Mrs. Barbara Smith

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“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


Tonight, Barb was wearing a short, black, tight skirt that showed off her long legs and a black halter-top that was too small. It made her breasts appear even larger as they overflowed, exposing several inches of cleavage. Barb looked even more sexy and slutty than Sis had described.

Tantalizing the train of guys following her and her Hubby around the ABS, Barb would seductively bend all the over, as if trying to read a DVD title on the very bottom shelf. I swear that if her skirt had been an inch shorter, I could have told you the color of her anus.

There must have been at least twenty guys following the couple. One of the guys, following Barb was standing near me. I asked him about Barb.

The man excitedly explained that Barb and Hubby were in their early 40’s. Barb’s husband was a businessman and that Barb was his trophy wife. About once a month, the couple would show up here. She would fuck and suck, until she was exhausted.

The guy said if I wanted to have sex with Barb, I just had to follow them around and wait, until she was ready to do it. He also added her hubby was the gatekeeper and kept unsavory guys away.

Deep in thought, I nodded. I had the perfect opening line, “You finger-fucked my sister’s pussy, until she came.”

I took the guy’s advice. I followed the couple around the store and then into the theater.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, I saw that I was standing in the midst of a bunch of horny guys. All of us had been waiting for our eyes to adjust. Barb and her husband were standing behind me, against the wall.

The theater was about the size of a basketball court. A concrete floor sloped downward to the screen. There was room for quite a few people to stand in the very back, like us, and in the front, by the screen.

There were rows and rows of traditional, cushioned, theater folding chairs. However, some seating sections only contained couches. One can only imagine what those couches were therefore.

When Barb and Hubby decided to press forward and as the crowd of guys attempted to make way for them, I managed to squeeze my way in close to the couple. I followed them a couch that located in the middle of the theater.

When they sat down, I attempted to maintain a polite distance. I did not want to crowd the couple; however, it was difficult because the throng of guys trying to be the first in line edged me closer and closer.

At some point, I made eye contact with Barb. She stared at me for a couple of seconds, then smiled, and beckoned me with her hand. I immediately returned her smile and stepped forward.

Barb had the pick of the litter. I can only surmise she chose me because I was younger and far more athletic looking than most of the older, black guys around me.

Anyway, I sat down next to Barb and tried not to stare at her tits as I awkwardly asked her how she was doing. Barb’s only response was another warm smile as she reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants.

I felt I was smiling like a monkey, when Barb asked me if I was shy. As I shook my head no, both Barb and Hubby began staring at me.

Talk about awkward…I just looked at them. I didn’t know what to do or say. Boy, did I feel self-conscious!

At the last second, I quickly looked around us. Almost all of the guys were stroking their hard, black cocks. Nevertheless, it still took me two more ticks to realize that Barb and Hubby were waiting on me!

When I sheepishly unzipped and pulled out my semi-hard cock, Barb’s smiled returned, and this time when she reached over, she began to stroke my bare cock.

As my cock grew, Barb began commenting on how firm and thick it was. Barb even cooed more sexy comments when she cupped my swollen balls.

“My! You’re full of cum tonight, Honey. I bet you cum a lot. How many times can you cum?”

As Barb continued to talk to me like we were the only people there, I boldly reached over, placed my hand between her legs, and slowly inched it up her smooth, soft thighs. The closer I got to her pussy, the harder my cock got.

When I touched her bare cleft, Barb smiled and adjusted her body, giving me even better access. I lightly massaged her slit, until I felt wetness. I then eased a finger in.

I finger-fucked Barb’s pussy for a minute or so, and then withdrew it to give it a quick lick. It tasted like pink bubblegum.

As I took another lick, Barb told me to lean back. She then bent over and licked a precum drop off my cockhead.

After smacking her lips, Barb formed her sexy mouth into a perfect ‘O’, sucked my cockhead into her warm, wet mouth, and began stroking my fat shaft. I probably would cum a minute later, if Barb had not stopped to remove her dress.

Barb stood up, grabbed her aksaray escort dress, and began pulling it up. She stopped for a second, as if she was flashing her naked genitalia, but then continued pulling her dress up and over her head.

What really caught my eye and made my mouth water, were Barb’s bare, ripe-looking breasts. They hung low on her torso and her headlights pointed slightly outward. In addition, each aureole was circular and nearly two inches across. They looked like rosy islands perched on a sea of silky, white skin.

Barb wasn’t here tonight to show me her titties, though. Before I knew it, she had straddled my lap, grabbed my engorged cock, and was guiding into her snatch.

Barb groaned loudly as she pressed herself down on me. My cock had grown to mythological proportions and right in front of about 30 people! Public sex always made me bigger and harder.

As Barb continued to work herself down on my cock, several guys immediately stepped forward. Barb grabbed the biggest one with her free hand and began sucking it, as my meat stick continued to inch up her snug pussy.

I smugly leaned back into my seat and cupped Barb’s weighty breasts, when she began to fuck me. Despite her pussy gripping my cock like a silk glove, I was so hard that I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. I was in the ‘cat bird’ seat and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

Barb was a pro. She gave each guy about 2-3 minutes to cum in her mouth. If he didn’t feed her, she took the next cock without hesitation. Those men, who wanted to showcase their stamina or couldn’t get it up, could either leave or go to the back of the line.

Barb was here to swallow mouthfuls of hot cum. Those men who gave her what she wanted were rewarded with a beaming smile and a compliment.

Eventually, I was no longer content with just holding and squeezing Barbara’s ample boobies. I lowered my hands and began to search for her backdoor.

When I touched it, I was surprised. It was greased!

Without hesitation, I wet my thumb and unlike Little Jack Horner, I inserted it you know where. Barb’s anus was very elastic and I was easily able to wave my thumb around in her hot bottom, as she rode my cock. It didn’t take Barb long to have her first cum.

With my thumb in her ass and my cock in her pussy, Barb’s chest blushed crimson as her vagina spasmed. Her orgasm hit her so hard that I even hear her pussy gurgle, before feeling her juices run out of her and onto my swollen nuts.

When Barb began to calm down, she turned around, looked at me, and then gave me a big, wet, French kiss. She must have just taken a load because she snowballed me!

When I pulled my face back, so that I could swallow her sperm deposit, a guy who was standing behind my left shoulder, grabbed my head and pushed his big, precum wet cockhead into my mouth. He only stroked it a couple of times, before his cock jerked and began flooding my mouth with his semen.

This guy must have been dreaming about the cumming here all week! He shot numerous loads into my mouth – one after the other.

I was about to pull away, again, when another guy held my head in place as he pushed his cock into my mouth. He gave several loads to swallow, too. In a matter of minutes, I’d swallowed the sperm of three different black men!

When the second guy let go of my head, Hubby handed me a bottle of lube. When I looked at him quizzically, he said, “Lay off the cock… Fuck her ass!”

Barb heard him and as she lifted herself off me, she turned and exclaimed, “I am sooo ready for some cock up my ass. I’m a real ass whore, Honey. Gimme a good butt-fucking!”

Although Barb mounted the couch quickly, assumed the position, and spread her cheeks with both hands, I paused for a second to look at her exposed butt-hole. It was on full display and winking, puckering, and twitching.

Barb’s ass looked scrumptious. I would’ve loved to have gotten my face between her thighs and my tongue up that ass. Perhaps, another time I reluctantly thought. Barb’s ass was up in the air, ready, and waiting to get butt-fucked.

I maneuvered myself behind Barb’s spread cheeks, squirted the lube on my cock and her asshole, and then placed my throbbing cockhead against her pale-pink anus. It was during moments like these when I became even more aware of just how thick my cockhead really was…

“Go ahead…fuck me in the ass… Do it!”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I pushed into Barb’s sphincter. Surprisingly, the rubbery flesh of her anus opened wide and yielded without resistance.

Once my cockhead was inside Barb’s anal hole, she moaned loudly in enjoyment. Encouraged, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back as I pushed forward.

This time Barb grunted hard, as I forced my cock several inches up her tight rectum. I paused, again, but Barb indicated I should keep going. I thought about it for a second and then decided Barb she was right.

Tonight was butt-fucking night! I didn’t stop, again, until my cock was completely buried up her ass. I then took a deep breath and began plowing her most worthy poop chute.

A couple of guys hollered, “Fuck her ass harder!” Obviously, they wanted me to hurry up and cum, but I was determined to last awhile. I was going to enjoy dominating Barb’s ass.

Barb swallowed more than a few loads of cum as I rammed her rectum. Quite often, she would do two guys at a once. Right before they would cum, she would tilt her head back and open her mouth wide, giving the guys an ‘O’ target to fire away at.

Barb’s face and chest were soon covered in cum. When Barb found a cock larger than mine, she sucked it like a starving woman. After a couple of minutes, she took it out of her mouth and told the guy he was next. No doubt about it, the guy was hung.

Barb then looked back at me and said, “Hurry Honey. Cum in my ass…now!”

The look on her face told me she knew he was going to give it to her, but good. Regardless, I was now on the clock and only too happy to oblige Barb. I grabbed her hips and hammered her asshole with complete abandon.

Barb became delirious with pleasure. A steady flow of warm, sticky juices began running out of her pussy as she, uninhibitedly, cried out, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Cum in me! Oh, god. Ooohhh. Ooohhh. Yes!”

Right before I came, I jammed my cock up her ass, as far as I could. I held still, so both of us could savor the intensity of the impending explosion of sperm.

Hubby smiled devilishly, cupped Barb’s large, white breasts with his palms, as his thumb and forefinger pinched her erect nipples really hard. Barb squealed and jerked as my aching, swollen balls joyfully emptied, flooding her warm intestines.

When I pulled out of Barb’s cum-bubbling asshole, she turned, smiled, and gave me a wink. The guy with the big cock wasn’t as pleasant. He simply butted me out of the way.

After such a strong orgasm as this one, I could barely remain upright anyway. I was completely spent. I staggered back a few feet and plopped down into a large, conveniently empty chair as the big, black cock disappeared up Barb’s ass. It stretched her sopping butthole open like I do not know what.

The guy then began withdrawing his cock slightly and shoving it back, until Barb’s asshole got accustomed to his girth. He was experienced and was preparing her to get what she wanted, let alone what he wanted.

A couple of minutes later, Barb’s titties were swinging wildly and slapping together as the black guy’s hips relentlessly drove his hard, meat stick up her rear end, over and over. Just watching her sexy ass get pounded was worth the price of admission!

I am sure the black guy thought otherwise. His nine-inch cock was skewering an incredibly beautiful blonde’s asshole, and she was bellowing, “Fuck me. Fuck my asshole. I’m cumming so good! I want your cum in me.”

As Barb continued to cry out, the black guy got in on the act, too. Yeah, Baby. Your white ass was made for big cocks like mine! You’re gonna be shittin’ my cum for the next week. Hear me?”

The black guy had no idea Barb’s Hubby was standing right next to him. Thankfully, Hubby just gave him a quick, wry smile and looked back down at the ass-fucking his white wife was getting from the black stud – in front of 40 other black guys.

When the pace of their fucking quickened, Barb reached down and pulled one her breasts to her mouth. She sucked her hard nipple, until she shuddered through another orgasm.

“Get ready for your first load of nigger seed, Bitch!”

Barb could barely remain upright, too, when he was through with her. Nevertheless, Barb continued to take cock after cock up her ass or pussy and give sloppy, wet, saliva-dripping, deep-throated blowjobs.

There was no doubt about it – Barb was a sex monster. After seeing her in action, it was easy to see why that her sexual appetite precluded her being a one-man-woman and why she preferred younger guys – and girls.

Eventually, I felt ready to fuck Barb’s ass some more and stood up. I’d only taken about a step, when Barb decided to take a break. She stretched out on the couch and laid her head in her hubby’s lap.

I decided to take a break, too. I walked around the complex.

When I came back to the couple, the mass of guys had thinned out. I had no problem walking up to Barb and Hubby and handing each of them a soda. I’d thought they could use a pick-me-up.

After they thanked me, Barb laughed and said, “Honey, he just wants more ass! He just might get more, too!”

I sat down next to them and talked to Barb a little bit. She seemed quite intelligent and was a good conversationalist. I am not sure why, but that surprised me.

Barb attributed her tight body to doing hot yoga. Hubby then cupped her boobs and said something like she needs a strong body to support her 34 DD’s.

“Are you ready?”

I looked at Barb to make sure she was addressing me. She was smiling like a Cheshire cat. I stood up and confidently pulled my cock out. Luckily, I had washed it before coming back into the theater.

Expecting Barb to sit up and suck me, I was surprised when she not only kept her head on her Hubby’s lap, but pressed her lips together, so Hubby could Vaseline them. Apparently, Barb wanted to me to fuck her mouth and right in front of her Hubby.

When Hubby was through, Barb’s shaped her mouth into a perfect ‘O’ and looked into Hubby’s eyes as I inserted my semi-hard cock. Barb then wrapped her soft, luscious lips around my shaft.

Barb’s Vaselined mouth felt wonderful as I began sliding my cock back and forth. I felt like I was fucking a young, tight cunt.

Eventually, Barb began forcing herself to gag. Her eyes, which remained glued to Hubby’s, welled with tears, as spittle freely flowed out of her mouth. Barb was putting on quite a blowjob show.

At some point, Barb plunged her long, slender fingers into Hubby’s Vaseline jar, reached around me, lubed my anus, and then pushed two of them deep into my rectum. I immediately sighed and squeezed my sphincters hard around her fingers as she aggressively began finger-fucking my ass.

Despite my cock expanding greatly from the anal stimulation, my interest in Barb’s mouth began to wane. Barb’s twirling and pumping fingers were all I could focus on.

At some point, a guy walked up behind me and nuzzled his impressive-sized erection in my ass crack. When Barb felt his cock, she removed her fingers from my ass, and began jacking him. Occasionally, her hand and his cockhead would hit my butt.

Eventually, Barb’s handjob made the guy so horny, he spread my cheeks and started poking me. The ever so thoughtful Barb assisted him further by guiding his greased cock forward, right up my ass. The penetration seemed endless, no matter how high I arched my ass.

When he bottomed out, he grabbed my hips and began fucking my ass with everything he had. Somehow, I managed to adjust my ass so that his thrusts ran right over prostrate. I was euphoric. Precum just oozed out of my cock.

Whenever the guy came close to cumming, he would pull completely out of my ass. I sensed the guys enjoyed this because they move in to look at my gape.

I came when Barb started milking my balls. First came the anal spasms and then as my hot cum surged out of my swollen nuts, I started jerking spastically, clenching and unclenching the cock in my ass.

I pumped load after load of sperm down Barb’s throat. Barb couldn’t have swallowed even if she had wanted. My thick cock had her mouth impaled. All she could do was blink back her gag reflex tears as my warm cum pooled in her belly.

Right after I came, the guy in my ass began thrusting hard. My rectum had opened up completely. That is usually case for both men and women, after they cum.

After Barb had had her fill of my cock, she burped like a good whore, giggled, and then got down on her knees to begin sucking her Hubby’s cock. Apparently, Hubby had gotten highly stimulated watching me fuck his wife’s pretty mouth.

As I watched Barb’s mouth go back to work, the guy in my ass moaned. I actually felt his loads squirting up my butt and then spread out in my intestines. He definitely emptied his balls in me.

When we uncoupled, Barb looked up and said, “Help me. Suck his balls, Honey, while I suck cock.”

I quickly turned and knelt before the cock that just fucked me. It was shrunken now, but still fat and greasy. I gave it a quick suck and was rewarded with a huge, warm glob of sperm.

As I turned away, the guy patted my head and said, “I wasn’t expecting all this. Nice ass…”

Barb was vigorously sucking Hubby’s cock, as I began licking and sucking her Hubby’s hairy, walnut-sized nuts. Eventually, his wiry pubic hair turned me off, so I just went through the motions.

After a few minutes, Barb suddenly asked me if I liked to be gangbanged. I looked at her quizzically. Barb pointed behind us.

I looked back and was surprised to see a crowd of guys standing behind Barb and me. Most of guys were black and stroking their hard cocks as they stared at us.

It took me a second or two to realize that Barb and I couldn’t have done a better job selling our asses to every hard cock in the joint, if we had tried. We had been on all fours, provocatively wiggling our naked, white asses as we orally administered to Hubby’s cock.

A heavy-set black guy, rather scruffy looking, holding a beer can-sized cock kicked-off the gangbang. He walked up behind Barb, kneeled down, spit on his cockhead, and began pushing it against her swollen anus. Moments later, Barb’s anal orifice was obscenely stretched around the huge, black cock.

As I watched Barb’s sexy, white ass swallow the black cock and listened to her loud moans and lustful grunts of pleasure, I felt some hands touch my bare ass cheeks. I immediately looked behind me.

Another black guy, only taller and much younger, was kneeling down behind me. He was holding a semi-hard cock. It must have at least nine inches long and had a huge flanged head. It was much bigger than the cock that had just fucked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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