Picking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 09

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As Christmas approached, I made plans for the family… my wife’s family, that is. My hopes were to get as much pussy and head as humanly possible over the holidays! I knew that we would be visiting her family the weekend between Christmas and New Years, so I had to arrange my stay there to my best advantage. I knew I needed time alone with each female family member, her two sisters, Debbie and Dee, and her mom, Karen. For the holiday to be a success, I felt I had to score with each of them!

Well, as you might expect, all plans are subject to unexpected problems, and mine hit a giant snag. On Christmas Eve, my wife’s uncle (her Dad’s brother) died. That meant a trip to Illinois for the funeral right after Christmas.

Along with the grief, came a little luck. My two brother-in-laws were not making the trip, so Deb and Dee came to our house, so they could ride out to Illinois with us. They arrived Christmas night, both a little exhausted from the day’s activities. Even so, they both looked pretty good to me!

That night, I put the first notch in my Yule tide belt with a blow job from Debbie. Soon after my wife and her other sister went to bed, Deb just leaned over me on the couch and unzipped my pants. As she went down on my hard cock, I hiked her dress up and stroked her sweet, smooth, nylon clad ass. I made it up to her pussy just as I started to cum in her mouth, and as always, she swallowed my load, not missing a single kartal escort drop. As I came, I continued to massage her nyloned legs, which here curled up next to me. The electric feel of her pantyhose, as my hand slid from her feet to her crotch, was more than I could bear, and I shot stream after stream into her mouth.

She came up and kissed me, her tongue sliding between my teeth, my salty taste present there. “You owe me one!” she retorted as she got up to head for bed, and I silently agreed with her.

The next morning found us driving to Illinois with my wife’s parents following in their car. It was still dark, and Debbie started driving, with my wift riding shotgun and me and Dee in the back. Lori fell asleep quickly, and Dee wasted no time in taking advantage. I seemed to notice some non-verbal communication between Dee and Debbie as Dee leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Hard! I kissed her back, looking Debbie right in the eye through the rear-view mirror! Deb was watching my wife for any signs of awakening, and it seemed we were safe. I stroked Dee’s tits through the top of her dress, which unbuttoned down the front, so I undid it. Her bra clasp was in front also, so I undid it also, giving my mouth access to her smallish tits.

I kissed them, and sucked first one, then the other of her hard nipples in my mouth, causing her to moan softly. My hand wasn’t idle either, and it made its way up her nyloned leg and under cumhuriyet mahallesi escort the hem of her dress. I immediately found a sweet reward – stocking top instead of pantyhose! This time it was ME that moaned!

I continued to kiss her breasts, and I was able to spread her legs to give me access to naked thigh above her nylon. The strap of her garter belt pointed the way, so I continued north, her steamy pussy drawing me like a magnet!

As I found it, I moved the crotch of her brief panties to the side and slid first one finger, then two, into her hot snatch. My fingers were drowning in pussy juice, and as Debbie’e eyes continued to move back and forth between us and my sleeping wife, I found Dee’s clit and stroked her to a quick orgasm. She turned her face into me and moaned for several seconds, the sound muffled by my shoulder.

A quick check of the mirror revealed that Deb had also enjoyed it, a smile present on her face. After Dee’s breathing got back to normal, she turned her attentions to me. She hiked her dress up until all of her sleekly nyloned legs were revealed, complete with sexy stocking tops and garter clasps. Then, she kissed me hard on the mouth, her hands moving to my waste. She undid my pants, the zipper traveling downward. As soon as she had my cock out, her head lowered to my lap. Mouth open wide, she took the head of it in and moved downward, until she yunus escort had half of my shaft in her mouth.

I continued to check out the mirror, and Debbie was still watching her little sister suck me off. That was a pretty big kick itself, let me tell ya! I reached my left hand up to stroke Debbie’s hair, and she reached up and took my hand in hers. She turned her head and kissed, then licked, the palm of my hand.

That gave me an idea, and I quickly pulled my hand back. I softly pushed back on Dee’s forehead, causing her lips to release the head of my cock. Then, I pumped the shaft, causing a big glob of pre-cum to squirt into the palm of my left hand. That done, I moved it back up to Debbie, who avidly licked away all traces of it.

Not wanting to press our luck any further than necessary, I got back to the subject at hand – Dee’s excellent blow job, and her sleek nyloned legs. My hand stroked her stockings as she sucked me, and in no time at all, I was ready to cum. My eyes went from Dee’s to Debbie’s, and in just a few seconds, the first stream of jism erupted from my cock. Dee continued to stroke my shaft, hesitating with each upstroke.

When she had my entire load in her mouth, she leaned up to Debbie, who turned toward her. I couldn’t believe it as they kissed, mouths open, sharing my load between them! Obviously, this whole thing was planned from the beginning! Just a few mnutes later, my wife started to wake up, and we cracked the windows a little to get rid of the odor of sex!

Other than lots of opportunities to see and fondle my sister-in-laws’ stockinged legs, the rest of the trip to Illinois was uneventful. Once we got there, things heated up and stayed that way. Next issue soon!

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