Doing Jordan and Andy

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Michelle was cleaning up the massage room in her salon when her teenage son, Jordan, came in. He walked up behind her and gave her a big hug, squeezing her tightly and lifting her off her feet.

‘Easy, big boy, don’t squeeze the life out of me!.’

‘Just saying hi. Mom. How’s your day going?’

I’m just about finished, gotta put these towels away and lock up for the day. You here to escort me home?’

I was wondering if you could do a little waxing on me. We’ve got a big swim meet coming up on the weekend, and I’m getting tired of shaving.’

‘You want me to wax your legs?’

‘No, I can do them easy enough, but with that new Speedo I’ve got, I need my butt done. Don’t want any hair lines showing!’

‘Okay, strip off and lay down on the table. I’ll get some more cloth strips out of the cupboard in the next room. Be right back.’

Jordan peeled off his t-shirt and socks, then unbuttoned his jeans. He rarely wore underwear, they hampered the huge cock he sported, so he just dropped the jeans and he was naked. He looked at himself in the mirror, impressed with the muscle strength in his arms and legs, and really admired the latest growth spurt in the penis department, now that he was eighteen. He climbed onto the massage bed and laid on his stomach.

Michelle came back in carrying her supplies and closed the door. She turned around and couldn’t help notice how much her son had grown these past couple years. His body was long, lean and hard, from hours and hours in the pool. He was well-tanned too, but no white butt, so she guessed he spent time either outdoors or in a tanning salon.

‘Nice butt, sonny. Where’d you get the all-over tan?’

‘Andy’s house has a tall fence by their pool and a big hedge around the rest of the property. We can tan out there and no one will take notice, as long as his pesky little sister isn’t home.’

‘Or his parents?’

‘Well, yeah, although Andy says he tans like that when his mom is home and she never takes notice. I don’t think I could do that.’

‘Do what? Tan with your mother outside, or tan with Andy’s mother outside.’

‘Andy’s mother, silly. You’ve seen me naked lots of times. Would it bother you if I did that at our place?’

‘Hmm, I don’t know. Looking at that butt, I realize I haven’t seen you totally naked in a while. You’ve tuned into quite a handsome young man. But it is just tanning, so I guess I could handle it. Besides, you say Andy’s mom is cool with him.’

‘She is now, but not the first time she walked outside when he was tanning.’

‘Why do you say that?’

Jordan laughed. ‘Because he’s hung like a freakin’ donkey, mom. You should see his cock! It’s over a foot long when he’s hard!’

‘And just how would you know that, young man?’

‘Because, um…’

‘Spit it out, Jordan.’

‘Well, we were watching one of his dad’s porno flicks on Andy’s birthday and we both got pretty turned on. We were still in our Speedos, and he started getting hard. It grew like a tree branch out of his suit and seemed to grow right up his stomach.’

‘Did you get hard too?’ Michelle could feel a bit of a tingle start down her tummy, wondering what those two eighteen-year-olds looked like together.

‘Well, yeah. I mean the movie was really hot, This tall blonde was doing two guys. And, um, well Andy’s cock is pretty amazing. He started stroking it and mine started growing too.’

‘Did you touch yourself too?’

‘Not at first, but when he slid his suit down, I could see he had shaved all his pubes and his balls were smooth too. I slid my suit down as well, and he said ‘nice wood, bro’.’

‘Has Andy’s mom ever seen him hard?’

‘Yeah, he says she’s really horny all the time. She’s always teasing him with her skimpy bikinis and she gets him to tan nude with her. He said she really freaked the first time she saw him hard. She sat there with her mouth hanging open and slid her hand between her legs. She started fingering herself while his cock throbbed and dripped precum all over his belly.’

‘What did Andy do?’

‘He started stroking his cock, looking at his mom’s pussy, her lips were swollen and easy to see ’cause her pussy is bald. He says she gets waxed all the time.’ Then, he said, she reached over and put her hand on his cock. He was so horny there was precum running down the shaft all over her fingers. She started jacking him off and fingering herself with her other hand. Andy said it felt awesome.’

‘Do you think it would feel awesome, if I stroked your cock?’

‘I, er, um, yeah I guess so.’

Michelle was applying the wax to her son’s buttocks, glad he was on his stomach so he couldn’t see her hands shaking. She put a cloth strip on and ripped it off.

‘Ouch! Jeez, mom, you could give a guy a little warning!’

She laughed. ‘Sometimes it’s easier to just do it. It may not hurt as much when you don’t know what’s coming.’

‘If I had known it was gonna hurt so much, I’d just get Andy to shave it again.’

‘Andy shaved your butt?’

‘Well, who else hatay escort would do it? I’m not going with anyone right now and can’t exactly ask a girl on the swim team to do it, can I?’

“True, I guess that makes sense. Do you shave his too?’

‘Yeah. His mom says I have a cuter ass.’

‘I thought you didn’t tan naked when she was home?’

‘I don’t, but you can’t hide much in a Speedo, right?;

“No, and if your friend is hung like a donkey, as you say, how does he wear a Speedo?’

‘He bought one of those new trunk-style, with the legs. You can still see his package, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about it popping out!’

‘That’s happened before?’ Again, Michelle could feel herself tingling from this conversation. She continued to apply the wax and peel off strips of light brown hair.

‘Yeah, once he was climbing out of the pool and the end of his cock was poking out the leg of his swimsuit. The girls on the team had quite a chuckle over it. He was pretty embarrassed.’

‘So, when did he shave your butt?’

‘One day in the shower after practice. We were showering and he said ‘man, that butt is getting a bit furry. You want to do something about that before the next meet.’ I said ‘Well, it’s pretty tricky shaving back there.’ He said ‘No problem, bro’, I’ll shave it for you.’ So he went back to his locker and got his razor and shaving cream. He knelt down behind me and spread the shaving cream on my ass.’

‘Interesting.. Did it feel good?’

‘If I spread shaving cream on your ass, would it feel good?’

Michelle felt her nipples harden involuntarily.’ Yeah, I suppose it would.’

‘Well, it felt real good, especially when his hand slipped in between my cheeks a little.’

‘Did you get hard?’

‘What do you think?’

‘I would guess that’s a yes.’

‘I did. I tried not to, but I got hard as a rock.’

‘Did Andy notice?’

‘Yeah, when he turned me sideways to do the side of my hip, he saw my cock sticking straight up.’

Michelle giggled. ‘What did he say?’

‘He said ‘Fuck me, bro’, that’s some serious wood you’re sporting there.’

‘I said be careful what you wish for.’


‘You said ‘fuck me.’

‘That’s just a figure of speech.’

‘So I thought I’d tease him a bit and grabbed my cock by the base. I said ‘What? You wouldn’t like a piece of this?’ Then I turned toward him, just as he was going to say something. My cock accidentally slipped into his open mouth.’


‘Well, I was pretty horny, with his hands sliding all over my ass, so maybe I kinda did it on purpose.’

‘What did Andy do?’

‘He sucked about half of it into his mouth and licked it for a minute and then he said ‘okay, enough of that for now. We have to finish our shower and get out of here.’

‘He stood up and I saw his cock. Mom, it was like a friggin’ tree trunk! It’s as thick as your wrist and really long.’

‘So, he was hard too?’

‘Was he ever. He said ‘I’ll wash your back, then you can wash mine. So I handed him the soap and he started lathering my back. Trouble is, that huge cock was rubbing against my ass which was slippery enough with the rest of the shaving cream, but he was probably dripping like a hose. He really puts out the precum.’

‘Did his cock feel good back there?’

‘Yeah, it sure did. He was sliding it back and forth, across my anus. I was leaning forward with my hands on the shower wall. He reached around and started jacking my cock as the head of his was pushing at my bum. As I moved my hips, fucking his hand, he pushed and that big knob slid right into me. Fuck, mom, it felt good.’

Michelle could feel her pussy dripping. Her thong was doing little to hold it in and a small trickle slid down the inside of her leg. She wondered if Jordan could smell her sex. She wanted to slide her hand under her skirt and rub her clit.

‘I can imagine. Okay, honey, your butt is done. Um, usually when a guy has me wax his butt, he wants his anus done too. Do you want me to do that for you? Might as well make it all smooth.’

‘Will it hurt much?’

‘No worse than your butt.’

‘Okay, let’s do it.’

‘Fine, to get access to the spot, I need you up on your knees and lean forward on your elbows.’

Jordan raised himself up on his knees and elbows as Michelle went for more wax. When she turned around, she couldn’t help but see his penis hanging down, nearly touching the table. She gasped.

‘What, mom?’

‘I, uh, didn’t realize just how much you have grown up.’ She nodded towards his penis. She knew he wasn’t circumcised, but the foreskin was partly pulled back over the glans.


‘Sorry dear, you caught me by surprise. Let’s get this done.’ She applied some talcum powder to the inside of his buttocks and on his pink anus. She rubbed it in gently with her gloved hand. Jordan moaned a bit.

‘You okay. Honey?’

‘Yeah, that just caught me off guard. Felt, um, kinda nice.’

‘Easy, mister. This doesn’t come with a happy ending.’

‘Happy ending?’

‘Yeah, like in ‘those’ kind of massage parlours, the girl usually gives the guy a hand job after his massage. They call it a happy ending, for obvious reasons.’

Michelle couldn’t help but notice Jordan’s cock had grown, the foreskin not completely off the glans.

She applied some wax to the inside of his cheeks and pulled the cloth off. He shivered a bit, but was used to it by now.

‘Okay, now to the heart of the matter’, she chuckled, ‘ this will feel a bit warm.’

She supplied the wax to his anus and she looked into the mirror facing them, seeing his cock grow longer and start to thicken. She did a couple more dabs and then pulled it off.

‘Okay, all done. I’ll put a bit of oil on to soothe the tenderness.’

She brought the bottle over from the counter, having a hard time looking at Jordan as her son. Her pussy was swollen and damp now, and she could feel her clit harden. She poured a little oil on her hand and started to rub it in. She normally just sprayed the oil on the client’s anus, but she couldn’t resist touching Jordan’s cute little pink hole. She massaged it gently, her fingertip dangerously close to sliding into his smooth ass.

‘Jeez, mom, that really feels nice. Can you do it just a bit longer?’

‘Since you asked so nicely.’ She kept massaging his hole and looked into the mirror again. She felt so sexy rubbing his ass and saw his cock harden and give a sudden jerk. A large drop of precum dripped off the swollen purple head onto the sheet covering the table. He moaned again, louder this time.

Feeling a bit wicked, and more than a little horny, she slid her index finger into his ass to the first knuckle. His cock was jerking steadily now, and the precum was pouring out of him like a tap. She decided it was time to stop this, before she reached around and grabbed his massive cock.

‘Okay, mister. That’s enough for now. We’re all done.’

Jordan didn’t move, but mumbled something.

‘What’s that, honey?’

‘Um, I was wondering if you could wax my balls, too. I like them smooth, but hate shaving them.’

“Sure, we do that all the time here. Just flip over on your back.’

He raised himself up to turn over, and laid back down on the table, his front facing up. His cock was still very erect, and it flipped up towards his chest as a large dollop of precum dropped onto the upper part of his stomach. She wanted to slide her hand over Jordan’s horse cock. The veins were bulging and the head was swollen a dark purple color. A large drop of precum was dripping of the swollen knob and onto his belly.

‘Hmm, seems like somebody likes to have his bum tickled. You’re not far from donkey status either, little man. Or should I say ‘big man’? I can’t imagine Andy could be much bigger than that.’

‘Actually, his cock is about twelve and a half inches when he’s hard, mine is just over eleven inches.’

‘And how do you know that?’

‘We measured them the night we watched that porn movie.’

‘So, did you measure yourselves, or each other?’ More tingling, her pussy now officially soaked.

‘It’s a lot easier to measure each other, plus it keeps the other guy honest.’ He chuckled.

‘Did you enjoy doing that?’

‘Kinda. It felt a little stranger holding another guy’s cock, but we were both really horny from the movie.’

‘Is that all you did? Measure each other?’

‘Yeah, until..’

‘Until what?’ Michelle was going crazy now. She started applying the hot wax to his huge ball sac, the testicles looking as big as tennis balls. His penis continued to bob around, dripping onto his stomach.

‘We went back to watching the movie and when the girl took one of the guys into her mouth, Andy reached over and put his hand on my stomach. Then he let it slide down on to the base of my cock, which was pointing up in the air.’

‘You mean like it is now?’

‘Um, yeah.’

She peeled some more wax off and he looked a little surprised.

‘This doesn’t hurt at all, and you’re not using cloth strips?’

‘This is hard wax’, you don’t need a cloth strip and you can peel it off more slowly so it doesn’t hurt as much.’

‘That’s good. These boys are kinda sensitive.’

‘I can see that’, Michelle said as she finished with the wax and poured some oil on his huge balls. She massaged it in gently, enjoying the effect it was having on his steel hard man cock. He wasn’t her little boy anymore.

‘So, when Andy was fucking you in the shower, de he cum inside you?’

‘Yeah, he said I was so tight, he didn’t think he could last long. And he didn’t; after about a minute, he squeezed my cock really hard and started pumping his cum inside me. I could feel him squirting in my bum.’

‘Did you like it?’

‘It felt a little weird at first, but he was stroking me so good, I started to enjoy it. I’m just glad he only put about half of the big fucker inside me.’

‘Did he make you cum?’

‘Yeah, he felt so good cumming in my ass that I started shooting all over the shower wall.

‘Mmm, nice hands, mom’, he said and thrust his cock towards her. The base of his cock moved against her hand and she let it linger there for a minute. Then she took it off altogether.

‘Aw, mom!’

‘No ‘aw moms’, this is getting carried away.’

‘But I’m so horny, and you look pretty flushed too.’ Before she could move away, Jordan quickly slid his hand up his mother’s short skirt. He quickly squeezed her swollen mound.

‘And you’re fucking soaked!’

Michelle moaned loudly, but didn’t pull away from his hand. He continued to rub her pussy, the little thong she was wearing offered little protection from his invading fingers. He pushed his middle finger between her swollen labia, and pushed it about an inch inside her dripping cunt. She knew if she had no panties on, he would be finger-fucking her. She shook her head and pulled herself away.

‘Stop, Jordan, we can’t let it go any farther.’ She grabbed the used cloth strips and carried them to the trash. She leaned on the counter and took a couple of deep breaths. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so horny, so hungry, wanting to fuck the young man on the table. But he was her son! She couldn’t do that.

Jordan climbed off the table and came up behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders and said ‘Mom, I’m sorry, but your hands felt so nice, and we were talking about Andy’s huge cock and the movie and everything, I couldn’t help myself.’

Michelle leaned back into his arms, but when she did, her skirt was short enough for Jordan’s still swollen cock to ride in between the cheeks of her bum. She moaned and wiggled her bum, forcing the wet swollen monster between her cheeks. Jordan got the hint and pushed forward, his swollen prick sawing into the valley between her legs. He reached down and grabbed the side of her thong, pulling it and easily ripping it off her. The huge head of his wet, swollen cock was now between her pussy lips.

‘Fuck, baby. That feels so good. But if you push into me now, there’s no going back.’

‘You want me to fuck you, don’t you mom?’

Michelle answered by reaching behind her and guiding his shaft forward. The knob slipped inside her dripping cunt and he slowly pushed ahead. A few inches slid inside and she felt as if she were sitting on a fence post.

‘Fuck, Jordan, your cock is so fucking big! I feel like I’m fucking a horse.’

He moaned and grabbed her hips, pushing a little deeper inside her. Michelle pulled her blouse open with one hand, using the other to steady herself against the counter. She felt like she was being fucked for the first time. Jordan pulled her blouse off without missing a stroke, then unhooked her bra. She leaned forward a bit, and let it slide off her shoulders. Her son reached up with both hands, still hammering his monster cock into her dripping pussy, and began squeezing her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. She moaned loudly.

‘Baby, I’m gonna cum soon! Do you want to cum in Mommy’s pussy, or in my mouth? I’d love to taste your cum straight out of your horse cock!’

‘Mmm, not sure Mom, maybe I’ll try back here.’ Then, without warning, he slid out of her pussy and moved the head of his cock over her little pink anus.

‘Oh, baby, not back there. Your cock will never fit. Maybe we can try that another time.’

Jordan laughed and moved his erection back into Michelle’s pussy.


‘I’d say you try it first, but you’ve already had Andy’s horse cock in your ass. I don’t know how you did it.’

‘You have to start really really slowly, and get the head in. After that, just stay still for a few moments and then start fucking.’

‘Well, like I said, honey, maybe another time. Keep fucking me with that monster, I’m almost there!’

Michelle braced herself with her hands on the counter as her gorgeous son fucked her, moving more quickly now. She could feel the walls of her cunt beginning to contract and spasm. She knew her orgasm was on the way.

‘Oh, fuck, Jordan! That feels so fucking awesome! Keep pounding me, babe!’

Jordan was moving his cock faster now, holding Michelle’s shoulders and really giving it to her. He could feel his huge balls swelling up, and knew he would fill her with his seed any second.

All of a sudden Michelle stopped moving, her breathing was ragged now. She could feel her orgasm about to come crashing around her. She moaned and let herself go. Jordan could feel her cunt muscles contracting and milking his swollen cock and let himself go to. His cum started shooting out the huge knob of his penis and Michelle could feel it burning inside her.

‘Fuck, Jordan, how much are you cumming? It feels like I’ve got a fire hose shoved up me!’

‘I always cum a lot, Mom, or as Andy says “a bucketful” ‘

‘Well, you have certainly filled my pussy. I can feel it dripping back out’, Michelle gasped, still trying to catch her breath after this great fuck. Jordan slowly removed his softening cock, and it came out with a quiet plop.

‘Mmm, damn, I liked that in there,’ Michelle groaned, ‘but I guess we better get cleaned up and get home.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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