Majic Continued

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MAJIC (continued)

Pleasures of the City

A City Deer Hunt

Oasis walked towards the subway entrance gratefully. The incessant cold would at least be kept at bay with other warm bodies around her. Naked beneath her long coat, her body pimpled with goose flesh, she shivered. She wondered if she shook more from the cold or from the anticipation of this next meeting with Philippe.

He had phoned her that morning, even before she was awake. When she answered the phone sleepily, the first word he said was, Oasis. That was all that was needed to have her instantly awake, knowing who was calling. She pulled herself up quickly, and turned on the light next to her bed. Just the sound of his voice making her heart pound heavily.

“Did I wake you sweet Oasis?” Philippe asked smiling.

“Yes Master, you did. Is something wrong?” Oasis asked in return, reading the bedside clock. It was 6:00am.

“Oh no, nothing is wrong. I want to see you.” He said, imagining her sitting on her bed, her hair tousled from sleep, knowing as he heard movement through the phone, she was running her fingers through this hair. An unconscious gesture for her, but so much arousing to Him. “Do you have pen and paper close by?” He asked, now imagining her brow furrow questioningly, and her hand now from her hair, set still in her lap.

“No, I will get it. Just a moment” she said as she set the phone aside, and quickly went to retrieve this from her kitchen. “I have it now Master.” She spoke trying to catch her breath from waking up so suddenly, and also getting this for him so quickly. She wanted to ask why she needed to write things down, when he had only said he wanted to see her, but kept silent knowing he would tell her what he wanted her to know.

“Oasis, write this down” he said, and proceeded to tell her a station number, a time, a terminal number, and then the exact car she would enter and where to wait. He smiled on the other end of the phone, knowing she so much wanted to ask why. He could tell from the audible silence from her. He could barely hear her breathing, she was so still trying to hold any questions in. “I also want you to only wear a long coat, and whichever heeled shoes you like.” He stated simply to her silence.

Oasis wrote all this down mechanically, even though the questions in her mind came the same way. The last statement to be naked under her long coat, flared incessant in her mind.

“Master?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes?” he said sounding impatient, although he was not, knowing what she would ask already.

“May I be dressed and then remove the clothing in a ladies room before I enter this particular subway car? It will be so cold today, and is supposed to snow again.” She complained.

“No” is all he said, and hung up the phone.

Feeling a small bit of reproach for being cut off so quickly, Oasis went to prepare herself, thinking even without clothing, she would have to hurry to make this train.

Even with such a great effort to be presentable, descending the subway steps, her hair hung heavy and wet with snow around her shoulders, her face drawn tight against the cold, she felt the stinging sensations, as the warm air around her tried to bring life back to her freezing skin. She thought this way to be dressed in such cold to be cruel, and wondered why Philippe would not have at least let her be warm on her trip here. She entered the nearest ladies room, by passing everything except the warm dryers for wet hands. She punched the first, harder than she meant to, grateful it would still spew warm air to her frozen hands. So early in the morning this was a busy place. She knew the way she was dressed, and her disheveled appearance would bring condescending looks from those more appropriately dressed. Feeling the blessed warmth on her hands, she did not care. Punching the now silent machine again, she flipped her head over as well, and let the warm air dry her frozen hair.

A woman approached the dryer next to Oasis. She watched Oasis as she vainly tried to dry and warm her hair this way. Rubbing her hands lightly beneath her own dryer she watched silently as Oasis pulled her hair up length, by length under the air machine next to hers. She saw this pale neck beneath this hair, and silently cursed herself for not asking Philippe to instruct this one to wear a lovely collar. When both dryers stopped together, she punched the metallic button again for Oasis, softly tracing the finger tips of the other hand down Oasis’ neck to the collar of her coat. Smiling, she left her before she had a chance to even glance in her direction.

Feeling this light touch upon her, Oasis stood and shivered again. This time not with cold but from the feeling of this touch upon her. The facility being so busy, she could not discern which of the women had done so. There were so many coming and going. She put these feelings aside to continue the repairs upon herself from such an unpleasant arrival. Looking in the mirror now, her hair resembled the appearance of this morning. Going ever which way, tresses falling in front of her face. She fixed this as best she could without the so many implements she had at home. Starzbet Not really satisfied, but with no time to do better, she smoothed out the slight imperfections the weather had caused upon her face. Looking at her eyes, she wondered what Philippe would think of the color now. Such a dark, and broody, mood color, almost the resemblance to a shallow river, churning the bottom layers to the top. She felt as her eyes portrayed. Brewing inside with anxiety for what was going to happen, and with self consciousness for the way she was presented now. Most had their coats flipped over their arms. It was very warm underground. She wondered how many would question hers so tightly belted, and no boots, just heels upon her feet. She decided not to look at anyone, as she left the ladies room to find the right train. Had she made herself more aware, she would have seen Philippe and the woman follow after her to the intended destination.

As they followed Oasis, Philippe and Loren chatted amicably. Their dispositions easy and friendly. Unless one was a part of this conversation, it would not have been guessed the real intent of their discussion. Loren was expressing her regret not to have suggested a collar for Oasis and why. Philippe smiled in return thinking of Oasis trying to warm herself, but also repair herself from the damaging cold. He knew her vanity, instilled from her up bringing, would always ensure for him, one in a presentable state. He looked at her walking in front of them now. Her back straight, and head held high. Though he knew she preferred no shoes at all, only wearing them when she had to, she walked in these heels easily. Her legs languidly flowing in stride with each step she took. The fluorescent lights from above glinting off of the chain she wore about her ankle with each step. Loren followed Philippe’s gaze. Seeing these delicate links glitter, she told Philippe she changed her mind. Chains all around this one, would suit her better. Philippe could not help but chuckle in agreement. They fell silent then. Philippe pleasantly knowing Oasis belonged to him. Loren wishing she was her own.

They entered the car a few people behind her. She still had not turned around, nor even looked to anyone on either side of her. Philippe knew she was feeling very uncomfortable in her appearance done to her by the weather, and also from only wearing this coat. He wondered if Loren sensed these things too about her. He would have asked her, but did not want even his voice to carry to Oasis, and give her tense appearance relief. He so much enjoyed seeing how she would react and deal with such extreme circumstances.

Oasis placed herself in the exact spot Philippe had told her to. She had not even looked at her written instructions for reassurance. She had never been an avid subway passenger, but he had been very clear in the location, and it was not hard to find. There were four poles in this car, she held onto the one in the farthest part of the aisle and faced the rear. It was so crowded on this train, but she knew he was here. She could feel him. Almost smell him. She knew if she turned around and searched the faces around her, she would see him. To do that she would also have to see everyone else. To look into eyes she had no desire for, and to possibly see any adverse reaction to her appearance, was something that held her gaze steady to the back. Even knowing he was there, she gripped this pole fiercely, her knuckles looking frozen around it. She waited.

Philippe gallantly allowed Loren ahead of him. She maneuvered easily through the throng of people to the back of the car, Philippe close behind her. She stopped at the last pole, putting herself in front of Oasis, her one hand just above Oasis’ on this pole. The other hand, she gently touched Oasis’ chin to turn her gaze to meet her eyes. She almost laughed seeing Oasis’ eyes widen, and then become doused with confusion, all in only seconds.

“Hello little one,” Loren said very seriously, although humor danced around the edges of her mouth.

Oasis knew this woman, and had felt this hand before. She felt at that moment like a deer caught in a driver’s headlights. Confused and paralyzed, unable to do anything but stand stolidly while watching the impending approach.

“Hello Mistress,” Oasis finally said, but only in a whisper. She could not have spoken any more, even if she had found her voice. Oasis could not grasp why Mistress Loren would be here, and could not believe it would be a coincidence. Philippe had said he wanted to see her. She started then to turn her head to find him, only to have her face held fiercely by a delicate, but strong hand.

“No, no, no.” Loren spoke while shaking her head, “You may not see him.”

Oasis stared at Mistress Loren for a very long moment, her level of anxiety raised, making her heart pound brutally. She was certain Loren could feel it pulsing, even through her chin. Without words, Oasis lowered her eyes to the floor because what Loren had told her, was her Master was present, and would be watching each movement from her.

“Yes Mistress, forgive me please,” Oasis spoke a bit more audible this time.

Loren Starzbet Giriş smiled and released Oasis’ chin trailing her finger down her throat, to the V cut of the coat material, gently pulling it slightly to have it more open. “You may look at me now Oasis” Said casually, but knowing she would see the surprise in Oasis’ eyes. She then took the knotted sash and untied it letting each part fall to Oasis’ sides, not truly exposing her nakedness, but now able to open this coat at will. She was pleased to see Oasis did not move, but more pleased to see her face flush with embarrassment. Loren continued, by putting her free hand not holding the pole, inside the now free front of this coat. She ran her smooth hand up to Oasis’ breast caressing, and then cruelly pinching her nipple. Seeing the change in her face, and the contraction of her eyes with this pain, she pinched even harder wanting to hear her now.

Oasis was trying so hard not to make a sound, not wanting to draw attention to the play commencing upon her. It was not so hard, until Mistress Loren pinched her nipple with excruciating force. She gave Loren what she wanted, audible whimpers and a more panting breath. She felt eyes turn to look at her, and knew being at the back of this car, no one could really see what Loren was doing to her. “They will think I am crazy,” Oasis thought to herself. She felt Loren’s hand move from her breast to her back now, trailing her nails softly up and down the curve in her spine. Her flesh pimpled uncontrollably with this sensation bringing slight moans of pleasure from her, as Loren continued this, down the curve of her buttocks, then to the front. It was this moment Oasis felt him. Not physically, but his presence behind her. She fought the urge to turn to him, knowing that if she did, Loren’s arm in her coat would expose her completely. She thought she saw Loren smile, but it was so quick. She knew Loren was thinking this too.

Philippe placed his hand around Oasis’ on the pole surprised at how cold it was. Now standing behind her, with the other hand he moved her hair and kissed her softly on her neck before releasing it again. He heard her whisper “Philippe” and smiled with her response. He wanted to see her eyes, but as brightly as Loren’s were shining with desire, he knew Oasis’ were ten times more brilliant with expression. His free hand, he now pushed deep into the pocket of this coat. A little frustrated, he pulled it out once again and retrieved a pocket knife from his own pocket. Distending it, he resumed again, cutting the pockets end to allow his hand free to her body. He felt a brief regret again at how cold her skin was, but the moment he touched her sex, and felt the so arousing warmth there, it was gone. He heard her moan with his hand there, and removed it immediately to caress her hip and down her leg, as far as he could reach.

Loren found his hand, and took the pocket knife out of it quickly before he could snap it shut. She traced the edge of the blade against Oasis’ other hip seeing her eyes widen in fear, and a small appearance of tears there. Wickedly, she put the blade now between Oasis’ legs tracing the length of her arm to the tip of Oasis’ sex. She saw Oasis’ eyes glisten even more, and began to caress her clit with it, point side down. Seeing the tears spill now from her eyes, she snapped it shut and placed it in her own pocket.

When the blade was gone Oasis could not help, but shiver and cry even more. Blades, needles, knives, blood….they were all things she most feared. She pressed herself closer to Philippe, feeling his hand now placed on her stomach, directly above her sex. Comforted some, she still had to think he may have been holding her so she would not run.

She felt Loren’s fingers parting her lips and sliding easily against them. Teasingly, Loren pushed upon her hole, while caressing her lips until she felt Oasis push against her, then moving her hand down Oasis’ inner thigh and then back up again. Oasis could feel the trail of dampness left there by Loren’s hand, become even colder than her skin had been before. She shivered now with cold and pleasure as Loren replaced her hand and gripped her sex very hard. Oasis moaned and pushed herself to this hand, knowing, but not caring now it was a woman’s.

“Please,” Oasis whispered softly looking directly in Loren’s eyes.

No, Loren shook her head definitely, smiling, when she felt Philippe’s hand now graze hers. When Oasis gasp loudly, Loren knew he had taken her clit. She penetrated her then, feeling how almost greedily Oasis pulled her fingers inside, and could also feel, that what Philippe was doing with her clit would put her over in moments. Philippe smiled at Loren over Oasis’ shoulder, and they both stopped, hearing Oasis plead “no, please” panting. They continued this way on Oasis for some time. Bringing her to the almost ultimate point, and then stopping over and over. Each time hearing Oasis moan with regret, and then shake with anticipation.

“This is not the way to plead Oasis,” Philippe said in her ear. “Do you not know how to beg?”

Even with so much desire in her to feel this denied release, Oasis did not forget Starzbet Güncel Giriş where she was. This was such a crowded train, and she could feel already the looks from those closest to the three of them. When the caresses began again, she began to cry with frustration. Before she could mentally reason herself out of doing so, she knelt before Loren, feeling bare now without these fingers inside of her, but holding them with her hands and kissing them. The sudden kneeling pulled her coat open, Philippe’s hand still there. Humored, he disengaged his hand, and watched his precious sub, so desperately kiss, and beg to Loren’s hand.

“Only when I am pleasured first Oasis, but you may beg of your Master now,” Loren smiled at her.

Oasis turned on her knees then, grasping her Master’s hand and kissing his fingers until he raised her face, and her eyes saw all of the people around him staring at her in disbelief. She could not for some time even breath. It seemed to her, half the train was now only focused upon her, kneeled and exposed so completely. Her desire left her, but even before that, the shame engulfed her. She felt again, caught in the head lights, unable to move except for the tears that rolled down her face.

She did not comprehend this, but in one moment she spied Sir Duazat gazing at her from a seat close by. His face looked intently bored, but his eyes were conspicuously enjoying this humiliation. Philippe traced her chin to look at him. He only smiled. Casually, he left her this way, kneeled, exposed, and tears streaming down her face. She saw him approach Sir Duazat. Knowing she was not dismissed, she raised herself, pulling her coat to her again, and belting the sash anyway. She turned once again to the back, shame being replaced by the fury she felt. She placed a glance in their direction, seeing the back of her Master and Loren speaking to Sir Duazat. Feeling the train coming to a halt, she decided to leave, and escape this humiliating experience, without regard to the punishment she knew she would get for doing so. The place she found her feet, was not so different than when she began. Same cold concrete, same nameless faces. Only the signs to destination were different. She wondered as the train moved away now, if they wondered where she had gone. She would soon learn, this small defiance, would be tortured from her, never to be even thought of doing again.

Pursuing the Hunt

“Philippe, that was quite a show,” Sir Duazat spoke appreciatively, feeling the train slow, and gathering his paper lain casually beside him.

Philippe regarded him slyly for a moment. Marcus, or Sir Duazat as Oasis knew him, had been an acquaintance and friend for many years. He valued Marcus’ opinion, and was pleased he had enjoyed this.

“Do you remember Loren?” he asked Marcus. “I think, I should arrange a party for her, for being so perfect.”

Feeling the train stop, Philippe turned to find Oasis. Worry and surprise enveloped him, when he did not find her still there. Turning to the exit, he saw her back briefly, as she exited the sub car. Though worry was still within him, fury with her now encompassed his entire being. They had all seen her leave, and understood completely, the anger with defiance. Marcus proposed Philippe let him find her, and bring her back to her home, and that he should wait for them there.

Loren had other arrangements for the day, and wished them luck in their search, before she bade farewell. She saw the intensity in Philippe’s eyes before she left, and almost felt pity for Oasis, when they would find her. “It is always difficult with new one’s,” she thought, hoping only that Philippe would not cut her in two.

Trying to be rational, Philippe agreed to let Marcus find her. He knew if he found her right then, he might lose control, and in public that would be unthinkable. Grateful to his friend, he too left knowing with this time, he would think of an excruciating, and humiliating punishment for this. He thought of the cries he would invoke from her without mercy, and felt an intense arousal from within, pushing a primitive part of him to desire. He had always been patient with her, but this willful display, and the worry inside of him had to be vanquished.

Marcus went in search of her. He knew she could not be that much further ahead than he, and though not outwardly showing, he was furious with her as well. When he spoke to Philippe again, he would have many suggestions to her fate to add.

Oasis could think of no where else to go, but up the subway steps to the street above. She hoped to find someplace to sit and think, and if she could find one with no people around, all the better after feeling so many eyes on her. The cold numbed her blessedly this time. She even imagined it numbing her mind from the fear she now felt in being so willful. Her face felt stiff and dry from the frozen tears being blown taunt by the winter winds. She spied a small diner ahead, and gratefully entered, knowing it was not really safe to be out this way dressed as she was. There were windows all around, though she wished for none. She longed for anonymity, and felt exposed still. With the cold numb receding some, she ordered a hot tea, water, and a fruit bagel. The thought of eating turned her stomach, but the tea was warming, and the water soothing. She felt in her uncut pocket for any forgotten money there. With an audible sigh of relief, she found enough change to cover her check.

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