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Wendy sighed. The 38-year-old researcher loved her work, but there were a few drawbacks. Because the experiments were so dangerous, the lab was isolated from the world at large. The small house next to it was supplied with food by the company, one delivery every six months. And until recently, when she was off duty Wendy had been entirely alone, with just a TV, a computer with a restricted Internet access, a video game system she didn’t use, a DVD/Blu-ray player, a stack of DVD’s and Blu-rays, and a few shelves worth of books to keep her occupied.

She hadn’t requested an assistant purely because of the loneliness — there were lots of times in the lab where an extra set of hands proved very useful — but she had to admit, having a fellow human being around had definitely eased things on that score.

“Hi, Boss.”

Wendy turned. 25-year-old Bianca had entered the chamber in the lab.

“Hi, Bianca.”

“I set the ultracentrifuge the way you asked and activated it. What now?”

“Thanks, Bianca. Now we take a couple of days off and let it spin. We stop it in 72 hours and mark the results.”

“Back to the house?”

“Yep. Nothing more we need to do here until it’s finished spinning.”

The slim brunette took her assistant’s hand in hers, and the two of them walked the short distance to the house.

“What do you want to do, Boss?”

“Let’s relax and watch a movie. And when we’re not in the lab, I’m Wendy. OK, Bianca?”

The blonde nodded. “All right, Wendy.”

The women settled onto the couch and watched “Imagine Me & You” — Wendy’s choice.

“Um, Boss — I mean, Wendy?”


“I liked that movie, but why did you pick it? Was it on purpose?”

“Well, of course it was on purpose — I picked it because it’s cute and one of my favorites. I don’t randomly select things, and if I did, it would be obvious.” The older woman produced a coin from her purse. “I’d use a digital decision generator.”

Bianca giggled. “That’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean?”

“You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you. Did you pick that particular movie because bursa sınırsız escort you wanted me to watch the lesbian romance?”

“Since you brought up the subject, are you lesbian or bisexual?”

“That’s a rather personal question, so you answer it first.”

“Fair enough. Yes.”

Bianca looked stunned at this admission.

“I… really didn’t think you’d actually answer that question.”

Wendy smiled at her assistant.

“We’re going to be out here by ourselves for the next several years. No reason for me to keep any secrets.”

“I guess it’s my turn to answer, huh? Truthfully, I’ve thought about it a bit, but never actually taken any action. Except for kissing my dorm-mate on the lips once in college.”

“Tell you what,” Wendy suggested. “Why don’t we go to the bedroom, strip, get in the bed, and we can experiment a bit. If it gets to the point where you’re uncomfortable with anything, just say so, and I promise to stop.”

Bianca pondered for a long moment.

“All right, Wendy. That seems fair.”

After they made quick pit stops, the women indeed proceeded to the bedroom. They stripped, and before climbing onto the bed, paused to visually scan each other’s bodies.

Wendy was about 5-foot-8, slim, with B-cup breasts, not a lot of butt, and long legs for her height.

Bianca was slightly shorter, perhaps 5-foot-6, a little bit chestier — perhaps a C cup — with a curvier frame and a nicely rounded rear. Her legs, in proportion to her torso, weren’t quite as long as Wendy’s.

Neither woman had any excess fat. They both admired each other and let out soft whistles before climbing onto the bed.

“Shall we start with a kiss?” Wendy grinned.

Bianca chuckled. “Sure.”

Wendy wrapped Bianca in her arms and gently touched her lips to those of the younger woman. After a few seconds, she moved her head back slightly.

After both women breathed in, Bianca initiated the next kiss. Wendy parted her lips, and Bianca’s tongue snaked into Wendy’s mouth. The brunette responded in kind, twining her tongue with bursa escort bayan the eager blonde’s. They stayed lip-locked until they were forced to break away and get air in their lungs.

“Wow,” Wendy panted. “That was a great kiss. Would you like me to kiss you in other places?”

“Please do,” Bianca replied.

The brunette lay Bianca face up on the bed and gently kissed the blonde’s neck. Bianca shivered slightly. Wendy slowly moved her lips downwards towards Bianca’s chest. Bianca’s soft moans acted as encouragement. When Wendy traced her tongue through the younger woman’s cleavage, Bianca gasped.

Wendy cupped one of Bianca’s breasts and kissed her way from the base to the nipple. Then she took the nipple into her mouth and began suckling. Bianca quivered and moaned.

Wendy caressed Bianca’s other breast, then rolled Bianca’s nipple between her fingertips. Bianca’s breathing deepened. Wendy switched her mouth and her hand, this time very gently taking Bianca’s nipple between her teeth. The blonde gestured, and Wendy ceased biting and resumed simply suckling.

After a few minutes of this, Wendy popped her face loose from Bianca’s chest. The blonde gave her a big smile. “That felt quite nice.”

“Then, you can do the same for me,” Wendy grinned.

The older woman shifted her position, and Bianca gently kissed from her neck towards her chest. Wendy didn’t have as much cleavage to kiss through, but she still moaned when Bianca’s tongue trailed through the valley between her pert breasts.

Bianca didn’t bother kissing up from the base, instead simply taking one of Wendy’s nipples into her mouth and suckling. The brunette shivered slightly in response. Bianca alternated between Wendy’s nipples, switching about once every 30 seconds, until Wendy’s moans seemed to deepen.

“What next?” Bianca asked, disengaging her mouth from Wendy’s chest.

“I don’t have any sex toys,” Wendy replied. “So the next logical step is 69ing.”

“Okay,” Bianca replied. “That’s fine. Just don’t go messing around with my back channel.”

“Fair enough,” nilüfer escort the brunette responded.

The women repositioned themselves, with Wendy lying flat on her back and Bianca hovering over her.

“Ready?” Bianca asked.

“Ready.” Wendy stuck out her tongue, and Bianca lowered her slit to it. The brunette licked along it and spread her own legs. Bianca slid her tongue along Wendy’s lower lips, tasting the brunette’s nectar.

Wendy placed her hands on Bianca’s nicely rounded butt and groped the firm flesh. Bianca’s moan was muffled by Wendy’s box. The older woman rapidly licked the blonde’s juices from her inner thighs, then plunged her tongue between Bianca’s folds.

Bianca, in response, drove her own tongue into Wendy’s muff. The blonde used a circular motion to collect as much of Wendy’s honey as possible. The brunette slid a finger to Bianca’s clit and brushed it ever so gently. Bianca’s body shuddered violently and her legs wrapped around Wendy’s face.

The blonde responded in kind. Her finger against Wendy’s button made the older woman quiver. Both women, very encouraged, kept licking and rubbing, and within seconds they both climaxed.

When they regained control of their bodies, they kept tonguing each other. Once the first climax had hit, the dam was broken, and as both were mutiorgasmic, it didn’t take more than a minute or two for them to both climax a second, then third, and then fourth time.

Wendy shifted Bianca off of her face. “Let’s try one more thing.”


“Rubbing our pussies against each other.”


They rearranged their bodies accordingly. Both women began grinding at the same time. Having already multiply climaxed, there was plenty of lubrication.

Wendy was on top this time. She leaned her torso far enough forward so as to rub her small breasts against Bianca’s chest as they ground their crotches together.

Bianca adjusted her breasts’ position so that Wendy’s nipples rubbed directly against her own. With that added stimulation, and the pussy grinding, both women quickly climaxed twice more.

Wendy rolled off of her pretty assistant and lay on her back, spent. Bianca, too, was breathing heavily as she tried to recover.

When the blonde could speak again, she gave her boss a smile. “We should do that a lot more often.”

Wendy wrapped an arm around Bianca and nestled the blonde’s head against her pert breasts. “I agree.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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