One Last Kiss

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Finger Fuck

WARNING: This story contains themes one homosexuality and anal sex, as well as unprotected sex. If these themes, or any relating, disturb you, you should not continue. If you will enjoy such themes, I hope you enjoy my story. Thank you.

“Thank you for the dinner. I had a lot of fun.” I told Eric, the tall, thin, dark-haired man who had just taken me out on a date. I was driving us to my house, as it was only 7 at night, where we would finish the date off with a movie and a glass of wine. 

“It was my pleasure, Ashton.” He regarded me with amused eyes, his hand reaching over to graze along the skin of my right forearm. The gentle arcing touch sent shocks through my arm, arousing my mind. 

He and I talked a bit more the last few miles back to my house. We got out of the car and, with me standing next to Eric, we regarded me home. It was a nice country house with a beautifully maintained facade. I grabbed his hand and led him toward the front door, his amazement causing me to flush and chuckle. 

“It’s so beautiful. How do you get along without anyone else to stay here? It has to get terribly lonely.” His question nipped my ears as I slipped my house key into the lock. I turned the though over in my head, hearing the actual emotion in his voice arousing my interests. 

“I have the cleaners and gardeners. They come around once a week.” I opened the door and led Eric trough the kitchen, where I took off my jacket and hung it on the coat rack. “Other than that… Well, I’m not home often enough for it to feel devoid of life.” 

He took off his jacket, revealing his thin, streamlined back. It was hat to tell, but the muscles in his shoulders were evident. “I guess so. But it would be nice here with others, right?” His question once again caught my interest. 

“Perhaps.” I grabbed a nice bottle of red wine and the corkscrew. Eric brought me two of the glasses that hung in the middle of the kitchen. “What movie would you like to watch?” I asked him as he looked through my collection of movies. 

He picked out a DVD and put it onto the machine, turning on my entertainment system. “I hope you don’t mind. I chose a romantic comedy.” He sat down on the couch. I settled next to him and handed him one of the two glasses. “Thank you.”

The movie began and I recognized it as “Just Like Heaven.” It was one of my favorites. I shot him a questioning look and received a knowing glance from Eric, who looked down at his glass before swirling it and taking a few sips of the dry beverage. 

As the movie went on, I noticed that his hand drew closer to mine as his wine drew closer to empty. By the time the characters figured out the ghost was a doctor, his hands were entwined in mine. 

“You know… We could play doctor, too.” He whispered in my ear in a gruff, masculine voice that sent chills along my spine. He gave me another knowing glance and I entertained the thought. 

When the movie finally ended, it was early night. “Well, I think it’s time you go home. One last kiss?”

We stood and I walked him to the door, giving him his jacket and a kiss as I closed the door behind him. I rested against the wall next to the door, sliding down to a crouch with a foolish grin on my face. I heard the door of his car open and close, and I waited for his car to start and drive away. 

Instead of Tandoğan Escort a car driving away, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and looked at Eric with curiosity. “What are you—?”

“One last kiss?” He pulled me close and kissed me deeply, allowing me to taste the passion on his breath. I resisted at first then melted into it, allowing the man to take control of me. 

He pushed me into the house and against the wall where I had just been crouched. He drew me closer as he pulled the door shut behind himself.

He jammed his lips against mine in a passionate, hungry kiss. I felt as if he were trying to eat my very being, afraid that, if we separated, he would lose me forever. I opened up my mouth and tried to return the passion, sending my tongue to explore the dark, moist cavern of his own mouth. 

We stood like that for a few minutes until we were sucked dry of breath. I felt as if my cheeks were on fire, for they had to he flushed from the pleasure I was feeling. When I broke the kiss, I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him closer, pressing his straining erection against my leg, and mine against his leg. 

“Mmm. Do I still have to go?” He growled into my ear, moving his head closer so that he could nibble on my ear lone, sending rivulets of shocking sensation through my body. 

I moaned and tried to pull him closer, grinding my hips against his body. I groaned and shivered when he started kissing—sucking—licking my neck. He had aroused a hunger in me, and I wanted him to take me like a man. 

“Bed.” I gasped through my moans of ecstasy. I felt the change in his efforts as he slowed to a stop. He gazed into my eyes, reflecting my own sexual hunger with his own. 

He then grabbed me by my belt buckle and guided me through the house toward my bedroom. There, he undid my belt and the jeans, pulling them down my legs.

“Mmmmm. It’s so big…” He groaned as he laid his head against my brief-encased crotch, inhaling the musky scent. He felt my throbbing dick through the piece of fabric, rubbing it with his hand. 

He brought his head down onto my crotch and outlined my pulsing prick with his lips, his head guided by my hands entangled in his hair. 

“Nnnng!” I ground my body against his face, shivering from the sensations I hadn’t felt in a few months. He took the moan as a sign to go further and, starting with my backside, pulled down the soft cotton knickers. 

My prick, hard as a rock, bounced up and hit him in the face. My hand instinctually reached toward the shaft, giving it a few strokes before it was replaced by Eric’s. His fingers wrapped perfectly about my thick shaft. As he slowly worked my member with his hand, he kissed the head then brought his lips to my thighs, where he licked and kissed. His efforts elicited a growl from deep within my throat, and I pushed harder against his hand. He sucked on my hanging balls, taking them into his mouth one at a time. When he believed my balls eased enough, he stuck out his tongue and licked along the shaft from base to head, where he flicked his tongue. 

“Your turn.” He stood up, kissing each of my nipples as he ascended. 

I groaned at the cessation of pleasure, but I would be more than happy to pleasure him. I pulled off my shirt, freeing my thin, toned Tunalı Escort body from the last of my clothes.

“As you wish.” I whispered into his ear, hoping to be sexy. I unbuttoned and removed his shirt, freeing his chest and allowing me a few seconds to marvel at the beautiful form of this sexy man. 

I knelt down and pulled off his belt with my teeth, pressing my face against his body. I took a little longer getting his pants off, as his painfully hard dick kept distracting me. He rested his hands on my head as I pulled his pants down, my head nestled next to the inside of his legs. 

I continued the hands-only action and nibbled at the head of his manhood, milking him for moans. Leaving him clad in his silken boxers, I stood up and pressed my crotch against his, gasping with surprise as I slid through the fly of his boxers and pressed my rod against his, sparking lightening. I thrust against him in this fashion for a few moments, causing his grip on my waist to tighten and his eyes to roll back in pleasure. I pulled my body back from his, freeing him from a lover’s embrace. I turned my body around and pressed my hot bum against his member, pushing it against my naked ass. 

“Mmm. Take me. I want you to take me.” I pleaded, arching my back from the pleasure he had again wrought on my neck. I pushed back onto him, shivering as the silken cloth rubbed across my hungry hole, the heat from his prick permeating my body and piercing my soul. 

I felt Eric pull away from my body, leaving my backside feeling chilled. Before he pressed his newly naked body against mine, I felt a breath of air stir around my ankles as he removed his sexy silken boxers. 

His hand grabbed my waist, the other stroking and guiding his dick. He pressed his head against my hole, pushing but not penetrating. He rubbed my entrance with his mushroom head, smearing his hot precum against my bum. I pushed back, hoping his gland would slip into my body. Instead, I felt him move away from my body. 

As I looked back to see what he was doing, Eric’s hot breath blew along my back, eliciting a shiver and a moan from deep in my throat. My own dick spasmed when his hot tongue licked from my balls all the way up my crack. his moist tongue felt amazing when it probed my hole, pushing against it and massaging the muscles. I couldn’t believe he was rimming me. Yet there I was, moaning loudly from the wet sensations Eric’s tongue was sending through my body. 

When he deemed my sphincter sufficiently massaged, he stood up again, pushing my onto my bed as he did. I grabbed my bottle of lube from my drawer, as well as a condom, and handed it to him. I squirted a fair amount of the liquid onto his hand and rubbed it against his manhood. When he was lubed up, he rubbed the remaining onto my hole, slipping a finger in. He continued like this for a while before he brought his raw prick to my entrance and pushed in. 

He buried himself balls deep. I moaned and gasped from the pain and pleasure his uncovered rod gave me. “I’ll put it on in a bit.” He wasn’t one to have unprotected sex, but he wanted me to feel the raw feeling. 

He pulled out until only the head remained inside of me then rammed himself into me, causing a spurt of precut to seep out of my cock onto my sheets. He then pulled Türbanlı Escort out, leaving me feeling empty, to put the condom on his lubricated member.

When the deed was done, he lubed up the condom again then pushed himself back into my body. He lifted me up onto my hands and knees and thrusted hard into my body as he reached around and stroked my member. I was moaning loudly when I felt the burning sensation fill the tip of my dick. 

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum if you keep it up…!” I shivered and arched my back, trying to hold the flow. He grabbed the base of my dick and stopped his efforts, allowing my body to calm down before continuing. 

“Good?” I nodded in response before he began to thrust again, this time not touching my hard shaft. I groaned and pushed back to meet his thrusts, driving him deeper into my body. 

He screwed me fast and furiously for a few more minutes before flipping me onto my back. He bent down and kissed me passionately as he slowly started to thrust into my body. I groaned into his mouth as his hand slid from my side to stroke my member, which was sandwiched between our bodies. 

“Nnng!” He grunted into my ear as he started thrusting faster. I could feel my own orgasm building quickly, and I was about to burst when he pulled himself out of me, effectively stopping my body from exploding. “Fuck!” He squeezed the base of his hard dick. He waited a few seconds before he aimed his prick back to my hole. 

“Wait.” I reached toward his member, pulling the condom off. “Cum in me.” I moved my ass and pressed it against his member. He looked into my eyes questioningly then proceeded to put his steel rod into my ass. The sensation like this was great, and he had me back on the verge sighing a few minutes.

He started grunting and speeding up his thrusting. I could feel his piece grow thicker as he pushed as deep into my body as he could go to release his jizz. He moaned loudly as he pumped load after searing hot load into my body, painting my insides white. As his orgasm began to subside, he began thrusting again. The pleasure from the thrusting in addition to the heat of his load in my body was too much, and I blew my load all over my chest. The first rope of cum sprayed out of my dick, reaching all the way to my cheek and splashing against my chin. The next few ropes coated my chest up to my nipples. 

When he returned from the sensations of his orgasm, he collapsed on top of me, smashing my seed between our bodies. One last moan escaped my lips as he slipped out of my worn ass, his hot cum oozing out and running down my leg.

I kissed him again, wrapping my arms around him. He returned my kiss and stood up, looking back at me to see the result of his work. 

“I’d better go now.” He started to gather his clothes, slipping on the boxers I had so gladly rubbed against. I stood up behind him, pressing my body against his, getting him dirtier. 

“Let’s go shower. Then you can go.” I pulled him to my shower, pulling off his boxers as we passed into my bathroom. While we were bathing, I helped get him clean as he helped me. When we were all clean, we got out of the shower and I helped get him dressed. I just slipped into one of my night clothes, a pair of dark green shorts. 

I led him to the door and sent him on his way with a hand down the back of his pants and one last kiss. I waved in departure as I watched him get into his car and drive off. 

I shut the door, locked it, and climbed into bed, ignoring the cum stains on the sheets and the cum that was still seeping out o my ass, thinking of them as a reminder of Eric. 


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