Domme Mom Ch. 02

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As I entered the bedroom they filed in quietly standing around awkwardly until I sat on the edge of the bed, the big vibe dildo still lying on the covers. “Remove all your clothing.” I commanded.

They hesitated until I slapped the belt across my palm and they quickly removed their clothes. My daughter’s body was lovely, slim, tall with ample breasts and full pointy nipples. My mouth watered to taste them. Her pussy was shaven except for a strip up from the top of her slit. It looked sexy on her and I decided not to make her shave it off. The boy’s body was firm and hard from all the athletics in which he was involved and oh my god what a cock. It looked like my wrist and it was only semi hard. He had inherited his father cock and once hard I was sure he might be even bigger than his father.

I crawled up on the bed after pulling off my robe joining the children in their nakedness. They both gasped as sat cross-legged on the bed my cleanly shaven pussy clearly visible to them both. “Okay, now.” I smiled. “Let’s see what you’ve learned with each other. Remember, when I ask a question I expect an answer. If not you’ll receive one slap from the belt. Clear?”

“Yes Mommy.” They both responded.

“Amy have you sucked Adam’s cock?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Show me.” I slapped the belt across my palm again.

She instantly dropped to her knees with tears welling in her eyes as she reached out and took his huge cock in her hand, lifting it slowly though there was little need as it hardened quickly an stood out from his belly like a pole. She leaned forward and took the fat head between her lips and he groaned as she tightened her lips and pushed the head between them.

“Nice cock my son.” I said as his sister pushed most of his cock into her mouth. Still there was four inches or so outside of her lips. God he must be ten inches long. “I’ll bet you’re longer than your father.”

He moaned again as she began to bob back and forth fucking his hard cock with her mouth. “Can she take it all Adam?”

He could barely talk from the pleasure his sister’s mouth was giving him. “No Mommy she can’t. No one has been able to so far. Amy’s been the best and this is all she can get inside her mouth.”

“Well, Mommy will have to fix that for you soon.”

He looked over as I dropped my hand between my spread pussy lips and began to finger my clit. He watched me intently as he entwined his alanya escort fingers in her hair and started fucking her mouth. “She likes it when I do this more than just sucking it.”

“My what a little cock slut she is.” I smiled and Amy groaned as she heard me call her such a nasty name. “Yes baby girl that’s it take your big brother’s cock. You love it don’t you? You love your big brother’s cock fucking your mouth don’t you slut? Whimper once for yes twice for no.” She whimpered once around his pumping cock.

I got my dildo and leaned back for a second pushing it in deep then rocked forward pressing it even deeper against the bed. I began to flex my cunt around it and fucking up and down against the bed as Adam watched me fuck myself as his sweet little sister gobbled his big fat cock. He moaned as she began to suck harder on his head each time he pulled out and I could sense he was ready to cum.

“Stop Amy. I don’t want your brother cumming just yet.”

He groaned loudly telling me my hunch was correct. She pulled back her face flushed and lips bright pink from their use. “Now Amy sit in the chair and scoot out to the edge. Spread your legs widely apart.” When she had done so, I said, ” Now Adam I am quite sure if she’s sucked you off before you’ve returned the favor?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Well then show mommy how you eat her pussy.”

He knelt between his sister’s open legs and licked up and down her slit before plunging his tongue deep into her pussy. She moaned as his tongue entered her and I reached up and began to pinch and pull at my nipples watching her as he ate her out. Her eyes were locked on mine as she began to hump against his face, smearing her pussy juice over his cheeks.

“You like that Amy? You like your brother eating out your wet slick cunt?”

She nodded. “Oh yes mommy. He does is so well.”

“I’ll have to find that out as well soon. Just like I am going to find out how well you eat mommy’s pussy too.” Her eyes widened and I chuckled softly. ” Have you ever eaten a pussy before Amy?”

“Yes mommy.” She blushed. “Whose?” I asked. “Lilly’s mommy. We started a long time ago when we would have sleepovers. It started with a game of Truth or Dare.”

God I moaned inwardly and dropped my hand down t my clit and started rubbing furiously. My sweet little innocent daughter had been eating pussy for nearly 4 years. I made a mental note to invite Lilly over again soon.

“Oh Adam.” She moaned. “Oh god yes. Eat me brother.”

I smiled as she begged him to eat her pussy. “Adam.” I said sternly. “Make your sister cum.”

He stopped and looked at me. “But I didn’t get to cum in her mouth mommy.”

I got up off the bed squeezing the dildo deeper into my pussy and slapped him across the ass firmly with the belt. “Ohhhh.” He moaned.

“I didn’t ask you to speak son. You are the boy here and will do as you are told.” I slapped him across the ass harder with the belt. He whimpered but went back to sucking his sister’s hard clit.

I moved over to the side of the chair still sucking on the dildo with my strong pussy walls, keeping it firmly in place. I leaned over and kissed my daughter softly on the lips. It was not a motherly kiss. I moved close to her ear biting down on her earlobe hard. She gasped as I whispered, “We girls have to stick together.” She looked at me with understanding. “Now fuck his face and cum all over his face. Demand that he make you cum.”

She grabbed him by the hair and started fucking his face. Humping her pussy hard and fast against his fucking tongue. “Oh god mommy. Oh yes fuck yes. Fuck it brother. Fuck my pussy with that lovely tongue. Oh yes mommy I love it. I am cummmmmmminngggggggggggg.”

Her body went rigid but kept fucking his face in little short jabs ad I reached down and the moment my fingers touched my clit I squirted cum and piss all over my hand and the floor. I took out the dildo and held it before my daughter’s face. “Lick it baby. Clean mommy’s pussy juice off her dildo.”

Her hips continued to fuck her bother face in short little stabs as she mewled, licking and sucking my cum and piss from the dildo. She kept her fingers tangled in his hair until she was completely spent. She collapsed into the chair smiling up at me.

I moved back over to the bed and sat on it. ‘Come over here Amy and sit beside me. Adam, do not move.” She let go of his hair and came to sit beside me leaving her bother still kneeling on the floor, his hard cock sticking out twitching each time his heart beat.

I took her by the hair and pulled her close to me kissing her deeply my tongue pushing past the slight resistance of her lips. Her tongue quickly joined mine as we kissed as lovers for the first time. I pulled back my breathing ragged wanting nothing more than to throw her back on the bed and ravage her body.

“Your brother looks sweet kneeling there with his cock all hard doesn’t he?”

She giggled. “Yes mommy he does.”

“Should we do something about it?”

“Yes mommy I think we should.”

“Okay, do you want to feel his cock inside you or would you rather let mommy fuck him this time?”

“Oh mommy I want to fuck him. I’ve wanted to take his cock inside me for so long. I want to fuck him badly.”

I pushed her back on the bed spreading her legs widely apart and nodded.

“You heard her Adam. Get up here and fuck your sister’s pussy.”

He rose from the floor and crawled onto the bed with us positioning himself between his sister’s spread legs. I took his cock in my hand stroking the hard length of his shaft and swooning inside with the feel of my son’s hard cock in my hand. I tugged him forward guiding him to her wet open pussy. She moaned loudly as he pushed the bulbous head into her dripping hole.

“Oh fuck yes.” She moaned as he slid more and more of his huge cock into her tunnel. “God its so big mommy. I love it. Yes, yes. More push it all in.” She begged.

He worked it in slowly, until their pelvises were pressed tightly together. “Oh fuck.” She moaned. “So full. Never been this full before. Now brother. Fuck me.”

He did just that. He started sawing that lovely, long, thick cock deep into her sister’s cunt. Driving it into her faster and faster as they fucked for the first time. I reached down between them feeling his cock sliding in and out of her wet hole and began to finger her clit. “Oh fuck yeah mommy.” She hissed. “I am going to cum again mommy. Oh yes I am cumming. Fuck me Adam. Harder. Harder.”

He drove his cock into her now desperately. I moved down reaching around him to cup and squeeze his balls, feeling them tighten as he fucked his sister’s tight hole. My finger on her clit sent her over the edge and my squeezing his balls did the same for him as he growled and exploded into his sister’s cunt. Filling her with his incestuous seed, given her with their mommy’s help.

They collapsed against the bed as I moved up around and laid down bedside them as they panted trying to regain their breath. I kissed them both tenderly on the lips and pulled their mouths close together as we shared a three-way kiss for the first time.

I whispered to them as they lay there, Adam’s cock still firmly inside Amy’s pussy, “There’s so much more to come my little slave sluts, and just wait until your father gets home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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