Mud Pies

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Big Dicks

It was some weeks after the now infamous appearance of Sarah coated in sticky treacle and feathers. The other grooms had laughed but had been kind enough to treat Sarah fairly as a friend and so the humiliation had quickly passed. What had not passed was the feeling that there had to be revenge on Hilary, she had been far too devious and Sarah had been caught out. That stupidity had annoyed her and so she started planning.

It had taken sometime, but finally she had the perfect idea. Sarah took some time on her day off to visit David, he was a farmer who owned the land around the stables. He had hear about Sarah’s embarrassment and laughed as she explained her plan. It was going to take time and some effort but he was happy to help to allow Sarah to get revenge.


Sarah walked across the field with Hilary following closely behind her. “Where are you taking me?” Hilary jogged to catch up.

“Look I have something to show you.” Sarah smiled and walked towards a secluded corner of the field. This was a shaded corner and was a relief from the summer heat, Hilary regretted having to wear heavy white jodhpurs and long black leather boots. The shade was nice and the trees lined the fence line.

“Well what do you want to show me?” Hilary stood with her hands on her hips. She was really not as stupid as Sarah would like to imagine, she had guessed what might be going on, but she thought she would play along. There had been mutters and giggles around the yard which stopped when Hilary was around. So she guessed that Sarah had something in mind to get revenge. She loved her dearly and loved WAM almost as much so she was quite excited. She had no idea what Sarah had planned.

“Just over there… Go on, walk closer…”

“I don’t see anything?” Hilary frowned.

Sarah was becoming agitated. “Just walk over there…”

Hilary smirked, she gave Sarah a knowing look. “So just walk over to the tree?” She smiled. “Okay…” She said innocently. Hilary started to kayseri escort walk across the smooth ground, it was firm as she walked slowly towards the tree. She stopped. “What here?”

Sarah shook her head. Hilary stepped a half step forward, the ground was softer. “Here you mean?”

“No Hilary, closer to the tree.”

Hilary shrugged her shoulders and started to turn back. “I can’t see anything.” She tried to keep the excitement from her voice, she knew now what Sarah had planned and so desperately wanted to goad her into to joining her. Hilary knew exactly how to wind her up. “You are wasting my time… No wonder I was promoted and you weren’t”

Sarah snarled and walked towards Hilary. “Look you stupid cow just walk forward.” She grabbed Hilary’s arm and dragged her forward. Her left boot sank quickly into the soft mud causing her to slip to the side, her left leg sunk to her knee. “Oh shit!”

Hilary smiled, Sarah dragging her forward had caused her to step into the bog also and her leather boots were starting to sink more slowly into the thick mud. “Is this what you wanted me to see?”

Sarah struggled but found she was sinking, she tried to push her right foot out but this now sank until she was trapped up to her knees. “Damm you…” She shook her head laughing. “You bloody tricked me!”

“Okay… how do we get out.” Hilary smiled. Sarah went quiet. “Sarah, tell me you have a way for us to get out…”

“Well…” She paused. “I have a rope over there by the fence, I was never going to go into the mud.”

“How deep is this?” Hilary paused as she felt that she was slowly sinking.

“Err… How tall are you?”

“Five foot ten…”

“Oh…” Sarah laughed nervously. “Well… I had David dig this about six feet deep.”

Hilary shook her head and lunged forward towards Sarah. She hit her squarely in the chest and they splattered into the mud. “You stupid cow!… You are going to drown us!” The two women were now lying in the mud, Sarah slowly sinking into the surface under the weight of Hilary. Sarah struggled and hit Hilary in the chin, she slopped onto her back. The two struggled to get upright, both were now up to their waists in the mud.

“Look I am sorry… I will get us out!” Sarah cried out.

“How?” Hilary grabbed a handful of mud and flung it at Sarah.

“Help!” She started but was stopped when the mud filled her open mouth. She gagged and spat the mud out. She was sinking fast, the mud was rising up her chest and creeping towards her chin. “Please Hilary… Help me!”

Hilary grabbed her hand and ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????tried to pull her out, Sarah’s fingers slipped from her grasp and she sunk.

Then something unusual happened, Sarah felt her feet hit the bottom of the pit. She was able to stand with her head above the surface. Hilary was also now standing with the mud up to her shoulders.

“What has happened? I have stopped sinking.” Sarah laughed.

“Yes…” Hilary smiled. “Because ???????the pit is only four and a half feet deep.” Sarah looked surprised. “I saw David digging this and asked what he was doing. I told him to make it shallower than you planned. You are a bit silly… I don’t really want you to drown you know!”

“What? You knew!”

“Nice mud pit Sarah….” Hilary’s words were cut short as Sarah reached below the mud, grabbing Hilary’s belt she pulled as hard as she could. Hilary shrieked and slid below the surface of the thick mud. She resurfaced some seconds later totally covered.

Spitting mud Hilary lunged at Sarah, she slammed into her and they both sank into the deep pit. When they both surfaced they were breathing hard and totally coated in the ooze. Sarah reached forward and ripped open Hilary’s blouse beneath the mud. She started to massage the mud into her body. Hilary gasped as the cool mud was rubbed in. She reached down and put her hand under Sarah’s crouch, she firmly rubbed handfuls of mud into her jodhpurs. It was not long before both women were close orgasm, they kissed deep muddy kisses and sank beneath the surface.


They were both exhausted when they surfaced again. Hilary waded across to the far edge of the pit and pulled out a hidden rope. She handed it to Sarah and helped her slither out of the pit. As Sarah offered her hand to pull her out Hilary grabbed it and pulled her back into the mud with a splash. It was some time before the two women finally slithered onto the grass and lay in the warm sunshine totally exhausted.


The effect of the sun on clay was no unexpected but it was the last thing on Sarah and Hilary’s minds as they slept in each others arms on the edge of the field. It was only some time later when they tried to move that they found that the mud had set solid. They were so thickly coated that, no matter how they tried, they were totally trapped.

“Sarah…” H?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ilary whispered through her terracotta prison. “How the hell do we get out of this?”

“I really don’t know…”


Their voices were so quiet from within the solid mud that no body could hear them and their only hope was a rain storm to make mud pies again. Hilary and Sarah lay in the field praying for rain!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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