Emma and Becs Pt. 01

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My name is Emma, I am a 46 year old divorcee, 5ft 7, blue grey eyes, and brown highlighted hair cut in a bob, 34c and 125lb (ish). I am in good shape for my age, but I now feel the years catching up and for the first time in my life, I feel I should join a gym, just to keep me as toned as I have luckily been all my life.

This is the story of me and Rebecca, or Becs as I call her. Rebecca is only for when she has been naughty, but that’s another story.

Becs is younger than me by 10 years and she is one the most beautiful souls I have ever met and I don’t just mean in looks. Don’t get me wrong, she is stunning, and I mean jaw droppingly beautiful. But, underneath all of that, she is just a caring loving funny amazing person.

Anyway, we had been out for drinks a couple of times and on our third, I guess you could say ‘date’, we were sitting in a restaurant when she slid an envelope across the table to me.

A little puzzled I opened it, and inside was a piece of paper with an address written on it and a key.

Looking at me with that cute shy smile she has she said that it was her address, her front door key, and she would be home by 5pm tomorrow evening.

I knew what this meant, we had talked about it previously. I took the envelope and the rest of the evening went by kind of quietly as we were obviously both thinking of tomorrow. We said our goodbyes with a slightly nervous kiss and went our separate ways.

I didn’t really sleep a lot that night, I was thinking over a couple of things that I need to explain for this to make sense.

Firstly, I am bi, but haven’t slept with a man for a couple of years, preferring the company of women, although few and far between, this is now my preference.

Becs however, well, she is, shall we say ‘curious’. She has never slept with a woman, never kissed a woman, until me, and is a little sensitive about certain acts and parts of the body.

You could say she is a little confused, but her curiosity is getting the better of her, or maybe it’s just me getting the better of her.

Ultimately, there is something there between us, we can’t explain it and have agreed fatih escort not to try, so…………

Emma and becs

Part 1

I have just finished a rather unproductive day at work, mainly because I have been thinking of you. I grab my bag and head out of the building to my car, jump in and drive to your street and I’m lucky enough to find a space to park only 20 metres from where you live.

I check the time, it’s 4.20pm…. checking myself in the mirror, then exiting my car I stand to ponder for a sec, do I take in my overnight bag, am I being presumptious for bring an overnight bag, shaking my head, why am I worrying, you and I both know why I am here, why you gave me your key. I open the boot of my car and grab my bag, closing the boot I then nervously walk to your door, reaching in my pocket for the key I have kept so close to me all day, I unlock your door, pushing open a little bit, peering around it ‘hello’, don’t know why I am waiting for a reply, I know you live alone, and I know I am early. I push door and step into your hall, closing door behind me.

I turn and look around, I can see doors, all closed. Do I open a door to find the lounge?, I decide that I shouldn’t, feels like an intrusion, you’ll say I’m being silly I know, but its nerves I guess.

Placing my bag down on the floor, I lean against wall, deciding to send a few emails from my phone while I’m waiting. As I am typing I hear noises outside, footsteps, then the door, and……a pizza menu slips through the letter box and damn near gives me a heart attack.

Deep breath, I pick up the menu, giggling to myself and place it on the table in the hall, looking at my watch, 4.46pm, stepping back to check myself in the fall length mirror on the wall. Straightening my white shirt, smirking, undoing the top 2 buttons, hands smoothing out the slight creases in my black pencil skirt, leaning forward to check my eyes, teeth, adjust my hair a little, then I hear it, the unmistakable sound of a key in a lock, again, I jump a little….nervously smiling, I look at door as I stand facing it, and there you are, poking your head around door, istanbul escort that adorable shy smile on your face. I feel myself catch my breath, I mean, I know you are beautiful, but today, maybe because I am in your home, you are a vision.

You step in and close the door behind you, nervously looking at me, the floor, around your own hall, like you have never seen it before.

Giving myself a talking to in my head ‘its fine Emma, we both know what will happen, just get a grip and get on with it…..

Stepping towards you, closing the gap between us, lifting my hands, lightly placing them on your hips, standing close, eyes fixed on yours ‘hello hon’, you smile as I lean forward, my lips slowly, gently coming to rest on yours, both of us smiling as our lips touch.

Nervously I apply a little more pressure with my lips, our kiss closer, lightly flicking the tip of my tongue out to run over your lips, you parting your lips a little in anticipation of my tongue.

For some reason I hesitate to push my tongue any further into your mouth, all of a sudden a little nervous.

You sense this and throw your arms around my neck, one hand into my hair, pulling me closer, your tongue entering my mouth.

I melt into our kiss, all my will power, the only thing keeping me standing as my legs want to give way, but I get over it, kissing you deeper, our tongues together, a long slow deep kiss.

I move forward, pressing you up against the door, my hands reaching up to take yours from around my neck, holding your arms down by your side I quickly twist, turning you to face the door.

Releasing your hands, one of mine reaching up to brush your hair to the side, leaning forward to kiss your now exposed neck, my other hand on your hip as I stand behind you.

Both of your hands up, palms flat on the door, your hips gently pushing backwards.

Continuing to kiss your neck, softly sucking the soft skin, little whimpers escaping your mouth as you tilt your head back, offering me your neck.

Your hair wrapped around one of my hands, the other hand slowly traveling down over your hip, thigh. My fingers taksim escort pulling and bunching up your cute little a line skirt.

Grabbing the hem of the skirt as I bunch it up in my fingers, pulling it up over your thighs, leaving the screwed up material to rest on your hip.

Kissing your neck, your shoulder, hand releasing your hair, moving down your side, squeezing around towards the front of your body. You move back a little giving my hand room.

Taking advantage of the space you have given me I run my hand around, over your stomach. All the while, kissing , slowly licking and gently nibbling your shoulder, neck and earlobe. Causing more of the cutest whimpers and sighs I have ever heard to escape your mouth.

Slowly running my hand just under your breasts, thumb ever so lightly lifting to gently trace over your bra, your hard nipple already pushing against the material.

I hear you gasp at the lightest of touches to your nipple.

My other hand moving over your hips, across the bunched up skirt at your lower back, then, taking a deep breath I lower my hand, over the material of your underwear, my own breath ragged as my hand caresses your perfect bum.

You hips pushing back, pressing your firm bum against my hand. Your legs parting to give your balance, your back arching as you push out your bum.

I run a finger down the crease of your underwear, between your buttocks and feel your legs shake.

Feeling your bum, my hand travelling all over each side, lightly squeezing. I then run my hand down lower, between your thighs, leaving the edges of my hand to touch your inner thighs, my open hand resting between your legs but not touching.

Sucking your earlobe, feeling you tremble, your hips stopping, I know you are wondering what I am doing with my hand.

I just hold it there between your legs, close to the material of your underwear but not touching. Still, I can feel the heat emanating from your pussy, I stiffen my middle finger, raising my hand just enough for my finger to make contact with your underwear.

Slowly dragging my finger backwards, barely touching, but I feel you stiffen and moan.

Smiling I pull my hand back, place my hands on your shoulder and turn you around to face me.

Your eyes wide, face flushed as I take both of your hands in mine and lean forward to whisper in your ear

‘take me to your bedroom bec’s.’

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