Her Place Renewed

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He places his foot on my ass as I am trying to crawl away from him, and pushes me hard down where I am laying on my belly on the floor. The wooden floor cold on my naked body as tears stream down my face. He places his foot on my lower back letting me know not to move.

“Open your mouth you little slut. You think you can talk to me like that?” His voice surprisingly calm for the harsh words that stabbed into my heart.

Reluctantly I open my mouth and he forces the ball gag roughly in. I know better than to fight him. I was wrong in my actions and he has let a lot of it slide lately but I guess he was tired of it. My bright green eyes open in fear, not sure how badly I was going to be punished.

He removes his foot from my lower back and yanks me to my feet by my long auburn hair. Pulling me close to his mouth, his voice low, but angry he whispers in my ear, his warm breath bringing me excitement and fear.

“You think you have run of this house? Who am I you little slut?”

“Ma….rrrr” the ball gag muffling me as I tried to call him Master.

“Oh, I’m sorry I can’t understand you with a gag in your mouth.” The statement dripped with such sarcasm it felt like a knife going through my heart. Fresh tears poured down my cheeks. I knew I had gone too far and gotten to relax in everything. It was only a matter of time before this day came.

“I guess you think that since I am tired and have been busy you can do as you please without threat of punishment.”

Feverishly shaking my head no, eyes wide as I know I am in for it now. His hands tight in my hair he pushes me forward hard where I go splaying out on the floor, my body trembling I lay there waiting for his command afraid to further enrage him.

He walks around me like a hungry predator on a defenseless prey. My body tingling in fear and excitement. I can feel his eyes looking upon me, its almost like I can hear his mind churning trying to decide my best punishment.

“Don’t move.” I see his feet disappear in the next room. I strain hard trying to listen but my heartbeat is so loud in my ears.

I heard the shower start up. I was shocked. A shower? Right now? Why do I have to wait? What is he up to? I lay there still afraid to move, a small chill running through me as the cool floor begins to get to me. I don’t know how long I was there but I was trembling by the time I saw his feet once again in front of me.

I could feel the nasty smirk that must have been on his face. I felt so bad, so dirty, and so ungrateful to him.

“Get up bitch.”

My body cold I weakly get up, standing before him, my head down and hands crossed before me. I do my best not to shake but my body is stronger than my will. Goose bumps cover my entire naked body.

“Go now… to My bedroom.”

Nodding quietly I head to the bedroom still so unsure of his intentions. Once I go inside His bedroom I go to the foot of the bed and kneel. My hands are placed on top of my thighs my legs open for him to see, my head down showing my submission to him. I know better than to move when I am in trouble.

He comes in and looks me over. I know he is proud at how quickly I have returned to my place but I know I have also hurt and angered him by my actions.

“Bend over the end of the bed… NOW!”

I sprung quickly to my feet and bent over the bed… my legs spread open and knees locked, my chest flat on the bed with my hands outstretched above me. He walks to the side of the bed and grabs my wrists roughly. Clicking the metal cuffs on he hooks the chain to the links and locks the chain to the head of the bed. The metal loop securely in the wall as he tightens the chain making it taunt. He then goes to the end of the bed and pulls up the anklets that are locked to the floor just out of site under our bed. Clicking the cold hard metal to my ankles I can no longer move.

Oh god, oh god. Is all that goes through my head as I feel myself locked down, I cannot move and he knows it. The foot of the bed a little rough against my tummy as I wait there for him.

“Is this how you want to treat your Master? With spite laced in all your words? You ungrateful little bitch!”


A paddle lands hard against my ass as I scream out into the ball gag. My mind racing wondering when he had gotten a paddle and how many licks I was in for.


No no no no…. wanting to cry out and beg mercy. Each one landing hard. I could feel my body jolt with the hit. My ass stinging.


Tears streaming down my cheeks as I cry into the gag. I bite down on it trying to fight some of the pain. The heat slowly spreading in my cheeks… kuşadası escort it feels as if all the blood rushed to the surface making my ass so much more sensitive.


I break down into sobs, my mind shutting down as my body burns in pain. My breathing harder I feel his mercy as he undoes the ball gag from my mouth. I can’t say anything but turn my face into the bed and cry uncontrollably my breathing ragged and shallow. He sits by my head on the bed and strokes my hair waiting for me to calm down.

After a few minutes I slowly calm down for him. My heart heavy and hurting for all the pain I have caused him. My breathing now coming at regular intervals and tears slowi

He gets up from off the bed and walks behind me. His hands warm on my ass as he starts to admire and massage his work. I groan softly at the pressure and the intense sensations he sends through me. The mix of pleasure and pain. Mmmmm…

His right hand slides down my cheek and in between my legs. Cupping me gently I hear him chuckle.

“My, my aren’t you just a little slut. The punishment got you all horny didn’t it?”

“Y-yes Master.” I hated to admit it but it was true. His strikes hurt me deeply but they triggered my desire and lust for him. I so badly wanted to please him. I couldn’t believe I had disappointed him so badly. My heart ached with my body, but my heart began to heal as the pain soothed me.

I so badly desired to be taken by him but I knew I might not get release tonight. Especially seeing how upset I had made him.

“Well, well… there is still punishment to be dealt with my pet. Maybe, and I emphasize maybe, if you take your punishment like a good little slut I will consider allowing you release.” His voice was strong but there was something new, something I couldn’t place, it was as if he had a plan and I wasn’t going to like it.

“Y-yes Master.” I lay on the bed trembling from my spanking, his hands still gliding over my ass, teasing between my legs. His touch was so sensual but cold at the same time. It lacked his normal passion.

He left the room leaving me bound over the edge of the bed. I can’t believe he just left me. I can see the clock and its only 6pm on Friday night. I can vaguely hear him in the kitchen. He must be eating dinner. But wait… hey I’m hungry too. I keep my mouth shut knowing he will not let me starve.

I hear his footsteps approaching and glance quickly at the clock… 6:37. Then everything goes black. He puts a blindfold over my eyes and leaves again. Agh! What is he doing to me? This not knowing and anticipation is killing me. I groan softly into the bed out of frustration and suddenly go quiet when I feel him touch my shoulder. Wow that was quick… shit.

“Now is that a way to react to your Master? Open your mouth… no words.”

I reluctantly open my mouth and he removes the gag. I can feel my cheeks going flush.

“Any word out of you and the gag goes back in. Do you understand me?” sensing the test i nodded my head yes. He chuckled. Oh boy was I in trouble.

“Good girl…” I felt Him sit down beside me His hand sliding under my waist; it felt like a leather belt being cinched around my waist. I don’t remember any of these items. Master must have gotten them.

“Open.” I open my mouth and i feel something cold and hard inserted, naturally i start sucking it for Him, licking it as if it was Him. A soft purr escapes and i gasp hoping not to be punished. With a quick pull and a small pop, He removes the item from my mouth. Tracing it down my back i can feel the wetness of my mouth tracing down my skin.

The item teasing down my ass and across my wet slit. He pushes it slowly and all the way in. with one click i feel the low buzz. I bite down on my lip to keep from crying out in surprise. I feel Him tying the item in me where i cannot push it out. Ahhhh so that’s what the belt was for.

“Do not cum.” His voice steady as he turns it up one more notch. I can’t help but to squirm a little as my heart races and my body screams in pleasure.

It seems like forever and all i can here is the soft buzzing of the toy. Deep inside me, teasing me taunting me closer and closer as the orgasm builds in me. I am used to holding off for long periods but never like this. Is He still there watching me? What happens if i cum? Can i stay quiet for Him?


I scream out in more confusion than pain as the paddle lands just above the toy.

“Focus little one.” i can almost see the smirk, His silhouette standing over me, the paddle in hand…


It lands square across the buzzing kuşadası escort bayan toy and a shiver runs through my body, threatening to once again to disobey my Master.

“Master please!!!” i beg as i fight a sob of frustration back.

“I said not a word… open your mouth.” he growls at me. Reluctantly i open my mouth and He roughly shoves the gag into my mouth cinching it tightly. I can feel the wave building threatening to over take my body as lay there completely open and vulnerable to Him.

As suddenly as everything started it stopped. I feel the toy motionless in me. Then a cool dribble is felt making its way through my ass cheeks. Oh no! i think as he begins to lube my tight ass. He hasn’t had me this way before…

A cool hard tip presses into me… but it’s not Him. It’s another toy! He slides it in and pulls back out. My body trying to push and keep it out on each push forward.

“Relax or it will hurt. Breathe…” i take small deliberate breaths and try to think of other things… then the buzzing starts again, i moan out as the pressure from my ass and the buzzing deep in me starts to take over. With a few more thrusts the toy is completely in my ass.

I almost scream when both toys were vibrating inside me, taunting me, teasing my body, daring me not to cum. i don’t know where He was but i could feel His eyes on me as the assault continued. Then the buzzing stopped. Breathing heavily as sweat poured down my brow.

The gag is removed as the drool coats the ball and my lips, just as i gasp as His hard member is thrust into my mouth. As He slowly begins to thrust in my mouth the toys begin buzzing. I can’t help but to moan, the toys buzzing, my head spinning, and oh the taste of His cock in my mouth. i hungrily taste Him, lick Him, devour Him hoping to please Him and end this punishment. The toys stop buzzing as i feel my body once again coming close to orgasm.

His thrusts continue, His body tightening as He cums in my mouth. i take all that i can licking Him clean. He slips out of my mouth and stands before me. I can hear His ragged breathing as His body recovers. My body laid out before Him covered in not only my sweat but of my sweet juices of lu

My heart sinks when i hear the soft click of may hands being released, then my ankles. i lay there, my body screaming for release.

“Get up little one.” my body trembling as i roll over and slide off His bed, kneeling before Him. He points His finger towards the bathroom…

“Go… do your business but leave the door open. If I even think your playing with yourself its a cold shower for you.” His voice was steady and strong i could not help but to gulp. i roll back on my heels and head for the bathroom, just as my hand touches the door He speaks.

“Leave it open.” His tone was sharp as He repeated Himself. i gasped, fear tearing through me. i had always been giving the luxury of that for privacy. A tear ran down my cheek as i reluctantly let go of the door leaving it completely open to Him.

“Yes Master.” oh how i wish this was over. i will never disappoint Him again. My cheeks turned a crimson red as He watched me remove the toys and place them on the counter. i sat down quietly trying to calm myself and will myself to go to the bathroom.

“Hurry now I don’t have all night.” i closed my eyes as i felt my body release its fluid into the toilet. i couldn’t bear the humiliation of this. Taking a little toilet paper and wiping myself gently, i flinched at how sensitive i was.

“Leave the toys. I have something else for you tonight.” He smiled at me as he held up a chastity belt in His hand. It was leather and had padlocks in various places. My heart fell when i knew exactly how bad i had messed up. He stepped into the bathroom with me and placed it on the sink beside the toys.

“You know something little one. I can’t have you go to bed all dirty.” He reached into His back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. with a soft click he hooks them on my wrists. i can’t help but to tremble.

My body is so alive and i usually take hot showers. the warm heat tracing over my body turning me pink, i sigh at the thought of a shower. He reaches in and turns the water on.

“Hook your wrists over the shower head. Once there that better not come down.” i step in the shower and almost scream. it’s freezing cold! As i hook my hands over the shower head i begin crying and trembling before Him. He reaches in and begins to soap up my body, the cloth roughly invades my skin just barely grazing my hard nipples and my throbbing pussy.

“Agghhh!” i cry out trying to keep some control. He rinses escort kuşadası me off and then applies the shampoo to my hair, His fingernails scraping a bit against my scalp.

“My dirty little slut… I will cleanse you.” His tone softer warning me this was going to be a longer process than i thought.

“Yyyyeessss Mmmasterrrr.” my teeth were chattering as He cut the water off. I stood there unmoving, waiting for His permission. He grabbed a towel and roughly dried me off. He unhooked me from the shower head and guided me out of the shower.

“Good girl. I will have you clean. I have neglected My duties as much as you have.” with that He picks the chastity belt back up and shows it to me. He then drops the waist band where it hooks on my cuffed wrists. I stand there watching His every movement.

Picking up the toy that was in my drenched pussy. He cleans it off and then turns back to me.

“Spread your legs.” i open my legs and He slips the toy easily in. i moan out as my body adjusts to it. my body begging for stimulation and release.

He took the chastity belt from my wrists and slipped it on me. i stepped forward into the chastity belt. His strong hands carefully cinched it into place as i heard each lock click shut. The toy now forever trapped in me. i squirmed afraid to move.

“This will be on for awhile. Now each time you have to go to the bathroom you have to beg me. You will be supervised and ALL your privacy is gone. You wanted to start this game with me fine. When i feel your lesson has been learned i will remove it. Until then… only i will get the release.” He smirked as He watched the hurt and concern spread into my eyes.

“You are not allowed to cum. With the toy in place you have to make time. Should you cum without permission you will be taken to the spanking chair. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master” i said meekly. i stood there as He spoke, taking away everything i had; i know He had plans of rebuilding. How could i have hurt him so bad… as He finished i kneeled down before Him, bowing at my waist. My heart suddenly free to Him and His love… he really did care for me…

“Downstairs.” i head slowly downstairs, my Master following behind me, watching me as i take a moment to catch my breath and calm my raging body.

“Not so easy is it little one?” i shake my head no as my breathing once again levels.

After about 10 minutes W/we actually make it to the kitchen. i see that He had eaten but also prepared a plate for me. It was oatmeal. With a flick of His hand He motioned to the cushion beside His chair. i kneeled quietly upon the cushions as another wave subsided.

He sat down and turned to face me. Spoonful after spoonful He feed me the cold oatmeal. i cringed but it was a great distraction to my constant state of arousal. He picks up a glass of milk and places it to my lips. i drink it down savoring it knowing that time was up. i once again was going to have to move.

My heart raced as He stood and pushed His chair back in. Just the thought of moving sent tingles through my body.

“To your room little one… a bad girl sleeps alone.” I groaned softly as i rolled back on my heels the friction of the toy still there, the small reminder growing larger in my mind. slowly i head back up the stairs. This time i make it in 5 minutes. My tolerance growing more as i push it out of my mind.

My heart drops as i pass His bedroom, His large warm bed that holds Him. longing to once again be by Him at night i fight back the tears. As soon as i step into my room i once again drop to my knees by my bed. This plain room, no warmth to it. a single bed with chains connected to the headboard and foot board. Four chains total. a single dresser with a hair brush and a mirror.

“Up on the bed. lay on your back.” i gently crawled on the bed and laid on my back. the tears still in my eyes as He took each wrist and chained them to the top, tossing the handcuffs on the floor beside the bed. then He takes each ankle and with clicks they too are secured. i laid before Him spread eagle before Him.

“Seeing I have misplaced my trust with you i have to leave you strapped for the night.” He walked to the single dresser and pulled out the crop. i gasped softly when i saw it. How much more was i to endure???

He returned to me, towering over me. With a quick flick He hit my inner thigh, once on each leg. i moaned out. the heat rising in my skin as the electricity surges through my body. His free hand slides into His pocket as i slowly calm my body again.

Buzzzzzzzz He pushes the button and i feel the toy vibrating on low.

“Agggghhhhh!!!!” i scream out. it stops as suddenly as it started.

“Remember little one… I have constant control.” He leans in and kisses my forehead. i close my eyes enjoying His soft lips. He smiles down to me and turns to leave.

“Thank You Master.” i whisper to Him as He closes the door behind Him…

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