Melanie and Her Mom Ch. 01

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Melanie loved her mother… And Gloria was a loving, but firm woman… She had a bit of a temper and was determined to have a daughter who was well disciplined. How things ultimately developed the way that they did was dumbfounding for the both of them…

Melanie, like her mother, was a pretty, blonde, fair skinned girl… Her baby fat never quite went away… At almost 19, she had nice round ass, and perky breasts that her blonde hair just barely brushed the tops of… Gloria was a bit bigger, but still very pretty… Pleasantly plump. They shared the same soft, pale skin and the shining eyes when they smiled. From early on, Melanie truly enjoyed they type of discipline that her mother provided. She wondered if she could ever do without it. It made her feel safe and loved… Gloria really had no idea how much Melanie needed it.

Her mother, genuinely trying to provide disciplinary, but loving guidelines for her daughter, would sometimes spank Melanie… These sessions were normal… Bend over mom’s lap in only your panties, and you will receive several swats for whatever foul that had been committed… Not cleaning your room, staying up after bed time, etc…

When Melanie was 18 and a freshman at the community college, things changed. They both remembered the moment as clear as day, although, it was never, ever talked about. Melanie had gotten home from class and her mother was there to greet her… Gloria gave her a a snack and then, quite hesitantly, pointed out that Melanie had not made her bed before she left for school that day. Melanie looked down and said, “I know, mom”…

Gloria replied, “if you know, Mel, why didn’t you just do it?” Gloria could not have been ready for the response that she heard… Melanie said, “I knew you would want to spank me, Mom… And that’s ok with me… It helps me to focus..”

At that point, Gloria made a decision that she would always question… “Ok, Mel.. Go on upstairs.”

With that, they went to Melanie’s room. Eyes down and sheepish, Melanie waited for instructions… Gloria sat on the edge of the bed and said, “OK, Mel. Pants down and across my knee.”

With that, Melanie pulled down not only her jeans, but took down her panties, as well. Melanie did not meet her mothers eye, as she quickly laid across her lap. Gloria bursa eskort bayan was mesmerized by the soft, gorgeous ass that was laying across her lap… She hadn’t seen her daughter’s bare ass in many years and she gazed for a long time. Finally, she laid one hand softly on her daughters ass… It was all she could do not to squeeze and play with the softness. She could see the pink darkness between her crack and she could even slightly see Melanie’s wet and swelling lips off her pussy.

Gloria shook herself from her daze and began, as normally as she could.

“Ok, Mel. If focus is what you need, then maybe 10 swats will help you.”

She proceeded with bare-handed spankings across Melanie’s naked ass. Around the 5th swat, she noticed that Melanie was thrusting her pelvis forward against Gloria’s thigh after each swat… By the time she got to 10, she felt Melanie shudder with an orgasm… Shocked, Gloria stayed there for a moment, letting Melanie subside… She caressed Melanie’s creamy, reddened bottom for several seconds. Not knowing what else to do, Gloria told Melanie to sit up beside her for a moment… There, they just held each other for a long time… Gloria’s hand resting on the side of Melanie’s naked rear end. And that is how the next phase of their relationship started. Periodic spankings continued for the next few weeks much like that one… Upstairs. Melanie pulling down her pants and panties… Or just lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties… Gloria started to enjoy them more and more… The view… The closeness. Melanie, more often than not would finish with an orgasm and then they would go about their day.

It was just the two of them. Melanie barely knew her father. They both had friends… Mainly from church, but the truth was that they just preferred each other’s company… Quietly living in the suburbs… Melanie enjoying school.

One day, Melanie was practicing her piano lessons after school and she was noticeably off on this particular day. Gloria came in and put her hands on Melanie’s shoulders and Melanie stopped her playing…

“What’s the matter, Mel?”

“I just feel scattered today, Mom”

Feeling kind of frisky, Gloria said, “Well, let’s see… This may sound a little crazy, but why don’t you take off your bursa otele gelen eskort bayan clothes and play? It might just free you a bit… And help you to focus..”

Melanie smiled at this… And Gloria got up and left the room… From a few rooms away, she heard the piano playing again… This time, much more crisp and sharp… After a while, Gloria made her way back to the music room and, sure enough, Melanie had removed all of her clothes. She was sitting on the hard, wooden piano bench with nothing on. Her gorgeous, white ass was spreading across the bench beautifully… Gloria listened and watched and she grew wetter and wetter with every note and movement of Melanie’s body… She moved to the side to get another angle… And Melanie noticed her mother looking at her… She smiled knowingly, sat up a little straighter and continued playing… She had started to notice how attractive her mother thought she was… And that made her so very happy.

She finished her piece and her mother complimented her tremendously… With a smile, Gloria said, “There is just one thing, Baby…” With that, she pointed towards the ground and there lie the pile of Melanie’s clothes…

“You know better than that… Down to the den couch young lady. Wait for me there.”

Both of them smiled at this… It was obvious to both of them that it was just a game that they both enjoyed… But on this day, the game would change forever.

Melanie grinned and skittered off to the den, sans clothing, of course. Gloria looked down to the glossy piano bench and noticed a creamy wet spot that Melanie had left… With that, she touched her fingers to it and then touched them her own pelvis through her pants… She almost had an orgasm at that very moment. Shaking herself out of her malaise, Gloria headed for the den to give Melanie a playful smack or two. Little did she know…

In a usual situation, Melanie would have been clothed and seated on the couch waiting for her mother to come and give her a few swats… Gloria almost fainted when she came into the den on this particular day… In addition to being completely nude, Melanie was on all fours on the couch with her ass sticking up, just waiting for her mothers attention…

Trying to act bursa eve gelen escort normal, Gloria moved in behind Melanie and said, “Ok young lady… You know better than to leave your clothes lying on the floor.” She spoke slowly, because she wanted to enjoy the site of Melanie’s ass… And, she knew that making Mel wait just added to the excitement of their little game… She gazed and noticed every nook and crevice… She could see Melanie’s swollen pink pussy lips… She could also barely see the cute pink star of her asshole. As Melanie waited, she adjusted herself a few times… Knowing that her mother was watching her from behind. She lifted her ass a bit higher… And spread her legs a bit wider… As if she were presenting herself as best as she could.

After a few more moments, Gloria took a deep breath and said “OK… Not too many swats this time, Mel…”

Disappointed, Melanie quietly said, “Please, mom…”

“No, Mel, I want to reward you for how well you did on the piano.”

With that, she gently caressed Melanie’s ass cheek with one hand.. And she finally came down with a good firm spank… Only two more followed… Gloria caressed where she had spanked Melanie and Melanie moaned a happy sound… Then Gloria couldn’t help but to kiss the soft skin of Melanie’s ass… She kissed it over and over… Several different places… In between kisses, she told Melanie that she was a good girl… Then her hand slowly moved down between Melanie’s thighs from behind… And she hesitated, but the temptation was too much… Plus, Melanie pushed herself backwards, greeting Gloria’s fingers as they rose.

As soon as Gloria’s fingers touched her daughters pussy, Melanie started to moan and move against her mothers fingers… Melanie was so warm and wet… Gloria firmly rubbed Melanie’s pussy in exactly the way that Melanie needed. They continued like that for several minutes until Melanie shuttered with orgasm… She had taken recently to moaning and squealing with her orgasms… This turned Gloria on tremendously. Finally, Gloria slowed and then she lovingly scooted up beside Melanie. She wrapped her arms around Melanie’s hips, kissed her skin a few more times… Then said, “OK, Mel… Let’s get ready for dinner”…

Gloria, as was often the case, went upstairs to her room and let her vibrator finish off her own nice orgasm. This time, Melanie slowly followed her and was standing just on the other side of the door… Listening to the hum of the vibrator and her mothers stifled noises… That made Melanie smile.

The rest of the evening went as normal… Just the two of them enjoying each other’s company.

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