Educating The Boss’ Wife Ch. 01

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“That dinner was beautiful, thank you.”

Sitting at the dining table in my boss’ house, his wife Jessica across from me.

“Thank you again for having me over.”

Jessica smiled an awkward smile, “You’re welcome.”

She paused, “Um, so, um, Jeremy has spoken to you about, um, you know?”

She blushed, unable to finish the sentence.

I looked from Jessica to Jeremy. “Oh God, don’t tell me, that’s why you asked me over. Look, Jessica, you are a gorgeous woman and I would fuck you in a heartbeat but I don’t think it is a good idea. Your husband is my boss, this could go very badly and I like my job.”

Jessica sat staring at me, a shy grin on her face.

“You didn’t hear anything after ‘I’d fuck you in a heartbeat’ did you?” I smiled at her.

I had been working in the office area of the company for a few years now. Jeremy had become friendlier and friendlier, bordering on harassment, as time passed. He had confided in me that, although he loved his wife very much, she was inexperienced and very mundane when it came to sex. He mentioned one afternoon that his wife had considered a female encounter and would be interested in having it with me. As flattered as I was, I didn’t believe fucking my boss’ wife was truly a good idea, as much as I may have wanted to.

Sitting in their dining room with his wife Jessica making puppy dog eyes at me made it difficult to resist.

“Come on, it will be so hot.” Jeremy was smiling from the kitchen.

“Okay,” I decided to open Jessica’s eyes to the possibilities of sex, “But if we are going to do this we are going to do it right.”

Jessica smiled, “Ok, what do I do?”

“I need a chair in the lounge room and I will meet you both there, I just need to retrieve something from my car. Jeremy, you need to change into something you don’t mind getting dirty.”

Jeremy left to change as Jessica moved the chair as requested. I went out to my car to grab my toys bag. Ok, yes I didn’t believe it was a good idea, but I had a feeling and she was so fucking hot, I wanted to be prepared.

I entered the lounge room to find both Jeremy and Jessica sitting on the couch. Jessica’s eyes widened as I dropped my large bag of tricks on the floor.

I moved the chair to a position close to the end of the coffee table, and directed Jeremy to sit. He did as he was told. I placed my hands on his shoulders, firmly kneading the muscles underneath. He breathed deeply and moaned. Leaning forward I moved my mouth to a position near his ear and gently blew out a warm breath. His whole body relaxed allowing me to move my hands down his arms, pulling his wrists together, and slapping handcuffs on him.

The feel of the cold metal against his skin made him jump. With his hands behind him I grabbed some rope from my bag and tied his chest to the back of the chair.

As his eyes questioned me I leaned in to his ear mecidiyeköy escort again and breathed, “This night is for Jessica, not you.”

I moved in front of him and knelt at his feet. He had changed into shorts and a t-shirt, leaving his lower legs exposed. I placed both hands lightly on one leg, touching him just under his shorts. He closed his eyes as I ran my fingers down his leg with a feather touch. I moved his foot to open his legs, which he accommodated immediately, and tied the ankle to the chair leg. I proceeded to do the same with the other leg.

Jeremy was now firmly restrained to the chair. I turned to Jessica. She had a look of fear and amusement in her eyes.

“It’s ok,” I said, “From what I understand you are quite shy in the bedroom, correct?”

Jessica nodded.

“Okay, then this night is for you.”

I handed Jessica a pair of scissors. She stared at me, not sure what to do next.

“Shall we start. Jessica, I need you to cut your husband’s clothes off. All his clothes.” They both looked at me with a confused look. I explained.

“Jessica, as I have said before, this night is for you. At some point your husband may want to join or, you know, cum. Clothes will allow him friction to accomplish that, but he is not allowed to cum until you say so. Therefore, his clothes must be removed.”

Jessica nodded and proceeded to cut Jeremy’s clothes off.

“Now, Jeremy, you have rules tonight. Rule number 1, you are not to touch. Your wife may lean into you, she may touch you, but at no time are your hands to grab, caress or anything else without permission. 2, You are not permitted to comment. A groan is acceptable, but words are not. 3, you will only cum with permission. If you break any of these rules, this night will end. Understood?”

Jeremy opened his mouth to speak, noticed the look on my face and promptly closed it again, nodding an understanding of the rules.

Jessica handed me the scissors and stood next to me admiring her husband. His body was beautifully tanned with a small amount of hair covering his chest. I knew he worked out at the company gym, but I never realised how perfectly muscular his body was. He had trimmed for the occasion, showing off a wonderfully thick cock. I breathed deep at the sight, imagining how that hard pole would feel inside me. I shook off the idea and grabbed Jessica’s hand pulling her with me behind the chair. I gave her the blindfold to place on Jeremy’s face, then beckoned her to a position out of his hearing.

“Okay, I need you to strip down to your bra and this g-string.” I pulled a lacy black g-string out of my bag.

“I’ve never worn anything like this.”

“I know, and it will drive him wild when he sees you in it tonight. Trust me.”

She pulled her top up over her head and for the first time I got to view her gorgeous breasts. They were at least a D cup, aksaray escort pert and very firm. I ran a delicate finger down cup of the bra, feeling her shiver as my finger touched her skin. “Fuck you are hot,” I breathed. She giggled shyly. This woman had no idea how gorgeous she was.

Bending gracefully at the waist, she hooked her thumbs into her shorts and undies, bringing them both down at the same time. Her arse was as firm as her breasts. I wanted to grab them but resisted, there was plenty of time for that. She stood and turned to grab the g-string from me. Like her husband, she had trimmed too. Her full lips could easily be seen under light curls. Her tanned legs were trim, her stomach flat. She was the perfect specimen of a woman. I couldn’t wait to be buried between those legs.

She slipped the g-string on and turned to me. I couldn’t resist. Leaning in I captured her lips with mine, my hands running down the length of her back. She shivered and returned the kiss, moving into my embrace. I held her for a moment before releasing. She was breathing heavily as we parted. I grabbed her hand again and lead her to her husband.

Standing behind him I directed her.

“Using your nails, I want you to place your hands on his legs. This will required you to lean over him.

She did as directed, her breasts resting on his shoulders as she placed her hands on his legs.

“Okay, now run your hands up his inner thighs, but do not touch his cock.”

She lightly drew her nails up his legs, her breasts rubbing against him as she moved. She stopped just short of his cock.

“Good, now dig your nails into him.”

She moved again, this time pushing her nails harder into him.

“Watch his cock as you do it.”

She watched as his throbbing muscle jerked and he moaned with the pressure she placed on his legs. It surprised her that the pain would turn him on. She moved her fingers over him a number of times, enjoying the feelings his moans were eliciting in her.

Standing next to her I ran a finger down her back, over her arse, and between her legs. She was wet, dripping wet. She jumped as my finger slid under the g-string to run along her lips, gently parting them and moving inside.

“This is what moans can do to you. Knowing you are enjoying each other is a turn on and should always be used.”

She moaned as my finger found her pussy. She pushed back trying to take my finger into her, but I moved away, whispering in her ear, “Not yet. Move to the coffee table and face your husband.”

She did as she was told, gracefully moving to the table. As she turned to face Jeremy I removed his blindfold. He gasped at the sight of his wife standing before him in a bra and lacy g-string. His cock reacted, seeming to get harder than before. His eyes beamed love and lust.

I directed Jessica to sit down on the coffee table, spreading nişantaşı escort her legs so Jeremy could see her wet pussy. Jeremy pulled against his restraints wanting to get to her, to touch her.

I stood between the two, blocking his view, “Rules,” I said, looking at him.

He stopped struggling but I could see the desire in his face.

Turning back to Jessica I knelt before her. Moving between her legs I placed a hand on her cheek, pulling her face towards me. Capturing her lips once more we kissed. My tongue found hers and caressed the length of it.

My hands moved to her shoulders and over her back, releasing her breasts from the bra and pushing her back onto the table, breaking our kiss. She lay down, clearly nervous of what was to come. I moved myself so Jeremy had a clear view of his wife’s pussy.

I ran a finger gently over her lips through the lace of the g-string, feeling her shiver at the touch. She was wet, soaking through the material.

I leaned over her, grabbing a nipple between fingers, pinching and pulling till the nipple was erect. She moaned, arching her back to meet my pull. My hand smothered her breast, grabbing roughly, my other hand sliding under the lace to once again find her pussy. She pushed down on me, trying desperately to drive my finger into her. Again, I resisted, teasing her. She whimpered.

“Do you cum during sex or just from the clit?”

“I have never cum.”

Her answer shocked me, “Never, not even close? No pleasure at all?”

“It feels good but I don’t think I have ever really cum.”

I looked back at Jeremy, “How could you not make her cum.”

As he opened his mouth to answer I said, “Was a statement not a question.”

He grinned sheepishly, clearly preoccupied with the scene before him.

Turning back to Jessica, “We shall change that tonight.” I drove my finger into her hungry pussy. Her back arched, her hips pushed down, she groaned.

“Oh God.”

I moved my finger inside her. She was tighter than I imagined after seeing Jeremy’s thick pole. Leaning in I touched my tongue to the wet lace of the g-string. She tasted so sweet. I licked her through the material.

Separating her lips, I sucked her clit into my mouth through the lace. The combination of warm breath, firm pressure and lace fuelled the fire burning in her body. I nibbled on her clit, my teeth grazing her nub gently before sucking it further into my mouth. My tongue flicked across her nerves causing gasps to escape her lips. I could feel her orgasm building and buried my face into her pussy, lapping the juices flowing from her. Knowing she was close to the edge I drove my finger deeper into her, moving it vigorously inside. Jessica’s hips began to buck, a scream escaping her lips. I sucked her nub harder, controlling her hips with my free hand, my finger still moving inside her. She writhed on the table, attempting to pull away from me, but I held her close, concentrating on her clit.

Eventually I released her, allowing her breath to return to normal. She smiled down at me, “Thank you.”

“We are not done yet.” I wiggled the finger inside her.

She groaned again, “Oh God.”

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