Morgan: I’m a bitch?

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I liked the story Morgan is a Bitch, so I decided to rewrite it from Morgan’s perspective. I hope the original author doesn’t mind!


I’m on my way home from school. I am so excited for the weekend! My friend is having a party and she’s gotten some more alchohol… it’s been a while since we’ve just been able to go crazy. I smile to myself. I see my house and pick up the pace, ever got that feeling that someone was watching you before? I hear a noise from the bushes by my side, as a turn to look, a hand clamps something wet over my mouth. I inhale to scream but suddenly I become so weak and tired. My vision blurs around the edges and my knees collapse underneath me, the ground is rushing at me as everything goes completely black.

Something is around my neck, it’s the first thing I feel. I open my eyes, but everything is black. I suddenly remember being grabbed, I try to struggle, but my arms are somehow restrained behind my back. I try to scream but something is jammed in my mouth, I can’t spit it out either. Then I hear a voice, it’s dark and raspy, “Hello bitch. Nice to see you’re awake. Now, you have been a bad girl and I am going to punish you, you dirty filthy slut.” The thing around my neck starts to tighten and pull up. I pull against it, trying to stay on the ground. But it tightens more and starts to cut off my air, now choking I struggle getting up, I fall to my knees, they crack against the concrete and pain radiates through my legs. The collar is still chocking me and I start to feel light headed, I finally pull myself up, my knees shaking and sore.

“Good slut, when you do what I say, the better off you are,” The sound of his voice makes my heart drop into my stomach. My neck is sore from the struggle, he pulls on the collar again and I follow him, trying to stop the pain. Being blinded and forced to walk is terrifying, he could be leading me anywhere… we only walk a few steps before he stops. I can here him doing something, behind me, the rope tied to the collar tightens again, but stops after its taut.

“Now bitch,” I jump, he was right behind me, and I didn’t notice, “I’m going to take these cuffs off you. If you don’t do exactly as I say, the punishment I am going to give you will only get worse,” I realize the helplessness of the situation and start to cry. His touch on my arms makes my entire body shiver in fear, the cuffs click and come lose, my arms fall to my side, tired from being restrained, “Now, you are going to strip off that uniform or I am going to cut it off. Which will it be?” I just stand terrified. “Which will it be?” My body stiffens and I hold still, “I guess you want me to cut off your uniform.” I suddenly shake my head “no” I don’t want him with a knife anywhere near me…

“Do you want to strip for me?” Crying I bite my tongue and slowly nod “yes.” Suddenly the collar tightens again, forcing me to stand all the way up to breath, “Do it now slut or I will choke you!” He yells. My arms are numb as I pull them up from my sides, my fingers shake uncontrollably as I struggle to unbutton my blouse. I’m going as quickly as I can but it still felt like I was going so slow. I feel my bra become exposed and I blush in embarrassment. The last button comes undone and I allow it to fall off my shoulders. Leaving my bra and flat tummy completely exposed to his surely prowling eyes. “Good, now the rest.” My hand falls down to my skirt and I find my zipper. I roughly pull it down, it becomes lose, and falls down my legs to the floor. I was glad I was wearing boxers, it made me feel so much less slutty to this perverted creep!

I try to bend over to take off the stockings next but I feel the collar tighten around my neck and pull me to a standing position again, “Lift your leg up, it is a better way to take them off,” I sigh “dick” good thing he can’t understand me through this gag. I have a hard time balancing on my leg as I pull of my stalking and throw it to the floor. I do the same to the other leg as I fall over to the side and balance myself. I stand almost completely naked; in my underwear, in front of this man I can’t see. The cold air makes me shiver, I feel so vulnerable…
“Keep going, you stupid slut!” I jump and my body is racked with more sobs. He pulls on the collar again and pulls me to the tips of my toes. I can Tandoğan Escort barley breath and start crying harder, choking on my own sobs. “Listen slut, either you do it or I choke you!” My hands are shaking harder then ever as I pull them behind my back and struggle to unclasp my bra. Finally it comes off and falls to the floor, my cheeks burn with emberesment as my breasts become completely exposed; out of extinct I cover them with one of my arms.

The collar suddenly jerks up ward and I completely go off the ground. My neck feels like it’s going to break. My rip at the collar with my hands trying desperately to break through and kicking at the air with my legs. “Put me down!” I scream, but it only comes out as a muffled noise. My toes touch the ground again and I can breath, “What a naughty slut, I told you to take your clothes off, not cover yourself up. Next time, the punishment will be worse. Now, take off the rest of your clothes!” My cheeks burn harder then ever, I’m completely humilated. Because I still can’t see anything, I slide my thumbs down my legs to the waste-band of my boxers, they slide underneath my fingers and I pull them down; they fall to the ground.

I hold back more tears, realizing that I am completely naked in front of this man. He grabs my arm again making me jump. He roughly grabs my other arm and pulls them both tightly behind my back. I feel the coldness of the cuffs again as he restrains my arm behind my back. “You have a whore’s body. Also, you took to long getting undressed, so I am going to punish you.” I pull against he cuffs and collar, trying to escape whatever he punishment he has planned. Sudenly I am lifted off the ground by the collar again, I can’t breath, and I fight to get lose.

I kick at the damp air and start to feel light headed. The lack of air just makes me struggle more and more. It feels like my lugs are going to burst but no matter how hard I try I can’t get air to go through my restricted neck. Finally my feet touch the ground and the collar losens, I breath heavily trying to regain oxygen, “Now you will remember to do exactly what I say, when I say it. Understand?” Breathing hard and terrified I nod my head “yes” vigoursly, “Good slut. Now, it is time to commence with you punishment.”

The rope comes lose like it was when he lead me around the first time, he is right in front of me, I can feel is breath as he says,“Slut, I am going to take the gag off, as long as you don’t scream. Will you scream if I take the gag off?”Him being this close causes my stomach to burn in fear; I shake my head “no.” His hands are around my head and I feel the gag click and come lose. I work my jaw trying to get the feeling back into my mouth. “Who are you?” Coughing, I ask, “Why are you doing this to me?”

His voice is cold,“You are forgiven for you mistake this time but only because you didn’t know. Next time, you will ask to speak.”

Tears come to my eyes from the total lack of control,“Can I speak?”


“Who are you and why are you doing this to me?”

“You don’t need to know who I am and you know full well why you are being punished.”

I have no idea what he is talking about, but I don’t want to make him angry, “Can I speak again?”

“Yes, but from now on, call me master, understand?”

“I understand.” My face burning with humilation, “Master,” I choke, “Why can’t I see?”

“I put contact lenses that stop you from seeing in your eyes.”

I feel a little relieved, I was worried he had done something to permanelty damage my eyes. I don’t want to talk to this bastard anymore so I remain silent. Biting my tongue back from yelling swear words at him, I was more afraid then I was angry. He pulls on the rope again and collar tightens, signalling for me to follow him. He leads me to another place in the room. He stands in front of me again, just inches away,“I’m going to sit you on something, don’t fucking dare struggle.” I stay quiet.

He lifts me off the ground completely and sits me down on something metal, it’s really cold and goose bumps spread across my legs. He roughly grabs both of my legs and forces them wide apart. I’m doing the splits, my thighs burn and I feel like I am going to split in two. He attaches my ankles to the sides of whatever I am Tunalı Escort sitting on, forcing them wider apart, and to stay there. He un cuffs my arms but quickly reattaches them to the metal to my sides as well.

I here his feet moving across the floor, he walks away… but comes back within a few minutes. I don’t know what he is doing. My legs and arms are on fire. I bite my lip, I’m in so much pain. I beg him over and over in my head to release me from this bondage, but only inside my head. What is he doing? I shake my head in frustration. I hear him moving around again. He is behind me, I turn my head to try and see what he is doing, but obviously, I can’t. His hand grabs my ass, I can’t move away from his touch, it makes me feel sick. He spreads my ass cheeks apart and starts to push something inside. It hurts to be intruded in there… I’ve never let a guy down there, it was always too scary. I cry out, moaning loudly in pain.

Whatever it is, it has claws, and they rip into my sensitive flesh, causing the device to anchor itself inside my ass. Then it starts to expand, pulling my hole open, and causing pain to rip through my body. I cry out again; and he laughs! His malicious laugh causes shivers to go down my spine. It’s spread open so wide I can feel cold air enter my hole. It stops expanding. I can feel my whole world start to move around, I’m falling over! I squeel in fear as I flip upside down, I’m about to come in contact with hard concrete…. I stop. He must of just flipped me over, my heart is still beating in fear. Blood rushes to my now upside down head; it’s so disorienting not to see! The cuffs on my arms and legs tighten as I am no longer resting on a piece of metal, all my weight is on my wrists and ankles. The bonds cut into my soft flesh.

Suddenly something hot hits deep inside my ass, I scream out in pain and surprise. It feels like acid! What is it!? “Shutup,” He says coldly. Another drip hits in the inside of my hole and I let out another scream. “What is wrong, you stupid bitch?”

I cry out “Please stop, just stop, please stop!”

“This your punishment, bitch! Do you want it to be worse?”

Another drop burns inside my ass, I bite down on my tongue to keep from screaming, but I still can’t help but moan loudly. He stops, I take a breath of relief, maybe he’s done? The drops of whatever he put in my ass are still burning so badly. Then I feel a much more solid drip of it fall into my ass. It scolds my insides and I thrash at the bonds. I bite down on my tongue to stop from screaming, I bite down so hard my mouth fills with blood. My ass continues to feel with the substance, burning harder and deeper, it won’t stop! It’s so constant, it takes very fiber of my being to keep from screaming.

It feels like its burnt through my bowels. The pain is beyond comprehension. Deeper in my ass it feels like it’s started to solidify… what could it be…? Suddenly I realized; it must be wax! The sick bastard. It fills me up, pushing out the inside of my ass causing me to stretch. I want to cry out for him to stop, but I don’t know if he will punish me worse if I do…. It’s taking forver… when will he stop this unbearable torture? The heat is radiating throughout me, my body doesn’t know how to cope with the insane temperatures.

At some point, the wax stops dripping in my ass. I can hardly tell, because it’s still so hot it doesn’t feel like it really has stopped dripping yet. But then I feel him in front of me again. He grabs the device holding me open and suddenly rips it out, I bite down on my bleeding tongue, stopping myself from screaming. I feel my ass close on the incredibly large amount of wax still inside of me, still burning me. I hear the sound of duck tape being ripped and I feel him secure it tightly over my ass cheeks. There is no way I can force the wax out… it burns so badly, please please please! Just take it out! I moan out load again.

“There is still more to your punishment.” His cold voice again, “I am now going to rape that loose pussy of yours, you whore.”

I start to cry again. Something sharp is attatched to one nipple, then the other. He tightens them down while I squirm under him. Oh god take them off! I cry inside my head. The world tilts again; he’s flipped me right side up again. My head Türbanlı Escort pounds as blood leaves my brain, allowing me to think and hear clearly again. He ties something to the things he attatched to my nipples, a few seconds later they tug upwards, lifting my boobs up entirely by the nipple. I cry out in pain again, my nipples are on fire!

Every part of me hurts, my head pounds, my legs, arms, wrists, ankles, all burn from being restrained for so long, my ass is still on fire, and now my nipples feel like they are being torn off! God, please, I beg, make this man stop! I will do anything for it to end, just let it end! “Well you definitely are a whore. You’re wet from the punishment I gave you.” My cheeks burn in embarrassment again, but I know it’s not true… it hurts so much, no one could actually like this shit. Suddenly he tears deeply into me with his cock.

With all this pain, that suddenly feels at least a little good. I would do anything to escape the torture, so I try to kind of enjoy the fucking… I can feel my clit swell from the sex. He pulls out, disappointing me a little. I blush embarrassed I was enjoying the raping. Suddenly another device clamped down on my clit. It takes all restraint to keep from screaming. It clamps down tighter and tighter, I pull at the bonds, screaming inside my head, but just moaning loudly out loud. My clit feels completely crushed, my mind explodes with pain.
He continues fucking me, but now it hurts beyond compare with the clamp on my clit. But somehow, I feel the burning passion I had before building up again… even through all this pain I feel an orgasm start to build. If you don’t release me from this torture, at least keep fucking me, I would go insane without this little pleasure, from all this pain…. I really am close to orgasm. I can’t believe I actually like this fucking from this sick bastard! But he pulls out again. I am so frustrated. I pull at my bonds, even though all it does is cause them to cut deeply into my flesh.

He grabs my aching breasts and pulls them together over his cock. He stretches my nipples; they feel like they are going to rip off! He unclamps them, I feel a little relief, but then he starts fucking my boobs, and they hurt so bad from the earlier torture. He stops fucking my breasts and moves up to my face, rubbing his cock over my lips, blinded eyes, cheeks, and hair. He starts cumming, he forces some of the disgusting salty cum up my nose, the sudden stinging pain makes me open my mouth and he forces a ring inside that makes me keep my mouth open. He finishes cumming inside my mouth and says, “Lick it clean.” I rub my tongue over his cock, cleaning off any excess cum.

He pulls out and takes off the gag, “Good slut. Your punishment is over. But there is one last thing left to do. You have to answer a question.”

I ask, “Is that it?”

He says “Yes, but if you answer wrong then you stay here with me for the rest of your life. If you get it right, then you are free to go, although, you will have to find a way to get that wax out of your ass yourself.”

“Okay, what is the question?”

“Why did I punish you?”

I rack my brain trying to think of an answer, “Ten seconds.”

“Um … err … ah … Because I was bad?”

He sighs,“What did you do?”

I keep thinking. “Three seconds,” Oh god what could it be, what could I have done? I can’t think of anything. The time runs out. “You ran out of time and you don’t know why I’m punishing you. I will tell you why. I’m punishing you because we slept together three weeks ago and you don’t even remember my voice. On the night, you said that you loved my voice. You are such a slut and this is what happens to sluts. You are now my slave forever!”

I start to cry while he laughs again… now I remember. That party, I was half drunk and he started talking to me. But we had just meant, I’m not into one night stands… no. I told him I loved his voice when we were flirting… but he drugged me. He raped me! Then he came back three weeks later to finish the job, I cry harder. I can’t remember his face or his name; I didn’t tell anyone because I was so ashamed. If only I would have told someone, maybe they would have caught him, maybe I wouldn’t be here right now! I start to sob.


I sort of changed the perspective from the girls point of view… sorry for making her more of a victim original author, but that’s what I like to do.

I might write the other two from her perceptive as well, but I’m not sure if the author will appreciate that I wrote this one in the first place or not.

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