Maé Pt. 02

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The party was going along fine without us, it turns out, as Maé and I reentered my apartment through the kitchen entrance. A quick glance into the living room: all enchanted with another of Torri’s stories about a recent date. Maé pulled me back into the entrance, out of sight of the others, and held me close, his hands on my chest. I put my arms around him, let them slide down his thin back, felt the curve of his butt under the fabric of his dress.

“Can I really stay the night?” he asked.

“Of course. That is, if we outlast the party.”

He gave me a quick kiss and spun away from me so quickly that his dress flared a bit, and grabbed us two new glasses, filled them with champagne, and left one for me after picking the other up. He turned his back to the living room, my guests still lost in Torri’s spell, and took a sip while letting his other hand trace a line down my chest to my crotch, drawing little circles there. Then he took his phone from where he had left it before our side quest, spun away again, and left the kitchen. I watched him pick his way to the end of the couch, where he plopped on the floor in front of it, drawing his feet under him. He seamlessly merged into their conversational traffic, and while I did a little cleaning up, saw him pull out his phone and catch my eye. He flashed his eyes down to the phone and up again, and I got the message. I pulled out my own phone and left it on the counter while I tried to continue my straightening, which doubled as a cover for my having to let my erection loosen a bit.

My phone buzzed.


Everyone is drunk

I’m going to stay sitting right here like this in case you make me hard again

I looked up at him, but he was deliberately not making eye contact. Much bolder on the phone than in person. My erection bounced back. I went into the bathroom, right off the kitchen, and sent him a dick pic.


I sent another.


I sent another.


I had only a moment to wonder what he meant by that, because I was startled out of my reverie by a knock on the door; I nearly dropped my phone into the toilet.

“Just a moment,” I said, and flushed, repositioned my hard-on down a pant leg, which was already softening from this scare, and then ran the taps for a moment, gauging how long someone would have the taps running for while washing their hands, realizing all too late I could have just washed my hands for real, and then opened the door.

“Hello, stranger!” Torri said. She was a vision, tall, bouncy in all the right places, her hair locked into place with a messy bun. It took all my will power to keep locked on her eyes as her breasts beat against the inside of a thin tee-shirt, her thick smooth legs bared by cut-off jean shorts. She worked at said bun, a hairpin held in her mouth. She wasn’t drunk; but she was in an exceptionally flamboyant mood.


“Great party, buddy,” she said, as we switched spots with each other. She was still working her hair as she swung her hip to close the door behind her.

I stepped out into the kitchen for a direct line-of-sight with Maé, and gave him a playfully scolding look. He looked away, pressing his lips to contain her laughter.

“Anyone need a refresh?” I said aloud, and the party cheered.

I played the host and went escort izmir around filling glasses. They’d had enough that no one had seemed to notice that Maé and I had gone off together for our episode. I poured Maé’s glass last, and he smiled up at me coyly, taking a glance down at my crotch as I leaned over him to administer champagne. He put his hand on my calf surreptitiously. “Thank you,” he said. I nodded, and reciprocated his glance by giving my own to his crotch, where he had placed his hands, suddenly turning pink.

Back in the kitchen to drop off the bottle, Torri came out of the bathroom, and boinged into me as we walked back to the living room, ironically leading Jean to ask aloud why we had spent so much time in the kitchen together.

I looked at Maé, sipping at his drink, smiling, arching an eyebrow.

“That’s right,” Torri said, squishing her body right up to mine, wrapping her arms around me. “We just got married. In the kitchen. Give us a kiss, dear.” I pecked her on the lips, and she gave a melodramatic swoon. “Where’s my drink?” She said, after seeing everyone refilled.

“Let me get if for you, dear,” I said, and she squeezed against me harder. I felt her tits glob against my chest.

“I won’t hear of it,” she said. “We haven’t seen you all night. Sit, sit, I’ll get it.”

“Sit over here,” Maé said, “By me.” He patted the sofa cushion right behind him and I stepped through my guests and plopped down.

It was a nice party. Everyone was at a very friendly stage, talking amiably, not too drunk, leaning back, getting cozy, feet up, lovingly buzzed. Lots of laughter.

For the first few minutes, Maé was sitting a bit forward, between my knees. Then, during a break in conversation for one of Torri’s punchlines, the laughter allowed Maé to lean back against the front of the couch, his fine shoulders between my knees. I casually traced the width of them with my fingers, the sort-of innocent lazing about that comes with friends at this stage of a party. After a bit, he shifted positions, drawing his knees up to his chest, arranging his dress, and he brought his elbows up and rested them on my thighs as armrests.

A little time passed: and a break in the conversation, the first in an hour, found Jean declaring it was time for him to go.

He ended up taking three others with him, leaving only Stevie and Torri. Maé turned slightly so that his back was against the inside of my left thigh. Soon enough, Stevie groaned about agreeing to help a friend move, and stood while coordinating her own exit with her Uber app. “Wanna split?” She said to Torri, who was now sitting on the floor opposite Maé and I.

“No, I’m still game for another drink?” Torri said, eyebrows raised at me for permission.

“I’ll get the bottle,” I said, smiling, and stood to see Stevie out.

“I only have some red left,” I said, returning from the kitchen, and saw that Torri had stretched herself out along the floor, resting her head on the inside of Maé’s thigh. I first looked for an erection from Maé (not the easiest position to hide one in) but his hand was casually resting over his crotch. He gave me a quick flash of a smile. I refilled glasses.

“You’re so beautiful,” Torri said, raising a hand to boop Maé’s chin.

“So are you,” Maé said, and I returned to my previous location, legs straddling Maé, who repositioned himself against the inside of my left thigh. He then rested his right arm on my right thigh, casually, izmir escort bayan and began to trace a finger along the inside of it.

Torri closed her eyes and Maé continued to stroke her hair, and there were a few moments of silence, save for Torri’s purring and music playing lightly in the background. Maé’s right hand went along the inside of my thigh and found my erection. He squeezed it.

Torri’s eyes opened back up, Maé’s hand relaxed from me, and Torri’s hand went back up and traced Maé’s chin, down her neck. “Can I kiss you?” she asked.

“Of course,” Maé said, and Torri sat up, looked at me.

“Is that okay?” Torri asked.

“Why wouldn’t it be?” I said.

Torri held my eyes for a moment, raised an eyebrow devilishly, and then reached out and playfully grabbed at my erection. I yelped a laugh, which made Maé giggle as well. “You’ve only been eyeing each other since the beginning of the party.” She turned to Maé. “Uuunnnfff. You’re just too beautiful. And sweet. And you have an incredible body. I want to kiss you.”

Maé leaned forward and they kissed. Torri positioned herself so she could take Maé’s face into her hands, and they kissed so delicately, so tenderly. The light sounds of lips smacking together. Then Torri started to nuzzle and kiss along Maé’s neck, and then back up for more against her lips. Maé held Torri’s face as well, and then moved his hands down to trace Torri’s shoulders, arms. Torri scooted her butt closer to Maé, and they embraced tighter. Torri’s tongue flashed out, now, and I could hear her breathing turn up. Torri moved her kisses up and down Maé’s neck again, then down to his shoulders, adding a few playful bites that made Maé gasp and giggle.

Torri then pulled down the straps of Maé’s dress, one by one, while looking Maé in the eyes, and then kissed his tiny little breasts.

Maé’s head fell back into my lap, biting his lower lip, moaning. He looked up at me and smiled: I leaned down to kiss him, and he raised his arms up and back so that he could touch my shoulders.

Torri’s messy bun overcame her hairpins, and she sat up to try and repackage it, those breasts beating against each other with the tiniest movement.

“I kinda want to blow you,” Torri said, hairpin in her mouth, and Maé let out a little yelp of excitement. He repositioned himself between my knees and, drawing his own knees up to his chest, spread his legs apart, slowly pulling his dress back to reveal his perfect little cock. Torri leaned towards him, and pulled the entire dress up and over his head, then tossed it on the couch next to me. She fanned her hands out over Maé’s entire body, against his breasts, his shoulders, down his torso, along his legs, and then back and forth along the inside of his thighs. She narrated her movements: “You have such a beautiful body, Maé. You’re so beautiful. God, these tits. These fucking tits. Mmmm. I’m gonna make you cum, I want to make you cum.”

Maé’s shaved little cock wagged at every move Torri made, at every word, and finally Torri moved between his thighs, taking him in. Maé gasped and sent her head straight back into my lap again, eyes wide open, expelling an “Ohhhh fuck” and then saw me and raised a hand to my face. I leaned over and kissed him again, and he took my hands and brought them down to his pert little breasts. I lightly twisted them to their full length, his areoles tightening.

“This cock is sooo perfect,” Torri said, and then pulled back. “Here,” izmir escortlar she said, and stood up, pulling Maé up with her. Torri directed Maé to sit in my lap, to spread his legs overtop my thighs, leaning back against me. “You mind?” Torri said to me, as Maé leaned back against me.

“Not at all,” I said. Torri then got down on the floor again, and continued to suck Maé off, a sloppy, slippery affair. I slid my hands up and down Maé’s body, squeezing his breasts in my hands, smoothing along her flat stomach. He leaned his head back against my shoulder, and I kissed his neck.

Torri then sat back, and pulled off her own shirt. Maé and I both stared in wonder: Torri’s unearthly, supernatural natural tits fell out of the thin teeshirt like two waterbeds. Torri was 38 and they had begun to lose their fight against gravity, so they hung a notch or two below where they would have been 20 years ago, but they were flawless, browned, her nipples fat. The slightest movement set them clattering against each other like children shoving each other on the playground.

“They’re just tits, you morons,” she said, commenting on our dropped jaws. She walked on her knees between Maé and I’s legs, and set them on Maé’s thighs. She then reached up with both hands, held Maé’s face, and kissed him.

I shifted myself in the chair to try and accommodate my own erection, and Torri raised herself from Maé to take my own face in her hands and kiss me as well, swishing her tongue against mine. Maé took a hold of those gobs of tits and squeezed them together and squeezed them apart, and rolled those nipples in her fingers. Torri returned to Maé, kissing, and then held one of her tits in her own hand and used it to stroke the underside of Maé’s dick.

“How’s that feel?” Torri asked, and Maé replied with a moan.

Torri dropped a line of spit from her mouth and it landed on Maé’s cock and she continued to stroke the underside of it, like Maé’s cock was a glass slipper on a pillow.

Maé took several long breaths and then exclaimed she was going to cum, and soon enough sprang several lines of semen along Torri’s right boob, causing Torri to laugh devilishly. She stood and held the tit up in her hand, then bent over towards me, offering it to me, and said, “Clean it off.” I did, and as I licked it Maé took Torri’s other boob in his own hands and suckled it at the nipple. Torri moaned in encouragement.

When I finished, Torri stood and squeezed her tits together and let them boing back down to their natural position. Then she undid the button of her jean shorts, unzipped them, and pulled them down, revealing a black g-string that didn’t last long: she rolled that down her legs as well, standing before us as the toned, fit, bronzed, giant-tittied specimen of woman that she was. Her thighs were strong, thick. Her stomach was flat, perfect, save for the indentations from her tight shorts and g-string. She reached out to us, and we each took one of her hands, and she brought it to her, and guided us to her clean-shaven pussy.

“I’m wet, and I’m fucking ready,” she said, and my fingers drew the wetness from her, slick. My fingers stumbled into Maé’s down there, and we stroked Torri’s clit. After a few moments, she playfully slapped our hands away and walked towards my bedroom, turning as she made it to the doorway, and looked at us. We both stood, and Maé looked at me.

“Why are you dressed?” he asked me, and then shared a smile with Torri. Maé then helped pull my shirt off, and then undid my pants, pulled them off, pulled off my underwear, gave a playful stroke to my cock, then walked to Torri. They embraced; they kissed. They looked at me, and I followed them into my bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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