Danny Pt. 01

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My name is Ian Stuart Kelly. I am married with one son in college. I have a good job, although sometimes it’s a bit boring. I don’t have any real hobbies to occupy my free time and I’m not into sports, unless the occasional fishing trip counts. There is one thing I really enjoy. Sex. Luckily my wife Karen enjoys sex too. Even though we’ve been together for many years, she hasn’t yet let me try anal. And I really want to try. Karen is just a little on the plump side, which is ok with me. She has beautiful large breasts and a sweet pussy, so except for my anal obsession, I’m pretty much satisfied.

My son Danny is a junior at the university. He is home for the summer. A few days ago he suggested that we drive up to the lake and do a little fishing. We have a timeshare cabin and it was available for the next weekend.

That weekend fishing trip started a strange series of events that changed my life. I will let the reader decide if the change was good or bad.

I felt bad about canceling the weekend with my son. My boss signed me up for a seminar at the last minute on Friday. It was common knowledge in the office that attending was a stepping stone from middle management to bigger and better things. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Second chances were rare. Danny said he understood but I know he was disappointed. I left Friday evening for the two-hour drive and got settled into my hotel room. The Saturday morning session was informative if a little boring. During lunch, the event host announced that the main speaker was ill and that they would re-schedule the rest of the seminar at a later date.

I checked out of the hotel and headed home, thinking Danny and I might get at least part of the weekend. When I got back I noticed my wife’s car was gone but Danny’s was in the garage. I also saw Tony’s motorcycle in the driveway. Tony was one of my son’s friends. I didn’t care for Tony. There was just something about him. I walked upstairs and met Tony in the hallway.

“Hi Mr K.” Tony said, smiling.

“Hello Tony.” I said, trying to be polite.

“Danny’s in his room. We’re done goofing around, go on in.” Tony said. “He’s all yours.”

The bedroom door was partially open, but I knocked anyway before I pushed the door open and walked in.

Danny was there all right. He was lying in bed. He was wearing a white garterbelt and white stockings, and a white lacy bra. There was a pair of white lacy panties on the pillow next to his head. His eyes were closed and he was smiling. It seemed pretty obvious to me that he and Tony had just had sex. Hell, you could smell it. Danny’s longish hair was all tousled and his cock was wet with cum.

“Forget something Tony?” Danny said without opening his eyes.

“Tony left.” I said quietly.

“Oh God, dad, oh my God.” Tony said, his voice shaking.

I stood in the doorway staring at my son. He pulled the bedsheets around himself and I could see tears in his eyes.

After a minute or two, I closed the door and flipped the lock. I sat down on a chair across from the bed and waited for Danny to look at me.

“Danny. I’m not going to lecture you although I’m a bit shocked. You’re an adult and capable of making your own decisions. But I am concerned about your judgement.” I said, trying Taksim Escort to sound parental. “What if your mother had walked in?”

“Dad. I’m so sorry.” Danny said softly.

“Stand up son. I want to see what you look like.” I told Danny.

Danny stood up slowly, reluctantly. He dropped the sheet back on the bed. I pointed to the discarded panties and Danny slipped them on. When he straightened up I could see that despite being embarrassed, he was getting an erection.

I heard my wife’s car in the driveway and told Danny that we would talk later.

“Is this what you want? To look like a girl.” I asked.

Danny didn’t answer right away. Finally he raised his head and looked at me.

“Yes.” He said, his voice trembling.

“I just wanted to hear you say it. Now get out of those things and take a shower.” I said. “And use some air freshener in here before you come down stairs.”

I closed the bedroom door and started down stairs. Part of me was thinking, my son was a crossdresser and a sissy. Certainly not something a parent usually has to deal with. And it embarrassed me at the time, but part of me was thinking, ‘damn, Danny looked cute’.

“Hi dear.” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

“I saw your car, what happened?” Karen asked.

“Would you believe the main speaker got sick. I though Danny and I might salvage part of the weekend anyway.” I added.

That night we ordered a pizza. The three of us ate and watched a movie. Danny and I made plans to leave the next morning. Not a word was said about our earlier conversation, but we did exchange a few looks.

In our bedroom I stretched out and watched Karen getting undressed. I always enjoy watching. I was hornier than hell. Was it Karen, or was it thinking about how Danny looked? I already had a hard on. Like I mentioned before, Karen is just a little on the plump side. She has largish breasts with big areolas and nipples and she shaves her pussy, which I love.

She stood in front of her mirror and unbuttoned her blouse. I think she likes looking at herself almost as much as I like looking at her. She unclipped her bra and let it fall on the floor. Still looking in the mirror, she squeezed her breasts and touched her nipples. She put one hand under each beautiful fleshy globe and lifted them, making them jiggle. She turned towards me, still holding her breasts, offering them to me. She only stopped to wiggle out of her skirt and slip the practically transparent white panties off. They joined the bra on the floor. I could see the pussy lips already turning pink as her desire grew. She rubbed her pussy with both hands as she watched me stroking my cock.

Karen walked across the room to her nightstand, her breasts swaying rhythmically with each step. She opened a drawer and took out a condom. She always insisted that I wear one. I took it from her, opened the package, and unrolled it on my cock. She didn’t watch me. She watched my cock. Karen climbed on the end of the bed, and on her hands and knees she crawled forward, her breasts hanging down. She purposely moved side to side, swinging her lovelies back and forth. She continued crawling until her nipples, stiff and hard, were brushing my chest.

She bent her head to gently touch Taksim Escort Bayan her lips to mine. A sample of what might come later. She lowered her ass until her pussy was on top of my cock. She made no attempt to move her hands. She started wiggling until she managed to get my cock into her hole. Once it started slipping inside, she shoved down fast, impaling herself on my cock. I moaned as she started to grind her pelvis, taking me as deep as she could. I forgot about everything except that fantastic feeling of being inside of my wife. At that moment, nothing else mattered. Just her pussy milking my cock.

She masturbated herself, moving up and down, in and out. I was mesmerized by the way her breasts bounced just inched from my face. I reached up and grabbed one lovely mound in each hand. She moaned loudly as I caressed and squeezed them. When I pinched her nipples she almost screamed. Her eyes were wide open, her breathing becoming deeper and faster. All at once she stopped moving. I saw her eyes close and I felt her pussy muscles tensing as her orgasm swept over her. And I came too. That sudden release, squirting three or four times. Karen collapsed on top of me. We held each other and kissed until my cock went limp and slipped out of her hot wet pussy. As soon as she moved off of me, I knew something was wrong. My cock was covered in cum. The condom had broke. Karen ran to the bathroom. I couldn’t help noticing that a glob of cum was dripping down her inner thigh. I heard the shower come on.

She wasn’t going to be mad at me, I knew. But I thought it might be quite a while until I would get anywhere near her pussy again.

Danny and I got to the lake early the next morning. We didn’t talk much in the car, but I could tell Danny wanted to say something. We put our gear and cooler in the cabin and walked out on the pier. It was a beautiful morning. Clear sky; sun just coming up and no one around. It would get hotter later, but for now it was great.

Except the fish weren’t biting. After a couple of hours it started to get warm out on the pier with no shade.

“Come on Danny. Let’s get a couple of cold ones and sit in the porch were its cooler.” I suggested.

“Dad. Are you sure you’re not mad at me?” Danny said when we settled down on the cabin porch.

“I’m not mad son. It’s a life choice. Almost ever week on TV you see that some athlete or movie star or somebody is ‘coming out’. Men and women both. Hell some cities even have parades.” I said.

“And the girlie stuff?” Danny said softly, his head down.

“Son. I don’t know how those things make you feel. If it makes you feel more like a girl, then why not.” I answered. But I must insist on one thing. Not in the house where your mother might catch you.”

“Ok dad.” Danny said.

“It was a bit of a shock seeing you like that the other day. But to be honest, you did look cute. You have nice legs. I can see why other guys might be attracted to you.” I said.

We went back into the cabin, Danny to the small bedroom and I got another beer from the cooler. When I heard Danny behind me, I grabbed another beer to give to him. When I turned around Danny was standing in the middle of the room.

He was dressed all in pink. He was wearing a garterbelt Escort Taksim and stockings, a very lacy bra and panties so sheer I could see his cock straining the material

“Danny. What are you doing?” I asked, stumbling on the words.

“I’m showing you what I am, and what I want.” Danny whispered.

“What you want?” I asked.

“Dad. I used to hear you and mom through the wall at night. I would pretend I was there instead of mom.” Danny said. “I think that’s when I changed.”

Danny walked up to me, put his arms around me and gave me a hug. I pushed him away and started to say something. I was a bit shocked. I never got the words out. Danny lifted his head and kissed me. I keep reliving that moment, asking myself why I didn’t pull away, but I didn’t. I can honestly say that I’ve never been interested in other men much less my own son. But here I was kissing him back. Maybe it was just the surprise. I should have stopped right there.

Almost in a trance, I watched as my son knelt down in front of me and pulled down my sweatpants and boxers. Danny reached up and took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. All I could do was watch. But damn his hand felt good. After a minute or so Danny stood up, still holding my cock. He led me to the bed and I followed like I was wearing a leash. I sat down on the bed and Danny knelt down again. I knew what he was going to do. Like slow motion, Danny lowered his head. I took a deep breath and watched as my cock disappeared into his mouth.

My wife Karen would occasionally give me a blowjob, but it wasn’t something she did often. Danny was very good. I started fidgeting which must have warned Danny that I was getting close to cumming. He pulled his head up off my cock and stood up.

“Dad. Take off my panties.” Danny said. I can still hear him saying that even today.

I did as he said, slipping the panties down his stockinged legs. I could see a wet stain in the thin material. Danny’s own cock was shaved smooth, his ball small and tight. There was precum dripping out. Danny moved past me and knelt on the bed, his ass raised. I certainly shouldn’t have, but I kicked off my pants and boxers from around my ankles and got up behind him. I think I realized this had gotten way out of hand, but I couldn’t stop.

Between my saliva and a few drops of Danny’s precum, I got his ass lubricated.

“Daddy. Fuck me.” I heard Danny say in a whisper. “Please fuck me.”

I didn’t hesitate. The part of my brain that controls pleasure had taken over. I grabbed my son’s hips, got my cock against his asshole, and pushed. There was some resistance, but I slipped in easier than I thought. I heard Danny groan and I pushed in as far as I could. Now it was my turn to groan. I could feel Danny squeezing and he was so incredibly tight. I started fucking my son. He pushed back, matching my thrusts. It didn’t take long until I was cumming deep in Danny’s ass. My cum made his hole even more slippery. I pumped a few more times until my cock went limp and slipped out. I cannot, even now, explain just how fantastic that felt.

Danny rolled over on his back and grabbed his own cock. He masturbated faster and faster. I watched as globs of white cum oozed out of his cock and dribbled onto his hand. I watch as he lifted his hand and licked it clean.

“My god Danny. What have we done?” I said.

“Well. I think I got a new lover. Maybe from now on my only lover.” Danny said, still whispering. “And next time you can see what my cock tastes like.”

End of part one.

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