Sleep with Me! Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a four part story about free-love experiences in the 1970s. In the first part Jordan and his lovers share the joys of ménage-a-trois expanding their sexual horizons. In this part their sensual exploration continues, Jordan has a surprise encounter with a former professor and ultimately recalls a love affair with a beautiful black actress.

If you’d like to know how this journey of erotic discovery began, you can find it in “Sleep with me!” Ch. 1 in ‘Interracial Love’.

* * * * *

Part 05: Sweet Surrender


I took another pull off the joint, looked over at the bed where Ronnie slept, and thought about the scene I’d walked in on just a few days earlier.

I was delayed at the office so it was dark by the time I got home. I knocked on Sherry’s door but there was no answer. I walked up to the fifth floor and heard music coming from inside my apartment. Nothing unusual about that. I opened the door and was struck by the combined scents of pot and patchouli. I stepped inside quietly; adjusting my eyes to the light of several candles. I saw my two lovers together in bed.

Katarina was on her back with Sherry straddling her face. Sherry had Kat’s legs splayed apart, and had her face buried in her delicious pussy, busily lapping up her nectar. The women were so totally engrossed in each other’s charms that they never heard me enter. Silently I made my way over to the canvas butterfly chair and accepted the role of voyeur. I heard a familiar buzzing. Kat held the bullet shaped ‘neck’ massager that was one of their favorite toys. From my vantage point I could see the tip disappear into Sherry’s waiting pussy. Their mutual moans betrayed the fact that they’d obviously been at this for some time and were well past their initial orgasms. The room was filled with their heat and the headiness of their feminine bouquet. I was transfixed and I could feel the increasing urgency between my legs, demanding freedom. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly releasing my raging hard-on from the cloth prison. I sat there stroking my dick, wanting to join in, but unwilling to disturb their intense concentration.

“Oh God Kat,” Sherry blurted out, “I’m cumming again!”

Kat rammed the vibrator into Sherry’s pussy over and over. Sherry threw her head back and wailed her approval. When the orgasm subsided she looked over and noticed me in the chair.

“You planning on keeping that thing to yourself,” she asked almost matter-of-factly, “or would you like to share?”

“Share, if it’s alright with you gals.” I responded. My voice was so thick I could barely croak out the words.

I removed the rest of my clothes and left them on the chair. I maneuvered between Kat’s lovely legs, facing Sherry, and slid inside Kat’s drenched pussy without another word. I leaned forward and took Sherry’s swollen nipples in my mouth, alternating left and right, while Kat replaced the vibrator with her velvety tongue. Sometimes you just have to surrender to the inevitable. We never did have dinner that night.

Part 06: Rolfing Rhonda

Ronnie rolled over, lifting the sheet, exposing her beautiful brown buttocks to my eager view.

What was it about the last 36 hours anyway? Parts were just a blur but I’d try and sort that out later. I knew that Sherry needed some alone time so I’d spent the entire night making love with Katarina. When I got back from Kat’s, Sherry was waiting for me with a look that said, “Where have you been?” without resorting to the use of actual words. I spent the entire day trying to fulfill her carnal desires so by that night I was totally ‘fucked out’. All I wanted to do was go back to my apartment, feed my Siamese cat and take a long hot shower. What this boy desperately needed was sleep.

When I emerged from the shower and was about to crawl into bed my door buzzer went off. I went to the intercom and, to my complete and total shock, my former professor, Rhonda, was downstairs asking if she could come up.

Ronnie was this tall, beautiful young black woman. She possessed an incredibly tight physique – all those dance and movement classes – ample breasts and long luxurious legs. Her skin color was like the finest milk chocolate and she always seemed to glow from within. When I was enrolled in her classes I was never able to take my eyes off her. She always wore skintight leotard tops and never wore a bra. Her nipples would press up against the elastic material teasing my imagination.

I buzzed her in and waited as she climbed the five stories of my walk-up. When I answered the door I could smell the alcohol on Ronnie’s breath. She claimed that she’d been out with some of the other women from NYU and, since they were passing my apartment, she just decided to find out if I was OK.

“You never said anything to anybody at all when you left, Jordan.” There was a definite slur in her speech.

“How could you just leave bursa escort bayan like that?” she asked as she flopped into the only chair in the room.

She couldn’t understand. None of them could. The decision to leave was as exceptionally painful as it was irrevocable. But there was something else weighing on my thoughts. What was she doing here? Why was she in my apartment? The woman didn’t like me. That much had been obvious when I was in school. Ronnie had never uttered a kind word from those talented lips, never a single word of encouragement. She never praised, or even seemed to like, my scene-work. My vocalizations were never crisp enough. I never seemed to be on her wavelength. So what was she doing in my apartment?

I was determined not to be a bad host so I asked if I could get her anything. She spotted the Triomphe Jar filled with buds on my coffee table along with an assortment of water pipes, rolling papers and roach clips. She smiled warmly.

“How about you roll us a couple of fatties?” she asked.

No problem. I could roll a joint in my sleep, which I was practically doing anyway. We sat on the floor with our backs propped up against the bed. I lit the first joint of the evening.


I took a long pull on the joint and passed it over to Ronnie. After we smoked, the small talk got more intense.

“You shouldn’t have left like that Jordy,” she said almost in a whisper, “I missed you.”

I was dumbfounded. She missed me? I looked carefully to see if this was the same woman who routinely ignored me in class.

“I was talking to Ben the other day,” Ronnie continued. “You remember Ben don’t you? The professional masseur who teaches the massage therapy classes? He remembers you – in fact – he said you were his most promising student.” Then she smiled. “I could really use a massage. Feel up to giving me one?”

“Sure,” I responded trying to stifle a yawn, “I’d be happy to help.”

I reached over and grabbed a quilt from the foot of the bed and spread it out on the hardwood floor.

“Give me a minute,” I said, “I’ve got to warm up the massage oil.”

Rhonda was out of her clothing and face down on the quilt before I’d even made it into the kitchen.

I’d always admired Ronnie’s body – her tone and her physicality – but I never dreamed that she’d be naked on my studio floor. I poured the warm oil into my hands and let it cool slightly before spreading it over her coffee-colored back. When I spread the slippery substance over her haughty black bottom I could have sworn I heard a slight gasp of pleasure. Nah! It must have been my tired mind or overactive imagination.

I worked my magic on her back and shoulders, down her buttocks and onto those unbelievably long auburn legs. I worked her calves and shins, paying particular attention to her feet. Ancient Chinese acupressure masters discovered that there’s a corresponding nerve in the foot for everyplace in the human body. When I reached the area corresponding to her genitals she let out an audible moan. Rolling her onto her back I proceeded to massage her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. When I massaged her breasts it was obvious that her nipples were getting very aroused. When I reached her womanhood the sounds of pleasure were difficult to ignore.

Finally, thoroughly exasperated with me, Ronnie propped herself up on her elbows and stared into my eyes.

“Jordy, don’t you find me attractive?” she challenged.

I guess my brain was suffering from a combination of 24 hours of non-stop sex, way too many joints and nowhere nearly enough sleep because I simply replied,

“Of course I do – I just didn’t think you liked me!”

Ronnie’s jaw dropped open. She reached out and stroked my cheek gently.

“Jordan – I never get involved with my students. That would be unethical. But you’re not my student anymore! Do you want me or don’t you?”

The fatigue disappeared instantaneously. I gathered her up in my arms as our lips met for the first time. She pulled me on top of her and I felt her tongue searching my mouth with a fervor I was only too glad to return. Coated in coconut oil our bodies slid together seamlessly. I’d been exploring every inch and crevice of her body for over an hour. Now I longed for her to explore mine. Words were unnecessary as her long tapering fingers worked their way down my chest, past my belly and wrapped themselves around my increasingly hard erection. Slick with oil she pumped my shaft with her strong hand and positioned me between her waiting legs.

The blending of massage oils with her natural juices made the fit pure perfection. The only sounds in the room were the sounds of our bodies slapping together, punctuated by joyous noises escaping from our lips. I pushed myself up and turned her onto her belly. Straddling her legs I parted the smooth cheeks of her beautiful brown ass and re-entered her, doggy-style. The pace of our bursa evi olan escort coupling increased as I pounded her from behind. Her hips thrust up to meet me as the tempo and fury of our lovemaking pushed our bodies to the brink of climax. Ronnie’s body tensed, the muscles of her cunt gripping me like a vice. Writhing beneath me, grinding herself on my unbending manhood, she achieved wave after wave of orgasm. Her power and intensity reached through my exhaustion and I responded by shooting my load deep into the recesses of her feminine charms.

I collapsed, thoroughly satiated and whispered in her ear, “You are incredible!”

Somehow we made it from the quilt to the bed and were instantly asleep.

Sometime in the pre-dawn hours I awoke, slipped out of her embrace and got out of bed. Watching her as the dawn’s light gradually filtered into the room. I wondered what her real motivations might be and pondered the things we’d said before we fucked each other’s brains out. I was struck by one comment in particular.

“You know it was an open secret about you and Cass, don’t you?” she said bluntly. “I mean about what you used to do at school in the rehearsal rooms. It really used to piss people off.”

Part 07: The Cassandra Chronicles


I took another hit and it all came flooding back.

Cassandra was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She was of medium height, with incredibly voluptuous breasts, a thin waist, flaring hips, an ass to die for and legs that seemed to go on forever. She had warm chestnut-hued skin, long black hair that framed sparkling eyes and a smile that was infectious. The expression ‘head-turner’ was created for women like her. I’d seen her in and around NYU but we didn’t have any classes together. Whenever I saw her my heart would leap into my throat. What was I to do? She never even seemed to look in my direction, much less acknowledge my presence.

My opportunity came when we both attended an evening workshop. I’d seen Cass perform in a different workshop several days earlier. The name escapes me now but it was a decidedly feminist piece, her character being the ‘Purple Pulsating Pussy’. I sat there, spellbound and intoxicated by the raw sexuality she exuded. I wondered whether or not anyone seated nearby was aware of the raging hard-on I experienced watching her move and gyrate onstage.

That evening I was standing behind her in line waiting to be ushered in. We struck up a conversation and I sat next to her. Her warm scent filled my nostrils. It felt as if we were alone although the room was filled with people. The only thing I was aware of was how desperately I desired this gorgeous black woman. At some point during the performance, without even thinking, I put my arm around her. She looked at me, first with surprise, then with a wordless acknowledgement that having my arm around her felt really good. She later told me when she felt my embrace she thought to herself, “Damn he’s cute but who does this pretty white boy think he is?”

Having my arm around her, feeling the heat from her body, the softness of her skin, looking at those full lips made me dream of what they would taste like and how they would mold to mine. The performance ended, the applause faded and we stayed behind to speak with one of the actresses, her best friend Alicia. I asked her if she wanted to go for coffee but she and Alicia already had plans. Disappointed, I turned to leave when Cass touched my arm and asked me to join them. My heart leaped in my chest. We talked for the rest of the evening, and before I’d even had the chance to ask, Cass had her day-planner out and we exchanged numbers.

Cass’ friend Alicia lived with her boyfriend, Bobby, in a high rise apartment complex overlooking the East River. Cass called me the following day and asked me if I wanted to have dinner with them that weekend. My only question was what wine to bring.

We were an incredibly beautiful foursome. Bobby was a handsome young black man. Allie was an elegant strawberry blond of Irish/Italian decent. Cassandra couldn’t have been more radiant and I was this young, bold Brooklyn stud with a full shock of orange-red hair. We dined and drank until very late. With a wink and a nod, Bobby and Alicia excused themselves and retired to their bedroom. Finally, Cass and I were alone.

I pulled her to me and our lips joined for what seemed an eternity. Her lips were as soft and her mouth was as sweet as I’d imagined. Without exchanging a word, we explored each other’s bodies. While I luxuriated in the swell of her ample breasts she was busy unbuckling my belt. Cass was wearing drawstring pants, which came undone at a tug and slid noiselessly to the floor. I lifted the shirt from her body and unhooked her bra. She was fantasy turned into reality. Her breasts were large and round with dark areola and proud nipples that were hard as little cocks. I put each of them bursa otele gelen escort in my eager waiting mouth, alternating left and right, not wanting one to feel neglected over the other. Cass displayed her approval with a deeply satisfying moan. I redoubled my efforts, sucking and licking them with total abandon.

Meanwhile, Cassandra’s hands were not idle. She had a firm but incredibly gentle grip on my pole and was busy rubbing and stroking it much to my delight.

“You sure are packin’ for a white boy!” she muttered.

I tugged on the thin fabric of her panties until they joined her pants on the living room floor. Cass parted her warm thighs and I felt the wetness forming on her curl-covered mound. Soon she was dripping with excitement. My fingers parted her vermillion lips and I ran my fingers firmly up and down until I discovered the hood-covered prize. I circled it, alternately pinching and squeezing her button between my thumb and forefinger, sending shudders up and down her spine like electric shocks. Increasingly urgent moans escaped from her succulent mouth.

I pushed her back onto the pillows and dropped to my knees before her delta of delight. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh, stopping briefly to inhale the sweet scent from her love grotto. Bending forward I dipped my tongue into her pussy, moving deliberately up and down. Her eyes closed and her hips thrust up to meet my mouth. Sticking my tongue as deeply into her hot wet hole as it would go I lapped up her honey like a hungry puppy. I took her swollen clitoris into my mouth as I plunged several fingers deep into her inner folds. She rewarded my efforts by spending copiously, her fluids flooding my mouth, running over my fingers and down her ass crack.

Cass grabbed a fistful of my red mane and lifted my head. She looked into my deep blue eyes saying,

“Now it’s my turn big boy. Get up on the couch!”

Without a sound I obeyed.

“What a beauty! Let’s see how it fits into my mouth!”

She took my dick in both hands, licking the pre-cum off the tip before the head disappeared between her soft lips. Then she took the flat of her tongue and licked the entire length from head to balls and back again.

“God you taste good!” she said just seconds before she deep-throated every last inch of my red-hot shaft.

Wave after massive wave of pleasure washed over my whole body as my cock disappeared into the warm wetness. I felt myself near to coming. Cass must have felt it too because she lifted her head, got up onto the couch and straddled me. Reaching down between our legs she guided my glistening white shaft into her dark wet pussy. Our mouths locked together as I reached around, gripping that bountiful booty in my strong hands. Yielding to my touch she began, slowly at first to work my erection up and down inside her treasure. As she moved her womanhood up and down, I moved my hands from her ample ass back to her succulent breasts, taking her hard nipples back into my hungry mouth. The more I licked and sucked them, the harder they became and the faster she bounced on my engorged shaft. We lost ourselves in a whirlwind of fucking and sucking.

Cass, feeling me swell and stiffen, met the urgency of my thrusts with an urgency of her own. I felt the walls of her cunt tighten around me, milking my cock for every last drop of essence as our blended juices poured down my legs. I came so hard, so much and so many times that I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes I saw her silhouette framed perfectly by the panorama of the New York skyline stretching beyond the terrace window. When our senses cleared we opened up the convertible and continued making love until the sun came up.

From that moment our sexual appetite was insatiable. We weren’t living together yet so we became really good at creating opportunities to be together. We’d check each other’s class schedule every morning and one of us would book a rehearsal room for a couple of hours. The rehearsal rooms at the performing arts building were ideal because they had a double door system. You could lock the outer doors and then lock the inner ones as well. All the rooms had exercise mats. Other people practiced their craft. We practiced the art of love. It was within the confines of the rehearsal rooms that Cass initiated me into the “forbidden pleasures” of anal sex.

Cass was waiting for me when I arrived from my acting class. I locked the doors and started to disrobe. She held up her hand and beckoned me to sit beside her on the mat.

“I want something different today, Jordy, and trust me baby you’re gonna love it!” she said with a smile, but I could tell she was blushing.

“Anything you want teacher. You’re in charge!” was my earnest reply. “What would you like me to do?”

“I’ve got my period – but I’m very, very horny,” she explained, “so – unless you object – I really want you to fuck me in my ass!”

She saw the red flush in my cheeks and laughed.

You’ve never done that before, have you love?” she whispered.

“No, darling can’t say that I have. Not for lack of desire, just no takers.” I replied.

“Well my hot hunk – you got one now!” Her dazzling smile went from ear to ear. “We never discussed this before but its one of my favorites.”

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