He Said not to Wear Knickers…

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NB Both parties included in this story are over the age of 18 and are in a consenting BDSM switch relationship.


For the first time, you have requested a particular dress code: corset, stockings and high heels, covered by a rain coat. Nothing else. You didn’t specify that there would be consequences if I didn’t follow your instructions, but it was implicit in your message that you fully expect these orders to be followed.

But the thought of doing this terrifies me. I want to please you, I really do, and the thought that I may disobey you makes me shiver. I decide, finally, that I will wear knickers with what you have requested, in the hopes that you will understand my feelings on being so otherwise exposed, at least this early on in our relationship.

I lace my corset as tightly as I can by myself, twisting awkwardly as I fumble with the ribbon in the mirror. I take a deep breath and don my knickers, stockings and heels before tightly tying my coat around me. Fortunately you don’t live far away and it is not long before I knock at your door.

You answer it, ‘thank god’ I think as I walk in – in my indecent dress, even hidden by a coat I feel uncomfortable, and I want to avoid your flatmates if possible. This is your intention too, and so we quickly head up to your bedroom. Once you have shut the door securely you ask me to remove my coat.

I do so with trembling fingers, nervously anticipating what you might say. As I let it fall to the floor I direct my eyes downwards as you like me to, and can feel your gaze burning into me.

Your voice is quiet but commanding ‘Have you followed my instructions?’

I gulp, partly at the hidden threat in your apparently neutral question, but also because the sound of your voice, your ‘Master’s’ voice never fails to turn me on.

‘Not exactly, Sir.’

You slowly begin to circle me, kuşadası escort running your hand lazily across my behind, encased in the forbidden lacy black knickers.

‘Then you have disobeyed me Slave.’

I whimper my apology and you tell me to be quiet, slapping me once across my bottom and I yelp.

‘You are mine to do with as I please. If I give you instructions I expect you to follow them without hesitation or rebellion. You have deliberately gone against my orders. It seems I need to punish you to remind you of your place.’

You come to a stop standing behind me, and I can feel your breath on my neck, making me shiver. You suddenly place your hands on my thighs, gently and slowly sliding them up to my hips then to my waist. I exhale and relax slightly at your soft touch, thinking for a deluded moment you are being merciful and forgiving me for my misdemeanour. However in the next second you are roughly pushing me from behind over to your desk, where you order me to lean forward and place my palms against the wall. I obey immediately, my eyes wide, stunned into obedience by your sudden change in behaviour.

‘First of all, Slave, you need to learn to restrain yourself and your actions and to start you thinking about that, I think you need restraining physically.’ Balanced on my heels with most of my weight pressing against the wall I feel your fingers work their way up the laced bindings of my corset. Grabbing each set of ribbons in turn you pull hard, drawing my corset in as far as it will go and you hear my breath catch at the tightness. You slide a blindfold over my eyes, making my already shallow breaths quicken as I am plunged into darkness. You lead me to what I assume to be your bed, but you do not order me to get on top as you normally do. Instead you tell me to lean forwards over the bed frame, arms outstretched, as far kuşadası escort bayan as I can go. I comply, my corset causing me to bend awkwardly and stiffly at the waist, like a jointed doll, as I do so.

I feel your hands at my wrists as you shackle them to the bed frame, effectively trapping me in my awkward pose. You move back to where I am bent over, and I feel your hand stroke and caress one side of my ass and I wiggle happily. This pleasant sensation is suddenly gone and I lurch forward gasping as your palm smacks back down hard. I cry out as you repeat this on the other side and then begin to rain down slaps before demanding ‘will you disobey me again, slave?’

I am whimpering and mewling at this point as I stutter out ‘n-no Sir’

‘Good’ you reply, caressing my now-red behind once again. I feel you slide my knickers down my legs, flicking the backs of my knees hard so I pick them up and allow you to remove the offending article. You move your hand between my legs and I involuntarily press back against you and you feel that I am wet from your punishment.

‘I see you seem to have enjoyed that…well, we can’t have that can we? You must learn to control your urges, Slave, and focus on serving me. Now, let’s see if your punishment has made you learn your lesson, shall we?’

At this point you are unlocking my arm bindings and you drag me back up to a standing position where you reattach my wrists together behind me. You leave me, still blindfolded for a few minutes and I hear you moving around followed by a jangling noise and I begin to shiver and tremble, nervous about what else you have planned. Suddenly your lips are pressing hard against mine and I respond eagerly, my chest heaving in my restricting corset. Just as abruptly you end the kiss, and as I am left gasping you slide something into my mouth that holds my jaws escort kuşadası wide apart. You have gagged me before, but this one is new and unusual and I moan around it, confused.

You had expected this and explain ‘That is a ring gag, Slave.’ I stiffen, now knowing what it is and suddenly realising what it might mean is to come. ‘Now, kneel for me’

I quickly do as you command and you help guide me into place. I sense you moving around in front of me and eventually hear the bed creak slightly as you sit down. Your hands clasp the sides of my head, drawing me forwards and you gently feed your cock through the ring in my mouth. I twirl my tongue around the head and hear you exhale in response.

‘Remember you are my slave. I own you and may do as I please with you. Do you understand?’

I nod, my mouth too full of the gag and your cock to try answering verbally.

‘Then worship my cock, Slave’

I begin to move, stretching my tongue to cover as much of your shaft as I can; using the tip to tease the head into releasing precum as I pleasure you as best I can in the only way the gag allows me to. You reach down and stroke my hair then all of a sudden force my head down into your crotch with both hands. I gag and splutter at this invasion of my throat and desperately try to move away. However, you have anticipated this and as I attempt to move back you grab handfuls of my hair and pull me back in, plunging me down over your cock again and again as I gasp for air around you.

Your breath catches and hisses through your teeth as you pump me, until my mouth is suddenly flooded with your semen and I splutter as I try to swallow it all, still avidly massaging your cock with my tongue to gather every drop. You wait until I have finished cleaning you, then slowly withdraw yourself from my gag, before reaching forward and releasing the head straps and removing my gag and blindfold. You pat the bed beside you, indicating to me to get on top of it. I stand up, unsteadily and lie down beside you and you gently massage the small welts where my cuffs have dug into my skin.

‘Will you remember to follow rules now?’

‘Yes, sir…’

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