle bag down I moaned, hoping he didn’t hear me. His jeans were unzipped and his cock was slightly hanging out still. He must not have had time to put it away before Luke went out the door. My clit tingled again at the sight of his large thick cock. I ran my hand down my body to my pussy and gently slid a fingertip over my clit, I moaned softly again. Mmmm… if daddy only knew how hot and horny he’d gotten me. Then it struck me. I grinned as I watched my dad walk into the living room, not bothering to zip his jeans. If daddy only knew what his little girl was planning on doing to him tonight.


My head was swimming with toughts of Amy cumming in my mouth when I felt a pair of hands running up my legs. My eyes popped open and I looked down into Amy’s eyes. She was still naked and had her chin now resting on my lap only inches behind my rock hard cock.

“Oh shit. Um, Amy, what are you doing?”

I tried to jump up, but she was faster than me and came up to sit on my lap with her legs draping over the chair arms. Now it was her pussy that was only inches from my cock. I groaned.


She put two fingers on my lips. “Sshhh. Don’t talk daddy. ” Her voice sounded deep and sexy. “Did you like what you saw daddy?”

I tried to play dumb and get up again. “What do you mean? Amy get off me. “

She grabbed my cock in one hand and put her other hand on my chest, pushing me back down. I gasped.

She kaçak iddaa brought her mouth next to my ear and talked softly, seductively. “Daddy, I saw you outside. I saw you watching me, playing with my pussy. “

The more she talked the more I started to not care that it was my daughter on top of me with my cock in her hand. I knew it was wrong, that I shouldn’t be doing this, but fuck, I didn’t care right then. And it didn’t seem that she cared either.

“Do you know what finally made me cum daddy? It was you. It was seeing your hard cock in your hand and knowing that I was making you stroke it. “

Her hand started moving up and down my cock as she pressed her bare breasts against my chest. I leaned towards her and arched my hips up, daring to put my arms around her, to touch her soft skin and her firm ass.

She moaned into my ear. “You like that huh? Bet you’d like it better if that was my pussy wrapped around your big hard cock than my hand. Would you daddy?”

I answered almost immediately. “Yes. “

“Mmmm… And guess what daddy, you’re in luck. I’m all hot and wet already, that’s how bad you turned me on. That’s how bad I want you. That’s how much I want and need your hard cock inside me right now, pushing in and out, making me cum again. “

That was all it took for me. Hearing those words come from my daughter’s mouth made me lose all though of morals and think only of her gorgeous body moving on top of mine. I quickly pulled her ass towards me more and pressed my stiff cock up into her. It glided easily through her lubricated pussy lips and into her cunt. I groaned along with her as her muscles wrapped around my hardness, already trying to millk me.


It almost shocked me as my dad pulled me close and plunged his cock inside me. I moaned with him and clenched my pussy around his cock as it slid in farther. It filled me like no man ever had before and I almost cried out as it seemed to push through me. My eyes locked on my dad’s as I started to move on top of him. He matched me perfect. Thrusting up as I ran my pussy down the length of his cock. I moaned and arched my back ran my hands down my sides as I felt him lean forward and take one of my hard nipples into his mouth. Mmm… it felt so good. Then I realized what I was doing, and almost stopped – almost. But I didn’t. So what if this was my own father that I was fucking. I didn’t care. I had dreamed about this for so long, and now I had my chance to make it come true. Nothing was going to stop me.

I rode my dad hard. Fucking him like I’d never fucked any man before. I ground my pussy down onto his cock as hard as I could and as fast as I could, not able to get enough of it. His mouth worked expertly on my nipples and breasts as I ran my fingers through his hair. I finally heard him moan and felt his cock tighten in my cunt. He realized too that he was about to cum and tried to pull out.

“Daddy no. No. It’s ok. I’m on the pill. I want to feel you cum inside me. ” I said without slowing my pace.

He started fucking me again and I felt myself start to build with him.

“Oh yeah. Daddy I’m gonna cum with you. “

I heard him moan loud and quickened my pace on top of him. I rolled my hips and fucked him hard. My pussy moved fast up and down his cock. My entire body began to tingle and my pussy pulsed around his cock. He felt it and slammed his cock up inside me once more and leaned back as he erupted inside me. I felt his incestrous semen enter my cunt and moaned so loud I almost screamed as wave after wave of orgasms rushed through my body and I collapsed onto his chest. I staid there, catching my breath, not able to talk. His cock started to soften inside me. Somehow though, after I caught my breath, I realized that I wasn’t satisfied yet. I still wanted more. More of my dad.

“Baby,” he said. “that was the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life. “

I lifted my head and looked at him. “Who said it was over?”

There was a glow in his eyes as I leaned in and kissed him, full on his lips. They were so soft. I moaned as he parted his lips and his tongue traced along my closed lips. As I opened my lips to touch my tongue to his, I felt his cock hardening inside me and moaned again. His tongue was hot and quick inside my mouth. Involuntarily, I’d began to rock my body up and down again on top of his cock. He groaned and broke off the kiss, pushing my shoulders down to stop my movements.

For a second I got scared. “What-“

He grinned. “Baby, I just wanted to see if you’d like it another way. “

I grinned with him. “Aww… does daddy want to fuck his baby girl from behind?”


Without another word Amy pulled herself off my cock and slid down onto the floor, making sure to give my cock a kiss on the way down. As if it wasn’t kaçak bahis hard enough. She bent down on her hands and knees with her ass towards the recliner and waved it in the air, looking back over her shoulders at me and grinning. I took no time in standing, removing the rest of my clothes and kneeling behind her. I looked at her asshole and thought for a second about thrusting my cock in there, but decided not to. Instead, I spread her legs a little and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt. I teased her by rubbing it around the entrance, but not entering.

She moaned. “Daddy… “

“What sweetie? Tell me what you want daddy to do. “

“I want my daddy to fuck me. I want daddy to fuck me hard with his big hard thick cock. I want him to put it in my wet cunt and fuck the shit out of me. “

“Oh yeah?” I was greatly enjoying hearing my daughter talk dirty to me. “Do you wanna be my little fuck slut?” I grabbed her long hair and gently pulled her head back, arching her back.

She moaned again. She acted as though she liked a little roughness in her sex. “Yes. I want to feel your cock and your cum inside me again. ” Her pussy pushed back harder against me, causing my cock to enter her slighlty. “I want my daddy to fuck his baby girl hard and fast. “

I ran my free hand slowly up the middle of her back and down again, around to her belly, and down to her pussy. I spread her still wet pussy lips with my fingers. As two of my fingers wrapped around her hard little clit, I shoved forward and inside my little girl’s cunt for the second time tonight. Her breathing instantly became shorter and her moans became louder and longer as I moved my fingers in circles on her clit and thrust my cock in and out of her hot wet cunt. Oh God, it felt even better this time inside of her than it did before. This way I could thrust every inch of my cock deep inside her. Only one thing was missing.

“Baby, keep telling daddy how much you want him to fuck you. “

Between ragged breaths and sensuous moans, Amy spoke. “Daddy… mmmm… oh yes… fuck me harder… faster daddy… mmm… oh fuck yes… just like that… fingers higher… oh yeah… right there daddy… perfect… mmmmm… I love feeling your cock inside me… Mmmm… fuck me daddy… fuck your little baby girl hard… yeah… mmmm… oh daddy… faster… harder… faster daddy… mmmm… daddy… daddy… mmmmm… FUCK ME HARDER DADDY… OH YES…

Hearing my daughter’s cries of ecstacy made me pound my cock deep inside her faster and harder as she commanded. My balls slapped against her ass and the sound echoed in the room. I was breathing hard and rugged as I slammed away inside her. I pulled my hand out of her pussy and braced both hands on her ass, arching my back, and ramming my cock even faster into my daughter’s cunt. She finally gave up in trying to match my speed, laid her top half down on the floor, and just braced her ass in place, gasping and moaning loud each time she heard my balls slap her ass and my cock ram her cunt. I saw her arm go down and knew that her hand was inside her pussy, playing once again with her clit.


I could barely keep myself from completely collapsing on the floor underneath my dad as he mercilessly rammed his cock in and out of my cunt. I loved every second of it though. I reached my hand down and started rubbing my clit in hard little circles. I closed my eyes and moaned with every thrust my dad made inside me. I felt his hands grabbing my ass roughly caressing. Then I felt his cock twitching inside me and knew what was coming. I braced myself harder against him and with every ounce of strength I had left in me, pushed back against his cock as he entered me one more time so hard and forcefull that I screamed as he once again shot his semen deep inside me as I came with him. His cock slid out of me as I finally completely collapsed to the floor.

My eyes closed, I felt him flipping me over and running his hands over my body. His fingertips left electric tingles everywhere they went. He brushed them over my lips, around my breasts, gently across my nipples, down my belly, to my legs – all the way to my toes.


“Yeah. ” I managed to whisper.

“Just checking to see if you were still awake. “

“Kay. Why?”

“To see if it was worth my time to do this. ” He answered and I felt his hot breath against my pussy. I gasped and clenched my eyes tight, knowing what was coming.

His hands opened my pussy lips and I heard him deeply inhale the scent of my sex, dripping in both our cum. Then I felt his tongue, gently and quickly flick the tip of my clit. Already, I had relaxed enough to want more. It seemed that, with my father, I just couldn’t get enough.

As his head settled between my legs and his lips wrapped around my clit, I ran my fingers through his hair, burying his head even farther into my pussy, and brought my legs up over his shoulders to wrap around his neck, settling in for what I hoped was going to be the start of a very long night of ecstasy.

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