Grandfather Whores Me Out

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The following story is essentially true. The events happened pretty much as described, though I have embellished some of the details – after all, this occurred when I was much younger, and I can’t remember everything precisely as it happened.

Names have been changed where needed.

By my twelfth birthday, I had been sucking my grandfather’s cock for about five years, and orally servicing a few of his choice older friends that he shared me out with. Along the way, he had also had me fuck my cousin and take her virginity when we were both 10, and that had been the only time I had ever seen my grandfather get a full erection. I had also started sucking and fucking several girls and boys closer to my own age, and had had anal sex with one adult male, though I had never told my grandfather about any of these. He knew I loved to suck cock, his or his friends, and I had fucked my cousin at his direction, but that was about it.

Up until then, my grandfather had never had anything but oral sex with me, or occasionally having me ‘fuck’ him by placing the head of my cock inside his foreskin. He had never tried anal sex with me, and even when he had me fuck my cousin and he actually got a hard-on, he didn’t try anything other than having her suck his cock with her, either.

On my twelfth birthday, my grandfather promised to take me shooting, and I eagerly looked forward to it. He loaded his shotgun, rifle and revolver into the back seat of his car, along with ammunition for each, and we drove out into the country. A friend of his owned a place out there that backed up into the woods, right at the foot of a mountain, and my grandfather had made arrangements with him to let us shoot on his property. His friend was a widower, and a member of the local volunteer rescue squad, where my grandfather was also a member.

My grandfather showed me how to use each of the weapons, how to load them and fire them safely and properly, and I was having a great time. He and his friend watched as I shot up all the ammunition my grandfather had brought, and they both laughed the first time I fired my grandfather’s 12 gauge shotgun – he had loaded it with magnum shells, and that first blast nearly knocked me on my ass. I hung on, though, and kept firing away, even though my shoulder was taking a beating from the recoil.

After I ran out of ammunition, grandfather put the firearms away in the back seat of his car, and we all went up to the back porch of his friend’s house to cool off a bit. His friend brought us out some iced tea, and we sipped that and cooled off for a few minutes. I wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation, thinking how much fun I’d just had, when my grandfather asked me if I would like to suck his friend’s cock for him.

The request didn’t really surprise me, as I had gotten used to my grandfather sharing me with his friends, and I simply nodded my head and walked over to where his friend was sitting in a chair. As he unzipped his fly and took his cock out, I knelt in front of him and reached out for it. His cock was still only semi-erect, by the first touch of my hand cured that, and I began to stroke it for him, sliding his foreskin back and watching the first drop of pre-cum form at the tip. I leaned forward and licked it from the slit, stroked his cock another time or two, then gently kissed the tip. He moaned as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, and I flicked my tongue around it, then across the slit a couple of times, before I took his cock deeper into my mouth.

As much as I loved sucking my grandfather’s cock, I always thoroughly enjoyed sucking his friends as well. Almost all of them were able to get fully erect, and my only disappointment with my grandfather was that his cock was never more than semi-erect, except that one time when he watched me fuck my cousin. I had grown to love the feel of hot cum spurting into my mouth, and his seemed to just simply seep out continuously as I sucked him, rather than coming out in great spurts as he came. Still, I loved sucking the old man.

His friend was constantly moaning now as I stroked his cock with one hand and bobbed my mouth up and down on it, licking and sucking, occasionally taking my mouth off it for a few seconds to lick around the head of his cock like a lollipop. I could see my grandfather watching us, with his cock already out as he waited for his turn, and I could hardly wait to have him in my mouth as well.

I felt his friend tense up, and I knew what was coming next, and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. He began to cum, spurting it deep into my mouth, and I struggled to swallow as much of it as I could. It filled my mouth, and some seeped out onto my lips and dribbled down to my chin, but I kept sucking and swallowing until he had finished, and for a couple of minutes after, until he had grown limp. I let his cock slip from my mouth, licked some cum off my lips, and looked him straight in the eye as I used a finger to wipe his cum off my chin, then licked my finger clean.

My grandfather was awaiting his turn, and I moved over and began to stroke his cock, repeating the same process I had with his friend. As I began to really get into sucking his cock, almost oblivious to anything else, I just happened to hear his friend ask my grandfather if he would let him fuck me in the ass.
The thought of a good ass-fucking got me very excited, and I began sucking my grandfather’s cock a bit more vigorously as I listened to the conversation. I loved having a cock in my ass, and had had several of my young male friends fuck me in the ass, as well as an adult just a few months before. As I said, my grandfather knew nothing of this, and he wasn’t sure about letting his friend fuck şişli bayan escort me in the ass, thinking I was still an anal virgin, and the other man might hurt me. As I continued to suck his cock, I was silently begging my grandfather to say yes.

Finally my grandfather was satisfied, and I let his cock slip out of my mouth, waiting to hear his decision. His friend promised to take it easy on me, and stop if it began to hurt me, and my grandfather thought about it a few minutes. He never thought to ask me if I would like it, and I would have been hard pressed to conceal my excitement if he had, and would have probably given away my secret that I had done it before.

Finally my grandfather said yes, and his friend went into the house for a minute, returning with a can of shortening. I was told to strip naked, and did so gladly, as my grandfather’s friend did the same. He positioned me over the top of the picnic table on the porch, lying on my stomach with my feet on the porch, and had me spread my ass cheeks while he got a closer look. He took a bit of shortening on one finger and smeared it around my ass hole, making sure he got some inside as well – as his finger entered me to spread the shortening, I was almost breathless with excitement. Once my ass was well lubricated, he smeared some of the shortening on his rock hard cock. It was somewhat larger than any cock I had had in my ass before, but not excessively so, and I was sure I would be able to take it easily.

Once he was ready, he positioned himself behind me, and I could feel him rub the head of his cock around my ass hole, then the pressure as he pushed against my sphincter muscle. I had learned to relax to make penetration easier, and as I did so, the head of his cock slipped past the sphincter and into my ass hole. He hesitated a second, then began to slowly push the rest of his cock inside me, stopping only when he had it all inside my ass. My own cock was rock hard by now, and he asked if I was okay, and I nodded yes. He began to slowly ease his cock back, the gradually pushed it back in again, a little faster this time. He kept increasing the speed and tempo, and I began to rock back and forth to meet his thrusts, loving the feeling of having his huge cock filling my ass hole.

My grandfather, I noticed, was standing to one side watching, with his trousers off, and his cock was standing fully erect. I smiled at him as his friend gave my ass a thorough fucking, glad that once again my grandfather had been able to get a full hard-on, and hoping he would put it to use in my ass as soon as his friend was finished.

Within a few minutes, his friend began to falter a bit, losing his rhythm, and I knew he was close to cumming. Finally he plunged his cock deep into my ass, and I could feel him spasming as he tried to push deeper, ever deeper, his cum spurting into my bowels. He tried to fuck me a bit more as his cock began to grow limp, but this second cum deflated him a bit quicker than the first, and he finally slipped his cock out of my ass.

My grandfather, already lubed up, was behind me in a flash, his cock head pressed against my ass hole. His cock went in much easier, since my ass had already stretched out a bit from his friend fucking me, and he didn’t waste any time taking it slow and gentle. He immediately began thrusting in and out as fast as he could go, and I rocked back to meet his thrusts, absolutely thrilled that my grandfather was finally fucking me in the ass. He had never been able to before, with a half erect cock, but had apparently been excited enough watching his friend fuck what he thought was my virgin ass to get a full hard-on.

As he continued fucking my ass, I flexed the muscles in my ass to tighten and loosen my ass hole around his cock as I rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. I loved my grandfather, and had been happy to suck his cock for him for almost five years, and now I was able to give him this new gift, and let him fuck me in the ass. He was banging away happily, and I was thrilled to have him filling my ass with his cock. I felt him begin to tense up and rocked back onto his cock, taking its full length inside me, as he began to spasm and twitch inside me, shooting his cum into my ass. I rocked back and forth on his cock a few more times, milking as much of his cum into my ass as I could before he grew too limp to continue.

As he and his friend cleaned up and got dressed, I lay across the table, feeling their cum seep out of my ass and run down the back of my legs. I had cum a couple of times myself, without ever having even stroked my own cock, and fired my cum onto the porch below the table. My grandfather’s friend saw this, and the bit of cum still hanging from the head of my cock, and pointed it out to my grandfather as proof that I had enjoyed having my ass reamed. My grandfather took a damp washcloth and wiped the cum from the back of my legs and cleaned up around my ass, and had me put my clothes back on. As usual when my grandfather was sharing me with one of his friends, neither of them offered me so much as a handjob, but I didn’t mind.

At my grandparent’s house that night, my grandfather, as usual, took me to the back bedroom where he and I slept when my mother brought us up to visit, and my mother slept in my grandfather’s bed in the front room. She and my grandmother had made a deal with my grandfather several years before, to allow him to continue to have sex with me whenever we were there to visit, as long as my grandfather agreed not to molest my two younger brothers.

Up until then, my grandfather and I had satisfied ourselves with simply swapping blowjobs. My mother and grandmother were sleeping in the next room, in separate beds, and şişli escort there was an open doorway between the two rooms with nothing but a curtain over it. We didn’t normally make a lot of noise, though I’m sure my mother and grandmother could tell we were sucking each other’s cocks.

That night, though, my grandfather wasn’t going to be happy just having his cock sucked. He actually had a hard-on again, and he wanted to make full use of it. He got some shortening from the kitchen and lubricated my ass hole with it, then lubricated his cock, and had me lie over the bed on my stomach with my feet on the floor as he fucked me in the ass again. The springs on the old brass bed were really squealing as my grandfather pounded his cock into my ass, and I rocked back and forth with each stroke, much more noise than they normally made when we swapped blowjobs. My grandfather was grunting and groaning more than usual, as well, and with just a curtain between our room and the room my mother and grandmother were in, I knew they were getting an earful. Sure enough, I heard the floor creak in the next room, and looked up to see my mother’s face peering around the curtain as my grandfather pounded my ass with his cock. She saw me look at her and dropped the curtain back in place and went back to her bed.

The next morning was pretty quiet, though I did overhear my grandmother telling my grandfather it had sounded like he was fucking a French whore the night before. My grandfather told her to hush, and that was all I heard about it.

The next weekend, my grandfather took me to visit his friend out in the country again, and I got to suck each of them off and have them fuck me in the ass, just like before. My grandfather was so happy he was able to get his cock fully erect again to fuck me in the ass, though when I was just sucking him off it still remained only semi-erect. Also, once he had cum, his erection wouldn’t come back for several hours, so he was only able to fuck me in the ass once each time. His friend, though, fucked me twice this time, in addition to having me suck him off for an appetizer.

Again that night, we kept my mother and grandmother awake as my grandfather made full use of his erection and my ass. We made enough noise on that old brass bed that one of my brothers, who still slept on the floor in the living room, even asked the next day what had been going on. I just smiled and told him I would have to show him sometime.

The next weekend when we went up to visit, my grandfather took me with him to the building the local volunteer rescue squad used as a station house. There was a vehicle bay with a couple of rescue trucks and a boat, since there was a lake right behind the station, as well as a bay with some bunk beds in it for members who wanted to spend the night there, showers and toilet facilities, equipment rooms, offices, and a kitchen and small dining room. Every Saturday, several members would show up to take care of whatever maintenance the trucks needed, and to clean up the station house, and sit around and chat for a bit.

After giving me a tour of the station house – we had driven past it many times, but I had never been there – my grandfather helped some of the guys with the cleaning and maintenance duties, then a group of us sat around the dining room for a while. I listened, fascinated, as the men told stories about the various calls they had been on, of victims saved and victims lost, and so on. Eventually most of them had left to go home, leaving just my grandfather and me, his friend I already knew from the previous two weekends at his house, and two other older men. They put the vehicle bay doors down and locked the outside doors, and we all met back in the dining room.

As the other three men watched, the friend of my grandfather’s who had fucked me in the ass the two weekends before unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, and I got to my knees in front of him and began to suck him off. As I did so, the other three, including my grandfather, took their pants off and watched, their cocks hanging out, stroking their cocks as they awaited their turn.

One of the strangers was next, but my grandfather had me get undressed before I began to suck the second man’s cock. The man I had just sucked off got completely undressed as well, then went into the kitchen as I began to suck the second man’s cock. I saw him out of the corner of my eye as he returned and placed a can of shortening on the table. I knew what that meant, and got so excited by the prospect that my already hard cock began twitching and jerking as I shot a load of cum on the floor. The cock in my mouth began spasming a moment later, as the second man emptied his load of cum into my mouth.

The third man took his turn as my grandfather waited patiently, watching me service his friends’ cocks. I was growing more and more excited as I finished sucking him off and took his load into my mouth, knowing I was that much closer to getting a good ass fucking. I began to suck my grandfather’s cock, which was more erect than usual, but still not quite completely hard, and a few minutes later he was satisfied and I let his cock slip from my lips.

I was positioned face down over the table, with my feet on the floor, as the first man went through the familiar process of lubricating my ass and his cock with the shortening. I felt the head of his cock push against my ass hole, then the head popped inside. He didn’t hesitate, and instead slipped his entire cock into my ass with one swift stroke. He began fucking my ass with long, swift strokes, and I quickly began rocking back and forth on his cock. My own cock was hard again by then, but I had both hands gripping the side of the table to hold steady mecidiyeköy escort as he pounded his cock into my ass. Still, by the time he had shot his load of cum deep into my ass hole, I had already cum a second time myself, just from being fucked in the ass.
The second man lined up, and pretty soon my ass was taking another pounding as he fucked me fast and hard. My grandfather was watching, a huge grin on his face, and I was so happy to be making him so happy, letting his friends fuck me.

The second man came rather quickly, and the third lined up for his turn. By now my ass was stretched quite a bit, and he rammed his cock into me in one swift motion and began fucking away. My young cock was already hard again, and as the third man fucked my ass, it was all I could do to keep from cumming again. I wanted so badly to save it for when my grandfather was fucking me, and I could see his cock was fully erect now as his turn neared.

Finally the third man shot his cum deep into my ass. He managed to keep stroking his cock in and out of my for another minute or so before it grew too limp to continue, and he pulled it out and stepped away. My grandfather took his place immediately, quickly ramming his cock home in my ass, and we quickly established a rhythm. He had barely been fucking me for a minute or so when I came again, firing another load of cum onto the floor, pushing back as hard as I could onto my grandfather’s cock. He continued fucking me for several more minutes, then he, too, fired his load of cum deep into my ass.

Two of them, the first man and one of the others, took another turn at my ass, and once everyone had fucked me all they wanted, I knelt on the floor in the middle of the group and sucked and masturbated them, taking each cock into my mouth, both hands working on those who were waiting for their turn. One of the men, unable to wait his turn in my mouth, shot a load of cum onto my face as I sucked another cock, and once the cock in my mouth had fired its load of cum, I wiped the cum off my face with a finger and licked it off.

Once everyone was satisfied, I was able to clean up most of the cum that had seeped out of my stretched ass hole and run down the back of my legs as the others got dressed. I heard one of them compliment my grandfather on having such a good grandson, and they all seemed quite happy with the experience. I eventually got cleaned up and dressed, but as I did so I saw one of the men slip my grandfather some cash before he left. A second did the same, but I had missed it when the first friend, the one who had fucked me the two previous weekends, had left, so I wasn’t sure if he had paid my grandfather off as well.

I didn’t say anything about it to my grandfather, but watching him take money from other men for letting them fuck me made me angry. I loved my grandfather, and would have done anything he asked, even let all of his friends fuck me if he had wanted, but that really upset me. Over the years, since he had begun having sex with me, I had learned what sexual molestation was, but I had rejected that as a term for what we were doing because I had always loved doing it so much. I had learned what ‘queer’ was, and incest, and I knew none of what we had been doing was looked upon favorably by most people, but I didn’t care, because I loved him so much I wanted to keep giving him this gift. Then I saw him take money for it.

That night, as troubled as I was by what I had seen, my grandfather and I again kept the family awake with the noise as he took another turn at my ass. I was still upset, enough that I didn’t cum this time – somehow it just wasn’t as enjoyable as it had been.

The next weekend, we again went to the rescue squad, and two of the three other men who had been there the week before had come back for a repeat performance. I gave it to them, sucking each of them off and letting them fuck me in the ass, along with my grandfather, and as I watched, each of them slipped my grandfather some cash before they left. I was furious.

On the way home, I told my grandfather it was over. He wasn’t sure what I meant, and I told him I had seen him taking money from the other men, selling my favors to them like I was a cheap whore. I told him I wasn’t going to be taken advantage of like that, and he had fucked me for the last time. From then on, there wouldn’t be anything between us – no blowjobs, no ass fucking, nothing. It was over.

He pulled into a store parking lot and begged and pleaded with me to change my mind, even offering to split the money with me, but I refused. It wasn’t about not getting a share of the money, I told him, and it wasn’t about sharing me with his friends, I had truly enjoyed that. It was about him taking the trust I had had in him all these years, all the love I had felt for him, and flushing it all down the toilet for money.

I completely shut him out after that. That night, after we went to bed, together in the back room, I simply went to bed and curled up, facing the wall away from him. He tried to get me to change my mind, stroking his hard cock up and down the crack of my ass, but as much as I really, really wanted it, I stood my ground. He had had the last sexual gratification he was ever going to get from me.

The next weekend, he was completely at a loss. I went shopping with the rest of the family on Saturday, for the first time in years, leaving him home alone. That night, he slept in his own bed, in the room with my grandmother, and I slept in the living room on the floor with my two younger brothers. It was well and truly over.

A couple of years later, my grandfather suffered a severe stroke that left him pretty much disabled. Five years after that, he had a massive heart attack and died. As far as I know, he never molested any of his other grandkids after I cut him off, my two younger brothers included, and I never did have sex with him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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