Mom’s in Town Ch. 02

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All Brian could do was stand in silence as his mother walked out the door of the sex shop. OMG, what is happening he thought as he heard the customer say to no one particular, “That is some sexy cougar, I’d love to get her in the back room and give her a bit of this.” the middle aged man boasted as he grabbed what little of his crotch he could reach below this beer belly.

Brian nodded, but quietly thought, no fucking way you moron, as he watched his mother leave the store and sashay cross the sidewalk. Stepping off the curb between two parked cars, traffic on the seedy urban street came to a halt. All the male drivers agreed her bouncing breasts and short skirt were definitely worth stopping for. Her long strides caused her already short skirt to climb higher on her thighs, the ruffles fluttering in the wind exposing more lace and as one driver swore to his co-worker the next morning “I could see her naked thighs above her stockings. In fact, I am pretty sure she was not wearing any panties.”

Of course Brian could not hear the remark, but as she made her way between the stopped cars, he did notice the lack of panty lines on the smooth part of the skirt covering her ass. At the hem of the skirt, below the well-shaped bum, came a row of ruffles which allowed a lot of leg to show. He was surprised to feel his cock twitch, but had to admit, even to himself, his mother was a very sexy sight.

Christine found the larger food court full of competing aromas but not full of people. Perhaps the unusually warm weather kept them away or people had pickup up take-away to watch the game at home. It didn’t really matter, it was empty. Empty except for a group of noisy teenagers in the back corner. Ever the exhibitionist, she minced among the vendors, bending over to look at their presentations and intentionally letting the servers look down her gaping blouse. Employees were, for the most part, seniors or teens. The teens ogled openly while the seniors usually were more cautious. Whoever was looking, Christine was more than happy to let them. At VERY COLD CREAMERY the cold stone slab radiated coolness. Although she was not interested in the product, she spent more than few minutes chatting with the young teenage server who offered free samples to encourage her to stay and perhaps even buy. Her ripe nipples could not get any harder and the peaks created on her chest seemed impossibly pointed. When she raised the small sampling cup and the wood tasting spoon to her mouth, her elbows squeezed her breasts together, deepening the cleavage and forcing the nipples almost into contact with each other. Christine stood facing the youngster pretending to savor the taste and texture while letting him feast on what she had on display.

“Excuse me ma’am. I think you got some on your cheek.” he said with a quavering voice.

“Oh, why thank you, but that is not ice cream.”

It was not the first time for her to do a cum walk, but certainly one of the first times she stood still long enough for someone to really notice and comment.

“Would you like a napkin?”

“Thanks for the offer, but no. I want to remember who left it there.” she said as she tantalizing tried to lick a dollop of ice cream off the stick, but instead causing it to fall into her cleavage.

“Guess I could use a napkin after all.” she said with a giggle as she shivered from the cold droplet. “I have my hands full” she said with the dixie cup in one hand and the small spoon in the other.

“Do you think you could wipe it up before it ruins my blouse?”

“Me, you mean you want me to wipe it off you?

“Yes, use rokettube a napkin or even your finger but hurry, its melting down my chest.” she urged as she leaned forward over the counter offering her breasts to the teenager.

Using the little fingers of each hand she pulled the lapels of the blouse apart away from the sliding drip. She continued pulling until the next two buttons popped. The blouse unfolded until half of each brown areola was revealed and the half inch long nipples were visible.

“Quickly!” she urged the boy.

After the initial hesitation, he grabbed a thin napkin with his right hand, pressed it into her cleavage and felt the taut skin. She gasped at his cold hands. He gasped as he realized this is what real breasts feel like. He had seen breasts in magazines, he had seen hints of them on some of the girls at his school and he had fantasized about his mother’s as he had secretly watched through her partially opened bedroom door, but he had never touched one. Soft yet firm, full yet……..he thought as he captured the wayward cream. Two of his fingers and the edge of his thumb actually touched skin. His little finger brushing the wrinkled bumpy areola but missing the erect nipple.

Christine let the lad enjoy himself and twisted and turned to make sure he not only caught the spill but cop a good feel.

“Would you hold these?”

For a split second the young teenage thought she meant her tits, but was immediately jolted back to reality as she held out the empty dixie cup and the spoon. She then slowly adjusted the blouse and redid the two lower buttons that had popped open to expose her breasts. One button below and one button just at the bust line. There was still a large expanse of tantalizing cleavage to enjoy.

“Thank you so much for doing that, the blouse was a gift and I did not want it ruined. However, I better press on since I need to find a main course before dessert.”

While a smile and a little wave she moved away to the satay vendor to consider what they had to offer. She was not tempted and she did not tempt them. The older women serving looked bored and tired, neither of which appealed to Christine’s sense of wantonness. She continued along the various display frontages but could not make her mind up but she did come up with an idea. An idea that was both bold and exciting. One that involved the group of boys seated around the wire mesh table in the corner of the eating area.

Trying to be nonchalant, she ambled her way toward the group and had a sense that the one boy facing her was familiar. She was not good with faces, but there was not a cock she could not remember. As she approached the table, the clack of her kitten heels on the hard tile floor announced her arrival and the boy smiled. The others turned around in their seats to look in amazement at a cougar on the prowl.

The boy remembered her only too well. He widened his smile, hoping to awaken in her memories from last year when he had been dared by his now frat brothers, as the price of admission, to go get a blowjob at the adult book store across the street. He knew what she wanted and happy to play her game.

Christine walked around the table to stand beside the smiling boy who appeared to be older and perhaps the leader. Her pointed breasts, barely concealed by her revealing top, were inches from his face. He felt the other boys looking at him, waiting for something. He turned his head and could clearly see her left nipple atop her swollen areola through the fissure caused by the gaping the front panels of the blouse. Her closeness seemed to invite asyalı porno his dangling hand to caress her legs. Keeping his right hand on his paper coffee cup he let his left hand slide off the table. He felt her hip against his shoulder, then the smooth silky nylons covering her legs as he traced his fingers down the black seam at the back.

“So pledges, as I was saying; our fraternity does good for the community and we look out for each other.” he said to the wannabes around the table. “Plus, sometimes opportunities come to us. Such as, how can we be of service to this nice lady here?” he said as he looked up past her enticing chest into her eyes.

“I need to get take-out for someone your age and I am overwhelmed by the choices. I was wondering if you could recommend what was good?” she said as she subtly pushed her leg back against his hand. The invitation was clear and soon acted upon. Christine felt the unseen hand begin to rise up her leg. The thumb on the outside and the four fingers caressing the inside of her right leg while their nails teased her left. The fact that something was going on was not lost on the lads as their eyes opened wider as their mouths closed tighter. They saw the skirt ruffles flutter as the hidden hand flattened and snaked itself against the back of her naked thigh to above the nylons. They noticed as she caught her breath then her balance, when she slightly widened her stance. The young man’s concealed hand squeezed and kneaded the bare skin of her quivering thigh as it made its way even higher. Her narrow thigh gap, slippery with her juices, proved no barrier to his reaching the steamy gap below her waiting cunt. She gasped, not as silently as she would have hoped to, as two strong fingers pushed upward between her swelling lips.

It was not obvious exactly what was happening, but with the silence of the quiet focused attention of everyone around the table, they all knew something was.

Christine struggled to catch her breath as she asked “What are each of you having?”

Startled out of their amazement, came various voices “pizza, satay, hot dog, burger, BLT, satay, green curry, wings.” From the boy beside her. “Finger Food”

“Wow, it all sound so good!” she gushed then continued her charade of small talk, all the while feeling the glow from the heat in her pussy. She steadied herself with one hand on the table and one hand on the young boy’s shoulder as the electric jolts of a budding orgasm spread through her body. Her nipples responded by growing longer and pushing themselves against the semi sheer blouse and forming alp like peaks. The peaks began to sway as her body moved in rhythm with the two fingers sliding over her now very wet cunt. She did not hear any more of the responses but nodded interestingly while she focused on the squeezing and encouraging the fingers that were probing her. She continued to mumble a few words to keep the conversation going all the while feeling her warm juices starting to run down her legs.

Her legs began to shake as her pussy began its convulsions. She bit her lower lip to stifle a moan of ecstasy from escaping. She could not stifle the feelings and had to let herself go in front of the boys and closed her eyes letting the orgasm surge and her juices gush. She heard nothing, all the conversation had stopped, as the group watched in stunned amazement when she reached into her blouse and touched her left nipple. The touch sent her over the top. On full public display, she gasped and shuddered. The quietness continued as she felt the fingers between her legs, using her juices azeri porno for lubricant, gently caress her bare thighs.

“I’m glad we were able to help you, but the boys need to get back to the chapter house as they have a mandatory event this evening. However, after they have gone, let me help you? It is the least I can do.”

“Time for you boys to head out, don’t want you to be late.” the leader said.

The group looked at each other, wolfed down their remaining food and left. Christine, standing next the seated boy, felt him rotate in his seat and pat the top of thigh. “Sit for minute. Catch your breath.”

She looked down saw the lap on offer and settled herself onto it as her arm slid behind his neck for balance. The food court was practically empty and they were at the distant end and seated behind a table but it was still a public place as she felt his right hand on her thigh.

“Is that cum on your face?” he asked only to see her nod affirmatively

“I thought so. I don’t know if you remember but we met last year. I was a pledge and my frat brothers made us go to the arcade across the street and you blew me and my friend.” he said as his hand slipped to the hem of her dress and pulled it toward her waist. Exposing the front panel of her wet white thong, between two bare smooth swollen lips, he realized that she shaved everywhere.

“I’m not great with faces, but I never forget a cock.”

Her right hand reached out to touch the bulge in his pants. As she traced her fingers lightly over his hidden member she felt him flex his surging cock. At the same time his hand slid under the blouse to cup and weigh her breast. His hand, slick with her cunt juice, slid easily over its fullness as he sought to smear it over her with his groping and kneading. His index finger played with the nipple like a joy stick, then traced a circle around her bumpy distended areola. In response she squeezed his cock and began a slow up and down jerking motion. She let out a sigh and squirmed in her seat as she raised her chin and let herself enjoy the stimulation. He enjoyed the line of her chin that led to her neck and then to her exposed chest.

“May I?” he whispered as he leaned in to place a kiss on the nape of neck. She tilted her head away exposing and offering more of herself to his eager lips. As he gently nibbled her neck, he cautiously pulled the blouse off her shoulder and down her arm. The undone buttons allowed the open blouse to bare almost her whole right breast, catching only, at the last minute, on the rubbery extended nipple. She looked down to see his fingers milking her. He squeezed the nipple as he pulled on it. She moaned sensually as he simultaneously sucked on her sensitive neck, leaving a blue hickey.

“Why don’t we go across the street where it is more private, to see if I recognize your cock?” she offered into his ear a she placed her hand over his groping fingers.

“15 minutes?”

“Deal.” he said “but can I get a selfie first?” as he lifted her breast to his lips and gave it a quick lick.

Christine trembled, gave him a nod and waited while he picked up his phone, cued the camera app and took a picture of himself sucking on her exposed tit.

“Now, one with my camera!” she demanded as she put her hand behind his head and pulled his mouth onto her nipple while the shutter captured the moment.

Pictures done, and with a quick peck on the cheek, Christine straightened her blouse and pulled down the hem of her very short skirt. Standing up, the musky aroma of recent sex from her cunt filled the nostrils of the boy and sent a shiver up his spine as he fantasized about what was going to happen. He slipped a hand under the rear of the skirt and cupped the bare ass cheek closest to him.

“15 minutes across the street. I’ll see you then.” was all she heard as she stepped away.

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