i am a Good Girl

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Kneeling silently, arms hanging down, palms on my knees. i can feel my hair caressing my cheeks, my back, my breasts. He likes my hair down, though it will soon be up and out of the way for what is to come. i sway gently back and forth for balance. It is for Master that i wait.

my deep breathing causes my breasts to rise and fall. i am not to speak, or do until i am told to. i study what is in front of me while i wait. i can see between my breasts to my clean shaven pussy. When i gaze upon it, it becomes wet and clenches tight at the thought of what Master can do to me with it. i can hear His footsteps in the other room, moving around as He prepares. i hunger for Him to look upon me, ready to please Him. i need for Him to look upon me, and show in His eyes His approval of me…i crave His approval. Standing tall, walking proud, His power follows Him like a cloak as He enters the room. i breathe in deep in awe at it.

i can feel His eyes roaming over my skin. Moving towards me His hand finds the back of my head. His fingers grip my hair and pull my head back to look into His eyes, they are deep and full of lust. It is for His slave that He is here. Breathless, my heart races, I’m leaning against His leg, i am where i belong, beneath Him, at His side.

He leans down and whispers in my ear.”Mine.” He says low, it is almost a growl. “yours…” i try to nod. my voice comes out in a tremble, but not from fear. His mouth finds mine and my mind begins getting lost in my sub-space.

As His mouth leaves mine, and before i lose myself in that empty space of service, i manage another whisper “i love you Master…”

His mouth spreads in a smile, a smirk. Some would call it a sadistic smile, but i know better. His smile shows what He wants. He wants my pleasure, He wants to make it His own, and i will give it to Him…i would give Him anything. His fingers let my hair go and my head sinks back down, eyes gazing back at the floor, i can see His shoes. my breasts move up and down more rapidly now.

His fingers brush over my collar briefly, shifting on my neck it reminds me of what i am…Nothing but His slave. It sends a shiver through my body. This bond that i share with Him means the world to me…in fact, it is my whole world. Nothing exists outside of it without His say. His hand slides around until the leash is in His palm and He lets it slip until He is holding the end tightly.

“Down” His sudden command jolts through me. On my knees there’s only two further ways i could be down than i am now, so i bend forward, on my hands and knees, my cheek touches the floor, with my ass exposed in the air. This is one of His many ‘favourite’ positions. It gives Him access to almost all of me. Secretly i love it as well. His Dominance over me completes me, and bowing before Him gives me pleasure eternal.

Plus, with my head turned to the side, i get to sneak looks at Him, my own secret pleasure. He is rummaging through my slave box, where all my toys are kept. my fists clench at the carpet as my body waits to feel His guiding hands. A whimper would escape my throat were i not so well trained. It’s too early, and He would not be pleased with me showing my weaknesses…yet.

He stands there, above me, watching me. i silently wish He would give another command. i crave His commands, and waiting to please Him will only drive me crazy. i haven’t fully slipped into sub-space yet, so my thoughts rattle around inside me, getting in my way. “You’re a good slave, aren’t you?” He asks slowly. “Yes…Yes Master.” i always am. “Kiss my feet.” He says quietly.

i move just enough for my lips to touch the top of His shoe, and i kiss it lightly. He loves to test what i will do to show my submission. i love His tests, because i get to show my loyalty, and He likes to reward Good girls. “Good girl.” He says like a lion’s purr. It washes through me and causes my body to clench up tight all over. If i were allowed to move on my own i would clap excitedly and squee, but instead i just smile and fill myself up with His approval. If He told me Good girl too many times in a row, i could cum from that alone. He reaches down and gently touches my back, like electricity, it makes my muscles contract and react. Sending shivers through me. He moves it up to my collar, and then down to my ass. Leaving a trail of scintillating tingles wherever He has touched.

His large hand glides over my plump ass until it finds its way between my legs. Sometimes He likes to take His time and tease me, to do some foreplay, but He knows how horny i am, and doesn’t bebek escort wait this time. With no effort at all, two of His fingers slide deep inside my pussy. Filling my insides with His rough thick fingers, i cannot help but moan aloud. He loves to hear my moaning, and i love to give it to Him. After only a seconds reprieve, He begins moving His fingers back and forth inside me, like he’s trying to stir my insides.

my mouth opens as my mind goes. i don’t understand why He is touching me, and not making me touch Him. But He is Master, and He will do what He pleases. i can no longer think on my own, as the rest of me is lost in my sub-space. “I’m far too clothed” He says offhandedly. With His fingers still inside me i get up on my hands and knees. i reach over and begin fumbling with His shoelaces. It is hard with my pussy sending trembles through me. But i get the undone and begin rolling His socks off one at a time. Another moan escapes me as His fingers curl upward and rub against my special spot. i almost fall forward back onto my face. But i have instructions to follow, so i am resilient. i set His socks aside and use His pants to pull my upper half up to put His belt at my eye level.

i begin working my fingers at His belt. i have never liked this part. Even though the buckle seems simple, i always struggle with it. So when it finally comes undone, i feel very accomplished. i begin pulling His pants down and i can see He is already hard under His underwear. i cannot wait to see It. To worship It. And luckily He hasn’t told me to stop. As i pull down His underwear and His cock comes out, It almost hits me in the face, His fingers begin churning in me again. i grip His legs with my fingers and breathe on it. His dick twitches in response.

“Master? May i pleasure you…please?” i look up at Him with all my longing showing in my bright eyes. though my lids are half shut from the pleasure deep inside me. When Master nods, my mouth begins to water, like a dog salivating over a meal. i stick out my tongue and begin to lick along the familiar bumps and curves. i can feel Him slowly stopping His fingering as i begin to lick along the shaft of His dick. i need to focus on pleasing Him, and thankfully now i can that He has stopped. i grip the base firmly with my hand as i begin to get His whole dick wet with my spit. i know exactly what He likes, He has trained me well. i don’t even have to think about it what i am doing while in my space.

Once It is all wet i glance up to make sure it is to His liking. His eyes are closed and mouth open, so yes. i put the tip in my mouth slowly and i can hear Him groan. i love pleasing Him so much that it makes me wetter to hear Him. i slowly go down on His cock until my mouth is full, and i can feel His small hairs against my cheeks. my gag reflex is long gone, i stay down for as long as i can before coming back up for air.

The first time down is always the most intense for me, and i can’t help but cough. i sneak a glance up at Him again. A wide grin has spread across His face. It fills me with such joy to know that i cause Him this happiness. i would smile too but i am already going back down for another mouthful of Master’s cock. i love Master’s dick more than almost anything in the world, and would do anything to please It, and Him. my tongue glides skillfully around the bottom of It as move up and down its length. The veins and folds are familiar to me, and i know exactly how Master likes to be pleased.

His hand finds the back of my head again and grips my hair, harder this time. i brace myself for what’s to come as i feel Him begin to push my head back down. i open my throat to receive Him and get what little breath i can. He holds my head down for longer.

He has to hold my head down to deepthroat Him sometimes because my body gives up before i am ready to. i try my hardest to stay down as long as i can, but i am weak, Master is strong. After i have gagged twice He lets me go to catch my breath. Strings of spit drip from my mouth and His cock. i suck it all in, Master doesn’t like me to waste my spit.

“Open” He commands, my mouth opens wide, ready to receive Master. He pushes His cock forward, slowly inserting It into my mouth. my tongue runs along the bottom, until His pubic hair tries to tickle my lips. He pulls His cock back and reinserts It several times before letting me go completely and spit drips down my chin to my breasts. This time i can’t help it, i just have to hope Master doesn’t get upset. i want to please Him so badly, but i am not sure if i should continue after He has mecidiyeköy escort let go. i look up into His eyes for guidance. He looks down at me with a lewd smile that makes me quiver. “You look like such a slut.” He says as He uses His thumb to smear the spit on my chin. i nod, and smile on the inside. i am His little slut.

He grabs my hair again and hastily puts it in a tie. my head moves like a doll as He works it in. He holds my pony tail and uses it to lift me to my feet. Master is very strong. He pulls my face close to His and my heart thrums heavily. Will Master gift me with a sweet kiss?! i make my mouth ready just in case. He smiles, He knows i want His kisses. That is why He hoards them from me, and only gives them out as gifts. He purses His lips and closes His eyes. i cannot move from His hand on my hair. my heart hits my chest heavily as i try to reach or Master’s kiss, but He does not allow me to come any closer. my body strains and i scream out inside, please Master!? He opens His eyes.

“Don’t you want a kiss slave?” He smirks knowingly. He loves to tease me. i love His teasing…i nod enthusiastically as much as i can.

“Please…Master?” i say as sweetly and innocently as i can manage. Master likes my sweet voice. He says it is lilting, like a song. Master always compliments me, sometimes when i don’t feel like i deserve it. Master says it is because He loves me so much.

“Just one.” He says. i have to make the most of it, So i make my mouth ready again. He leans forward and plants a small kiss on my lips. His mouth tastes of heaven and for a second i am in bliss again. He lets the kiss go after only a brief moment. Both uplifting my spirit, and crushing me. i want to beg Him for more, to scream, but i do not. At least He allowed me one. i try to burn the feeling of His lips against mine into my memory as He pulls me over to the bed.

He tosses me on it like a rag-doll. i land on my side amongst the pillows and blankets. i look back at Him, awaiting His next command.

“Knees, mirror” He says quietly. Kneeling down to grab something from beneath the bed. i scramble up to face the mirror on my knees. i can see both of us in the reflection. He kneels on the bed behind me. His smile betrays His pleasure, as He pulls out the length of rope. my breath quickens when i see it.

He pulls my hands behind my back, causing my breasts to stick far outward, they are already very large, and like this they seem overly so. He begins wrapping my wrists with practiced precision and care. i can barely keep my breathing even. i love when Master binds me, i love being at His mercy.

He stands up again to asses me, i pull at the binds just enough to show Him that i cannot get out. He grabs my ponytail again. my mouth hangs open in anticipation. i can see His cock, i want it in me. In my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass. Somewhere, please Master!? i beg in my mind again.

He puts it close to my face and i stretch out to put it in my mouth, but cannot with Him holding my ponytail. i stick my tongue out, but it’s just out of reach. my body shakes with my breath as i desperately try to please Him, and He won’t let me. “Master…i want to please you…” i try to plead with Him, but i can tell it sounds more like a whine.

“Oh you will.” His voice is heavy with promise. “but your mouth is done.” He lifts the gag off the bed. A small black ball with holes for breathing, from both sides a length of leather ends in a belt. He places the ball carefully in my mouth and i bite down to hold it there, i AM a Good girl. He uses both hands to strap it behind my head, keeping my mouth both open, and quiet. He steps back to look at me again. On my knees, hands bound behind my back, hair in a long tail, and a gag stoppering my mouth. i can already feel drool beginning to pool on my tongue.

i try to get ahold of my ragged breathing. His large warm hand reaches forward and cups my right breast. He squeezes gently and lets it go. “MmmMM, you really are stunning like this.”

my heart sings again. “vvffg oou vvffngr” i try and thank Him past the gag, but it just comes out as a muffled mumble. He knows this, but He says i must try to respond to Him anyway. my drool has begun to wet my lips and pool inside the gag ball.

“What was that slave?” He puts His hand to His ear, smiling devilishly at me. i swallow and try again, but it comes out more garbled than before, and it causes spit to begin dripping down my chin again.

“Down” He says again, and i lay my breasts and face forward on the bed. i feel Him pour something cold on my back, some florya escort form of slippery liquid. After it is spilling across my sides, He places both of His hands on my back. As He begins rubbing the sweet strawberry scented liquid into my skin, it immediately begins to warm up, and i cannot help but let out a garbled moan.

One of His hands continues running along my back, the other begins rubbing the outside of my pussy, around the lips, and brushing my clit. my eyes close as i further lose myself in the pleasure. Sometimes Master makes me pleasure Him and i must do all the work, and sometimes He showers me with His loving touch. i never know why He chooses which He wants, but i don’t question Master. i am brought haltingly back from my thoughts and pleasure hoarding by a swift, but strong, swat on my backside. my eyes jerk open and i let out a muffled yelp. Sometimes, He says, He must bring me back. i was letting myself get lost in pleasure.

He rubs His hand along the red spot He has left to show me that He is sorry that He had to punish me. Master cares for me so deeply, He hates punishing me. i should be punished again, just for making Him have to punish me. Thankfully Master is merciful, and forgiving. More liquid covers my ass and runs inside my crack and down my pussy. This time, instead of rubbing it in, He uses the lubricant to push His finger into my asshole. It is surprising and makes my whole body clench with the strangeness, and the pleasure.

“Something is missing…” He muses quietly. “Do you know what that is My little sex kitten?” He rolls His finger inside my ass.

my drool is creating a spot on the bed-sheet. i mumble past it. “Yes, that is right, you are missing your tail! Good girl.” It is all beginning to be too much stimulus for me. Him calling me Good girl threatens to spike me towards cumming. i am trained, i am able to resist. Master has not given me permission to cum. He reaches into my slave box, and pulls out my butt-plug/tail. His finger slides out of my ass, and He begins rubbing the plug against the liquid to lubricate it. “Ready?” He asks rhetorically, as He doesn’t wait for my answer. He begins pushing the plug into my lubricated hole.

i moan against my wet gag, as the widest part of the plug spreads my hole wide, and then rests inside me. leaving the tail to dangle in front of my pussy. i breathe deeply to try to

calm myself. my excitement begins overwhelming me, since He has put my tail in, that means He will take my pussy with His big cock. i have to use all my training to keep myself from cumming now.

-Swish your tail. Show it off.” He says amused. He is always so calm and in control. i move my ass back and forth. The tail rubs against my inner thighs as it swishes back and forth. “What a sexy little slut.” i try to thank Him, and thankfully He doesn’t punish me for the little i am able to utter.

He shuffles behind me, and i can feel the tip of His dick against my pussy lips. He flips the tail up, across my back. Master must have really missed me, He doesn’t wait at all. i feel lost again as His cock begins to fill me up inside. The head brushing against the back walls of my pussy. He lets go a throaty moan, and grabs the binds that hold my hands back. He pulls back, using them to lift me until my breasts sway just above the sheet. We are both able to see this kinky union in the mirror in front of us.

As He begins moving quickly in and out of me. Shoving His cock deep inside and then withdrawing. The drool drips down my chin to the bed. my breasts swing heavily back and forth with the motion. i struggle to keep my eyes open. So much pleasure, it is overwhelming. i want to cum so badly, but i am unable to ask. If i try, it will only be a garbled spit-filled cough. i take Master’s punishing thrusts with moans of my own. It has been two long weeks since last i saw Master, and He has decided to make the most of it.

Usually Master is able to last a long time before cumming, but it seems He too has been pent up over the last two weeks, as i feel His wonderful seed begin to fill me up inside, He groans”Cum slave…” i need no other encouragement, my insides explode with the sudden force of all my pleasure coalescing together inside me. It overtakes me and i am left ragged and shaking. my extremities going numb from the pure white hot pleasure of my orgasm. Master always gives me the greatest gifts. He lets my arms go, and i fall to the bed, conquered to my core.

i lay there lost in nothingness, listening for any command, unwinding my body from His relentless fucking. He begins undoing my binds, unclasping the gag from my mouth. my body shivers from the awesomeness. Instead of giving me a command, Master slides behind me as i lay on my side. He puts His big protective arms around me, cuddling and sheltering me, as we both drift off into contented sleep i whisper “i love you Master…”

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