Original Angels Ch. 17

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Another Angel Weekend

I woke up on Saturday morning still thinking about what Trish had told me last night. She and Dawn and Rhonda had spent the evening talking, and now we were all going to spend another weekend at our nudist resort with all of our families.

Trish told me about how Dawn had gone home last Sunday after being at our house and modeling Trish’s swim wear, and then having sex with Trish and me, and she was so excited, that when her husband Tom came home, she took a huge risk. She told him all about it!

It was our understanding that Dawn and Tom were not getting along all that well together. Their daughter Amy had implied that she didn’t think that Tom paid enough attention to Dawn. So we were hoping that they could work things out somehow. Well as it turned out, Dawn did the right thing. She told Trish that not only was Tom not upset, but he got totally turned on by Dawn retelling the events of the day. She said that they had the best sex they had ever had together before!. And when she told Tom how much she enjoyed having both me and Trish eat her pussy, Tom got down between her legs and ate her like he had never done before. Dawn went on to tell Trish that as she and Tom talked more, Dawn inquired about whether he had ever been unfaithful to her while he was traveling on business trips. In his most honest moment, Tom confessed that he had. But he made it clear that it wasn’t for love, it was just sex. And then he described the events and Dawn got so excited that she fucked him all night long! They had truly discovered a new aspect of their relationship. That while they would never go out of their ways to be unfaithful to each other, they both enjoyed sex outside of their marriage, and even more, they both enjoyed hearing about it from one another!

So Trish felt comfortable in inviting them to join us at the club where we could all be naked together for a few days. And of course Rhonda was all for the idea and so now we were gathering ourselves together to get away for a few days of sun and nudity and most likely some wild sex with our new friends.

Trish said that she would drive Dawn and Teri and Amy down, and that she would stop and shop for some groceries on the way. I was to pick up Rhonda and Tammi with Tracy and we would drive down and meet them there. Rhonda’s husband Joe and Tom would drive down tonight after Tom got home and join us all for dinner and the Saturday night dance.

Since Tracy loves to drive my Jaguar convertible, we took that car and drove over to Rhonda’s house. She and Tammi were all set to go. Rhonda told us that Joe would be home that afternoon and he would wait for Tom to pick him up. I gave her all of the directions and she left them for Joe.

Since Tracy was driving, Rhonda and I sat in the back seat and Tammi sat up front with Tracy. Rhonda was wearing a short denim sun dress with snaps on the front. The bottom three snaps were undone to allow her legs to move when she walked. I noticed that as she climbed into the back seat with me, she undid the next two snaps up to the top of her legs. As we settled into the seat together she turned towards me and bent her knee up on the seat. This caused her skirt to open and I was treated to a full view of her shaved pussy at the top of her wide spread legs. Since I had on my dark glasses, I could look without appearing to stare, although I know that she wanted me to look anyway. In the front seat Tracy and Tammi were talking and were unaware of Rhonda’s teasing show in the back.

Rhonda and I talked as we left town. She told me how excited she was to be going away. She said that it was a first for her, and for Joe and Tammi, to go to a nudist resort, but they had talked about it as a family and were all anxious to go, especially with Trish and me and Tracy and Teri. As we talked, she put her hand in my crotch and touched me in a nonchalant but still sexually exciting way. It was fun to be with someone who was as attractive and casual about sex and also so willing to show off her sexual treasures in such a blatant way.

Once we were on the highway, it became harder to talk so we just relaxed and enjoyed the ride, and the views, both inside the car and out. The drive took about an hour and a half, and when we finally arrived, Tracy pulled up to the office and I went inside to check in. I registered for all of us and got the keys for our three cabins. When I came back out I told Tracy the cabin numbers and she drove us over to the cluster. We got out of the car and unloaded our bags and the few drinks and snacks that I had brought from fixbet home. I told Rhonda that Tracy and I were going to get undressed and that we would be over to join them in their cabin in just a few minutes.

Inside our cabin Tracy and I put our things away in the kitchen and bathroom. I took off my clothes and came out of the bedroom. Tracy was undressed now too and we gave each other a naked hug in the living room.

‘Thanks for driving down.’ I told her. ‘I’ve never sat in the back seat of my Jaguar before!’

‘I know.’ She answered. ‘It looked like you and Rhonda were getting comfortable back there though.’ I detected a sly dig in her tone. Then she laughed. ‘She sure does like showing off, doesn’t she?’

‘Am I supposed to complain?’ I shrugged my shoulders. I have seven women that I’ve got to watch out for today. So I’m just watching.’ I grinned and Tracy grabbed my dick, playfully. She gave it a squeeze and we turned and walked outside.

The air felt wonderful. The sky was clear and it was forecast to be a beautiful weekend. We walked next door to Rhonda’s cabin and knocked on the door.

‘C’mon in.’

Rhonda was standing in the kitchen Tammi was just coming out of her bedroom. She had undressed and I admired her lovely teen body. As she and Tracy stood together with their matching pubic trims I marveled at the beauty of these two lovely young ladies.

Tracy took Tammi’s hand and led her out the door. ‘Let’s go. I want to show you all around this place. You’ll love it!’

‘Bye mom. See you later.’

‘Have a good time honey. We’ll be by the pool.’ Rhonda called as her daughter walked out the door.

Rhonda turned to me. ‘I can’t believe we’re really here. I’ve been dreaming about this place ever since Trish first told me about it. It’s not anything like I expected. It’s so nice. And when I take off this dress I won’t have to put anything back on again until Monday! I feel so free!’

I smiled and told her. ‘It’s a wonderful place and I’m sure we’ll all have a good time.’

Rhonda stepped closer to me and her voice became more sultry. ‘And Rob I feel naughty being here alone with you right now. Did you like being able to stare at my pussy in the car this morning?’

I nodded my head. ‘You have no idea what a turn on it is for me to be able to just watch you when you’re naked and exposed.’

She leaned back against the counter. ‘Undress me.’

I put my hands on the top of her dress and pulled the first few snaps open, exposing her lovely breasts. Her nipples were hard and full. I pinched one between my finger and thumb.

‘Ooo Rob! I’m so horny!’

I pulled the next few snaps and opened the dress. It fell away from Rhonda’s tight smooth belly. Her shape is far better than most other women her age. She shrugged her shoulders and the straps fell from her arms. The dress dropped to the floor. As I bent to pick it up, she placed her hands on my head and guided my mouth to her crotch. As she spread her legs apart I stuck out my tongue and licked her crack. She was wet and tasty. She held my head tightly to her pubic bone.

‘Rob, I feel so hot right now. I need to be fucked.’

I stood up and kissed her. She drove her tongue deep into my mouth and we traded spit for over a minute. Her hand was squeezing my cock and it was growing hard with excitement. We stepped over to the sofa and I pulled her down onto my lap.

‘Tell me Rob, do you think I have a sexy figure?’

She was begging for compliments and I had no reason not to comply. ‘You are one of the sexiest women I have ever met and I want to fuck you right now.’

She grabbed my dick and started to shove it into her cunt.

‘No.’ I said. ‘I want to fuck you from behind. I want to look at that sweet ass.’

I pushed her up and she scooted over to my side and put her hands on the back of the sofa. She stuck her ass out and I grabbed her hips.

‘Oh yeah! Put it in me! Can you feel how wet I am?’

I ran my fingers up her slit before jamming my dick in her hot hole. She was dripping. I slid all the way in on the first try. She cried out and we began a pumping motion that quickened with every stroke. I held her ass tightly as I rode her. Rhonda was sighing and her breath was heavy. Sweat began to ooze from my brow. My belly was slapping her ass. She turned around and told me to cum inside her.

‘I want it all! And I want it hard! Cum inside me. I want to feel you shoot it up into my belly!’

I was getting close. I reached around and pinched her nipple again.

‘Oh fixbet giriş yes! Pull on it! Oh I love it!’

‘C’mon Rhonda. Cum with me! I’m cumming! Ooohhh!’

I felt the first explosion and I shot it deep inside her. She began to cry and I felt her pussy walls roll as the first wave of her orgasm began. I continued to shoot gobs of semen into her quivering cunt. I held her hips to prevent us both from falling into the couch. As our mutual orgasm came to an end we held our sweaty bodies together. I loved the feeling of pressing myself into her butt. When she turned her head and tried to kiss me, I was forced to let her go. Our mouths meshed together and we fell to the sofa, kissing and caressing each other.

“God I need a shower!’ I said as we broke our kiss.

‘So do I. Is there one by the pool? I want to do it in front of everybody!’

‘OK.’ I told her. ‘But we must be discreet. The rules here are very clear about public displays of affection, so give me a kiss and we’ll go out and be with the rest of the world.’

‘All right.’ She said. ‘But let me just clean myself up a little.’ She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel. First she wiped her bare hand on her pussy and caught a huge puddle of our combined cum and licked it from her hand. Then she scooped another and brought it to me. I licked it clean.

She sat on the coffee table and spread her legs apart. I watched as she used the towel to wipe away the last traces of our lovemaking. She looked up into my eyes.

‘That was so satisfying. I want you to know that my legs will be spread wide open for you all weekend. Even if you can’t fuck me at the moment, just know that I want you and I’ll take you whenever I can. Now let’s go have that shower and swim.’

She stood up and tossed the paper in the waste basket. Then she walked over and we kissed again. Then, hand in hand, we walked out the door and across the park to the pool area.

The pool area was crowded. I got some towels and did manage to find two chaises close to the water. I put the towels down to claim them and we walked to the showers at the end of the pool. There were plenty of men’s eyes following Rhonda as they eyed the fresh new face and body at the club. We showered together and pushed the envelope on the rules about touching, by washing each other. Still I noticed a lot of watchers.

When I turned off the shower we both dove into the pool. We swam for a few minutes then waded into the shallow water and stood talking for a moment. I recognized Tracy’s friend Carol on the deck. She saw us and came into the water to greet me.

‘Hi Rob.’ She said somewhat nervously, not knowing who Rhonda was. ‘Is Tracy here with you? Where’s Trish?’

I quickly realized the situation and introduced Rhonda. ‘Carol, this is our friend Rhonda. Yes Tracy is here. She’s showing Rhonda’s daughter Tammi around the resort. Trish will be here in a little while. She’s bringing Teri and some other friends down for the weekend. If you look around, I’m sure you’ll find Tracy: or she’ll probably show up here at the pool pretty soon.’

Carol looked relieved. ‘Oh that’s great! I think I’ll go and try to find her.’ She swan away and stepped out of the pool and we watched her cute young ass as she wandered off in search of her friend.

Rhonda looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. ‘Folks who know you here might think that you’re fooling around and wonder where Trish is, eh?’

‘I don’t really know that many people here really. But Trish knows a lot of them, so we could be starting a few rumors.’

Rhonda winked at me again. I could tell she was in a mischievous mood. She stepped up out of the pool and walked over to the chaise. She wiped herself with the towel and then walked back to the pool’s edge. She placed the towel on the deck and then sat down on it. She pulled her knees up to her chest and then spread them apart. Standing in the water, I found myself at eye level with her wide open pussy. I looked into her eyes and saw the smile on her face. I grinned back, knowing that this was her favorite activity, exposing herself completely. I looked around and noticed that several men were watching her little show. And a couple swam over close to me to get a better look.

Then I felt a hand on my leg under the water. It moved up my thigh and brushed my dick as a redhead emerged from the water. It was Kelly and her husband Tom, who we had met in the hot tub on one of our previous visits. I remembered that Kelly had flirted with me that night. She rubbed the water from her eyes and then spoke.

‘Hey Rob. Where’s Trish? You have a new girl friend?’

I was a little taken aback by her forwardness. ‘Hi Kelly. Hi Tom. Trish is on her way down here. Say hi to our friend Rhonda.’

Rhonda spread her legs open wider and reached between them to shake Tom’s hand. His eyes only left her pussy for a second as he looked at her face and acknowledged the greeting.

Kelly sensed that we were probably going to be including sex as a part of our weekend together and asked, ‘Did you leave the kids at home?’

‘Oh no. Tracy and Rhonda’s daughter Tammi are already here. Trish is bringing Teri and another friend down with her. They should be here soon.’ I was beginning to hope that she arrived soon, so I wouldn’t have to do all this explaining.

Kelly looked back into Rhonda’s gaping cunt with a touch of lust in her eye. ‘Well it’s nice to have you here. Will you be at the dance tonight?’

‘I’m sure we will. I think Trish reserved a big table. There’ll be about ten of us.’

‘Sounds like a party!’ Kelly winked. ‘See you tonight!’

As they swam away Rhonda whispered, ‘She’s pretty hot! I think she likes you. And I know that Tom was enjoying the view.’

‘You are such a tease! I need Trish to get here soon and rescue me!’ I winked at Rhonda and we laughed together. Then she seductively put her finger on her pussy and slowly stroked it right in front of my face. I was glad that I was standing in the water, because even with a pool full of naked bodies all around me, I was getting turned on by Rhonda again.

I noticed some movement to my left and turned to see Tracy, Tammi and Carol all stepping down into the pool. There were plenty of eyes watching these three young teens as they joined me in the water.

‘Hey Rob.’

‘Hi Trace. What have you guys been doing?’

‘We went down by the stables and then over to the playground. There’s a huge volleyball game going on. We watched it for a while and then we ran into Carol. She told us you were over here and we decided it was time to cool off in the water. How do you like it here Rhonda?’

Rhonda smiled. ‘This place is fantastic. I’ve never felt so free before! I think I could live here forever.’

‘Yeah, it’s pretty nice. But I like our house even better. Not so many people.’

Rhonda thought about Tracy’s answer for a moment. Then she smiled. ‘Yeah, I could live there too.’ She winked at Tracy, then at me. I was hoping even more that Trish would show up soon.

And just like that, my prayers were answered. I saw her waving as she walked towards the pool.

‘Hi guys! Have you been here long?’

She and Dawn, Teri and Amy all stood above me on the pool deck. I hurried and got out of the water and greeted her with a kiss on her cheek.

‘Hi honey. I’ve been missing you. Everybody wants to know where you are. I’ve had a lot of explaining to do!’

Trish looked down at Rhonda and giggled. ‘I’m sure you have. The poolside rumor mill is probably humming right now! Well, never fear. I’m here to rescue you. Do you have any place to sit?’

I pointed to the two chaises that we still hadn’t used. Trish put her bag down and prepared to get in the water. Dawn was looking all about and taking in the sights.

I touched her arm and asked, ‘What do you think? Is it like you imagined?’

She smiled at me and answered. “I never really knew what to think. But I’m really glad to be here with you guys. I think I’d be nervous if I didn’t know anybody.’

I winked back. ‘Well I don’t think there’s much question that I am here with the prettiest bunch of women at the whole park!’ I lowered my voice. ‘I know that there are a hundred guys here who wish they were me.’

Teri spoke up. ‘Mom, I’m going to show Amy the horses. Can we go for a ride?’

‘I think it’s too late today, honey, but if you want to make reservations for tomorrow, you can do that.’

‘OK. Who else will want to come?’ She looked around at us all. Tracy and Tammi were nodding their heads.

‘Why don’t you tell them to hold six horses and we’ll let them know?’

‘OK mom. See you later.’

Teri and Amy ran off. It was obvious that Amy felt totally relaxed being naked and I figured it was probably because her friend Teri made her feel that way.

I looked around and spotted a couple more vacant chaises. I told Trish that I was going to gather them. Rhonda stood up and together, she and Dawn and Trish and I pulled six loungers together on the deck. We sat down and settled into a sunning mode. Of course that also included watching everyone else at the pool. Tracy and Tammi joined us when Carol excused herself to get back to her family. The sun felt warm and I even started to doze off.

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