Master Chef: My Introduction

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The Master Chef – My Introduction

The whole thing started with Facebook. I don’t remember when, or how we got on the tangent of sex…but standing there, pacing in front of that hotel door, was when it really sunk in. I was about to do something I never thought could happen to me, and in a minute there would be no turning back.

A few days ago, he started messaging me…not like we usually did, to catch up with each other’s lives, but more flirty. His posts were not overtly sexual, but they made me blush anyway. It was new to have people take notice of me–months ago, I wouldn’t have even noticed. But months ago, I wasn’t single. And now, the attention was sinking in. And I loved it.

A long buzz pulsed in my pocket, and I quickly dug my phone out. An unknown number filled my screen, and I knew it was him. An address filled the first bubble, and the other pieces fell into place as I scanned his long texts.

Be there by 9 pm. You will receive further instructions tomorrow. You are to wear a button or snap up shirt that you do not care about getting ruined, and a change of clothes. If you desire something to drink bring it. Disobey any instructions and you will be punished accordingly. Do you understand so far? You will be contacted tomorrow.

I knew my cheeks were burning. “That escalated quickly,” I muttered, trying to hide my smile. Our previous messages had been short but fun, flirty…nothing so explicitly directed like this. Our last message had mentioned getting together for drinks. But his new text was clear, the implications like crystal as I reread the words.

This was confusing, talking this way to a man I knew as a distant friend. We had talked a lot in the past, having met through my boyfriend at the time. Back then, we somehow always talked about sex-the man practically oozed sexy, and it was exciting listening to his stories about past escapades or get advice for my own now ex-relationship. But I had never heard him talk like this, like my texts read.

I snapped out of my thoughts and quickly replied. “Hmm intriguing Mr. Grey.” I had never read the books but all I could think about was how demanding, controlling, and incredibly exhilarating his words were, and how appropriately they would fit in one of the Shades of Grey. A naive thought, really.

I wanted to tell someone. I wanted to share with everyone! I quickly dialed my best friend. After a long pause, she answered.

“Sierra, you won’t believe what I’m doing tomorrow….”


I couldn’t think clearly when I woke up the next day. After his text, I had been overwhelmed with mixed emotions…a rush of excitement flushed my face and I had quickly driven to a store to don something I could impress him with. Nervousness as I tried items on, uncertain if I should play along with something innocent or sexy or why I was even concerned with an outfit at all that could very possibly never be worn again, once he was through with it.

This morning was the same. I wasn’t sure how I would get through the day without thinking about him…and the approaching deadline, 9 pm. I was jittery and jumped all morning when people talked to me at work. More than anything, I wanted to hide in a hallway and keep my phone ready in anticipation of his new instructions. But since I couldn’t do that, I resolved to shut off my phone and shove it in my purse. I couldn’t focus on my job if I was distracted by his naughty texts.

The day could not end fast enough. I was in my car heading toward the liquor store as fast as I could, my phone powering back on. No new messages. I was a little disappointed, but I purchased two bottles of wine and started home.

Halfway there my phone started blowing up. Seven new texts. I held off until the apartment parking lot to read his new instructions. Each word made my body tingle.

You will be given a room number. You will speak only when asked a question. Come to that room and knock 3 times, and turn away from the door and close your eyes. Your bag will be taken from you. You will also be given something to wear. You will put this on correctly and completely in the hallway, and then turn and knock 1 time on the door. This is to identify yourself to Mr. Grey. Failure to follow these instructions fully will result in punishment, which you will supply in the form of a ruler taken from your classroom. Do you understand these directions so far? Answer and await your room number. Enjoy Starzbet class.

I let out my breath, trying to slow my heartbeat. Another text caught my attention. I asked if you understand…

My face blushed bright red. “I’m going to be punished for sure!” I whispered, and I hurriedly replied. My phone gets turned off at work. I understand. Then, as an afterthought, I added, May I have a safe word?

When I didn’t get a reply in several minutes, I went inside. I had four hours until his deadline, and I was going to be ready. A long shower later, body newly shaved and trimmed, I stood naked in front of my mirror. “Relax,” I murmured, trying to calm my rising nerves. I slipped on my new lingerie and admired my image. Bright red lace and white polka dotted fabric accented my curves, hugging my breasts and hips just the way I hoped.

I grinned. “Maybe I can’t control what he’s planning, but I can look the part!” I wasted no time shrugging on a thin, purple plaid shirt and black jean capris. I smoothed my top, one hand absently fingering one of the buttons. “Perfect.” My outfit was definitely what he asked for.

I applied makeup and kept checking my phone. No safe word. I tried to push down any second thoughts. Scenarios played in my head, of all the things that could go wrong. If I couldn’t stop something bad from happening…if my boundaries were pushed….

I pinched myself and winced. ‘Stop thinking that!” I told my mirror sharply. I was determined to have fun. And if I was walking into a situation like this, I could not let myself think that way.

By 7, I was ready. I looked the part of a normal, innocent twenty-two year old woman, off to enjoy a regular Friday night. And I was dying to have him prove me otherwise.

I stalled for time and went out to eat with my brothers. We laughed and caught up like always, sharing stories and calling each other names like when we grew up. But I spent the whole time glancing back at my phone under the table, waiting for my last instruction. Waiting for my last piece of information.

I jumped when it finally came. There was my safe word…an image from the movie Euro Trip. I laughed, but my nerves intensified. If he was serious, if that was my word, I was doomed. I tried to ignore that thought by pushing my dark hair out of my eyes, and instead focused on the last text.

Room 203. Clarion Hotel.

I shivered. “Okay, I’m heading out.” I quickly shut off my screen and excused myself. A long drive awaited me, and I was anxious to hurry time and be outside his door. My Taurus was ready, and before I pulled away from the restaurant, I shot a last reply:

I will be there at 9.


I stood silently, frozen to my spot in the elevator. Forty minutes after his text, I had managed to take a wrong turn, pull into the wrong parking lot, and have my GPS shut down. I drove cursing my luck and racing the clock as it counted down to 9. But I had finally found the hotel, and now I could not move from the elevator. I was stuck.

The doors chimed my arrival to the second floor, and they slid open much too quickly. Suddenly I was overwhelmed. My heart was racing, my mouth was dry, and I was trembling so hard that my keys shook in my hand. I can do this.

Slowly, I stepped out of the elevator and turned down the hallway. His room was right near the elevator…the 203 plaque gleamed as if smiling, like it knew why I was there. I checked my phone. 8:58 pm. I glanced up at the white door and adjusted the bag on my shoulder. I thought I heard shuffling on the other side, but I could not be sure.

8:59. I shifted my balance and closed my eyes. I tried taking deep breaths, counting, whispering to myself “I can do this.” But I was petrified. This was not me. Before tonight, I had only been with one man. And now I was jumping into a situation with a man I flirted with over texts, a man I barely knew….

I checked my phone one more time. 9 pm. I quickly knocked three times and turned around, squeezing my eyes and fists shut. It was too late to think otherwise. Over the sound of my pulse I heard the door swiftly open, and my bag was roughly tugged off my shoulder. A hand grabbed my wrist and shoved something silky into my own hand, before releasing me just as quickly and disappearing behind the quiet slam of the door once more.

I hesitated, and opened my eyes. No turning back now. I looked at what he had given me–a soft, black blindfold. Starzbet Giriş “What am I doing…?” I murmured, my heartbeat quickening. I put it on, covering my eyes after one last glance at the cream colored hall. Turning, I knocked once more, heard the door swing open, and was pulled inside.

His hands let me go and I stumbled to a halt. The door clicked shut, and I heard footsteps and a soft clink. “Take one.” I tilted my head toward his voice, trying to reach for whatever he was holding. A cold glass, slippery with condensation brushed against my fingers and I quickly cupped my hands around it. My nerves were on high alert, and my shaking made the ice inside clink noisily. “Drink it,” the voice commanded, and I did quickly. A sweet, familiar taste hit my tongue as I sipped. Quickly, it was taken away again, and I was left trembling alone.

“Turn off your phone.”

I quickly retrieved my cell from my back pocket, fumbling on the buttons. Without being able to see, I couldn’t tell if I succeeded. His smooth voice cut through my thoughts. “Can’t you turn it off?”

I shook my head, then remembered I could answer questions. “Not without seeing,” I mumbled softly, apologizing. He ripped the phone out of my hands and I shook, afraid I would get punished for not completing his task. Instead, he pushed the drink back into my hands and urged me to finish it. I gulped the drink down, trying my best to not shiver from the coolness. Once again, it was taken from me too soon.

Warm hands grabbed my upper arms and pushed me against the wall, making me gasp in surprise. My timing felt off without being able to see, and I am sure I would have stumbled if he was not holding me so tightly.

“Why did you come?” The voice made me shiver, and I opened my mouth, unable to answer. I was turned around very fast, making me throw my hands up to brace myself against the wall. His hands quickly searched my body, cupping and squeezing all the way down my chest, stomach, and hips. “Who sent you?” I cried out as he rubbed his hands between my legs, and my fingers curled into a ball.

The hands quickly left my thighs and grabbed my shirt. “Take this off.” I didn’t get a chance before he ripped it open, sending buttons flying. He tugged the ruined shirt off my shoulders and threw it to the floor.

“Why are you here?” He replied, his voice louder. His hands roughly reached for my capris’ buttons. “Take these off now.” I hurried to comply this time, my hands brushing over his as I tried to shove them down my legs and to the ground. Before I could stand back up he shoved me flat against the wall, pressing hard against me.

“Who sent you?” He demanded again. I shook and he kept handling my nearly naked body.

“Y-you asked me to come,” I whispered, trying to not squirm. My hands went down to meet his and he quickly circled my wrists, moving them above my head.

I moaned, and his breath was hot on my neck. “Did I tell you to move?” he hissed. I shook my head and left my hands in place, even when he let go. He unhooked my bra and pulled it over my arms. My nipples stood hard against the wall, and I moaned again.

A hand smacked my ass, and I jumped, nearly pulling my arms down in surprise. “You are early.” Another smack, and then my panties were yanked to the floor as well.

I twisted my head. “My phone said nine-ah!” I murmured, ending in a gasp as he moved his hand to cup between my legs.

“Your phone lied.” I was pulled away from the wall and shoved to the left until I hit a table. “Bend over.” I did as he ordered, keeping my hands by my shoulders reflexively. He fixed this, bending over me and stretching my arms to reach the other edge. “Don’t let go.”

I shivered again. His voice was rough, demanding, and I was desperate to not get punished. I tried to listen to what he was doing, but it still came as a shock when I felt his tongue immediately between my legs, licking my clit. I arched my back and whimpered. His hands roamed over my legs, thighs and bottom as he licked my smooth skin. His mouth felt amazing, and I dug my fingers into the edge of the table to try to keep from saying so.

A moment passed, and he pulled away. My arms were seized again, pulling me up from the table and shoving me once more in a new direction. “Get on the bed.” I tried to guide myself with my hands, getting onto my knees on the soft mattress. I was trembling again, excitement and nerves twisting together.

A Starzbet Güncel Giriş smack reached my bottom again. “Lie down.” I flattened myself, feeling soaked but trying to comply quickly. My right wrist was pulled ahead and a soft fabric was wrapped and tied around it. My left quickly was matched, and I was shoved back up on my knees, arms spread out to the corners of the bed.

The man moved under me and pulled my body down, my pussy again lined up with his face. I groaned with his talented tongue back at work. I wanted to say something, to cry out but I forced myself to just moan.

Once more, he stopped early, leaving the space under me empty and making me want to pout. “Turn around.” I hesitated, and he smacked me again. “On your back.” I hurriedly dropped and twisted on the bed, trying to stop my hands from twisting also but failing. They stayed crossed over my head, tighter now so I couldn’t really move. He wasted no time, but dove back down between my legs, lifting them over his shoulders.

I couldn’t help it anymore. “Oh God,” I cried out, shaking and arching through his ministrations. “Oooh fuck!” My head was rolling, and my blindfold started to get loose. I tried to get his attention, so I wouldn’t get punished for it coming off, but I didn’t want to risk telling him and getting punished for talking either. I wasn’t even sure if my moans would be breaking the rules, but those were not going to be restrained any longer.

As if he had read my mind, he moved up my body and secured my blindfold. Then, he kissed me, forcing his tongue inside my mouth. I was shaking, but I melted into him, calming slightly at this new touch. “Do you like that?” He taunted, kissing me again. “Do you like how you taste?” His fingers held my chin firmly, not letting me move away.

“Ye-es!” I breathed brokenly, trying to get more kisses. His mouth moved down to my breast and I arched again, twisting my arms. His fingers reached between my legs and shoved inside, making me whimper louder as they danced inside me. “Oh God yes!”

He groped my other breast as he continued licking and nibbling on my nipple, and his fingers moved up and into my mouth. I sucked at them, moaning around them. I was so swept away by my overloading senses that I almost didn’t feel him rise above me. Something big pressed against my pussy, a feeling had felt only with one other before, and I snapped soberly aware. “Don’t!”

He paused, and nibbled on my hard nipple. “Why?” He sounded amused, and I arched under him again as he rubbed my clit. “Don’t you want this?”

I nodded through a loud moan, trying to clear away the distraction. Oh, he felt so nice…. “Please…a condom…” I cried out as I got closer to the edge, ready to flood. “Please!”

“Why?” I couldn’t answer. I didn’t have to answer though. After a moment, he moved back up to straddle my chest. “Open.” I eagerly opened my mouth and he slid inside with his own quiet moan. “Suck it.” I did as he ordered, moving my lips down his shaft and moving my tongue around it. He felt smooth and wider in the middle, making it difficult to take him very deep. But he tasted so good, and I kept up with his hips thrusting forward in my mouth.

Finally he pulled away and pressed against my pussy again. “Condom!” I cried again, and he moved off the bed. I was worried I’d be punished for talking, or worse for giving him an order. I jumped when he groped my chest again, standing off the side of the bed.

“Pleasure me.” His cock was by my bound hand, and I tried to twist enough to reach.

“With my hand, or my mouth?” I asked, my fingers circling around him.

He chuckled. “What do you think?”

My lips twisted in a smile, and I turned my head toward him. He pressed against my lips and I took him inside my mouth again, sucking hard and quickly. He held my head in place as I lay on the bed, arms still twisted above me. I moaned around him as he fingered me again, and I heard his own soft groans.

He pulled his pulsing cock out of my mouth. Unexpectedly, my right hand was quickly untied. “Untie the other one.” I moved quickly, undoing my left wrist and sitting back up.

I was pushed back down quickly, and again felt his body straddle mine. I wanted to touch and explore but he had his own agenda. A soft moan filled the air and I flinched as warmth spread over me, coating my belly and chest. My hands instinctively reached up and felt it, trying to clear up the confusion my blindfold was causing.

“You did well,” rang his voice, still smooth but quieter. “You will get your own later.” With those last words, a rough towel began to clean me off. “We still have the whole night ahead.”

And what a night it was.

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