Given Perfect Chemistry

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Foster City, California — 2029


I really should drink less of this stuff, Anna thought as she poured herself another iced coffee. She had already had seven or eight glasses today, a couple more than usual. Pouting a little, she returned the pot to the mini-fridge under her desk.

It was her ritual upon arriving in the office each morning: she would brew a pot of good coffee, wait for it to cool, add sweet, thick condensed milk, then leave the pot in the fridge until it was cold. Since she arrived no later than seven thirty every morning, the coffee was always ready to drink before nine. The first pot was usually gone by mid-afternoon. Then she would brew another.

The coffee was more or less the only unhealthy habit in which Anna indulged herself. She was otherwise the model of self-discipline. Healthy eating, plenty of exercise and a tireless work ethic. How else, she reminded herself proudly, would one become the youngest ever female CEO of a Fortune 500 company?

It was true – and at the age of forty-one, she had beaten out the previous record holder by a full five years! Not to mention that despite working insanely long hours she still maintained not only a perfectly toned figure but even the complexion of a much younger woman. Maybe a little too much coffee wasn’t the end of the world.

She closed her pale blue eyes and leaned back a little in her sumptuous leather desk chair. She tugged at the fringe of her immaculately straightened platinum blonde hair and toyed with the Rolex on her wrist. It was now around seven in the evening. Anna had been in the office for a full twelve hours.

She could hear the cleaning woman moving around outside. Awesome, Anna thought to herself, she’ll be in here disturbing me in a moment. Well for her sake, she’d better not dawdle – my time is far too valuable.

As she heard the cleaning woman approach the door of her office, Anna inhaled deeply through her nose. She began to feel a little lightheaded. She paused, exhaled, then drew in another deep breath. She thought she detected a hint of some strange smell in the air. It was not unpleasant, just difficult to place. Sort of sweet, but…

Now Anna felt even more lightheaded. Her mouth felt dry and all over her body she felt an odd tingling sensation. Boy, she thought, I must really be tired. She heard the door open, and she opened her eyes.

Anna breathed in sharply. Her eyes widened and her jaw fell slowly open. Suddenly her whole world was in turmoil.

The cleaning woman was slowly backing through the door, pulling her metal cart through after her. Anna’s gaze was fixated on the woman’s ass. It was… huge. So huge that it seemed barely to fit through the door. And not just wide, but round, full and curvaceous too. The usually unflattering skirt of the janitorial uniform clung to it like an indecent rag, as though it were hard to find enough material to drape over it.

As the cleaning woman backed through the door, her massive buttocks moved slowly up and down in a rolling, fluid rhythm. Anna became mesmerised. She couldn’t look away. Time slowed to a crawl as she stared. Her whole body felt hot and heavy, her heart thumped in her breast. She felt a hint of wetness between her legs.

What the fuck is happening? she yelled silently. She had never once in her life felt like this – never so intensely or so suddenly. Especially not about a woman. Especially, she thought with a flash of contempt, about a fat cleaning woman. I must be ill, or losing it. Something is seriously wrong here.

The cleaning woman was now fully inside the room, cart and all. She turned slowly to face Anna.

Her thick mane of glossy, black hair tumbled down her back in loose curls, held away from her face by a wide, colourful fabric headband. She had fairly dark skin, and her almond-shaped eyes were such a deep, rich brown that they looked almost black. Her red lips were full and pillowy. Her cheeks were fat and rounded and she had a large double chin. She wore a bored expression indicative of careless detachment from her thankless, menial task.

The pale green fabric of the cleaners’ uniform button-up shirt struggled hard to contain her huge breasts and her wide, fat belly – a Herculean task in which it seemed doomed to fail. Her legs with their thick thighs discernible beneath the olive skirt were clad in thin, black tights.

Anna sat slumped in her chair, open-mouthed and breathing heavily. She felt unable to move or speak. All she could do was stare.

The scent which she had detected before was now overwhelming. Although it was rather warm in the office and there was a visible sheen of sweat on the fat woman’s skin, it wasn’t that which Anna could smell. Or at least, not just that. It must be her perfume, thought Anna, though it did not smell like any perfume she had ever come across. It was very strange but somehow… intoxicating.

All that Anna could think about, as she stared, was peeling those layers hd porno of fabric from the woman’s sweat-glazed curves, sticking out her tongue, letting her head sink down…

“I clean?”

The question, lazily drawled in a thick, Hispanic accent, shook Anna from her reverie. She looked up dazedly at the woman’s face, as though struggling to remember why she was there.

“Miss – I clean?”

Only now did Anna realise she was expected to give an answer. When she tried to speak, she found that a lump in her throat prevented her from getting the words out. Instead she nodded dumbly.

The fat woman gave a vague shrug, then turned back to her cart to retrieve supplies. As her enormous ass swung slowly back into view, it once more became the sole focus of Anna’s attention. Blood pounded in her ears and cheeks as her thoughts were again replaced by erotic fantasies.

As the woman moved about the room, Anna’s eyes followed her. She worked extremely slowly, but Anna didn’t care. She didn’t notice. All she could think about now was getting closer to this woman. She had to find a way to initiate contact.

Then it hit her. She was, well… her. She was powerful, she was strong, and she was sexy too. If she wanted something – however strange or wrong it may seem – she didn’t sit there wishing for it. She had never in her life done that and she didn’t intend to start now! Whenever she wanted something, she went and she damn well took it.

While the woman’s back was turned, Anna undid one button on her white, silk blouse. Then she stood up and sauntered as casually as she could around the edge of the desk, running a finger along its edge as she did so. On the other side she stood pressing her firm ass against the edge of the desk. Her ankles were casually crossed and the heels of her palms rested on the wooden surface. She held her head up straight and made her eyes look fierce and proud.

The fat woman did not seem to notice Anna at all, instead just carrying on with what she was doing. After a long while, she happened to glance in Anna’s direction. Anna made eye contact and said in her best imperious tone, “You – come here.”

The woman set down her cloth and turned to face Anna, but otherwise she didn’t move. She regarded Anna coolly. Anna struggled to maintain her composure. She repeated, only a little less firmly, “Come here.”

After thinking about it for what seemed like forever the cleaning woman gave her palms a cursory wipe on her skirt, then took a few leisurely paces towards Anna.

If she were standing up straight, Anna would have reached about five foot eight. This woman was perhaps a couple of inches taller. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, but it was hard to tell.

As she approached the smell of her exotic perfume – or whatever it was – intensified. The air itself felt thick and heavy, and Anna felt her legs start to tremble. She bit the inside of her lip as she tried to keep it together.

Anna opened her mouth to start speaking, then realised she had forgotten what she was going to say. Fumbling for words which wouldn’t come, Anna felt herself getting more and more tongue-tied. And the other woman just kept staring at her with those cool, brown eyes.

Finally, just as it seemed she’d forgotten how to speak, Anna blurted out, “I’m very important!”

Anna struggled to keep herself from physically cringing. The other woman, of course, did not respond.

Regaining herself a little, Anna straightened up and continued, “I mean, uh – you know who I am, right? I’m the boss of this whole place. What I say goes – understand?”

The cleaning woman did not react. Her gaze didn’t even flicker. Then after some time, she answered quietly, “Si, señora. You big boss lady.”

“Yes, that’s right,” affirmed Anna, remembering just in time who she was trying to convince. “I’m in charge. And if you give me what I want, I could -“

As she spoke, Anna was acutely aware of how ridiculous she sounded, how sleazy and cheap. She’d been the target of endless sexual harassment over the years, and many of those come-ons had sounded a lot better than this one. But she was desperate. She didn’t know what else to try. So she ploughed on.

“- I could do a lot for you in return. I mean – a lot.”

The woman said nothing at first. Her expression shifted almost imperceptibly – a glitter in the eyes, a minute twitch of the lips – but it was enough. She understands! thought Anna. She understands – and she’s not horrified!

With just a hint of amusement in her voice, the fat woman drawled, “So… what you want, miss?”

Anna’s wet lips parted slowly. Her eyes glazing over a little, she breathed in a thick, soft voice – “Kiss me.”

The other woman’s big lips spread slowly into a broad smirk. Anna floated off into a dream-world as the woman moved towards her. Now the fat woman’s big soft breasts and belly, damp with sweat, were pressing against her, pressing her hard against the desk. As the fat woman leaned in, Anna’s eyes rolled back in her head and sex izle she made a soft whimpering noise.

The woman’s lips moved past Anna’s eager mouth without making contact. They grazed Anna’s cheek on the way to her ear, where they whispered, “You have to wait.”

Then the woman turned and walked away, took up her cart and moved unhurriedly towards the door. Anna sank to her knees in despair, her eyes still helplessly glued to the cleaning woman’s big, beautiful ass.

As the door opened and then closed Anna sank down to all fours. Then her head sank down to the floor as well. Without any conscious thought, her hand moved up between her legs and starting rubbing. Within ten seconds she came hard, keeling over onto her side as she did so. She lay there panting heavily.

All she could think was, “God, god, fuck… please let her be back tomorrow.”


Anna was tired. Her head felt fuzzy. Her limbs felt stiff. Coffee hadn’t helped.

She hadn’t slept at all last night. She couldn’t stop thinking about the fat cleaning woman. She’d masturbated seven times – or was it eight? She’d lost count. The one time she’d briefly dozed off, she’d woken up to find herself masturbating again. She was utterly powerless to stop herself.

I’m the poster child of discipline, she thought – I’m the queen of self-control! That iron will which had carried her through a dazzling career – starting as a pharmaceutical sales rep at the age of eighteen to where she was now, CEO of one of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies – all that poise and grit, where was it now? In one day, what had become of her? Who was she?

It was seven thirty in the evening. She had finished her work an hour ago. But she couldn’t leave. So she just sat here in her office – waiting.

When she finally heard the cleaning woman moving around outside, she was flooded with ecstatic relief. Then she thought with dread – what if it’s not her? But it was… right? Of course it was. It had to be.

As the person outside approached the door, Anna caught a whiff of that now familiar scent. Once again relieved, she sagged happily in her chair and breathed in deeper.

The door opened. That vast and curvaceous rump once again filled Anna’s vision. Anna found herself once again enraptured and immobile. A small stream of drool began to trickle from the corner of her open mouth.

The woman moved around the room, again working slowly. Again Anna’s eyes followed. Anna’s thoughts were again dominated by visions of carnal desire. She found herself yearning desperately to suck on the fat woman’s nipples.

Eventually it dawned on Anna that the woman had no intention of acknowledging her existence. It would again be up to her to take action. But she was more confident this time.

She stood up and strutted around the desk. As she did so, she undid three buttons on her blouse, so that her breasts were almost entirely on display. Then she leaned against the desk in the same position as she had yesterday, waiting for the other woman to turn round.

When she did, Anna immediately made eye contact. At first neither of them spoke. Then the cleaning woman gave the barest hint of a smirk, a twitch of the eyebrow. Anna took this as her cue. She purred in her sexiest voice, “You owe me a kiss.”

Anna hoped desperately that she hadn’t come on too strong. She was relieved when the other woman began slowly walking towards her.

The fat woman pressed against Anna in the same way as she had yesterday. Anna was overcome with arousal. As her head tilted back, the fat woman moved her palm round to catch it, sliding her fingers up into Anna’s hair. She pulled Anna’s head forward a little and stared intensely into the blonde woman’s dazed and expectant eyes.

Then she said, “I’m not going to kiss you.”

Anna felt like she’d been punched in the stomach. She felt her whole world crumbling. Wild-eyed now, suddenly on the verge of tears, she sputtered, “…bu- bu- bu-…”

The other woman continued casually, “But if you want…”

Anna stood stiffly, clutching the desk. She was hanging on the fat woman’s words.

“…if you want, you can kiss my feet.”

Anna was totally nonplussed. This wasn’t how she had expected this to go down. What the hell was happening?

“Sure,” the fat woman continued smoothly. “I sit here…”

Now it was her turn to wander round to the other side of the desk. Anna’s eyes automatically fell to her ass as she went. Then she eased her enormous backside into Anna’s chair, which creaked as it took her weight.

“I sit here,” she repeated, as she kicked off her flat black shoes, “you go down here…” She pointed under the desk, wiggling her toes within her black tights as she did so. “…and you kiss my feet,” she finished matter-of-factly.

Anna’s head span. She couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She, an important woman, a respected person, get down on the floor and… altyazılı porn and this menial woman, who she could buy and sell with a snap of her fingers – this fat cleaning woman, this nobody, expected her to… she, Anna Baskin, CEO – kneel down and kiss some fat woman’s sweaty feet?

But oh fuck, why did that sound so good? She wanted to do it. Fuck… she really wanted to do it! How could she possibly want to do it? How could she…

With a start, Anna realised she was already sinking to her knees. Then, slowly, as though in a trance, she crawled under the desk.

Down here on the floor, by the woman’s voluptuous, nylon-clad legs, that scent which Anna now craved was overpowering. Anna inhaled rapidly and deeply through her nose, over and over again. Her eyes glazed over and the floor seemed to tilt listlessly. Her chin was wet with drool.

She crawled forward and knelt up. The other woman was sat leaning back in the chair, the edge of the desk pressed into her big belly. Her legs were halfway parted and stretched out towards Anna, knees only a little bent, feet resting on the floor. From this angle, Anna could see that the black tights were actually thigh-high stockings. For a moment Anna wondered vaguely where the woman bought them. Those thick thighs were so vast in circumference that it was scarcely credible any mass-produced stockings would fit them.

Then, without thinking any more about anything, Anna reached up and hooked her fingertips under the elastic encircling the fat woman’s right thigh.

As she pulled at the elastic and peeled the thin nylon away from the brown, sweat-slicked flesh, Anna trembled and whimpered needily.

The right stocking came away, quickly followed by the left. Now Anna was down on her hands and knees, her head lowered almost to the floor, barely an inch from the fat woman’s right foot.

She heard a vague whisper at the back of her mind: stop, stop, don’t do this. But it was no use; she couldn’t stop herself. She puckered up and kissed.

As soon as her mouth made contact with the foot, she was racked by a jolt of arousal so intense that her whole body shuddered stiffly. For a moment she was paralysed. Then, with sudden, wild abandon, she began licking every inch of the fat woman’s foot. She whimpered and moaned loud like an animal, her pussy throbbing and tingling as juice trickled down her thighs.

It tasted so good… so, so good. How could it possibly taste this good? Anna had never before in her life been so turned on.

At some point, she swung to the right and began giving the left foot the same treatment. Then, when she had tasted every inch of both feet, her greedy tongue moved up to the seated woman’s fat ankle. Then up her gorgeous, brown leg, until suddenly Anna was lapping at the woman’s sweaty inner thigh.

It was then that Anna felt a pair of hands clutch her hair at the back, pulling her in further. Her arousal spiked again fiercely, and she whimpered even louder.

Anna’s mind was utterly blank, her entire body throbbing with ecstasy. The taste of the fat woman filled Anna’s mouth; the smell of her filled Anna’s nostrils. Anna – though she still could scarcely believe it – was in paradise.

As her head moved even further up the woman’s leg, pulled inexorably by those insistent hands, Anna’s tongue moved ever more frantically.

As she pulled Anna’s head in that last inch, the cleaning woman smiled triumphantly, let her head loll back, and closed her eyes.

Anna’s loud squeals and moans were heavily muffled as she lapped exultantly at the fat woman’s hot, wet, hairy cunt. Every moment she spent down there was sheer bliss. She couldn’t help but love being used in this way. Two days ago she would hardly have deigned to acknowledge this woman’s existence, and now… here she was, servicing her like a desperate slut. It was so wrong – but it turned her on so much.

After some time, the fat woman began moaning loudly. She pulled Anna’s head in harder and started thrusting rhythmically against Anna’s face.

Then all at once she was cumming in hot, gushing waves, a roaring torrent which Anna gladly drowned in.

As wave after wave of hot cum drenched Anna’s face, her arousal surged to a staggering, tempestuous crescendo. Unbearably intense pleasure, combined with a lack of oxygen, rapidly overwhelmed Anna’s consciousness.

All awareness and sensation vanished, leaving only a faint roaring in her ears – then nothing.


When Anna came to, it was dark. Her mouth felt dry. She looked around in the dim light, struggling to remember where she was. An office… her office… yes… but why was she here? Why was she sitting down in the corner of the room?

Anna was sitting on the floor at the back of the room, huddled in the corner with her back against the wall. The little light in the room was artificial, coming in from outside through the large window behind the desk.

Anna looked down at herself. Her blouse was fully unbuttoned, displaying her black, lacy lingerie bra. Her legs were completely bare, also of underwear. Her right hand was down between her legs. The index and middle finger were extended and pressed together, resting just inside the lips of her pussy.

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