I Love You Mr. O’Brady

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I am unable to foresee the future of Amy and Aiden at present. But I had to write something in the meanwhile that would help me in some way. Thank you for all the feedback. It warms my heart!

The following story is about how after a long day, a couple find their love.

Please show love and all feedback and suggestions are appreciated!


“Urgh!” I bit out sitting on front of my laptop, trying hard to make this thing work!

For the fifteenth time the screen was yelling ‘parameters inadequate!’

I tangled my hands in my hair and put my head down on the table.

The familiar sound of porcelain being kept on the table made me sit up straight. As I did, the aroma of piping hot coffee filled my senses. I already craved it. But more importantly, my husband who had brought me the coffee was standing in his flannel pajamas and no shirt, smiling at me. Not the sexy, I- want – you smile, but the rather I-miss-you smile.

“Thank you,” I said as he looked at me in expectation to shut the laptop and just hug him hard. But I had a deadline and as much my hands itched to throw the laptop out the window, I just couldn’t.

He just simply shrugged and turned around to go to bed.

“I am sorry!” I said but he had already dropped dead in the bed.

I sighed. I felt like the guy in the relationship. Not giving time to my spouse who isn’t even asking for sex, beginning my sentences with ‘I am sorry!’ What is going on in my life! Why am I stuck with this laptop when I should be in his arms? I am only 25!

The night went by and I cracked the problem I was assigned by dawn. Exhausted to my bones, I had slept on the chair itself. When I woke up, it was 10 am.

Shit! I am going to be late!

My husband had already left for work. I tidied up and dressed in my black fish cut skirt and striped blouse of warm, inviting colours, I grabbed my laptop, handbag and ran down the stairs of my building, holding my heels in the other hand.

I made my way to the office. I was fucking late.

I didn’t even have time to check my phone to see what time it was. I drove the car, like it was a speed car, removing my frustration of ‘not having sex’ and ‘not being intimate with my husband’ all on the road.

Parking to the nearest spot I could see, I ran with the heels in my hand and quickly made my way through. In the elevator, I found an alone moment and I wore my heels.

‘Breathe Anne, breathe!’ I told myself as I found my calm, just before the bell tingled and I reached my office.

“Good morning Anne.” Jess, the receptionist beamed at me, and I wished her back.

Walking past the cubicles, I ran into Dave.

“I know I am late, but I solved it!” I told my immediate boss, but he gestured towards the main boss!

“He wants you in his office! You have been late for god knows which time and this is third time you have finished something just on deadline. He questions your efficiency. ” he said smiling.

“Oh c’mon! He knows exactly how hard this was!” I said almost angrily and Dave smiled.

“Hey, he’s your husband too. He will go easy on you!”

Yes! My boss was my husband, or my husband was my boss. Whichever way, no it was not a forbidden fruit thing. We were married before we joined the company. And his smartness and hard work got him a promotion. He went too far too fast. But I was cut out for core problem solving. Unlike me, he had leadership skills that just helped his promotion.

But we never let our professional or personal life get mixed. Or at least tried to.

I made my way to his office.

“Late again!” he said. I didn’t like his attitude at all. Loving in the house, pathetic asshole in the office.

It didn’t help that he was wearing the shirt I had gifted him which looked damn hot on him. It was a simple white shirt, but something about it already had me wet. I squirmed just looking at his upper body.

It’s been how long?

“I am sorry. But you know exactly how stressful this was!” I said.

“Don’t give me excuses. Did you at least finish the task?”

“Yes sir. I will have it on your desk in half an hour.” I said timidly and started to leave.

“Wait!” he said and I stood still.

He stood up, revealing that the shirt was tucked in a jet black trouser that hung him in just the right way. My eyes, not under my control, lingered for a second on his hips and the small bulge on his crotch area to finally dart back to his ocean blue ones! Not here! I thought to myself although the sexual tension was ever increasing.

Sauntering towards me, his demeanour had changed. His eyes told me, he was, for this moment, my lovely husband.

Thankful for the cabin to be made out of wooden material with no see through windows, I parted my lips, unashamed of my desire for him. If I couldn’t be unashamed with him, then I would be doomed.

Holding my chin in his hand, and closing the distance between us, he gave a small peck on my lips.

“Mrs. O’Brady. levent escort How are you?” he asked.

“I am tired Mr.O’Brady. But if you’d be kind enough to kiss me!”

He gave a quick peck on the lips again. Oh, please!

“How’s that?” he scoffed.

“Kiss me that will make all this go away, Adrian!” I begged.

Holding my waist and pulling me towards him, he pressed his body hard against mine. His right hand went to my cheek and his long fingers brushed the tendrils of hair that ran down to the length of my breasts. Pulling my neck and tipping my head sideways with his thumb, he brought his mouth tantalising close to mine. I closed my eyes, moan threatening to fall from my lips.

But he breathed on my lips, his mouth still open and I could feel him tease me, bringing his mouth close and then pulling away. I leaned for further encouragement and his hand, went to cup my breast.

“Ummmm!” I moaned and my lips closed and he then pressed his lips hard on mine. He started kneading the breast, clothed, and ran his tongue along my lips, licking it. Once, twice!

I opened my mouth further and he immediately stuck his tongue in and made it rest alongside mine. First feeling my teeth, he started swirling his tongue around and around. I did the same and he started sucking hard on my tongue. His kneading had gone to groping roughly and the passion rose and…

He stopped, pulling away. Panting!

I looked longingly at his desk, just wanting to be bent over it and fucked. I heard my ragged breathing in sync with his own and looked at him, trying to convey with my eyes, what my words could never say.

“No!” he said angrily.

What had I done? I wondered. As I took a step back, he was denying me?

“It’s gonna be difficult enough with the reminder of this kiss, with the tight skirt you are going to be wearing and I don’t need the memory of fucking you here distract me from my work.” He said in a measured tone.

How was he even controlling himself when I had already lost myself to the heady feeling that he made me feel?

I could only nod!

I tried to fix my hair and rub the creases of my blouse that he had caused and look presentable enough, before I stepped out of the cabin.

The whole day went by, with my mind going back and forth about the kiss! Idly, I remembered the first time we had kissed. We had been dating for more than a month. We were already pretty serious about each other. It had never felt like any of the sleazy boyfriends I had had before. Same was the case with him, never had he felt so strongly for anyone. And we were just out, eating ice cream and he was acting weird and when I asked he told me he wanted to kiss me but was afraid that it wouldn’t be special in the middle of the day, in an ice cream parlour with him wearing simple denim and a shirt and my flowing sundress. I was so moved, I had instantly kissed him hard on the mouth, not caring if people saw us and told him, “It is special because of you!” and that was the first time he had said those three magical words!

I reached home. I knew he was still at the office. I had left early in fact, because I just couldn’t get past my thoughts. I needed him badly. Desperately!

I took a quick bath and left my wet hairs to dry naturally after patting them with a towel. I rummaged through my closet looking for any sexy lingerie that would had his heart beating like it would burst any second. I realised and blushed at the fact that half of my lingerie were missing their panties because he would almost always torn them apart.

I shook my head, trying to see what I could do to remedy the situation. I almost removed all my clothes from the closet and I was sitting in a heap of our clothes when suddenly, he came in.

Oh no!

“Oh come on!” I cried out in frustration!

He frowned and then burst into laughter seeing me naked amongst a pile of stuff!

After stifling his laugh, seeing as I was frustrated as it is, he asked, “What are you doing Mrs.O’Brady?”

I had curled into a ball at this point. I just put my head down and mewled.

“This is your fault. You have torn half of my lingerie and now when I am trying to look sexy for you, I am out of options. Worse, you just walked into a frustrated me in such a- a- unsexy position and I!”

I stopped as he just listened, smilingly. God that smile was annoying! I buried my face in my hands and suddenly I felt him sit behind me and cuddle as he rocked us back and forth.

” Hey,” he said and I just pouted at him.

“Hey, you are sexy to me even like this!” he said and I chuckled.

“And what you lack in clothes right now, you can do some things that would make me hard, or harder than I am already!” he said pressing his erection against my lower back.

“I wanted to wear something sexy for you tonight.” I said in a low voice.

“Show me your ring!” he said and I lifted my hand as he intertwined our fingers.

“There! You mecidiyeköy escort are already wearing something sexy!” he said and I smiled instantly. How could he be so romantic now than he was in the office?

“See, ah! Your smile makes you even sexier!” he added and I smiled further if that is possible.

“You know my boss was a real jerk to me today!” I said and he laughed hard at this.

“Well, let me make it up to you for it!” he said simply.

Brushing my wet hairs aside from my shoulders, he pressed a kiss in the crevices of my collar bone. I moaned. And taking that as encouragement, he peppered light, wanton kisses all over my neck.

Reaching my ear he whispered, “Honey, I am sorry about the kiss in the office.”

I pulled back, “I am not.” My lips were inches away from him.

He smiled and pulling me close, he kissed my forehead, then my nose and cheeks.

“I am also sorry about denying you. I would never-” he began but I cut him.

“It’s alright. You did the right thing. I am amazed how you could control yourself though!”

“I jacked off right after you left!” he said and I realised how many days he had been taking care of himself this way! What a sad little wife I was!

“I feel like a shitty wife!”

“Well, you are!” he joked but then realised I wasn’t in the mood. Simply pressing a kiss to my lips he said, “You know, I do miss your creativity! Why don’t you show me just how creative you can be?”

He was challenging me, just like always.

This was enough to lighten my mood and pull me out of my self pity mode.

I reached around and holding his face, kissed him hard. Not as hot as the one we shared at the office today, but just enough to let him know I love him.

I got up as gracefully as I could, offering him a hand. He sighed then took it and joined me, holding my bare waist. He gave a light peck and then I asked, “Why don’t we take this outside!” as I started leading him out of the messy closet. I could clean up later!

In our bedroom, I first led him to sit on the chair where I was sitting depressed almost yesterday. I smiled at him enthusiastically as his eyes left only once or twice to admire my naked body. The rest of the time, his eyes were glued to mine.

Taking his tie off, enticingly slowly, I opened my mouth and kissed him hard. He immediately took it as an invitation to not only suck my tongue but also fondle my breasts. He sucked hard enough for me to moan loudly.

I pulled away, giggling.

“You have been bad. I think you need to be restrained!”

“Oh yeah!” He said, arousal evident in his voice.

Thankful to know how to tie a knot, I expertly took his hand and tied them to the back of the chair with his tie. He patiently awaited and with an interestingly difficult task of tying his hands, as his fingers continually moved around trying to touch any part of me, I swivelled the chair for him to face me.

I couldn’t resist kissing him as I bent and aware of his gaze on my breasts, I caressed them a little before closing my mouth on his.

He groaned, his eyes open taking in the sight of me pressing myself. I closed my eyes and unbeknownst to me, my hand snaked down and I was playing with my pussy.

Soon, the kiss had ended and I was leaning against the desk, desperately rubbing myself vigorously to orgasm, while he watched, groaned and shifted restlessly in the chair.

“Please Anne, I can’t take this anymore!” he begged but it fell on deaf ears as my orgasm took over me and I practically fell on the floor and breathed heavily with my back arching off.

“Oh My!” I mewled and then looked at him. He had a raging hard on, forming a big tent!

“You want me to take you in my mouth?” I asked coyly and he nodded yes.

I crawled to him and with my teeth pulled the leather belt through the hoops. Tricky part came when I had to unbuckle him, but using a little effort I got past it. Least bothered to remove his belt all the way through, I nuzzled his trousers with my nose to part the flap and get to little zip. Holding it between my teeth, I pulled it down with one quick motion. He hissed as I looked at him and then smiled. My nuzzling hadn’t helped him in the least. I could feel his pain. Pleasurable pain!

Loose enough for me to pull the trouser down without undoing the button, I used my teeth to first bite gently his hip and then drag the trouser down the length of his legs, he helped me do this as he shifted co operatively even with his hands tied.

“Oh fuck!”

He said as I put my mouth on his boxer next, removing it down the same way I had done his trousers. Immediately the happy to be released from its confines cock sprang freely and twitched and throbbed at me.

I giggled almost at how it would react and how he would lose it when I stuck out my tongue to give first a soft lick followed by a hard lick.

But today, he had asked for creativity. I had to pull out something new. The fact he was tied up and unable kağıthane escort to touch and brush my fringes away, wasn’t enough!

I looked at him, he was expecting it. I simply rose and stood in front of him and he looked perplexed, disappointed almost. I undid his collar button and then yanked his shirt off. The buttons flew everywhere. Yeah, it was my favourite shirt and I did this trick once in a blue moon, but the look on his face when I did it, was priceless. Besides, I could always stitch the buttons back.

I looked down at his member that stood out in all its glory.

The enraged purple head was curving down. I sat astride him, much to his dismay but he wasn’t complaining. Reaching behind him for the little clips I had on the desk, I pressed my chest against him and my ear lined up to his mouth,

“What are you doing?”

I pulled back, gently smiling and held out the clips. He knew what they were for. Besides keeping the papers together, he had used it on me to clamp my nipples. Ever since then, they were used repeatedly on me.

“Whoa, I am not wearing these!” he said in protest. His brows furrowed cutely and I reconsidered.

Nah! He wants me to me to play with him!

I reached behind him again and I felt him smile as he was under the impression I was keeping them away. But I came up with two more.

“Two for you, two for me!” I said as I showed him the four clips. I bent down to take one of his nipples in my mouth.

Drawing on, I sucked till he shouted, “Anne please!” and then I closed the clamp on him. He screamed loud. I did the same thing with the other nipple and again the same reaction.

I flicked them once, like he would do to me and he winced.

“Anne, oh fuck it hurts but it feels so good!” he said and I smiled triumphantly.

I gave him time to adjust as he did after a beat.

He grinned maliciously as he said, “Your turn!”

I sat upright and straightened so that my nipple was right in his face. He took the cue and wasted no time in sucking it like an infant. Soon, it was followed by tiny bites, hungry kisses making me whimper submissively to him.

“Now!” he said and I clamped my nipple and the screams echoed off of the walls and without preamble I did it to the other nipple too. He was pleasantly shocked and groaned which reverberated in his chest. It felt warm.

I rode the high I felt and then opened my eyes to look at him. My husband was naked, nipples clamped, chest heaving, hands tied back, throbbing erection and I could go on and on.

“Mrs O’Brady. What are you going to do now?” he asked in a rhetorical way.

Smilingly impishly, I kissed him, tugging on his lower lip and then with my hands, I reached for his massive cock between us and shifted so that the head was just in me. I stilled.

The tension was too much but my resolve was firm.

“Move Anne, oh shit!”

Be passive. My mind told me.

He started cursing and shifted to find little friction, but I was adamant and denied it. He had done this to me so many times. I could see why he liked it. It feels so good yet it hurts so bad!

“Say please Adrian!” I cooed as I rubbed my fingers over my clit, giving him a good view of it too.

He muttered an ‘ah’ and then within seconds as my grip became tighter he begged for it.

I wanted to push him all the way in and just fuck hard and long. But that wasn’t what tonight was. It had to resemble what I had felt and what he had been through for the past few days, without sex. Without romance. Without intimacy!

I got off him, somehow!

Kneeling, I took him by surprise. He hissed and winced in relief as I sucked and licked and bobbed. I worshipped his cock with my mouth. Taking it half way through, I moaned. I let him feel the palate of my mouth and let him feel just how soft my tongue could be. Reaching for his balls with my hands I curved it down and fluttered my eye lashes all over it, giving him light sensations. His legs closed together and he moaned and chuckled.

I reached for his balls with my tongue. All this while, our eyes were meeting or he was looking at me, but as soon as I took his balls in my mouth, licking and touching, his head tipped back. His cock swelled in response and then I pulled back.

“Oh, God Anne! Get there and finish it!” he yelled and I simply pulled his clips.

“Oh fuck!” escaped his mouth and with his knees he reached out to flick my clips. I gasped at the sensation.

Sitting astride him once more, I took off his clamps. Relief coursed through him for a split second followed by pain. His face contorted and I felt him shift.

I kneeled once more, too close to him. His head was now a dark colour, angry almost and I licked directly between his balls. He was now in ecstasy and a little suction would push him over the edge. I put my pinkie finger in my mouth, lubricating it and then placed it directly over his ass.

“Oh Anne, baby, yeah, please!” he gave me permission as he bucked his hips allowing me to try and touch him. I had enough saliva for this to go smoothly. I was a little scared but I knew somehow I wouldn’t hurt him. I felt his hole pucker open and stuck my pinkie inside him.

“Oh yes baby!” he kept saying and I took it as encouragement, sucking on his cock.

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