Drunk Ex-Girlfriend

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Knock! Knock! Knock!

‘What the fuck! It’s 3A. M.! ‘ Raven thought as she tied her robe closed as she ran for the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Alright! I’m fuckin’ coming,” She shouted angrily.

She throw the door opened and was shocked at who it was. There stood Abbey, her ex-girlfriend, of all people!

Abbey had left her two months ago for this Asian girl she meet at work. The break-up was messy and it really hurt Raven. In, fact is was only a couple of weeks ago she stop spraying Abbey’s perfume on her pillow at night to reminder of her ex. Now here she was, at 3 A. M. and drunk as hell.

“Raven! ” Abbey exclaimed throwing her arms around her.

“What do you want, Abbey? It’s late,” Raven said coldly, shrugging her off.

Abbey staggered in the door and crashed into the wall.

“I missssed youuu.” Abbey slurred.

“You missed me? Is that why you showed up stinking drunk at this hour?”

“Yesss, I misssed youuu.” Abbey repeated as she tried to hug raven again.

Raven stepped back against the couch.

“Fuck you! ,” Raven said noticing her eyes watering up. “Fuck you, Abbey! Your not going to pull this shit! ,” her voice cracking.

Abbey seemed to be ignoring her. In fact she was trying to pull her shoes off without falling şişli escort down and not doing a good job.

“SSleep with me” Abbey drunkenly cooed.

Raven was half tempted to throw her out on her ass right now. Abbet the bitch that stole half her stuff. Abbey the bitch that left her with an apartment she could not afford. Abbey the cunt that broke her heart. Abbey the girl who could roll her tongue. Abbey the lover with the softest hands. Abbey the she-devil of the bedroom.

Raven knew she would regret this but, there was time for that tomorrow.

“Come here. Let Raven take care of you, baby,” she said softly with a slight quiver in her voice.

Abbey was so sexy. Short plumb girls with soft brown eyes and curly dark blonde hair worn long. Her breast were heavy and full with large pale nipples. What Abbey really had going for her was her fearless sexual demeanor. She could make anyone horny with it.

Abbey stumbled over to Raven with one shoe half on. She reached out grabbing for Ravens breast. She fell into her almost pushing them both over the couch.

Raven steadied them while Abbey opened her robe. Raven’s breast were small, no more then a handful for even Abbey. Her dark reddish nipples already stiffing. All she had on under her robe was a pair of white cotton çapa escort panties that she normally wouldn’t wear to entertain.

Still she felt sexy at this moment. Her left nipple being sucked on while Abbey pulled at her right nipple ring. It was because she was in control and planned on using it.

“Get on your knees” Raven demanded as she backed herself on to the couch back.

Abbey followed her orders getting down on her knees.

“Now eat me, through my panties”

Abbey’s lips pressed hard against Raven’s cotton covered crouch. As her lips traveled they left a smear of deep red lipstick. Raven lifted her right leg up on to the arm of the couch.

Abbey began to lick up and down the bulge of Raven’s lips. Her salvia wetting the damp fabric even more. It felt so good already Raven moaned softly. She put her hands around the back of Abbey’s head, pulling her in more.

“Abbey your such a fuckin little whore” Raven moaned. Abbey was clutch her ass, wiggling her tongue against Raven’s concealed sex.

Raven knew she needed full contact soon or she was going to die. Not yet, however. Abbey needed something more.

“Suck this up, bitch. ” Raven moaned as she relaxed her bladder. First as a slow leak and then in a flood her piss soaked through her underwear mecidiyeköy escort and into Abbey’s mouth. It come coming sending shivers through Raven. Abbey’s greedy mouth sucking on the pee filtering through.

While Raven still flowed Abbey pulled the soaked crotch of the panties to the side and pushed her mouth into the stream. Piss splashed into her hair, all over her face and down her expensive dress.

As the golden river subsided Abbey attacked with fury. Two fingers entered Raven’s sex starved pussy while her tongue worked franticly across her clit. Raven held tight to Abbey’s hair, pulling hard.

“That’s right taste that pussy good! You better like it you cunt! This is the last time you’ll get to taste it! ” Raven grunt lost in lust and hate.

Abbey could tell her ex-lover’s climax was near. She jabbed two more fingers into Raven and with her other hand slowly sank one into her rosebud.

Raven let lose a series of moans and dirty words.

“Ohhhhh! Yesss! You fuckin’ slut! Eat me! OHHHYESSFUCKMEFUCKMEHARDER!!! I”MMMCUMMMMINGGG! YES!! YES!!! MMMMMMMMMMMYES! “she screamed as her walls quivered and melted freely. Abbey pulled her fingers out and replaced them with her tongue. Hungey for Raven’s juices she licked up all she could as the other woman gone through a series of explosive orgasms.

Raven could take no more and pushed Abbey backwards. Landing an her ass Abbey looked up at her with a large wicked smile. Piss and vaginal juices covered Abbey’s round face.

“My turn” she said.

End of Part One

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