Harley My Neighbor’s Son

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My Neighbor’s Son
Hi, my name is Tim. I’m 59, lost my wife to cancer a couple years ago but still enjoy sex whenever I can get it. I have a few things on my list I’d like to do before I lose the urge. I’ve lived in the same house for over 30 years and don’t intend to go anywhere else. I love having coffee in the morning and BBQ in the evening on my patio.
The neighbor’s behind me have only lived there a couple years. They are friendly enough but just don’t socialize. I’ve invited them over for coffee or eats but they always decline. The “neighborhood know it all” says it’s because they are ashamed. They have two sons, 21 and 23 that are both in prison, one for assault and the other for drugs. They have a big dog, Elvis that they ask me to feed if they are going to be gone a few days.
I was having coffee one morning when Jim headed my way with a younger man with him. He opened the gate and came up to the patio.
“Good morning Tim, I wanted to introduce my son, Harley. Beth and I will be gone for a week so Harley has come by to care for the house and yard.”
Harley I suspected was the younger, he hardly looked 21. He was well built, sort of handsome but with a very sad face. Larry said, “I’ll leave you two to get acquainted and Beth and I will be on our way.”
“Have a great trip,” I said to Larry as he walked away. He turned and said Thank you. I turned my attention to Harley.
“Coffee?” I asked.
“That would be great,” he replied.
We sat and talked about where his parents were going, some painting he was going to do and just yakked. Then Harley looked at me very serious.
“I don’t know if you know but I just got out of prison.”
I lied but answered, “No, I didn’t.”
“I wasn’t working and the only way I could make any money was selling drugs. I never did any, just sold them. I got 2 years. Got out early for not causing any shit while I was in.”
We talked some more and I decided to ask about his life in prison. “Other than the obvious, what was life like behind bars? I’ve heard it can be pretty tough, demands made by other prisoners.”
He looked at me with a weird sort of smile on his face and asked, “Do you mean the sex life behind bars?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Well, I was locked in my cell about 4 in the afternoon. By 4:30 I had my cell mates cock in my mouth and by 5 in my ass. Does that answer your question?”
His face had definitely turned to a smile. I wasn’t sure why but I was getting intrigued. I had a friend that I used to suck off and was beginning to get the feeling I wanted to do the same to Harley. We talked some more and it was lunch time. I made sandwiches and fruit salad and we continued our conversation while we ate. After I cleared things away I asked Harley,
“So you were the bottom and your cellmate was the top? Did that last until you were released?”
“Yes and No,” he replied, “After about 6 months Roy was released and I got a new partner. Now I was the top.”
“The first six months, was Roy the only guy you had sex with?”
“OH no, he traded me nearly every day. I don’t know how many guys I had sex with.”
Harley looked off in the distance but it was hard to tell whether he was thinking about the good times or the bad. His face had no expression what so ever. Then I dropped the bomb.
“I want to be your bottom! I want you to be my top!”
I watched his face. There was no change in expression and it didn’t move. His eyes moved from looking at the distance to looking me in the face. “What did you just say?”
“I want to be the bottom to your top.”
“Do you realize what you are asking? Do you realize what I could do to you?”
“I think I do. All I would ask is that you don’t beat me and if I ask you to stop, please stop.”
“But that’s part of why it’s so terrible. I can be asked to stop but I don’t have to.”
We talked a little bit more and finally he agreed. No beating and stop if I ask. Harley got up and went into my house. I wasn’t sure what was happening but followed. I closed the door behind me and when I turned there was Harley. His hands went to my shoulders and I was forcefully pushed down to my knees. He put his hands behind my head and started rubbing my face on his crotch.
He had on a t-shirt, jogging pants with stretch belt and loafer tennis shoes. He ordered me to pull his pants down. I carefully pulled them down over his hard cock. So far I liked being the bottom. The next thing he was holding my head and şişli bayan escort pressing his cock against my lips. My mouth opened welcoming his hard meat in. Over the next 10 minutes I had no opportunity to give him pleasure, he took it. My mouth was hammered with a hard cock until he pushed it all the way down my throat and held me there. I could feel his hot cum fill me. When his climax was finished he released my head and ordered me to suck him dry, which I did willingly. Then without getting dressed he moved over to the couch and sat.
“I have a pretty quick recovery time so don’t go too far.”
Just to be sure I went out and made sure the lock on the gate to the back was locked and then slid the dead bolt on the front door when I came back in. I cleaned up in the kitchen and on the patio and sat across from Harley.
“Get over here on your knees!”
It wasn’t a comment or a request it was an order. As I kneeled in front of him he slid forward until his butt was hanging over the front of the couch. “Suck my balls,” he ordered.
I pressed his cock to his stomach and took first one then the other ball into my mouth and sucked and worked them. After a few minutes of this his cock was getting hard so I licked up the shaft and took it in my mouth.
“Lick all around the base, my balls and down to my asshole,” I was ordered.
I wasn’t too fired up about the latter but did all around his cock and his balls. As I licked down further I hesitated and for that got a slap alongside my head.
“Lick my asshole and push your tongue in, right now!”
I wanted to say NO and quit right there and then but somehow the words just wouldn’t come out. I licked down, then all around and pushed my tongue in. I could taste his nasty shit but I just couldn’t get myself to stop. Then he ordered,
“Take off your cloths and get on your knees here beside me.”
As I kneeled against the back of the couch he started spanking me, hard. Then he stood up and rubbed my asshole with his hard cock.
“Please use some lube,” I begged.
“Do you have some?”
“Get it and hurry the fuck up.”
I rushed to the bathroom and retrieved some lube. I was ordered to my knees in front of him and told to suck his cock, which I did. After a few minutes he told me to put some lube on his cock and then in my asshole. And further I was to fuck myself with three fingers until told to stop. I had done some weird stuff to myself over the years but never fingered my asshole. I sort of enjoyed it.
“Enough,” he said as he pulled my hand away. Then he was rubbing my asshole again and I felt the head pushing against me. And then I felt the pain as it entered. In spite of my preliminary efforts it hurt, big time.
“Oh it hurts so badly,” I almost was crying.
It didn’t make a damn bit of difference to Harley, he just kept pushing. I felt it was coming out my mouth but he just kept pushing. And then I felt his hair tickling my buns and was sure it was finally all the way in. He pulled out and pushed in again and again and again. As the pain subsided I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was beginning to feel. There must have been a big smile on my face as I started to really enjoy being fucked. I was pounded hard and fast for a bit and then slow and easy. I could now begin to believe how a woman must feel when she’s getting fucked in her pussy. It must have been 15 or 20 minutes before Harley slammed me hard and then left his cock buried in my ass. I could feel him filling me up with his cum.
“Man you are a pretty good fuck,” he said, “We’ll have to do this again. Now, clean me up.”
“I’ll get a towel,” I said.
“No, with your tongue,” He ordered.
Once again my mind thought no but my mouth wouldn’t say it. I looked at his cock and saw the shaft was coated with brown from my butt and the head was covered with a mixture of his cum and my shit.
“Get the fuck down here and start licking,” he growled as he grabbed my arm and pulled me down. Then I got a hard swat on the side of my head.
I just about threw up with the first lick up the shaft of his cock. A blow to the top of my head told me I better speed it up. I took his whole cock in my mouth and sucked on it, moving my head back and forth as I did so. After a few minutes he pushed my head back and said, “Let me see.”
Apparently it was clean enough because he got up and hollered “see you later,” as he headed out the door. I almost ran to the bathroom şişli escort so I could rinse my mouth out. As I squished some mouth wash around in my mouth I thought of what my day had been like up till now and what the rest of the day would hold for me. I decided I needed to think about calling off this fantasy I was taking part in.
The more I thought the more I knew I ought to say no more but then I’d think about how great his hard cock felt in my hand and then in my mouth and down my throat. And how delicious his cum was and then how it felt to get fucked and then even how it wasn’t really that bad cleaning his cock up afterwards. I was still debating back and forth when I heard the door open.
Harley looked at me and handed me a small box. Then he pushed the button on a small remote control in his hand and the box rang. “When you hear one ring I want you on your knees stripped down whether I’m here or not. And if its two rings I want you on your hands and knees on your bed with your bare ass pointing to the door. Do you understand?”
“Yes, but I….”
“No buts,” he interrupted.
That’s as close as I got to calling off our little game. Without another word Harley turned and headed out the door. I moved a chair so I could keep an eye out for him because I knew if he waited until he got on my patio to ring the bell I wouldn’t have time to undress and would be in big trouble. I went to bed around 11 and slept until about 8:30 on day 2 before I was roused by the bell ringing once. I hurried down the hall and could see Harley just entering my backyard. When he opened the door I was on my knees with my mouth wide open.
He stopped and looked down at me and said, “You have learned your lessons well,” and with that he started rubbing his crotch against my face. I couldn’t wait for any more playing around so pulled his pants down and grasped his cock in my hand. It was only about half hard so I took it all in my mouth and just sucked, enjoying the feeling as it grew harder and harder. Then he took my head in his hands and started fucking. I was on a cloud, completely absorbed by the hard cock in my mouth. I was also wishing that he would order me over to the couch on my hands and knees but that didn’t happen. Far too soon he held my head solid and filled my mouth with his juice. I was disappointed that he hadn’t fucked my ass first but was happy with the big load.
Without any conversation Harley dressed and left. I looked at the clock and it was 9:40, it had taken only about an hour for our first encounter of the day. I had some breakfast, did some cleaning, watched some porn on my computer and jacked off. I didn’t get dressed because it was a waste of time. About eleven the bell rang twice. My heart started pounding as I headed for my bedroom, looking forward to the ass pounding I was about to receive. I squirted lube on my finger and started fucking myself. I was just getting to three when I heard the door open and Harley coming down the hall. No good morning, no chit chat just hands on my side, hard cock pressing my rosebud and then pushed all the way in. It felt soooo goooood. I could have gone on for an hour with that big dick in and out of my tight asshole but Harley couldn’t. Seemed like only a few minutes before he pulled out which was my signal to turn around and open my mouth. It was another big load I enjoyed but then came the part I didn’t. Licking and sucking his dick clean. But I did and Harley did his usual, dressed and left without any talk.
Harley came over once more for another blowjob and then I didn’t see him for the rest of the day. Day three was pretty much the same, two blowjobs and an ass fuck. But day four was different, much different.
The bell rang once about 9 o’clock. I went to the door and assumed my usual position on the floor. I saw Harley come out his back door but his cell phone was in his hand. Then my cell phone rang so I answered it. “There is a mask on your patio table. Put it on and get down on your hands and knees.” And he hung up. I did as instructed and heard him come across my patio. But I also heard sounds like someone with him.
As he approached me he said, “I’m loaning you out this morning, like I used to get loaned out. You’ll do anything I tell you to, got it?”
I had no idea what was going on but was excited to find out. And I did. A hot hard piece of flesh was being rubbed on my lips and then pushed into my mouth. I was sure it mecidiyeköy escort must be a cock but it felt entirely different then Harley’s, hard and hot. The skin on Harley’s cock kept it soft even thought it was fully erect. This cock was hard, hard, hard and the head was shaped funny, came to a point.
I was instructed to suck it like I would suck his cock. I was just getting going good when I heard moaning, whining sounds. Then it hit me, I was sucking Elvis. I thought no but my mouth said yes and I continued for only a few minutes before I felt squirt after squirt after squirt fill my mouth. It was bitter, very bitter but I swallowed anyway, enjoying the new taste.
“Was it a big load?” Harley asked.
I moaned an answer unable to talk with my mouth full. Then my mask was removed and I could see who my new top was. Elvis was facing away from me and Harley was holding the big dick out back between his legs. What got me was that his cock didn’t go soft. Harley had the skin back so the knot was exposed. I could see cum dripping from the slot. I leaned forward and the tip was rubbed on my lips. I sucked it, not wanting to waste the cum.
Harley released the still hard cock and Elvis went into the other room and laid down and started licking himself. I had sat back, still on the floor and Harley moved in front of me and gave my face the usual rub. As I pulled his pants down and began playing he asked if I had ever had sex with a dog before. I moaned a no as his cock was resting in my throat.” Well I have a special plan for you a little later,” he sort of whispered.
I thought as I sucked I wonder what he has in mind. My thoughts were interrupted by an order to get some lube for my asshole. Finally I’m going to get fucked, but I didn’t realize by which cock. I was back on hands and knees in front of Harley with lube on my finger and then in my ass. Harley got down behind me and in one push was buried in my pussy. I was on a cloud feeling that wonder feeling of his cock. Then he stopped, cock all the way in me and called for Elvis. He came over and started sniffing around and licking here and there.
Harley retrieved a zip lock bag and pulled a wad of toilet paper out. He extended it to Elvis who went berserk, sniffing and licking it. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Harley told me to start stroking Elvis’s cock, which was starting to come out of its sheath. Now keep jacking him off and push the skin back over his knot. I was beginning to get some feelings of desire with this hard, red, angry cock in my hand. But not for long. Harley pulled his cock out of me and rubbed my asshole with the wad of toilet paper. Elvis moved around behind me and started licking my rosebud. And then he mounted me and after stabbing around a few times scored.
At least Harley had some concern when he first started fucking me, that it was hurting too much and that I could take it all. But Elvis didn’t give a shit about his new bitch. He was all for him and all for the fucking. His blunt headed cock touched my hole and was instantly all the way home. I screamed with pain but he didn’t even slow down. I thought I had been hammered before but Harley’s hard fucking was like a walk in the part compared to Elvis. Fortunately Elvis didn’t have Harley’s stamina and after just a few minutes he pushed all the way in and stopped. I thought OH SHIT he’s trying to knot me. Put Harley had his hand wrapped around the knot, keeping me from that.
A couple more minutes and Elvis hoped off and lay down and licked himself. I was sort of in shock as Harley asked, “How was that?”
“Brutal,” I answered.
“Will you want to do it again?”
He laughed and said, “What a slut you are.”
“What was the deal on the zip lock?” I asked.
“Well the boxer bitch next door is in heat. It drives Elvis wild so I rubbed her pussy with the wad of toilet paper and used it to turn Elvis on. It worked didn’t it?”
Motioning to me to follow Harley moved over to the couch and laid back. I moved between his legs and began stroking his dick. I was hoping it wouldn’t take too long cause I could really use some rest. My ass was sore and my knees were sore from being down on the floor for over an hour. I stroked and sucked but it still took about 15 minutes to get Harley off. I sucked him dry as usual and he got up and without even putting on his pants walked out the door and across the yard.
Day four had been very eventful. I wondered what day five would bring but that will be in chapter 2. If you enjoy my work and want to make comments you can email me at
Itsbeenfun99 at yahoo.com

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