I Lost My Anal Virginity to BBC

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I’ve been addicted to BBC porn for over a decade and it finally lead me to getting fucked by my first BBC. But, let me back up some.

I’ve watched a lot of BBC porn over the years. It started with black cocks fucking white girls, and eventually it turned to black cocks fucking sissy white bois, and BBC cuckold videos.

Eventually, I downloaded a certain app for meeting other dudes for hookups in my area, but I couldn’t bring myself to go through with it because I was too nervous it would be someone I know or someone I would see later. That changed when I had to travel for work last year.

I had to go a few hours away from home and decided to download that app again. I posted in my profile about my preference for black men, my 5’10” fit frame, and that I was an anal virgin.

It didn’t take long to receive some messages and send some of my own. The first guy I spoke to was a little too aggressive with his demands I immediately tell him where I am so he can come over.

A short time later, though, a new profile popped up. The name on the profile was just “D”. I saw he was a fairly handsome black man with a nice body. When I looked closer, I saw he was only 218 feet away. Damn, I thought to myself, this dude is in the same hotel Mecidiyeköy Escort as me.

I messaged him and we chatted back and forth. We shared some pictures and after a bit he invited me to his room.

I walked to his room, which was just one floor above me, with butterflies in my stomach. I knocked on the door and he let me in. We made some small talk for a minute, with him asking where I was from and generic ice breaker questions.

After a short silence, he asked me to take my clothes off. I stripped to my underwear and told him it was his turn. He took his clothes off, keeping only his boxers on. I could see his bulge and he saw me staring. D smiled as he laid down on the bed, putting his hands behind his head and spreading his legs.

D told me, “take your underwear off,” and I quickly complied. He said, “get on the bed and take my boxers off.” I slowly climbed in the bed with him and pulled his boxers off. The biggest cock I’ve seen popped out and bounced a little as I stared at it.

“Get me ready for you,” D demanded with more force than he had before. I took his big black cock in my hand and admired it for a second before closing my eyes and taking him into my mouth.

I began Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan to suck his BBC like girls had done to me before. I massaged his heavy balls with one hand, and stroked the part of his shaft I couldn’t fit in my mouth with the other.

D was moaning and clearly enjoying himself when he put his hands on the back of my head and began to force me to deep throat his big cock. D was about 8 inches when he was hard and I was about to get most of it in my mouth. D pulled my head back and his cock fell from my mouth.

“I want your ass, white boy.” D said with a lustful growl. “Stand up,” he said as he climbed off the bed. “Now bend over the bed.”

I did was I was told and after a moment I felt a cold liquid on my ass. He started working his finger in and out of my ass and then two and three fingers at the same time. I was moaning pretty loud and I told him, “put your big cock in me.”

I could feel his cock pushing at my asshole. I did my best to relax my butt and he slowly pushed his way inside of me. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure both as he slowly worked his cock in and out of my virgin ass.

“Does that feel good?” He asked.

“Yessss,” I hissed in reply, “does Escort Mecidiyeköy my boi pussy feel good on your big black cock?” After a few minutes of slowly fucking my ass he started to go faster. I was moaning and the pain was slowly subsiding as the pleasure increased.

D pulled his cock from my ass and told me, “turn over on your back.” I did as I was told and rolled over. He pushed my legs up onto his shoulders and pushed his cock back into me. It went in much easier this time and he started pumping into me faster and faster.

I was looking at our pelvises and how my dick was bouncing as he fucked me. I couldn’t help but smile in pure pleasure. I knew then I wanted his cum.

“Come inside my boi pussy with your big black dick,” I told him.

D grunted and started fucking me even faster. I could feel myself about to cum and I told D, “you’re black cock is making me cum.”

He fucked me even faster and it pushed me over the edge. My dick began squirting cum onto my stomach without me even having to touch it.

“That’s so fuckin’ hot,” D said, “I’m about to cum.”

“Cum inside me, Daddy!” I said, “fill me up!” as D let out a long groan and his BBC began pulsing inside my ass.

“Fuck yea,” D said as his thrusts came to a stop and he pulled his cock from my now used asshole. “That ass is gooooood,” he said, drawing out the ‘o’ sound.

I laid there panting as he walked to the bathroom. When the door shut, I got dressed and walked back to my own room, limping a little after the fucking I had just received.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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