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“A good evening, master,” I purr as you walk in the door.

A slow approving smile appears on your face briefly, then it is gone. Your face is impassive as you walk around me checking to make sure your orders have been followed. I continue to kneel in the middle of the room, not moving until you order me to. My hands are behind my head, causing my breasts to jut out– waiting for your touch. I have been longing for you all day long, but you ordered me not to even think of pleasuring myself until you got here. I can feel your eyes on my body, and I wonder if you can see my wetness on my thighs? If you do, you don’t mention it.

“AHm…very good slave, however, I regret that I have to punish you . You spoke before being asked to, and now you will be punished.”

Your words cause another wave of wetness to appear, and I want you so badly. I don’t say anything, and you order me to go and prepare myself to be spanked.

“Yes, master,” I say quietly.

“What was that?” you say.

“YES, MASTER,” I say more loudly than before.

“Good girl, now go.”

I slowly rise from my kneeling position and walk back the hall way, again, I can feel your eyes following my every move.

Once in the room, I quickly get our your favorite whip and bend over the bed with my ass up in the air. I can hear you out in the kitchen, what are you getting this time? I have little time to wonder as I hear you enter the room. In this position, my smooth, wet pussy is clearly visible. You gently run your fingers over my sensitive little cunt. I can’t help but moan softly, I need you!

Suddenly, without warning, you bring Starzbet the whip down on my ass, catching me by surprise. You hit my ass nine more times before stopping. The stinging of the whip on my bare ass brings tears to my eyes, and I hope that you’re finished with my punishment. My ass burns and I know that by now, it is bright red. I hear you reach for something in the room and I feel something cold being applied to my burning ass. Again, I moan softly, the combined sensations are sending tingles through my body.

“All right slave, your punishment is done,” you emphasize this with a smack on my ass. “Now you will be rewarded for your good behavior.”

You pull me up from the bed and hold me against your body, wiping the tears from my eyes, you kiss me. I can feel your rock hard cock pressing against my thigh as you kiss me. After you break the kiss, I slowly slide down your body, to my knees where I begin to caress your cock through your pants. Slowly unzipping your jeans, I place my hand inside and gently pull out your member. Slowly, I trace my fingertips all over your cock before placing kisses from your tip to base. I hear you moan softly, and I place my soft lips on you tip and suck, HARD. Upon hearing a much louder moan from you, I take all of you into my hot mouth, taking you as deep as possible. The combination of my soft tongue stroking you and the hard suction being used causes you to cum quickly. You can feel my throat working to suck up every last drop. As I slowly rise up from my knees, you can see me licking my lips, making sure I get every last drop of you. The look on your face tells me that it was Starzbet Giriş more than satisfactory.

You lead me over to the bed and lay me down on it, tying my arms and legs wide open, so you can have full access to my slut body. After you have me tied open to your satisfaction, you slip a black silk scarf over my eyes. You slide a rather large vibrator into my soaked pussy, turn it on and leave the room. You are gone for a long time and I’m getting very frustrated. The vibrator has taken me to the brink of orgasm, but is not enough to push me over the edge. Finally, I hear you re-enter the room and you begin to gently suck on my nipples. This action brings me even closer to orgasm, but still…it’s not quite enough. When my nipples are hard enough for you, you place some strong clips on them that make me cry out.

“Oh god, I need to cum! I can fell your breath on my pussy,” and you began to gently nibble on my hard little clit, immediately sending me over the edge. I scream out as you remove the vibrator and continue to eat my pussy. When my orgasm subsides, you stop for a few minutes to allow me to catch my breath. As I lay there, I hear something that sounds like a lighter being lit. I hope that means what I think it means! I know I’m right when I begin to smell a soft strawberry scent. After a few minutes, you come back to the bed and dribble the candle wax all over my body. Even though I was expecting it, I cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. The wax burns my body and the sensation of the ice over the burns turns me on all over again. You drizzle the wax all over my breasts and after you have used the ice Starzbet Güncel Giriş on my nipples, you pour the wax on them, making me moan very, very loudly.

“What is it you want, slave?” you ask as though you don”t know already. But still I answer.

“I want you to fuck me master, please! I need your hard cock inside my pussy.”

You do not respond and I’m unsure as to whether or not you’ll give in to my request. You finally get off the bed and I can hear you undressing. But then you walk out. I can’t help but be disappointed. I thought you were going to fuck me like I asked. After you’ve been gone for a long time, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve forgotten about me! Why would you leave me here like this? At least an hour passes and you come back into the room. I can hear that you’re not alone. I can hear clothes being removed, but I can’t tell how many are with you or if they’re male or female. Someone begins to untie me while other people began sucking on my nipples after I’ve been untied. Someone begins to eat me out, causing me to have yet another screaming orgasm. When that subsides, I’m lifted off the bed and I can hear someone else lay down. I am set back down and someone guides my pussy to his cock. I can tell it’s your cock, master. I know that you are the one who is going to fuck my wanton pussy. I start sliding my pussy up and down on your hard shaft, while you are nibbling my nipples.

The other man in the room begins fondling my ass and I feel him rub some lube into my tight little orifice. Finally, he slides his large cock into my ass. As the two of you set up a rhythm I can feel a massive orgasm building inside of me. I can’t take anymore and I cumming harder than I ever thought was possible. The feeling of my pussy and ass spasming around your cocks is too much for you as well, and you both cum at the same time, filling me with your hot sticky cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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