Escaping the English Winter

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My name is Alice and I am sat in a small bar in Corralejo on the island of Fuerteventura. I am thirty-nine years old and going through a mid life crisis. My partner of five years left me about nine months ago for a younger woman then I was made redundant from my job in the financial sector in London. My parents own a holiday home so I decided to escape the cold British winter and spend six months away in the sun. Most of the time, I have been on my own and thoroughly enjoying my new found freedom.

I looked over to see three girls and two boys enter the bar. They sat down and ordered drinks from the barman. One of the girls walked past my table as she went to find the toilets. She smiled when she passed the table and we said hello. A little while later, the girls and their companions left and she walked over to my table.

“Is it okay to sit here?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied adding, “My name is Alice.”

“I’m Kirsty,” she responded with a broad smile.

We chatted for an hour or so and I found out that she was a twenty year old student on holiday with the two girls. They had met up with two boys and she was left on her own. There were only three days left before returning to England and Kirsty didn’t expect to see much of her friends. We left the bar and I walked with Kirsty to her hotel because it was on the way to my house.

As we got close to the hotel, I said, “Kirsty, I am going to the beach tomorrow, do you want to join me?”

“Yes, please,” she replied.

“I’ll pick you up at ten o’clock if that’s okay.”

“Sure, I’ll look forward to it.”

Kirsty walked into her hotel and I strolled along the road to my house. Once inside, I walked through to the bedroom and stripped off my clothes. As I looked at myself in the full length mirror, I realised that I was feeling horny for the first time in months. The last time I had sex was almost a year ago before my partner, Daniel, left me and I had only masturbated a few times.

I looked at my body in the mirror and realised that I looked good with the all over tan that had built up during my three months in Fuerteventura. I had a curvy figure if a little overweight with firm medium sized breasts and long legs. My dark brown nipples were standing to attention and I looked down to see my unkempt brown pubic hair.

I lay on the bed and my hands massaged my boobs. I imagined that it was Kirsty’s hands on my body. Why, I don’t know as it had been fifteen years since I had experienced sex with another female. My hand reached between my legs while my other hand teased a nipple. My pussy was wet and I used my fingers to open my slit. I moaned at the thought of having sex with Kirsty.

I licked my fingers before returning them to my pussy and teasing my clitoris from it’s hood. Whilst I massaged my breast, I slipped a finger deep into my cunt to find that sensitive spot on my vaginal wall. I moved my other hand down to stimulate my clit as I rubbed my finger against my g spot and my breath became ragged.

“Oh, Kirsty, I cumminnnnnng!” I shouted as my orgasm hit me.

I fell into a deep sleep. Next morning, I woke feeling great and ready for the day ahead. As I had my shower, I noticed my thick pubic bush had become a mess so I used my scissors to trim it neat and tidy then shaved my pussy lips. I walked back into the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Much better, I thought.

I put on red and white striped bikini bottoms and a white t-shirt then a pair of red shorts. White sandals completed my outfit then I tied my long brown hair in a pony tail before having a cup of coffee and croissant for breakfast. After packing a bottle of wine, some water and food in a cool box, I grabbed my beach bag and left the house.

I drove the short distance to the hotel and Kirsty was waiting on the steps at the front entrance. She looked good dressed in a short white mini skirt and light blue loose fitting shirt. She was carrying a beach bag and jumped into the car.

“Hi, Alice,” she said with a big smile.

“Hi, Kirsty, you look fabulous!” I replied.

She settled into her seat and I drove off then I said, “Kirsty, I usually use a nudist beach about twenty minutes drive away.”

“I’ve never been to nudist beach but I guess it’s okay,” she replied, giggling.

Some twenty minutes later, we arrived at a small car park then walked a few hundred yards along a winding path to a beautiful sandy beach. It was away from the tourist area and used mainly by local residents. We found a secluded sand dune and placed our towels down. I took off my t-shirt to reveal my firm breasts and I saw that Kirsty was standing looking at them. I slid my shorts and bikini bottoms down escort bayan kağıthane together and stepped out of them, leaving me naked.

Kirsty was blushing as she watched me then she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. She reached behind to unclasp her bikini top then let it slide off her shoulders. I stared at her firm young breasts with dark areoles and small nipples. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop then stepped out of it before she slid her bikini bottoms off. I looked over and saw that her black pubic hair was trimmed very short.

“Let’s go for a swim,” I said, smiling at her. As we walked towards the sea, I reached for Kirsty’s hand and said, “You are a very beautiful young lady.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “It’s nice of you to say.”

We walked hand in hand into the sea and played around for about thirty minutes. The beach was very quiet as it was mid week and Kirsty seemed to get more relaxed about being nude when we strolled back up the beach to our private dune. We dried off then I started to apply sun tan lotion over my body.

“Kirsty, can you do my back?” I asked.

“Sure,” she replied and started to massage the sun lotion on my back. Her hands moved down towards my butt then she hesitated as she reached my taut bottom.

“Should I put some on your bum?” she asked excitedly.

“Go ahead,” I replied then I felt her hands stroking my buttocks and a finger run down my crack. I felt my nipples start to harden and my pussy tingle. I was becoming turned on by Kirsty’s hands. I opened my legs a little more and let out a sigh as she rubbed more lotion on my bottom.

Kirsty smacked my bottom playfully and said, “Nice bum, Alice”

She handed me the sun tan lotion and lay down on her front. I emptied some lotion on to my hands and gently rubbed it on her back. As I reached her white buttocks, I increased the pressure with my fingers then ran a well lotioned finger up and down her ass crack. I heard a gentle moan from Kirsty and she wriggled a little when my finger rested on her puckered hole.

“That’s all done,” I said and moved back to my own towel.

We spent the next hour soaking up the sun and chatted about ourselves. Yes, we talked about our sex lives and Kirsty explained that she had a boyfriend who lived in her home town. They saw each other once a month and, recently, their relationship had become sexual. Her previous sexual experience had been very limited but she was enjoying experimenting with her boyfriend.

I told her about my breakup with my last partner and how I was now living a celibate life. I told her that I had experimented with girls in my early twenties and Kirsty admitted to kissing another girl but that’s all.

After we enjoyed a snack and a glass of wine, we decided to take another dip in the sea. I stood and held out my hand to help Kirsty stand. She readily accepted my hand and kept hold of it while we strolled down to the sea. We fooled around for a while with lots of accidental touching of each others bodies. The beach was still quiet and we seemed to be lost in our own world.

“Let’s take a walk along to beach to dry off,” I said.

“Great idea,” Kirsty replied, then grabbed my hand and we walked out of the water.

We strolled hand in hand along the beach enjoying the peace and quiet. We saw a couple walking towards us and Kirsty held my hand tighter as they got close to us. The woman was in her early thirties with dirty blonde hair and the man was much younger than her. I glanced over and saw that he had a huge cock dangling down between his legs.

After they passed, Kirsty giggled and whispered, “Did you see the size of his thingy?”

“Yes, I have never had one that big!!!” I said in a quiet voice.

Suddenly, Kirsty stopped and embraced me. Our lips met while we shared our first tender kiss. Our breasts touched when our bodies squashed together.

She stepped away and said, “Sorry, Alice, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s okay,” I replied then added, “I quite enjoyed it.”

We turned around and headed back to our secluded dune. We spent the afternoon chatting and getting a tan. Around four o’clock, we packed a up our gear and headed back to the car. When we reached Kirsty’s hotel, she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks for a great day out,” she said.

“I enjoyed it,” I replied then added, “Do you want to come over to my house for dinner?”

“Yes please!” Kirsty responded enthusiastically.

I told her how to get to the house, just a short walk from the hotel then added, “See you at seven.”

When I got home, I prepared a meal for us. Some chicken wrapped in Spanish ham escort bayan beyoğlu and a salad with strawberries and ice cream for desert. I put two bottles of Cava in the fridge then I had a long shower but resisted the urge to masturbate. I hoped that Kirsty may be ready to have sex with me tonight. I dressed in a tight low cut top without a bra, a red thong and skimpy red shorts. I left my shoulder length brown hair hanging free and slipped on some open toe red sandals.

At a few minutes after seven, the doorbell rang and I rushed to the front door. Kirsty stood there dressed in a light green loose fitting top and a white mini skirt. She looked fabulous. I leaned in and kissed her on both cheeks before inviting her into the house.

“Kirsty, you look so beautiful tonight,” I said.

“Thank you, Alice,” she replied then added, “you look hot!!!”

We walked through and on to the veranda. Kirsty sat down while I went back inside to get two glasses of Cava for us.

I handed a glass to Kirsty then said, “Cheers and thanks for coming over tonight.”

“Cheers,” she replied then added, “Let’s hope we enjoy ourselves!”

We chatted as we ate our meal and drank a few glasses of Cava. Suddenly, Kirsty stood and walked round the table.

She bent over and whispered, “Do you want me to stay tonight, Alice?”

“Yes, I hoped you would want to stay,” I replied as I stood and took hold of her hand leading her to my bedroom.

We shared a passionate kiss while our bodies were pressed intimately together. My tongue licked along her lip then she opened her mouth to allow my tongue to enter and explore. My hands ran up and down her back while we kissed passionately. I felt her hand rest on my taut bottom and her tongue pressed against mine then she stroked my butt.

I moved slightly away from Kirsty and stood admiring her beauty. She smiled then her fingers started to undo the buttons of her top. One by one as they opened, more bare skin was revealed and I could tell that she was not wearing a bra. She let the top slide off her shoulders then she threw it onto a chair. I smiled when her firm young breasts came into view, her small nipples were already erect.

She reached behind to unzip her skirt then it fell to the floor leaving Kirsty in just a see-through white thong. She picked up her skirt and placed it on the chair then she curled her thumbs in the sides on the thong.

I stepped close and said, “Leave it on, darling, I will take it off later.”

Kirsty’s hands moved up and she placed one over each of my boobs. She tweaked each long hard nipple between fingers and thumbs through the material of my top. I moved my hands up and massaged her firm breasts. We stood there for a few minutes playing with each others tits until I stepped back and removed my top.

Kirsty smiled and said, “You have great boobs, Alice.”

I just smiled and unbuttoned my shorts while still maintaining eye contact with Kirsty. I slid my thong down and stepped out of it, revealing my naked body to her again. We move together and share another long passionate kiss. My hands run up and down her smooth back and I felt her hands teasing my ass cheeks apart. While our tongues explored each others mouth, I felt her finger run down my ass crack and settle on my puckered hole.

“Let’s move to the bed,” I said breathlessly.

Kirsty stepped away and took hold of my hand to lead me to my large double bed. I took the duvet off and she lay down on the mattress. I lay down beside her and l could smell her lovely perfumed body. My hand massaged a boob while I licked her neck then my other hand slid down between her open legs and rubbed against her thong.

“Oh, Kirsty. your thong is soaking wet, darling” I said. “Do you want me to make love to you?”

“Yessssssss!” Kirsty replied.

I trailed my tongue along her neck then down to a breast and took a small hard nipple into my mouth. My hand rested on her thong covered mound while I gently nibbled on her nipple. Kirsty was panting and moaning as my tongue licked her nipple held gently in place between my teeth. I rubbed my hand against her inner thighs while I moved my mouth to her other tit. I bit a little harder on her small nipple and my fingernail gently grazed along her inner thigh.

My tongue trailed down her body, coming to rest at her bellybutton then I licked at it. My hand moved back to her mound and rubbed her soaking thong when my tongue reached the waistband. My thumbs curled into the waistband and I started to slowly slide her thong down to reveal her juicy cunt. Kirsty raised her ass to allow me to slide it down to her thighs. My tongue continued it’s journey towards her lovebox and I could smell the womanly aroma escaping from it.

I kissed her short trimmed black pubic and I saw that her pussy lips were bare. I slid her thong down her long tanned legs until it was clear of her body then I moved it to her face to allow her to smell herself.

“Oh, Alice, make me cum!!” she asked between short breaths.

I moved round between her legs and raised them on to my shoulders to allow me to get my face close to her hot wet cunt. She arched her body to push herself towards me but I moved a little and planted a kiss on her inner thigh. I sucked very hard determined to give her a lovebite to remember our night together.

I saw that her pussy lips were already open and her bud had emerged from it’s hood. A beautiful bright red colour against the delicate pink of her cunt and standing erect like a small penis. My tongue licked up her open slit several times and I felt her body arch to meet my tongue. Suddenly, her body tensed then relaxed and I was rewarded with her juices flowing over my tongue.

I moved my mouth and my tongue licked along the inside of her thigh. I heard Kirsty moaning and panting as my thumbs rubbed her vaginal lips then I slid a finger into her hot wet pussy. My finger probed her cunt walls searching for that sensitive spot.

I felt her body tense and she shouted, “Just there, Alice!!!”

My finger rubbed against her wall as my palm rested firmly on her furry mound applying pressure and my tongue lapped at her pearl. Kirsty arched her body as my finger continued to tease her g spot and my tongue licked her engorged clitoris.

Again, she tensed then relaxed as another orgasm hit her causing her to cry out, “Oh, fuck, that was wonderful!!!!!!”

I moved away from her red hot cunt and kissed her stomach before my mouth founds its way to her breast. I nibbled on a nipple and tweaked the other one between my finger and tongue before continuing my journey to her face.

Our lips met in a passionate kiss and our tongues teased each other before I spoke, “Kirsty, you taste so sweet, hope that was as good as you expected.”

“It was much better, thank you sooo much,” she replied then added, “Let’s rest a while then maybe I make you cum.”

“Okay, if you’re sure,” I whispered as our lips met again.

We lay kissing then I felt Kirsty’s hand on my boob and kneading it forcefully. She took my long hard nipple between her fingers and gently pulled at it then she went back to massaging my breast. I was becoming very turned on and my pussy tingled as she worked on my tits.

“You have great tits!” she said breaking our kiss and moved her mouth to a boob.

My hands rested in her hair, holding her close to my tits. I felt her take a nipple between her teeth then gently bite while she ran her tongue over it. It felt good as I felt my breath coming in short gasps and I knew she had me close to a first orgasm. She moved to my other tit and her mouth and tongue worked it’s magic again.

“I’m close, Kirsty, make me cum, darling!” I shouted.

As I spoke, I felt her fingers running through my pubic hair then a finger run up my hot wet vaginal lips. My whole body started to tingle then a wonderful strong orgasm hit me. As I relaxed, I could feel Kirsty tongue licking down my stomach on a journey to my pussy.

“Let’s both try to cum together,” I said and I lifted Kirsty on top of me so that her mouth was close to my inflamed cunt.

As she pulled me close and her mouth covered my pussy, I licked her inner thigh then my tongue ran up her pussy lips. I could still taste her juices from her last orgasm and I felt her tongue start to invade my wet cunt. I slid a finger into her and I felt her finger slide into me. We were mirroring each others actions as we sought to climax together.

My finger found that sensitive spot on her vaginal wall as my tongue lapped at her engorged clit then I felt her finger rubbing on my g spot and her tongue licking around my pearl. I felt Kirsty squirm and I knew she was close like me so I increased the pressure with my finger and slid another into her cunt. I felt a second finger slide into me and furiously fuck me.

“Fuck me, Kirsty!” I shouted as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Kirsty fought to keep her mouth on my clitoris as my body reared up and down with her fingers driving in and out of my twat. My fingernail scratched against her vaginal wall and my tongue teased her bud.

“I’m cumminnnnggg!” she screamed as her juices flowed from her cunt sending me over the edge coating her mouth with my womanly fluid.

She rolled off as we relaxed after our very intense orgasms then we kissed again.

“Alice, that was fantastic!!” she said excited then added, “Can we do it again in the morning?”

“Of course we can!” I replied with a broad smile on my face.

We drifted off to sleep naked in each others arms, fully satisfied and spent.

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