Gargi Ch. 03

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I would like to tell my readers that those looking for quick, fast and furious action will probably be better off looking elsewhere but I hope that those who want to read a good story will find this one rewarding.

I hope that my Marathi speaking readers will appreciate conversations that took place in Marathi. These are recorded in italics. For the benefit of others, these are immediately followed by English translations.

Please read Ch. 01-02 for the sake of continuity.

Please do vote and send me your constructive feedback.


Ch. 01-02 Summary: A young, temporarily grounded air hostess and an even younger (18+) management trainee are neighbours. He falls for her and after a long while, she too falls for him. They finally do it on a Sunday afternoon. His strength and vigour are restored by an excellent seafood meal cooked by her and they do it several times more, until it’s time for him to go…

Ch. 03 explores Gargi’s background and her quirks…


Gargi was a very unusual girl, full of quirks and surprises. She spoke beautiful, cultured Marathi and convent school English. Only when she was sexually aroused did she lapse into profane Marathi and use words like zav, laoda, puchhi, gaand, mau (fuck, cock, pussy, ass, tits) etc. She later told me that she had picked up her profane vocabulary from Marathi pornographic books that friends in her all girls’ boarding school used to circulate. She was not coy about expressing her needs and wishes to me and was willing to try out new things.

She was justifiably proud of her body and had no inhibitions about showing off her naked curves to me when we were alone. Except for her pussy, that is; for some strange reason that I couldn’t fathom, she was extremely reluctant to expose it. We had to find a way for my hands and my cock to have full access and yet hide her pussy from my eyes. There was no problem when she wore a blouse and a short skirt. But when she was in a sari, it was a real chore to keep concentrating on my amorous explorations while she kept checking every now and then that her pussy remained concealed under her petticoat. We eventually found a solution in the form of a half-slip. It covered her from hips to mid-thigh, leaving the rest of her body naked for my eyes to feast on and yet was loose enough for my hands to freely access her naughty parts. In fact she took to wearing a half-slip under her petticoat whenever she dressed in a sari (which was most of the time), when we were together. We both could now relax and enjoy since I could strip her of her blouse, bra, sari and petticoat, then reach under her half-slip and slide off her panties too, yet keep her pussy covered. My roving hands could then roam all over her delicious curves, including her thighs and her pussy, without let or hindrance. When it was time to fuck, the half-slip could easily be slid up enough to let my cock access her cunt without exposing it to my sight.

After letting me strip her, Gargi used to wrap a chunni around her shoulders, to cover herself against drafts of air generated by the overhead fan. Her wide hips clad in a snug fitting satin half-slip, her plump shoulders, generously proportioned breasts, rounded belly and deep navel providing a peek-a-boo show through a translucent chunni carelessly wrapped around her shoulders and to top it all, her naughty nipples tenting the thin fabric: tuzla eve gelen escort Oh, what a visual feast it was for my hungry eyes! In fact, a half-clad Gargi looked far sexier than a naked Gargi!

We could spend long hours together, just kissing and cuddling. She loved to sit on my lap, cocooned by my enveloping arms, thrilling to the touch of my fingers exploring her soft curves and the delicious folds and valleys of her flesh. She loved licking up my saliva as it dripped from my tongue. I too enjoyed returning the favour when we kissed with her lying on top of me.

“Majhya balala dudu paju de!”

“Let me nurse my baby!” She murmured one day as we lay entangled in each other’s arms.

She sat cross legged with my head in her lap. After covering my head under her pallu, she unhooked her front opening blouse, unfastened her bra strap, uncovered a breast and then fed the nipple in my mouth. We spent long minutes together as I suckled her teat while she ran her fingers through my thick hair, exactly the way millions of nursing Indian mothers and their infants do. Covered by her pallu, surrounded by her warm, soft body, breathing in her feminine scent, suckling on her swollen nipple and feeling the shivers of pleasure it caused her: That is one of the most erotic experiences I’ve ever had.

Gargi loved to play with my cock and I had no inhibitions about exposing it to her. Although she’d had sex with a few partners before me, she apparently had little experience in handling a penis, other than using her fingers to guide it into her pussy. I sometimes winced due her unintentionally rough handling. But she was a quick study and soon learnt how to caress and stroke my cock and testicles, pull back my foreskin & so on, without causing pain. She was always amazed to see my slowly hardening cock until it became fully erect, throbbing with my heartbeat.

She knew about fellatio from porno books and movies but didn’t have any experience other than the one occasion when her boyfriend had tried to make her suck his cock and she’d had to fight him off. Although it wasn’t a very pleasant experience, it hadn’t been off-putting enough for her to altogether swear off it. She began tentatively by sniffing her fingers after handling my wet cock head and then graduated to licking them. She then started to lean in close as her fingers stroked my cock and finally gathered the courage to land a quick kiss on my cockhead, licking the sticky fluid off of her lips. She liked the scent and taste of my pre-cum and decided to go further. All this while, I watched indulgently with my hands clasped behind my head, my thighs splayed open to allow her full access.

“Zor karu nakos hunh! Mala majhya paddhatine karu de!

“Don’t force me, OK! Let me do it my way!” She admonished.

I watched in fascination as she progressed from quick kisses to fleeting licks on my cock head, her fingers slowly peeling back my foreskin until my entire crown and the ridge behind it lay exposed. I suppressed a moan and rigidly controlled my hips from jerking, lest she felt threatened. She licked up a big dollop of pre-cum as it welled up from my pee slit and then continued to lick all around and on the underside of my crown.

“Kasse watatay?”

“How are you feeling?”

“Uhh… Changle watatay!”

“Uhh… Feels good!” I couldn’t stop my hips from jerking tuzla otele gelen escort up.

“Pan ataa purey. Zavu de mala!”

“But that’s enough! Let me fuck!” I growled.

I pushed her on to her back and mounted her and we were soon fucking away to glory, her fist thrust into her mouth to muffle her screams while I grunted lustily as my cock repeatedly tested the depths of her pussy…

As Gargi gained confidence and was reassured that I wouldn’t try to force my cock down her throat, she became more adventurous. She would now take my entire crown in her mouth and suck and lick it, as I gloried in the heat of her mouth and the amazing sight of her full lips wrapped around my shaft. With her hand firmly gripping my shaft, she tried a couple of times to take it in further, but her gag reflex was too strong. Other than the little involuntary movements of my hips and my hands occasionally brushing back her hair when they obscured my view, I was content to let her do her thing. Choking my partner’s breath or making her vomit was not my idea of fun.

We spent many a long afternoon with me reclining on the couch while Gargi lay curled with her head in my lap, licking up my pre-cum as it dribbled out of my hard cock. Sometimes we lay side by side in a 69 position with Gargi sucking my cockhead while I fingered her pussy – under her slip, of course. I too loved the scent and taste of her pussy juices as I licked them off my fingers.

Altogether, we both had a thing for body fluids. Pre-cum, pussy juice, saliva, sweat, we loved them all. Sometimes I used to slowly rub my drooling cock head all over her breasts, armpits and face, leaving a trail of sticky pre cum while she waited patiently for me to present it at her half open mouth for her to suck.

I never came in her mouth. But she wasn’t averse to once in a while licking our combined juices off my cock after we had climaxed. She got a kick out of me licking sweat off her body, particularly her hairy armpits. She was persuaded to stop using deodorant in her armpits, since I didn’t like its synthetic smell overpowering her natural scent. As a result, she sweated more. I have always thought that dark wet patches of sweat under a woman’s arms make her look sexier…

She started calling my cock Nagoba (The Cobra) since it reminded her of a cobra raising its hood. I used to call her pussy Chiutai (Little Sparrow) as I thought of it as a shivering little sparrow, drenched in the rain.

Even though Gargi’s sprained back had recovered by now, her physiotherapist had suggested that a back massage once in a while would do her good. As always, I was ever ready to help. Since Gargi didn’t like the strong smell of allopathic liniments, we decided to use natural oils. We experimented with oils like coconut, til (sesame), sarson (mustard) and jawas (linseed). I liked jawas oil best, since it complemented her natural scent. In any case the therapeutic effect was perhaps more due to the physical stimulation and the friction and heat rather than the oil used.

She would lie face down, wearing only a half-slip. I would kneel by her side and pour just a few drops of oil on her lower back and then spread it, using my fingertips. I would start with slow, circular movements and gradually build up the pressure, using the heels of my palms to thoroughly knead and massage her flesh, eventually tuzla sınırsız escort covering her entire lower back. She would sigh and utter little moans of pleasure as she felt the heat and pressure of my hands relax her muscles. Inevitably, another kind of heat would start building up. I would unfasten her half-slip and slide it down to reveal the beautiful, well rounded twin globes of her ass and proceed to massage them too, without any objection from her. Pretty soon, our arousal would interrupt the massage and hot, hard sex would follow…

On one occasion, my finger accidentally slid into her ass crack. Seeing no reaction from her, I continued further. She relaxed her muscles and subtly moved her thighs apart, letting me explore deeper. Soon, I was circling her anus with the pad of my oily finger. Her sphincter slowly relaxed and I pushed my finger in to the first knuckle. I kept fingering her ass for a few minutes while she kept her eyes closed, clearly enjoying the sensations. I am pretty sure Gargi would have loved for me to continue my anal exploration and perhaps even let me fuck her in the ass if I wanted. But somehow, I wasn’t enthused with the idea of putting my cock in that dirty place. I never tried to do it again…

“Mala diwas gele tar kaay hoil yacha kadhi vichar kelayes?

“Have you ever thought about what will happen if I become pregnant?” She bowled me over one day while we were relaxing after an energetic romp.

“Nnn… Nahi! Khare tar tuch kahi tari kele asel asse mala watley…”

“Nnn… No! I really thought that you must be doing something to…” I trailed off sheepishly.

“Tumhi purush sagle ek sarkhech ahat. Sagli khabardari amha mulinwar dhaklayachi ani apan phakta majja karayachi. Asech na?”

“You men are all alike. You want to have all the fun and expect us girls to take all the care! Isn’t that so?” She’d hit the nail on the head.

I stuttered some lame excuses but she was having none of it. After grilling me and giving me a hard time for a few more minutes, she relented.

“Kitti gora mora zalayes! Pan tu kaalji karu nakos. Mi sagli khabardari ghetli ahe. Amchya air-hostesschya nokrit amhala hey sagle baghawech lagte…”

“Oh! Don’t look so sheepish! I’ve taken care of everything, don’t you worry. In our job as air-hostesses, we need to take precautions…” I breathed a sigh of relief.

I learnt from her that some reputable clinics with well qualified staff offered discreet and highly professional services tailor made for the needs of airline flight crew, particularly the women. That included regular health check-ups, prescriptions for birth control pills, the occasional D&C (dilation & curettage) procedure in case of failure of contraception (abortions had not been legalised yet) and courses of antibiotics in case someone caught the clap…

Those were the good (?) old days. There was no TV, no internet, and no mobile phones. The (very unreliable) landline connections were scarce and were treated like family heirlooms, to be passed down the generations. There were no auto rickshaws in Mumbai, only taxis. The roads were terrible. There used to be only two flights a day between Mumbai and Delhi… On the other hand, there was no HIV / AIDS. Other prevalent STDs (then known as VD or venereal diseases) were easily treatable by available antibiotics. Birth control pills, although expensive, were available on prescription, while morning after pills had not yet made an appearance. Bareback fornication carried relatively low risk. Although the Great Indian Middle Class by and large remained conservative, the upper crust and others exposed to winds of change from the West (including airline crew) had apparently taken it up with gusto!


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