Dorm Move In

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Emily just turned 19. She was about to start her sophomore year of college and she was really looking forward to it. Her freshman year she didn’t really make a lot of friends but her old best friend from high school, Jordan, finally started at school this semester too.

Jordan turned 18 about 6 months ago and was going to be a freshman. She was going to school on a soccer scholarship. She was really athletic looking with long blonde hair. Jordan had small perky breast and a really hot ass. She always wore really tight clothes to show off her small figure.

Emily was a little less athletic looking than Jordan but still pretty thin. Her breasts were a little bigger and she was also three inches taller than Jordan at five foot seven. Emily had shoulder length brown hair that was very straight.

Emily and Jordan had been friends for years and Emily had had a secret crush on Jordan since Jordan’s freshman year of high school. It began the first time Emily saw Jordan’s ass in her high school soccer shorts.

Jordan moved into town today and she and Emily finally reunited. They had talked a lot the last year both only saw each other once since Emily graduated. Emily helped Jordan unpack into her dorm and the girls caught up and talked for hours. Jordan was living in a dorm all by herself and she was only a couple miles away from Emily’s apartment.

As soon as Emily saw Jordan all of her old feelings came back to her. Maybe the reason she hadn’t made many friends last year was because she felt in some way that it would be cheating on her friendship with Jordan. Emily wondered if Jordan felt any romantic feelings bursa eve gelen escort back towards her.

Almost as if Jordan could hear her thoughts Jordan brought up Emily’s romantic situation. She asked if Emily had dated any cute boys the last year. Emily truthfully stated how she really hadn’t been on more than a couple of dates and nothing serious.

Jordan then let out a bombshell secret that made Emily simultaneously jealous and excited. Jordan told Emily that she thought she might be bisexual and that she had dated a girl pretty seriously over the summer.

Emily immediately had a million questions but first asked how it all started. Jordan told her about the girl sally that she had met at a summer soccer camp. They met in the locker room one day when sally point blank said Jordan had a nice ass. Jordan couldn’t help but notice so did sally and their relationship grew from there. It was purely physical but Jordan shared how much fun it had been.

Jordan then told Emily how sally went to school a few states away so they broke off their fling at the end of the summer. Emily was so relieved that it was over.

Then Emily did something she didn’t necessarily plan on doing and asked Jordan if she had ever liked her. Jordan looked at Emily confused and said “of course you’re my best friend. I like you tons.” But Emily replied “not like that. I mean do you have romantic feelings. Do you think my ass is nice. Or do you want to kiss me or grab my tits.” Emily didn’t really know where that sentence came from she was just so frustrated by Jordan’s response.

Jordan bursa escort peeked out a smile and kissed Emily without warning. “Does that answer your question?” She asked when she broke away a few moments later.

Emily’s face lit up. It was the moment she had been waiting for for years. She got to kiss her best friend. And she didn’t even have to make the first move. She knew for sure she was going to make the second one though.

As quickly as Jordan had kissed her before Emily kissed Jordan right back. This time however she didn’t let Jordan break away. She slipped her tongue in her best friends mouth. Then she put her hands on Jordan’s butt and lifted her up off the bed they had been sitting on.

Now that they were both standing Emily broke away from the kiss and took off her own shirt. Jordan stood there speechless for a moment before saying “damn you have nice tits.” “Thanks,” Emily said smiling. “I want to see yours now,” Emily said grasping at the bottom of Jordan’s shirt.

Emily lifted up slowly and just tried to take it all in. She still couldn’t believe she kissed her best friend and now she was about to see her topless. Not just topless while changing for a quick moment, but topless in a sexual way, just for her.

Once Jordan’s breast were exposed Emily just kept on moving and pulled off Jordan’s short jean shorts and her black thong all at once. Less than five minutes had passed since they first kissed and now Jordan stood completely naked and Emily was wearing only her shorts.

Emily bent down and licked the left nipple of Jordan. Then she licked the right görükle escort nipple. Then she kissed her stomach. Then she kissed her belly button. Then she made her way slowly lower down to her lips below her waste.

She began to eat out her best friend. As she ate she held on to Jordan’s perfect ass for personal pleasure and to give her more control. Jordan couldn’t say anything all she could do was moan. This was not Jordan’s first time being touched like this but it was different this time. This was the first time someone she really cared about had ever shown her this kind of attention.

Emily kept tasting her friend’s juices. She loved her taste. She loved everything about that moment. She could feel Jordan approaching orgasm and after she climaxed she threw her down on the bed and gave her another big kiss.

“That was amazing.” Jordan said. “Where did you learn to do that?” “I read it in an issue of Cosmo.” Emily replied laughing. “Can I get a turn now.”

Jordan laughed and slid off her friends shorts. Emily was wearing a bright red thong and Jordan slipped that off of her too. She didn’t want to eat out her friend yet she just wanted to keep kissing her. She kissed her and slipped her tongue in her mouth. Then she remembered how horny her friend so she began to slip a few fingers inside her while they kissed. After a few minutes Emily began moaning so loud that Jordan decided it was time to let her come.

Jordan slid down Emily’s body only briefly pausing at her perfect breast before settling down below her waist. She slid her tongue inside her friends lips along with her fingers and just kept pumping in and out. It wasn’t long before Emily came and then Jordan made her way back up to her mouth. She again kissed her best friend and they just cuddled there in bed for a while not really talking, just enjoying each other.

After a while Jordan simply said “I have a feeling college is going to be great.”

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