Ms. Marca Ch. 10

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See Ms. Marca Ch 9 for the start of this adventure.

* * * * *

Marca had gone too far with Big Dong she had teased him to the point he was ready to have her pussy and make her want more. She had gone out to see what he was doing in her backyard and worn an out fit that would make his eye balls drop out and she showed her ass and her big tits that came though her lose fitting top. When the big guy walked away from her into the little workshop where equipment was kept, a shed/storeroom, she followed him in and was just standing watching him do something with one of the tools. When all of a sudden he looked up and said:

“Why the fuck do you flirt so much with every cock you see!” She was stunned and taken back by his crude words , “You can’t talk to me like that!” He looked at her and said “fuck you I quite and don’t have your husband call me and ask why I quite are he will get an ear full!” This caught Marca off guard, “Wait can’t we talk about this ” as she reached out to touch his arm as he was walking out of the shed.

He stops and looked down at her hand on his big muscular forearm and said “Get that fucken hand off me you cunt or I’ll make you wish you had never tried to stop me!”

“I just want to talk about this and say I’m sorry I didn’t know…” before she could finish he pulled her up next to him and kissed her on the mouth full kiss and deep tongued her as he felt her big 40DD melons. Her nipple went hard and she began to moan and feel him groping her 38″ ass, the rest of her body and breast as if he had 10 hands on her. She was lost in her will to pull away and the thrill it was giving her was making her pussy drip with her love juices. She began to moan louder and than she kissed him with her tongue and they were both rubbing their bodies on each other.

Tom Marks stood and watch them get it on as she moaned and took that big 11″ rod in her love hole. When they had finished and she tried to keep him from pulling out I knew she wanted more of that big black snake! When Marca stood up straight and turned to look at BIG DONG with a look of satisfaction on her face and a grin from ear to ear that’s when she noticed me standing there. “Oh no!” she gasped in horror.

Quickly she covered her tits and pussy as lumps of cum fell into her hand. They both looked at me: Big Dong just smiled and winked and said to me, “she had to have her ass serviced!” Marca looked at him with a look of hurt and said, “It wasn’t good for you?” Big Dong just laugh and turned to look at Tom, ” I think this bitch still need some more what do you think Mr. Tom?” The look on Marca’s face was one of shock and disbelief, “I can’t do both of you!”

“Will honey we just might need to take turns.”

The big guy turned to Tom and told him how he had been coming here every 3rd week for almost 2 years and she did nothing but be a prick tease and sivas escort flaunt her tits and ass around me. Iv had enough when I tried to leave she wanted me to stay. She can’t have it both ways, so I know what she wants and he looked back at the wide eyed big tit sex machine and said. “You better have not only my check for the yard work but your ass better be ready for the next 40 times I’m here, that’s how many times you have showed that ass to me and you better fuck my cock like your did today for the next 40 meetings.”

Marca looked back and forth at each of them not believing what she was hearing form Big Dong and this short fat creep standing next to her with that stupid grin on his face. “Mr. Tom I think she going to fuck us both!” The big guy let out another big belly laugh! Marca began to tell them that she was sorry and she didn’t mean to be a bitch and that she would not cause them any trouble and she would be a nicer neighbor. Big Dong had gone out side of the shed while she was telling Tom what all she was not going to do anymore and begged him to just forget what he had seen. The big guy called for Marca to come out to the side of the shed. He took her left arm and told her to bend over as he held the garden hose in his hands, “Got to clean you up, you still got cum running out of your pussy and down your legs!”

She bent over and spread her legs and Big Dong had put a special nozzle on the hose that shot out a pulsing spray and stuck it up near her pussy and ass. At once Marca began to make small muffled sounds as she closed her eyes trying to fight off the pleasure her pussy was having from the water. Big Dong had made her bend over even more and she had to rested her hands on his knees and spread her legs to allow the water to clean her out he had put his left hand around her waist and on her flat stomach to support her. With his right hand he brought the hose up to her ass/pussy and began to wash cum from her backside.

The two men looked at each other in amazement as she moaned and began to hump back on the water and in a low voice said “Oh my god, yes Oh YES!” Marca was getting the same feeling she would get from her water pix when she uses it during her shower, I’m going to go off oh god I can feel it coming. She moved her left hand higher up the big black guy leg to get a better hold as she tried to hump back more to caught the nozzle in her pussy, she wanted it up her just like her water pix. The two men smiled at each other and began to tell each other what they wanted to do to her and what they wanted her to do to them. She was going crazy knowing that they were going to have her and make her perform lewd sex acts on them, she didn’t care “I just want this feeling to get better!”

Marca lowered his pants in record time. My…she was a horny bitch. If she goes one day without sucking a cock, I swear her lips chap. He already had a semi, but after a few strokes of her excellent tongue, he was ready for some slamming. I watched his hands grip her dark hair, which created a striking blend against his dark skin. He guided her head as she licked, then sucked his bulb, making it extremely sensitive to touch. He moaned low, at first. I knew he was reveling in the feel of her smooth tongue. When she slid down his shaft, taking most of him inside of her, his eyes rolled back in his head. Then I knew, I wanted this bitch to give me my first BJ, this was something my wife would never do and we both were virgin’s on our wedding night.

Marca greased his pole good with her slobber, making his cock shiny and slick. His body jerked upward thus shoving his meat deeper in her throat. It’s a good thing she has total control of her gag reflexes because anyone else would have surely choked on his cock. My 5 inches is shameful when I saw his. I swear he had me by 6 or 7 inches with no doubt in my mind. I heard him mumble he was going to cum if Marca didn’t stop. He was going to spew his wad in her mouth. She must have realized it because she immediately stood up, then turned and pushed him back into the shed toward a low setting bench that was about 8′ long and 1 ½’ wide and stood off the ground about 2 ½ ‘.

Big Dong lay on his back and Marca straddled him and the bench and slipped that big 11″ log in her sucking pussy. It look like that pussy was a eating machine grabbing and sucking his big sausages as she slowly easy up and down on him and engulfed the love tool. “Fuck my pussy, Mr. Don wet your cock good with my juices,” she commanded. With a grunt and a moan he slammed it up and into her hard and deep. Every inch of his dark mass touched her pussy wall. His grunts mingled with her moans created an animalistic sound. He had his hands on her back and neck pulling her toward him so that he could suck those big tits. After several long strokes he waved to me and pointed at her ass and ran his hand down her backside to her little pucker ass hole, at her other entrance. I watched in fascination with my hand on my own Dick as he spread her cheeks of that beautiful ass.

Then at once I knew what he wanted me to do “Fuck her in the ass!” I moved up behind her and straddled the bench and as he saw me get near her , he pulled her over on top of him and gave her a deep tongue kiss as he pulled her ass cheeks apart. I moved my 5″ of man hood up to her little puckered ass hole and was placing that mushroom head in her opening. I slipped my cock meat in her slowly. “God no not there I can’t take it you’re hurting me! Please god not that do anything to me but not my ass hole please Tom, Mr. Don!” I just kept moving back and forth in small short thrust, and I could see the head in and I was moving more of it with each stroke. I had never done this before.

He called out “just hold what u got in her, let her get use to it!” He had done this before because he knew to stop and let her ass hole expand before I went deeper and to let her get use to the feel of my size. Pretty soon she was showing me/us when she wanted another inch by wiggling her hips and humping gently. I finally got my entire cock up her butt, my sack and balls right up next to her pussy, touching her flesh. Marca had excellent muscle control so she inhaled and exhaled with every push to lessen the pain. Finally with his raging member buried deep in her pussy and my little cock in her ass hole, she was beginning to enjoy this when

I saw the “fuck happy” expression on her face. I knew she was getting fucked the way she liked it. Big Dong pinned her like a pro. He slammed up into her fast than he would slowed, and then go at it all over again, ramming his way into her. Marca was telling everyone how good it was and how it felt she was a screamer and wanted the world to know she love fucking and getting fucked. Her cries of “oh not there…. had changed to oh yes I love it there give me more , oh yes god it is good.”

“Mmm oh yes..fuck me with it you bastard!..just fuck my ass…I need it so bad!” The air was thick with noise as Marca screamed obscenity after obscenity at the two men, calling them every name under the sun as they mercilessly continued to sink into her tight pussy and anus as they build up a quickening rhythm.

Tom continued to steam hammer his length in and out of the abused ass hole, Tom could clearly see bubbles of white, sticky ass juice emerge from the seal that her ass had made around his shaft. She had looked back at him more than once and told him that her ass was climaxing and she would thrust back harder each time she went off in her ass. She would than shift her attention back to the big cock going in and out of pussy and shout how good it was and let us know she had just one continues orgasms. Tom had never seen such a sight let alone do it. He had always considered anal sex to be, frankly, a little dirty. The display that he was doing, did nothing to dispel those opinions, but it had also excited him beyond his wildest dreams.

This went on for a good twenty minutes before we all went off at the same time. Marca is one of those women who can have one climax after another. She must of had 6 or 7 while we both fucked her. Marca fucked and sucked us the rest of the afternoon and we made plans to do this each time that Big Dong was here. “Marca you just make sure your husband is not here when I come over!” I guess you better call me each week to see when is the best time for us to do the yard, as the look on her faces was the look of contentment. Marca stood before us not trying to cover her magnificent body. She had that slick shine on her sweaty dark tan creamy skin, long streams of BIG DONE and my sperm ran down her long goddess like legs. I looked down at Marca’s feet as we were calling it a day and saw she had on her 5″ FMP’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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