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It was not the first time that Janet had seen her at the grocery store. In fact Janet had seen her each Tuesday morning about 10:00 for the last four weeks. She had already seen her today by the bacon. Every time the reaction had been about the same, weak knees and a racing heart. Janet lingered with the freezer door open looking at the frozen turkey dinners, the cold air barely affecting the raging heat from between her legs. It was good she didn’t have anything on under her knee length jean skirt. That was her one ‘naughty’ pleasure. She felt it was safe since no one would ever know; yet it made her feel sexy. As she shut the door with the window all fogged up, no longer able to see what was behind it, she put three turkey dinners in her basket.

Janet had no illusions of being a stunning beauty, though she thought she was nice looking. She had that natural earthy look that flatters some older women. Her long gray and black hair was often pulled back in a ponytail, but sometimes like today it was just spread across her shoulders. Her last lover had told her she was pretty many times. Maggie had been good for Janet and Janet for her. That was now history and Janet had lived in Rockville for a month. Rockville was about as far away from Morristown as Janet could move. Double that distance would have been even better.

Janet didn’t actually live in Rockville; she lived in a cabin nestled in the foothills about ten miles east. It was secluded in a valley with a stream down the slope from the cabin. There had already been a hard rain and light snow, now the stream had a nice roar to it.

A new log lay on the fire and was just about to catch, loud pops and cracks were echoing though the one room cabin. It was one room that is if you didn’t count the bathroom that sat behind the large rectangular main room. Even though there was just one room, she still thought of the different areas by their function.

As she walked from the living room to the kitchen, she kicked her shoes off and the soft sounds of her bare feet against the floor drifted up to her ears. She enjoyed walking around the cabin barefooted; it gave her a sense of contact with the wooden timbers of the building. Something she enjoyed very much. It was sensual.

By the time she stood in front of the three bags of groceries, her blouse was unbuttoned and the nakedness of her chest partially exposed. The cool mountain air caused her nipples to almost firm up and she touched one lightly with a fingertip. “There,” she moaned out loud as it became erect.

The refrigerator door opened revealing mostly bare shelves. A six-pack of beer, mayonnaise, and some hot dogs from the grocery store today helped make it a little less so. The freezer was just as desperate for company as she stacked the frozen dinners and one package of two small filet mignon steaks neatly on the bottom shelf next to the ice trays. She gave the boxes a little nudge to straighten them before closing the door. A bottle of Merlot was placed on the counter midway between the refrigerator and the sink with a slight twist of the bottle to make sure the label was in the front. She tapped the folded and creased paper grocery bags making sure they were aligned properly before laying them on the others under the counter.

She carried a soft chocolate chip cookie with her and sat on the floor in front of the fire, the new log now indistinguishable from the other flaming logs on a glowing pile of embers. Leaning against the front of the overstuffed leather chair, one knee up, the other leg sprawled out to the side, Janet let her mind drift as she stared at the tops of the flames.

“Bitch!” she screamed out not really knowing where the rage had suddenly come from. But as she thought about it, she began to realize it had been directed at Maggie. As suddenly and loudly, she added, “And for a guy!”

A fingertip played between her legs under her skirt, just touching some of the skin around her opening without any attempt to enjoy what she was doing, just touching out of nervousness more than anything. She nibbled on the edge of her cookie as she remembered how much she had enjoyed nibbling on all the parts of Maggie. That connection between sex and Maggie almost made her want to never touch or be touched by anyone again.

The fingertip snaked inside the wetness and she let her head lay back, her long hair draped over the cushion of the chair. She could not deny how nice what she was doing really felt. Suddenly a loud “Ah-h-h” filled the room for a moment and then she took another bite of the cookie just before the piece would have broken off and fallen into her lap.

The sun peeked over the top of the trees as Janet stood naked on the porch holding her morning cup of coffee. A light breeze blew her hair and she reached up with her free hand to brush a few strands of hair out of her eyes as she turned to go back inside out of the cold air.

She sat the cup on the counter as she passed though the kitchen on her way to take a shower. Standing in the entrance to the nicely tiled shower designed so no curtain was needed, she twisted porno indir the knob for the hot water. As the steam began to rise and fill the whole room, she turned on the cold water, just enough to keep from scalding her, but leaving it hot enough to make her skin tingle. Tingle like it had in the middle of the night as she had flicked her clit around like a punching bag. “God, that felt good,” she mumbled softly remembering that part of the night for the third time as she stepped under the water.

A bar of soap in one hand, a fluffy washcloth in the other, she let the water flow across her breasts and thought of how nice it would be if that were someone’s tongue. The soap lather soon hid the nipple as she rubbed the bar over it far longer than necessary just to get it clean. The cloth splashed as it fell on the floor by her feet, the fingers that had just let go of it now probed her as if digging to China. Her knees weakened and she fell back against the wall. “Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly as the orgasm began and didn’t seem ready to stop for a while.

By mid afternoon, the clouds had cleared and the temperature was nearly 49. Out of the wind, the sun felt good as Janet walked from the cabin towards the stream. A large flat rock provided a quiet refuge from the quiet of the cabin. After all, she was here to recover from Maggie and the only way she knew how to do that was to be alone.

She undressed and carefully folded her jeans and blouse, then laid them near the edge of the rock. Lying on her back, the warmth of the rock against her skin felt like a body pressed against her in the middle of the night. Before she realized it, she was asleep.

It was probably the crack of a branch or the boot against the gravel of the path that woke Janet. She looked around quickly. “Not a bear,” she thought. Before she could react more, a voice called out “Hello.” The sleep worked its way out of her eyes enough to see a face of a woman her age that seemed familiar. Something she thought strange since she didn’t know anyone in Rockville yet.

“Didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Shouldn’t have gone to sleep.” Janet’s mind raced to remember the face as she sat up, still naked and not even thinking to cover herself.

“We’ve passed in the grocery store. I’m Karen.” She reached her hand out not seeming to be embarrassed by Janet’s lack of dress.

Janet crossed a leg as she took Karen’s hand in hers. “I’m Janet. I should have said ‘hello’ in the store. Sorry.” She pointed at the cabin. “I live there.”

“I’ve always liked that place. It was empty for a long time.”

“Just bought it recently. Haven’t seen you up this way before.”

“Thought I’d try a different trail this afternoon. Pretty secluded up here.”

“That was one of the things I liked about the cabin. I just needed to get away from someone and someplace. Have a seat.” Janet patted the rock next to her.

Karen sat down. “My husband became interested in teenagers. Bastard!”


“Nah. Some girl. Could have been his daughter if we’d had any kids. And her twin sister, the three of them in bed. Gross!”

“Very long ago?”

“I don’t know. Maybe 5 months, 1 week, and 2 days ago.” She made a nervous little laugh. “Pretty much past that now. And you?”

“My girlfriend of 15 years. Some guy from where she worked. Bitch! Fucker!”

“I see you’re past that too.” This time they both roared with laughter, holding their stomachs and bending over.

“Want to see the inside of the cabin you’ve liked from afar?”

“I peeked in the windows last summer, but sure.”

Janet carried her clothes and walked barefooted though the tall wild grass along a gravel path, Karen walked next to her.

Karen glanced at Janet. “Your girlfriend?”

“Hope you don’t mind?”

The door closed behind them and Janet tossed a small log on the fire. It instantly began to catch fire.

“Not much to it. Just the one large room.” Janet pointed. “A nice bathroom back there.” She sat on the couch and began pulling her jeans back on.

“Don’t feel like you have to dress because of me,” Karen said as the fingers of her left hand absentmindedly rubbed between her legs a few times, then jerked away as she realize what she had just done to herself.

Janet continued to pull her jeans on. “Don’t be ashamed. I do that too.”

Karen blushed as she realized that Janet had seen her touch herself.

Janet stood to snap the jeans, her blouse was on and dangling open in the front, and then walked towards the refrigerator. “Get you a beer?”

“Would love one. Worked up a real sweat on that 100 yard hike from the stream.” Karen giggled.

Janet opened the freezer and pulled out the package of steaks. “Got two of them. Its nearly 4:30. Want one for an early dinner?”

Karen walked into the kitchen and took the package. “I lust after those every week. Can’t afford them.”

“Me either. That was a little splurge.” She popped them in the microwave to thaw them enough to cook.

Karen took her beer and stood in front of shelves rokettube of CD’s in the living room and flipped though them.

“Feel free to put one on,” Janet called out.

Soon the sound of Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance’ softly filled the room.

“Turn it up more if you want.” Janet paused. “No one to hear us out here.” She chuckled.

Karen half danced, half skipped, as she walked back to the kitchen. “Great song,” she murmured between singing words of the song as she bopped along.

“My favorite of his. There’s some lettuce if you want a salad.”

Karen broke the lettuce head apart and dropped the pieces in a big bowl. “Do you work?”

“A writer. I get a royalty check each month and that’s enough.” Janet held her beer bottle up as if to make a toast. “Here’s to readers.” The bottles clinked together and then each took a big swig.

“Just a file clerk for the town. I’ll never get rich that way. But I get by if I’m careful.”

The steaks sizzled in the pan while Karen finished mixing the lettuce with tomatoes and carrots and then putting it in two bowls. Janet opened some microwave rice and set the timer.

“Sure wasn’t expecting to have a nice dinner tonight.”

“Guess I need to lay out naked more often.” Janet teased.

“Practically a forest nymph.”

“The sailors would have put wax in their eyes rather than ears if I’d been the Siren.” Janet slapped her thigh lightly and giggled.

The light was beginning to fade and the clean dishes were stacked on the counter ready to be put away. They glanced out the window in the living room and both women realized at the same time just how hard it was snowing. Janet opened the front door leaving a wall of snow against the space left by the door. The porch was covered with several feet of wet snow and the snow on the ground looked much deeper. They couldn’t see the stream because of the blowing snow that seemed to fall even harder as they watched. On one post of the porch hung a large circular yellow Pennzoil thermometer with a big red arrow that pointed at 29.

“Oops,” Karen groaned.

Janet closed the door. “Guess you get to spend the night. … I don’t mind.”

“Me either. Not like I haven’t seen you naked. Te he.”

“Not that I haven’t undressed you a few times in my mind.” Janet smiled a wicked little smile.

Karen leaned over and kissed Janet letting her lips linger just long enough to say what she was thinking. Before she pulled back, Janet’s tongue pressed slightly though Karen’s lips in a tender little exploration.

“I have thought about this before,” Karen whispered like she was telling a deep dark secret that she had never told anyone.


Karen pulled Janet closer and kissed her again, a hand lingering over a breast, a fingertip rubbing back and forth over the nipple covered only by the fabric of the blouse.

“I’m glad,” Janet cooed. “It will feel good to just hold you close tonight.”

“Maybe we could open that wonderful looking bottle of Merlot and cuddle for a while in front of the fire?” Karen suggested.

“So you’re a mind reader too?”

They sat on the floor leaning back against the couch; a single blanket wrapped around them both, the fire roaring like the feelings building for each other. A half filled glass beside each other, fingers curled around the stem as they traded little kisses between sentences.

“Why have you thought about this?” Jackie asked.

“Maybe I’ve read too many erotic lesbian stories over too many years. For some reason I have always enjoyed them more than other kinds of erotic stories. Maybe more than even ‘normal’ stories.”

“But you never experimented?”

“Guess I thought I’d just wait until I met you.” Karen leaned over and gave Janet’s cheek another little peck.

Nothing was said for another hour as they leaned against each other, just enjoying the feel of being with someone that seemed to share some of the pain of the other. Under the blanket, their fingers intertwined and occasionally rubbed back and forth against each other.

The bottle was empty, both half asleep, and the fire now just a bed of red-hot coals. Janet kissed Karen’s lips until she was slightly more awake. “Ready for bed?” she whispered softly into her ear and then kissed the earlobe, sucking it gently between her lips.

“If you’ll be my teddy bear?”

“Of course.” Janet stood and reached down to help Karen stand.

Karen leaned the door to the bathroom and smiled while she watched Janet sitting on the toilet. “Seems so personal to watch,” she said very softly almost as though Janet was not expected to hear her.

“It’s okay. Makes me feel closer to you,” Janet said as they traded places.

Karen wiped between her legs and more out of habit than necessity, pulled her jeans up and snapped them shut.

They walked hand in hand to the bed and sat on the edge next to each other. Their upper arms pressed against each other as their heads turned and eyes gazed towards the other’s eyes. There was just a single light peck on the lips.

“Undress porno me?” Karen asked.

Naked, both women pulled the sheet and comforter over them as they lay facing each other, bare skin resting against bare skin, one arm over the others side. Janet kissed Karen a few times on the lips; Karen’s tongue explored Janet’s mouth.

“This is the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon,” Karen said softly, her hand lightly touching things she had not touched before on another person. Her fingertips dipped into the wetness between Janet’s legs just enough to make them also wet. She held her hand in front of her lips and inhaled deeply, then sucked the moisture off. “Even better than in the stories. … Taste me.”

The morning sun reflected though the large sheet of ice over the window by the bed, small rainbows shown on the wall here and there as trees swayed back and forth in the wind. They lay asleep, still wrapped in each other’s arms, lips inches apart. Karen’s eyes flickered slightly as she tried to understand where she was. Janet did likewise.

“I slept better than in a long, long time,” Karen moaned as she shifted her body so it lay more on top of Janet. Her hand reached under the covers until it lay over the folds of skin where she had found that delicious wetness last night. “Guess I’ve liked morning fucks best.” One finger, then a second dug deep inside.

“Oh-h-h my-y!” Janet said loudly as she pulled one knee up towards her chest before stretching it out.

Karen worked the two fingers in and out slowly and her lips kissed their way down from Janet’s lips towards a nipple. As she began to suck the nipple into her mouth, Janet rested her hands over Karen’s hair and her fingers slipped though the long brown strands, occasionally pulling a piece out to the side.

As Karen worked her way down, Janet softly said, “You don’t have…”

“I want to darling,” Karen stopped speaking for a moment, and then started again. “And I want you … I want our lips over all of us.”

Karen flipped the covers back toward the foot of the bed leaving both of them completely exposed. She twisted her body until Janet’s face was next to the top of her thighs. Janet didn’t need any further invitation and pressed her lips firmly against Karen’s pussy, driving her tongue deep inside.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” Karen yelled, for some reason feeling comfortable to express herself in ways she had never felt before. “Suck my cunt!” she screamed. “Eat me,” she growled as she ground against Janet’s mouth. It didn’t take long before Karen was moaning and screaming all kinds of unintelligible sounds.

Lying cuddled in each other’s arms, tips of noses touching, lips extending to touch the other’s lips, they looked into each other’s eyes.

“You learn quickly. Was it as good as the stories?”

“Oh hell yeah! I might be able to get used to this.” Karen giggled.

“You think?”

“It’s Tuesday. I don’t have to work today.”

“I hope you want to stay with me.”

“Let me think…”

Janet slapped Karen’s bare ass and a loud whack roared though the room.

“Guess I will.”

A second slap landed in the same place.

“Ok, Ok. I WANT to stay.”

“That’s better.”

Karen stood by the bed, before walking to the bathroom. Janet leaned over the edge of the mattress looking at the clothes scattered across the floor. She pointed and said, “Messy.”

Karen leaned down and picked up the clothes. “Sorry, we were in too big of a rush last night.”

Janet and Karen sat naked on the couch, covered only by the comforter, and leaning against each other as they watched the fire. A large sheet of ice crashed off the roof as they sipped coffee.

“I love the way you warm me up,” Karen softly said as Janet’s hand rubbed over her breast.

“Maybe we will be frozen in until spring.”

“Only until spring? You may have spoiled me.”

They sat cuddled together for half an hour just touching and cuddling.

“Why?” Janet asked somewhat suddenly assuming Karen knew what she was asking.

“It helped that I’d thought a lot about what it might be like … to be with a woman. All those stories and lots of touching myself helped me work … well it just felt right with you.”

“I wanted you that first time at the grocery store. One day I had to stand in front of the frozen food to cool myself off after seeing you.”

“I’m not that good looking. Am I?”

“To me you are.”

“Can we go slow with this? Don’t get me wrong. Last night and this morning was better than I could have dreamed of.”

“As fast or slow as you want. I am just enjoying your company darling.”

“Darling … I like the sound of that.”

Karen stood in line to pay for a book and flipped though her wallet to find a credit card to use. A picture was tucked in one of the plastic sleeves, a picture of Janet. Karen stood looking at it not knowing when Janet had put it there.

“You’re next,” the person behind her said.

She laid the book upside down on the counter. The woman turned the book over and whispered the title ‘Lesbian Love and Life’, then looked at Karen and smiled. Karen frowned and started to say, “It’s not for…” then said nothing else. The woman whispered, “It’s a good book,” then slipped it into a bag. “It helped me.”

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